Traxxas RC Cars under $100

Have you been looking for the right Traxxas RC car to hone your hobby? Today, the models that you find will be light and fast. Some may even reach a 40mph speed. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time hobbyist, there is a Traxxas RC car made for you.

If you are looking for affordable options, you have landed at the right place. We have curated a list of some of the best Traxxas RC cars under $100 for you. Each pick has been reviewed in-depth to help you choose the appropriate RC ride.

Read ahead as we also discuss what you should look for in an ideal Traxxas RC car.

Best Traxxas RC Cars Under $100 Reviews

Here are our reviews for the best Traxxas RC cars under $100.

MIEBELY RC Cars 1: 16 Scale All Terrain 4×4 Remote Control Car

This car comes with a brushed electric motor for a strong driving force. With a maximum of 40+ km/h, this 4WD truck will leave the driver thrilled and excited. Both children as well as adults can go ahead and control it.

The two large-capacity batteries and two-car bodies in this truck set it apart from others in the same price range. Further, each battery has a capacity of 1000 mAh. It comes in a classical model design with rubber tires, sealed ball bearings, and stuck protection.

It also comes with an independent suspension system. Hence, the model works to combine classic design with swift and exciting technology. The radio control system on this truck allows for full-function and operates at 2.4 GHz.

The excellent system is great for racing with a number of people in multiple cars at the same time. The control also offers a range of 80 meters. The truck is also great for off-road use and is very durable.

It is because of the independent suspension with springs and the front and rear suspensions as well. It makes the car flexible to activate its anti-shock capabilities. Hence, any road is game with this car on your side.

The body of the car is also elegant and streamlined. The aesthetic double bodies can help you increase your speed as you race as well. The manufacturer also offers excellent customer service.


  • Durable
  • Extremely responsive
  • Allows 15 to 20 minutes of run time on full throttle
  • Customized remote control


  • Difficult to unplug the battery
More Details of MIEBELY RC Cars 1: 16 Scale All Terrain 4×4 Remote Control Car for Adults & Kids, 40+ KM/H Waterproof Off-Road RC Trucks, High Speed Electronic Cars, 2.4Ghz Radio Controller, 2 Batteries, 2 Car Bodies

FUNTECH RC Car High-Speed Remote Control Car

This RC car feels real and will help you get on a good race. It is a powerful and fast option that will leave any driver delighted. You can achieve a speed of about 30 mph. This can work for a driving time of 15 minutes at full speed.

Hence, the battery will last you a very long time for good driving. The remote control that comes with this car is also very sensitive and responsive. It works perfectly to detect all your commands. Because of its power, it will not get stuck on difficult terrain.

It drives smoothly and very fast as well, even on rough roads. The accessories and body of this car can be changed easily as well. It is also a durable option for all age groups. Children and parents are bound to love the car as well.

Parents can adjust the speed of the car so that it is not too fast for them. Kids tend to be active and energetic, and the car can help you keep them occupied. You can conveniently switch the speed when it is the parents’ time to race.

You can go ahead and get some exciting stunts out of this car as well. It is a great RC car for beginners with a rechargeable 7.4V 850mAh Li-Po battery. It also has a USB cable with it.


  • Great car for whole family use
  • Smooth and powerful drives
  • Good controls on remote
  • Aesthetic look


  • No extra battery
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DEERC RC Car 9300 High Speed Remote Control Car

You will be instantly struck by the red and black aesthetic body of this car. It will prove appealing to boys and girls, and adults and children alike. It is a 4-wheel drive car made with high-quality materials to enable a great drive. It also makes the car a durable option.

It has a speed limit of 40km/hr and is great for anyone who is enthusiastic about monster trucks. The speed is powered by its 380 high-speed motors. The car also comes with two rechargeable batteries that assist you in prolonging the run-time of the car.

Each battery gives you a run-time of 20 minutes, and both together will allow you to enjoy driving for 40 minutes at a time. The car stands out from the rest because of its this long usage time.

It has a full-scale synchronous remote control that operates at 2.4 GHz. You can increase and decrease the speed of the vehicle by adjusting the speed switch. If you move it clockwise, you will increase the speed, and you can decrease it by adjusting it counterclockwise.

It also works to extend motor life by enhancing motor heat dissipation. It is enabled by its fully-covered metal heat sink. The damped metal shock absorber also offers great shock-resistance to handle various terrains well.


  • Very long run-time
  • Good shock absorption
  • Very fast
  • The remote control is easy to use


  • Motor gets heated after 15 minutes
More Details of DEERC RC Cars 9300 High Speed Remote Control Car for Kids Adults 1:18 Scale 30+ MPH 4WD Off Road Monster Trucks,2.4GHz All Terrain Toy Trucks with 2 Rechargeable Battery,40+ Min Play Gift for Boy Girl

HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale 18859E All Terrain RC Car

As the name suggests, this RC car is great for all-terrain types. You can drive it on grasslands, bumpy grounds, and sands as you prefer. Hence, it is a heavy-duty and sturdy option for you.

