YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Review: All You Need To Know

It’s a fact that the key to a happy life lies in a healthy body. A good exercise routine is vital in this context, and cycling is one of the best ways to remain fit. It does not mean you must always sweat it out under the sun! Indoor cycling bikes serve this very purpose- a popular model being the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike.

There is a wide range of indoor bikes available in the market today, each with its distinct features. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is a simple, affordable, yet incredibly impactful bike with several characteristics setting it apart.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Review

When it comes to purchasing fitness equipment and machinery, the evaluation of cost-effectiveness and suitability is critical. Read on ahead if you are thinking of adding the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike to your fitness arsenal!

Why Is Indoor Cycling A Beneficial Activity For You?

Before delving deep into the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike review, take a look at the ways using this bike can benefit you. Cycling is a vigorous form of aerobic exercise with a range of health benefits, including the release of endorphins.

Indoor cycling aids in the shedding of fat and the improvement of heart health. The activity has been proven to boost muscle endurance as well. Your calves, glutes, hamstrings, and quads will be the major areas that cycling will target.

Indoor cycling is a low-impact activity, with the stationary nature of the bike providing added comfort. Your ankle, knee, and hip joints will not experience excessive pressure when you are cycling indoors. It makes this activity particularly beneficial for aged people or patients with arthritis or other similar conditions.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Ideally, you should exercise on an indoor bike at least three to five times a week, for 45 to 60 minutes.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary: Overview

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is an erect model equipped with a belt-driven weighted flywheel. It operates similar to a spin bike that you may often see at the gym, enabling an authentic cycling experience. The flywheel measures around 35 lbs, with smooth and noiseless functioning as opposed to chain-driven indoor bikes.

It has a versatile pad that serves you with a diverse range of resistance. It is a feature that makes this indoor bike suitable for people belonging to all fitness levels. Owing to the bike’s flexibility, you can curate your workouts to be as relaxing or challenging as you wish!

The bike is super comfortable, offering sufficient adjustments for height. In addition to this, it has an athletic and upright body position.

While the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike sports an LCD monitor, the controls on the display are still rather basic. The LCD display only keeps track of time, calories burned, speed, and distance. However, it comes with adequate compensating features. These include an iPad mount that you can use for other devices, too, a bottle holder, and cage pedals. Together, all of these aspects make the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike an excellent option if you seek a spin-style indoor bike at an affordable price.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike was unveiled in July 2020, with significant updates over the previous model. The bike holds valid SGS certification, so you can experience the benefits of dynamic aerobic cycling with full safety assurance. 

Model Specifications

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike has a compact yet robust structure, making it an ideal pick for home-usage. It is one of the characteristics that make the bike as high-rated as it is.

It has a length of around 40.2 inches, with the width measuring up to 21.6 inches. The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike stands at the height of 46.1 inches. When it comes to weight, the indoor cycling bike amounts to 68.3 lbs.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike can support a maximum weight of up to 270 lbs, generally inclusive of most users. In order to use the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike, you need to have a minimum inseam length of 25 inches. In the same context maximum inseam length the bike can support is 35 inches. 

Design of the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

The more appealing an indoor cycling bike looks, the more inclined you will feel to use it! The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike has got this base covered with its sleek, stylish design. It is an ideal addition to your home or even a gym.

The YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is available in a black and silver palette, with its frame using premium car-grade paint. It deters rusting and ensures the appearance of your bike remains pristine. For the construction of the indoor bike, the brand uses a mix of high-quality industrial-level steel and carbon steel.

Stationary bikes often come with big and bulky designs that occupy additional space. You have no reason to worry about this with the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike since its low-profile structure makes it easy to store.


The process of assembling the YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is relatively simple. The tools and parts necessary for setting up the bike will be included in the package. You will receive the bike with a comprehensive manual that will guide you through the entire process. Most parts are pre-assembled, so you do not have to exert too much at your end.

The user manual includes pictorial representations of every step, so you will not face any issues. There are several online instructional videos as well. On average, users report a total assembly time of around half an hour to forty-five minutes.


YOSUDA is a reliable brand in the case of warranty and product performance. It comes with a 6-month warranty on the frame as well as parts.

In typical cases, the seller will repair, replace, or refund your product within a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. However, this applies only if your product turns out to have defective parts or malfunctions due to manufacturing errors.

Feature Specifications

The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike stationary is one of the best options available in the mid-range category of indoor cycling bikes and equipment. It stands apart among its competitors as a durable, smooth functioning, and easy to set up and maintain bike built for intense workouts to help you break your own records.

Added to an array of thoughtfully-incorporated useful features that bring together utility and style, it also offers a number of options for customization to adapt to your own personal needs and preferences.

