What are the Best New Balance Shoes for Supination?

In case you belong to the category of a runner who will supinate then you will need to possess the right shoes to save yourself from any kind of injury. Basically, when a person supinates on a large basis, it is termed as underpronation. When this condition occurs one tends to turn the foot to the outward side as the runner strides. While doing this the excess weight will be placed over the outside of the foot. When compared to the overpronators, the running shoes which are specifically made for the supinators will only a limited stabilizing function.

These shoes for supination will be adaptable and are good with the cushioning factor. When a person who supinates a lot, goes for trekking and mountaineering they will probably move somewhat similar to a goat. This is the same case when it comes to the uneven terrains also. But in the case of plain surfaces or flat areas, there is not much chance to wear the footwear which will give them the chance to move in the footwear with stability. The footwear which will give over stability in order to prevent the foot from rolling inward will only add to the overkill. 

So for people who supinate the best shoe is one which will enable the foot to be as adaptable as possible and also provide the comfort of rolling inward during the stride. The supinators are at high risk of getting fractures, knee and ankle accidents or even shin splints. All this might occur when the athletes involved in sports activities which cause high impacts. So the cushioning of the shoe will only help in decreasing the chances of any kind of injury mentioned above. 

Cushioning Factor

The jogging shoes for supinators should contain shock absorption. Supinators do not pronate so much which means that there is no change in the lateral foot going inward towards the middling on the system. They usually roll the foot outward, which will give the impression slide towards the outer foot instead of rolling inward towards the end while the person runs or strolls. While this happens the joints and the bones will take up all the stress. There are arguments over the best use of pronation as some say it is vital for shock absorption.

So when a runner has underpronation gait, then there should be plenty of cushioning given right from the midsole to handle the stress from the high-intensity sports activities. There is even separate cushioning given to both men and women taking their foot shape into consideration.

Flexibility Factor

Runners who supinate should go for shoes which offer them an adaptable midsole. This makes the footwear which is designed for supinators to be more flexible in the middle section.

Light-weight Factors

 In case you are a runner who supinates then you should avoid shoes which are meant for stability and which are designed to give movement management. Considering the light-weight factors, one thing to look for is a good cushioning factor. Along with this, there should be a soft as well as adaptable midsole.  The midsoles should have single-density. Light-weight jogging shoes are the best in this category. 

Runners who supinate should never go for shoes which have a hard midsole. Also, if there are heavy-duty stabilizing factors then those shoes should be avoided altogether.

While there are plenty of shoes which will support the supinators, let us look into the New Balance supination shoes which is one of the famous and popular brands in the sports shoe category. If you are looking for the best new balance for supination there are plenty in this list among which you can choose the shoe which is suitable for you. These shoes are rated as the most effective shoes for supination.

New Balance 1080 v8

This is one of the leading shoes to consider for runners who opt for a practical choice. This shoe contains the New Balance Fresh Foam which is 8mm. They also have a good casual look when compared to the shoes for supination from other brands. The upper of the shoe is made with the Fantom Fit technology. So if you are looking for a shoe that has a sock-like fit then this is a perfect choice. Since there are overlays placed in the shoe, it will provide good comfort for the people who go for long runs.

The midsole is designed in such a way so as to give good cushioning while running. The midsole which is filled with fresh foam will give good bounce as well as comfort in order to make the run feel smooth. The 8mm drop does give the casual look to the shoe. This is a bonus factor as the shoe can be worn for casual wear and can be used for everyday purposes too.  Talking about the outer sole, it is designed with hexagonal shapes and also grooves so it gives better flexibility and also increases the durability of the shoe.

All these act as the crucial parts of the shoe. The brand has made sure that the shoe will mold to the foot which will help in giving a good natural feel.


The best part of the shoe is the versatile construction. The 8mm drop is a unique feature which makes the shoe casual wear too. Flexibility is good due to the extra grooves. The TPU heel designs, as well as the Fantom Fit technology upper, are some of the good features here. The fact that the shoe is a bit heavy, weighing 314g is a slight drawback. This shoe might be a good option as it combines the durability factor and gives good flexibility. This shoe goes well for all kinds of activities. While it might not be the best suited for running it can still be considered as a good choice for casual shoes. IF you are looking for a shoe which will suit the needs during a tough run or a light walk then this is a good shoe to consider.