It is a great option under $100 and offers good value for money as well. For beginners or consistent hobbyists, this vehicle is recommended. It is powered by a brushed RC 380 motor that is fast and incredibly efficient. It also has a speed limit of 36 km/hr, which can bring the car into beast mode.

The affordable truck is also very durable. It comes with classic ball-bearings and independent suspension. Young girls, boys, and adults can make the best of this green and black truck. It looks interesting and formidable as well.

It has a 2.4 GHz full-functional and proportional radio control system. Along with this, it has a reliable brake and reverses that will not fail. To enable good control on all roads, it has a flexible PVC truck body that is also made to be solid.

The off-road tires are also high-grip for efficient driving. The two 7.4V Li-Po batteries that come with it allow for prolonged run-time. When these batteries are not in use, disconnect, and remove them for the best usage.  It also comes with a USB charger.

Do note that the remote will require two AA batteries.


  • Excellent radio system and steering
  • Strong and formidable look
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Slow/normal speed controls


  • Unsealed axles and suspension
More Details of HAIBOXING 1:18 Scale All Terrain RC Car 18859E, 36 KPH High Speed 4WD Electric Vehicle with 2.4 GHz Remote Control, 4X4 Waterproof Off-Road Truck with Two Rechargeable Batteries

Holyton 1:12 Scale RC Car

This RC car comes with an upgraded and powerful motor for good driving results. It will allow you to achieve a speed of 45km/hr, which is one of the highest in this price range of RC cars. The tires are also equipped for all terrains.

Together, they give you a huge advantage and a competitive edge in drag-racing. There are also ten-speed ratios that offer good speed control. Smooth speed varies, and high-acceleration is included in the excellent control for superior drives.

You will find yourself enjoying high-speed racing that will give you real-world thrills. The car also comes with 4WD metal oil-filled shock absorbers. This, coupled with independent suspension, will protect your car from dropping and crashing between the drive.

Hence, it offers all-round good driving capability so that you can drive just where you please. Whether it is sand, water, mud, or grass, the car will be able to handle it all. This adds to the good durability of the car.

The shell and reinforced body frame are tough and made with PVC material. Hence, they offer good collision-resistance. It works to prolong the life-cycle of the truck. The body also provides the car with an efficient grip as you race.

It also a waterproof vehicle to enable moving through water. You can enjoy an extended run-time of 40 minutes with the 1700mAh rechargeable batteries in this car. The 2.4 GHz anti-interference control will offer you an operating range up to 100 meters.


  • Very durable body
  • Waterproof
  • Powerful batteries for extended run time
  • Good shocks and no leaking


  • Suspension can use a heavier weight oil
Holyton Remote Control Car 1:12 Scale RC Cars 45 KM/H High Speed 40min Play for Adults and Kids, 4WD Driving 2.4GHz Off Road Monster Truck Waterproof Vehicle, Toys Gifts for Boys 2 Batteries

BEZGAR 6 Hobbyist Grade 1:16 Scale Remote Control Truck

The truck has one of the best looks on cars of this price range. For starters, it comes with headlights that automatically turns on when the remote control on this truck is switched on. This adds to the realistic element of this RC truck. The colors on the body are vibrant and exciting as well.

The headlights are positioned to the sides of the bumper so that they can light up a broader area as you drive. The LED lights are a great way to tell just where your trick is when you are busy racing. It will give you an idea of the direction in which the truck is headed as well.

The chassis of this truck is made of nylon. It is a synthetic linear polyamide (PA) and nylon body that is resistant to chemicals and abrasion-resistant as well. It is also elastic to allow for a durable truck that can handle the impact of collisions very well.

These features work together to help in enhancing the life-cycle of this truck. It comes with a 390 brushed motor, which makes the truck rather powerful as it performs 21000 revs per minute. It allows for greater horsepower for this vehicle.

It also affects the acceleration enhancing it by a huge amount. With these features in place, the truck works at a top speed of 42 km/hr. Do note that the speed and distance associated will vary when the truck is used in different terrains.

The truck is also waterproof and will switch-off in case of submersion. You can dry it out to get it driving again.


  • Powerful battery
  • Waterproof body
  • Very responsive remote control
  • Durable nylon body


  • Not built for kids under 12
BEZGAR 6 Hobbyist Grade 1:16 Scale Remote Control Truck, 4WD High Speed 42 Km/h All Terrains Electric Toy Off Road RC Monster Vehicle Car Crawler with 2 Rechargeable Batteries for Boys Kids and Adults

VCANNY 1:18 Remote Control Car

This powerful truck allows for a maximum speed of 30 mph to allow for realistic racing. It has a 390 brushed motor that is great for the purposes of entertainment. You can use it at your beach parties, park, or camping activities.

The components of this car are also strong and durable and will last you for a long time. This is coupled with good shock-proof resistance offered by four wheels that come with bouncing spring materials. When the car drops unexpectedly, these offer good support.

It also provides support if the ground surface proves unstable. The car also comes with a four-wheel drive. The full four-direction control lets you race forwards, backward, and turn right or left as you please.

You can use the remote control to maneuver the car within a range of 260 feet. The steering and throttle are very responsive, as well. You will also have superior control of the car because of the ergonomic transmitter on the radio remote control.