Though released as recently as 2018, it has quickly made its way into the coterie of the highest-rated budget-friendly exercise bikes marketed under $500 on Amazon. If this doesn’t speak enough about its success and popularity among fitness enthusiasts, more than 90% of its ratings on Amazon are 4 and 5 stars.

While YOSUDA offers as many as three indoor cycling bike variants, YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary is the least expensive, even with a good combination of features. 

A few of the features that set the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike apart are its slip-resistant alloy pedals, smooth-functioning and durable wool brake pad, adjustable and supportive saddle with an ergonomic design, and heavy flywheels, which are inertia-enhanced for a smooth riding experience.

Read on to find out about all the distinctive features and selling points of the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike in detail.

1. Strong and Sturdy Frame

When it comes to fitness equipment, a solid and sturdy build becomes one of the prime considerations prospective buyers keep in mind. The sturdiness of the bike’s construction not only impacts its endurance and life span but also makes a difference to the user’s experience when riding it.

The YOSUDA brand seems to have internalized this perfectly. Made while prioritizing strength and durability, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike boasts a strong and unyielding steel frame and crank that is coated with corrosion-resistant paint.

The coating to avoid corrosion shields the bike from being chipped, scratched, and corroded, which works to add to the life and sustained quality of the equipment. This allows the bike to serve its purpose for longer, enabling the user to go the distance they want to without worrying about the sustenance of the bike.

When customers spend a sum of money on one single piece of fitness equipment, they rightly hope and expect to be assured of the gear’s steady and long-lasting construction. YOSUDA has clearly taken this into account when crafting their indoor stationary cycling bike and giving it the premium quality steel frames and cranks.

With such a strong and robust frame, you can lay to rest all your doubts or concerns about the bike’s longevity and endurance, even with prolonged use for heavy workout sessions.

Apart from just assuring a long life span, the solid steel frame also ensures exceptional stability and support for the rider to experience a sense of soundness and security while operating the equipment. This is accentuated by the stability of the rounded steel handlebars that do not wobble or oscillate sideways.

2. Heavyweight Flywheel

The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike boasts an extremely smooth and silent belt-driven technology. The use of the heavy 35 lbs flywheel makes its operation especially quiet and seamless when compared to chain bikes.

In chain bikes, there is a frequent need to grease or lubricate the chain for a continued smooth riding experience. That hassle is entirely eliminated in the case of this indoor cycling bike on account of the incorporation of the belt drive system. You don’t need to worry about periodically greasing it or even dealing with stiff links in the chain with this bike.

The singularly heavy flywheel weighing as much as 35 lb is ideally designed to lend the sense of a real road riding experience to the user. It takes you beyond your indoor setting by simulating the real experience in a way.

The momentum and a certain level of inertia provided by the solid flywheel add to the sturdiness and stability of the bike, enabling the rider to derive an added sense of security even with the stationary bike.

From this perspective, the YOSUDA bike undoubtedly succeeds in bringing the essence of the outdoor sports feels right to your home workout space without compromising on the intensity of the exercise.

The heavy flywheel is also the reason the bike can steadily support as much as 270 lb in weight, making it adaptable to use by persons with varied body weights. This is one feature that makes it a good choice for a bike amenable to common use by the entire family.

In the cycling and fitness communities, it is accepted knowledge that the heavier the flywheel of a bike is, the smoother, quieter, and better will be the riding experience it provides. Going by this, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is a superior choice among the variety available on the market.

3. Adjustable and Comfortable Seat Saddle

In the category of indoor cycling bikes, a lot of brands accord greater priority to their amenability to intense workouts than their ease and comfort of use. This is certainly not the case with the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike.

This fitness bike strikes the right balance between features aimed at aiding heavy use and those meant to ensure comfort and relaxation during the ride. The seats of this indoor cycling bike have been carefully designed, keeping the needs of comfort and adaptability as a priority.

With a considerable length of 10 inches, a width of 8.6 inches, and a height of 2.3 inches, the seat is meant to be supportive for long rides. Featuring an ergonomic design, it comes with various capacities for adjustment and customization to best fit your personal requirements and preferences. 

The saddle can be adjusted in as many as four different ways, including upwards and downwards, forward and backward. These expanded options for adaptation, combined with the inside height of 25”-35”, make it a viable choice when it comes to suitability for family or group use. 

Using the adjustment knob, the height of the bike can be adjusted to easily adapt for use by persons between 5 feet and 6 feet tall. With some tweaking of the saddle position and the bike height, you are sure to find the ideal riding position for yourself.

These features maximizing flexibility allow it to be conveniently and effectively used by several people in your family or shared space, so long as their inseam is no longer than 35 inches or shorter than 25 inches.

With sufficient cushioning on the saddle and extra padding towards the rear, the design and build of the seat guarantee complete comfort and a pain-free riding experience even after hours of use. When using the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike, you can discard your worries about your buttock or back muscles aching after longer sessions.