New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoe


New Balance Men’s 990v4 Running Shoe

This is one of the popular shoes under the brand name. It is because this shoe is one of the most comfortable running shoes for people who supinate. They come with good cushioning support and are made in the USA. The materials used are also of high quality like the rubber outsoles and the pigskin leather. To support the cushioning factor the midsole is provided with the ACTEVA LITE. The PU rim is also highly supportive. 


The cushioning in the V4 seems to be more comfortable than the one with the V3. The fact that the shoe has multiple widths in order to get a perfect fit is a good option. The ACTEVA LITE midsole does help in giving good cushioning support. One drawback might be the toe box which seems to be a bit deeper. This shoe still stands to be one of the best shoes in the supination running shoe category.

More Information – New Balance Men’s 990v4


New Balance Men’s 880 Running GTX V8 Shoe

This shoe can be considered as a neutral cushioned running shoe. It has a good flexible upper which is comfortable and the heel is also designed in such a manner so as to give good lock. Since there is GTX he upper becomes highly durable and also breathable. The gore-tex material will make the shoe apt for running in any weather condition.

One of the best factors about the shoe is the Trufuse midsole which has the T-Beam construction. This helps in giving good cushioning support and will also give a resilient ride. This makes the shoe one of the best shoes in the list.

More Information on New Balance Running 880V8 GTX Grey


The shoe is highly flexible right from the mid to the front foot. The weather-resistant factor of the upper due to the Gore-Tex is highly appreciable. Cushioning given by the T-beam construction in the Trufuse midsole adds to the comfort factor. However, there are not many colors from which you can choose from and the style factor can be improved. Other than that, these shoes can be considered as one of the best shoes for supination and it will not disappoint the runner.


New Balance Men’s Zante V4 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

This is one of the super lightweight running shoes which comes with a neutral cushion. The Zante V4 has the Fresh Foam midsole which is not only innovative but also gives a good cushion. This shoe is very light with 8.5 oz in the men’s category and it is a perfect choice for everyday use.


With the presence of the Thick Fresh foam in the midsole cushion, there is no impact passed on to the knees. There is good durability with the rubber sole on the outer edge. The shoe helps in being fast and light and a good fit to run. It might not be suitable for the wet conditions as it might be slippery. Dry terrain is the apt surface for this shoe. The shoe is plush and responsive and hence a good shoe for everyday running.

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New Balance Women’s Cruz V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

It is one of the casual running shoes for ladies who fall prey to supination. This luxurious shoe has the extra underfoot cushion which is given to absorb the extra joint impact. The popular fresh foam from New Balance is used in this shoe which makes it both responsive and cushy. This makes the shoe a pleasure to try on. 


While the fresh foam midsole is thick it is still lightweight giving the shoe a good cushion but maintaining the light-weight factor. This shoe is a neutral cushioned running shoe in the women’s category. The heel design which is slip on-slip off is a positive feature. It might not be suitable for the wet conditions as the upper has leather in it. Overall it is a good casual running shoe in the ladies category.

More Information – New Balance Women’s Cruz V2 Fresh Foam Running Shoe


New Balance Women’s 880 V8 Running Shoe

This is one of the neutral cushioned running shoes for women. There are some small changes made in the V7 model and the new updated version was launched. The upper is enhanced to be more breathable in this version. Performance-wise, this version is pretty much the same as the previous one.


The responsiveness and the impact resistance are good due to the ‘Trufuse’ midsole foam.  There is also the option for custom insert due to the given room. To enable natural toe movement there is a wide forefoot area. The outside rubber outsole happens to be more durable and the heel is many firms. The shoe resists abrasion right from the outside edge till toe. The shoe might be a bit small and wide. It is still one of the soft, responsive and bouncy shoes for women who supinate.

More Information – New Balance Women’s 880v8 Running Shoe

The ROLLBAR technology of the New Balance shoes makes it a more attractive choice for supinated runners. New Balance shoes are famous for the ABZORB technology, which improves the cushioning factor making most of the brand shoes well-cushioned. While supination can be a hard thing to deal for athletes and daily runners, the good news is that the shoe manufacturers are taking this issue into consideration and have started to alter their shoes specifically to address this issue.

The designs are released accordingly so as to make the supinators run and walk better. These shoes mentioned here are listed after thorough research and hence all these shoes will be a good choice for those who supinate. It is important to do a thorough search for selecting a shoe when you have the problem of supination. There should be proper support provided by the shoe whether it is for walking or for running. Next look into the durability and the comfort factor. All this will play a major role in the supinating feet. Look into the design of the shoe and go with the shoe which will suit you the best. In the end, pick the shoe which will help you run miles together.