For durability and all-terrain use, the wheels are made to be heavy-duty components. The tire spikes and wheels allow for high-speed use and stabilize running performance as well. The car will run smoothly off-road as well.

The battery used by the car is a rechargeable 7.4V battery. If you use the original battery when it is fully charged, you can get a good run-time of 20 to 30 minutes. It will depend on the terrain as well. An extra original battery is included for extended run-time as well.


  • Fast and smooth
  • Bouncing spring wheels for shock-resistance
  • Great racing chassis
  • It comes with extra batteries
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SPESXFUN 1:14 Scale High Speed Remote Control Car

This car made our list because it is one of the most affordable RC cars under $100. It offers great value for money and comes in a strong-looking body to make your car stand out in races. It is a good option for children as well as adults and comes packed with several exciting features.

The car offers a good speed of about 15 to 25 km/hr. For kids, the lower numbers in the range work very well. It has two powerful built-in motors that enable speedy races. The remote control operates at a 2.4 GH radio control system for responsive maneuvering.

The materials on this car are high-quality ones that are used by professional technicians after extensive research. This s why the car comes in a unique style different from its competitors. With a frame, shock absorbers, and cock-pit, no area of the car is left incomplete.

There is a reinforcement between the body and axle of the car. It makes it more stable and unlikely to crash. This holds true even for high speeds. There are also four huge anti-slip wheels that add to further stability. These are connected with shock-proof springs as well.

The body is made of ABS plastic to make it collision-resistant. It is accompanied by metal materials for further resistance and durability. You can get 20 to 30 minutes of extendable battery life through its two rechargeable batteries.

The infrared remote control helps you gauge directions and distances well for realistic racing.


  • Optimal for children between 8 and 12 years of age
  • Great value for money
  • Great car for beginners
  • It lasts for about 30 minutes


  • Very small
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EP EXERCISE N PLAY 1/18 Scale High-Speed Remote Car

For anyone looking for a creative and innovative-looking car on the playing field, this is the appropriate option. It is a good truck for children as well as adults. Families can come together and use this truck turn by turn to match each individual’s capacity.

The high-speed car can also work as a good gifting option. It is a four-wheel-drive high-speed car that is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability. You can enjoy a speed of up to 40 km/hr, which is powered by a 380 motor.

Hence, no matter what level monster truck enthusiast you are, you can go ahead and opt for this RC truck. The car comes with two rechargeable batteries. These allow an extended run-time that together adds up to 40 minutes at a time.

The battery is also high-quality and makes it stand out among the rest of the options. With a 2.4 GHz remote control system, you can expect some excellent proportional throttle and steering control.

The heat sink is fully covered as well. This increases the life-cycle of the heater. Further, the four wheels packed with metal springs give good support to the car. Hence, it will remain cushioned during dropping.

You will find many screws at the back and front suspension as well. These lock the shock absorbers in place. Read the manual of the car carefully before you begin using it.


  • Good for beginners
  • Good speed
  • About 45 minutes of extended run-time is possible


  • Not very good on grass
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Buying Guide for Traxxas RC Cars Under $100

If you’ve been looking for good beginner or intermediate Traxxas RC cars, the above options under $100 will keep you satisfied. However, there are a few features you should pay attention to when you buy an RC car. Read ahead as we discuss these.


Many of these cars are appropriate for kids and beginners. As novice drivers, you will tend to make a lot of mistakes as you drive around. Hence, it is a good idea to look for a heavy-duty and durable RC car.

Pay attention to the material it is made of. If you tend to drive off-road or on difficult terrains, you may want good shock-resistance on the car. If there are watery terrains, look for a waterproof body.

By picking the right materials on the body, you can prolong the life of your RC car.

Type of RC Car

There are a few types of cars available at a budget of under $100. Each of these suits particular purposes and terrains, and you can choose accordingly.


If your terrain is mostly smooth, a car is a good option for you. They run very well on flat surfaces. If speed, rally, and drifting is your cup of tea, an RC car model is a great option.


These bring together the look and feel of a car and truck for a multi-purpose RC vehicle. If you are a beginner who is unsure about the style to pick, this is the best option for you. They will do well both on-road and off-road and have good shocks to enable versatility.


Trucks are great options for RC cars if you prefer off-roading. For all the dirty and muddy adventures, these models come equipped with exposed suspension and large tires. You will find stadium trucks and monster trucks among these.

They are very durable and can handle collisions and dropping on tough terrains. They are hence excellent options for racing.


It is better to pick cars with rechargeable batteries. The batteries also influence the run-time on these vehicles. In general, two batteries should be able to give you an extended run-time of 40 minutes. Hence, each offers about 20 minutes.

Do note that many of these RC cars get heated quickly, and breaks at 15-minute intervals are beneficial for them.


You won’t need to invest too much to buy a good Traxxas RC car for your children or you. There are many alternatives to the Traxxas brand that offer good speed and control. We have listed some of the best Traxxas RC cars under $100 for you.

These are fun and durable options that are great for all your racing needs. Purchase the right one and join in on the thrill!