4. Adjustable Handlebars and Pedals

Apart from the remarkably adjustable seat, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike also offers adaptable handlebars. In contrast to the seat post, however, the handlebars can be adjusted in two ways, that is, vertically and horizontally.

This room for flexibility allows riders with different riding styles, heights, and preferences to find the right fit and relative elevation to ensure a convenient riding position.

Better yet, these handlebars are also ergonomically designed to maximize user comfort during use. The addition of padding to the steel makes it comfortable for the rider to grip the bars for longer durations.

The design and padding of the bars are meant to minimize, even eliminate, the possibility of slipping or sliding, to ensure a firm and stable hold. This reduces the chances of injury while riding and optimizes the safety and security of the rider.

Just as important as your hand placement is the position and grip of your feet. The pedals of the bike have been crafted out of premium quality aluminum alloy, which makes them solid and stable in their build and excellent in the support they provide. Their sturdy construction means they won’t chip off or break easily.

These pedals come with the attribute of a toe cage that comprises toe clips and a securing strap that is meant to be fastened over the foot. This leaves scope for flexibility and adjustment that is vital to ensure a more secure and custom fit.

This is a great safety feature, especially in combination with the textured surface of the pedal, designed to provide added traction and hold the feet in their place, even when riding at high speed. You won’t find your feet slipping off the pedal every now and then because of the caged and contoured pedal.

Although the bike does not come with spd or clip-in pedals that are more suited to use with cycling shoes, it does offer you the choice to add any pedals of your preference as they come in the standard 16/9” size.

Exceptional Q-Factor

Furthermore, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike boasts of highly competitive q-factors that can be seen as one of its winning, unbeatable features within its price range. Q-factor is the distance between the pedals of the bike.

When this distance is too much, the feet of the ride will be very wide apart, which will skew the alignment of the hips, knees, and feet and throw off their balance. This also causes stress and tension on the lower body parts and joints, which is not ideal for optimum exercise sessions.

Most cheap indoor bikes come with uncomfortably wide q-factors that lead to tiring long rides. The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike stands out in this respect with its strikingly narrow q-factor at 177 mm, which minimizes the stress and impact on your knees and ankles and ensures optimum comfort levels for longer workouts.

5. LCD Display

Most modern exercise equipments feature some kind of smart display monitors. The YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is no exception. It comes with an LCD digital display that tracks and displays important measurements related to your fitness goals and achievements.

While using the bike, the rider can view the LCD screen to gauge their workout metrics like exercise time, speed, distance, calories burned, and the like. This allows them to see how far they have come along in their predetermined goals and how far they still have left to go.

Even while allowing you to stay on top of your fitness regimen, the LCD screen doesn’t require any power source to operate. Simply put, it runs on batteries and is not electricity-operated. It is thus environment-friendly and energy-saving. This also saves you the effort of making the arrangements to place the bike near a power socket.

While this compact but functional monitor is not backlit or clubbed with options for wireless connectivity or RPM, it serves the intended purposes fairly well. Other than the LCD display, the bike also offers a flat bracket to station your phone and listen to music or watch videos while exercising.

6. Exceptional Level of Resistance

The level of resistance a bike, or any fitness equipment for that matter, is vital to figure out the intensity of workouts it can support. In this department, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is exceptional too.

It operates on a standard micro-tension friction resistance model, which makes use of a pure wool pad fitted below the main bar along with an adjustment knob at the top. This knob can be twisted clockwise or anti-clockwise to increase or decrease the extent of friction applied on the flywheel.

This allows the rider to alter the pedaling difficulty and the resultant strain. The resistance system is fully manual and doesn’t need an electrical input to function.

While it isn’t as quiet and maintenance-free as the magnetic bikes, its good quality brake pads don’t need changing for years.

Such an adjustable friction system makes it possible for you to make the workout a high-intensity one or a light one, as per your preferences, any day. It also features an emergency stop button to immediately halt the bike if you need to for safety concerns.

An extra pure wool brake pad is also provided in the package for a replacement if need be. 

7. Additional Features

Some of the other features of the YOSUDA indoor bike include a bottle holder for the convenience of keeping your beverage close at arm’s length while exercising and staying hydrated.

The bike is fitted with wheels at the bottom for easy and strain-free transportation. All you need to do is tilt the bike on the side and roll it out where you want to. An effortless solution that discards the need for heavy lifting or exertion.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the YOSUDA indoor cycling bike is a great, budget-friendly option to consider adding to your home fitness studio. With an enhanced scope for flexibility and adjustment, it is an ideal choice for those looking to share its use with the family.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike for Home Gym

Built sturdily, it is constructed to work for heavy workouts, letting you explore your fitness goals freely without worrying about the capacity of the bike. It does so while also balancing the need for comfort and easy operation, making it a remarkable choice amongst its competitors.