Top 5 Under Armour Steel Toe Boots & Heavy Duty Alternatives – Comparison Help For Undecided Buyers

It is not uncommon for certain industries and workplaces to require steel toe boots for their employees. It is a matter of health and safety. As long as there is a risk of something heavy to fall on someone’s toes, steel toe boots become an actual necessity – along with other safety equipment. Such boots come with a steel cap built into the toe area. While many companies provide their workers with such equipment, they usually rely on the cheapest things that could meet the purpose – meaning comfort will be compromised.

More and more workers choose to buy their own steel toe boots – it is an investment they make in their comfort. From this point of view, Under Armour steel toe boots inevitably come into play. Coming from a reputable brand with a notorious sense for high quality, these boots – as well as others from well-known manufacturers – will meet the purpose, last for ages and ensure a comfy experience without breaking the rules.

Now, the bad news is that Under Armour’s boots are often listed in the same category as steel toe boots from other brands, mostly because they are durable and likely to last for ages. At this point, it depends on your employer’s requirements. Is steel toe an actual requirement? Could you get away with heavy-duty boots instead?

All in all, what are the top-rated options on the market and how do you choose the right one for your needs?

Our Picks

Larnmern Boots

Larnmern’s steel toe boots are indestructible and designed for both men and women – the sizing charts will give you all the details you need, so pay attention to the gender standards. They come in a few different colors and static dissipative features – excellent for those who work in dangerous environments.

The boots are simple and comfortable. They have built-in speed hooks, while the insole is cushioned. The outsole is based on rubber. It is textured and comes with abrasion-resistant functions, so you can work in all kinds of demanding environments without breaking health and safety rules and regulations.

Furthermore, you have top-notch superfiber leather mixed with a durable steel toe cap. The midsole layer is bulletproof, so punctures and severe impacts are less likely to harm you. Besides, the high upper pads the ankle and prevents accidents on uneven terrains.


·         Built to last

·         Excellent against punctures

·         Nonslip materials

·         Suitable for both men and women

·         Numerous colors


·         Water resistant design, but not waterproof

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Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss

If you want a bit of fashion in work and you also want to look good, Timberland has also come up with steel toe boots. They are based on 100% leather and they are suitable for men only. They come in a few different colors and a bunch of sizes – including sizes for both narrow and wide feet, so finding the right fit should never be an issue.

Soles are based on rubber. They are thick and provide good support for your feet. Outsoles will resist abrasion, slippery or oily surfaces. Traction should never be an issue. On the other hand, the steel toe will last forever and the top collars are padded for some extra comfort and protection for your ankles.

In terms of extras and bells and whistles, Timberland has brought in a comfort suspension technology, which will provide support without compromising safety on a 24/7 basis. You can forget about fatigue. Instead, you get support for your arch and some extra cushioning for long days at work.


·         Good looking design in more colors

·         100% natural leather for a more casual appearance

·         Durable steel toe

·         Extra comfort technologies

·         Support for the arch


·         Designed for men only, so women would have to find an alternative

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Oristaco Boots

Oristaco’s model may bring in some good accents – similar to Under Armour steel toe alternatives. They are designed for both men and women and they come in a few different colors. Compared to other steel toe boots, they are not too bulky – instead, you are likely to come up with a fashionable statement at work too.

The boots come with a steel toe cap covered by a synthetic upper – it can take up to 220J in force. The midsole is puncture proof without compromising on the weight. Besides, the upper is breathable and based on durable fabric, not to mention keeping your feet warm during the wintertime.

It is worth noting that just like other steel toe boots, these ones come with a rubber sole. It is thick and flexible, so your feet will not swell too much. Besides, the rubber outsole is made of polyvinyl chloride. You will never slip, but your traction will be flawless even in wet or oily environments.


·         Stylish and good looking design

·         Sizes for both men and women

·         Suitable for all kinds of industries

·         Breathable fabrics

·         Flexible and nonslip outsoles


·         No waterproof construction

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Under Armour Valsetz 1.5

Finding Under Armour steel toe boots could be difficult, but you can find alternatives designed with heavy-duty purposes and this tactical model for men is excellent in work or severe survival adventure in harsh environments. You have more colors to choose from, as well as sizes and half sizes for a perfect fit.

These boots are both textile and synthetic. They feature a rubber sole – thick, durable and textured. You can wear them in mud, snow or oily environments without worrying that you might sleep. The shaft is about 6.75 inches from the arch, so you have a tall boot that will provide both comfort and protection to your ankles.

Synthetic materials are durable and mostly based on flexible plastic. Textile materials go around the ankles and upper – you have a bit of breathability, as well as good weather protection. Long laces ensure you can go all the way to the top.


·         Good looking boots

·         Designed with heavy duty purposes in mind

·         Synthetic and textile materials

·         Perfect fit – boots run to size

·         Excellent traction


·         Laces are a bit too long, so you might need to do a double knot

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Under Armour Men’s Stellar Tac

Advertised to be sneakers, these boots are designed solely for men and feature a heavy-duty construction that will work wonders in all kinds of environments. While it might be difficult to find Under Armour steel toe options out there, these boots are as close as you can get if you are truly loyal to this brand.

The design is quite minimalist and stylish. The boots are only available in black and come in a few different sizes – including middle sizes. They feature a leather sole that will face the test of time, as well as a mix of leather and nylon for a lightweight and soft upper. You have a lace based system, as well as a zipper on the side.

The toe is polishable, while the molded EVA midsole features a reinforced TPU shank to ensure a comfortable experience and lots of support. Given the tall profile, the boots are great for ankle protection as well. They can be used for work or outdoor adventures.


·         Good looking and stylish design

·         Good support for your soles

·         Ankle protection

·         Breathable profile

·         Water repelling features


·         Side zipper might fall down throughout the day if the boots are too tight

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What To Look For In Under Armour Steel Toe Boots

While Under Armour has a good reputation and choosing the right size will inevitably meet the purpose in a decent manner, you also want to feel comfortable. You are not wearing these boots because you have to, but you also want to feel well supported and comfy as you walk in them on a daily basis. Here is everything you need to know before purchasing Under Armour steel toe boots.

Steel or composite

While most boots are referred to as steel toe if they have such protection, the truth is you usually have two options – steel or composite. Not all boots give you this feature, but it is worth looking for it. Composite meets the same safety requirements and is extremely lightweight.

Steel toe brings in the exact same level of protection and will meet all the ANSI or ASTM requirements, but it is a bit heavier than composite. The difference may not always be noticeable, but if weight is really important for you, composite will do.

Shop after a working shift

Keep in mind that your feet will start swelling as soon as you get into work – the more you work, the more they will swell. While your boots may feel comfortable at 9AM, they may feel like a nightmare by 4PM, so you need to figure out the size based on your work.

In other words, consider your size – or go shopping – after a day at work. Your swollen feet will dictate how you feel. Sure, the difference will not be massive, but you would rather have the shoes a bit loose in the beginning and perfectly fit later on than vice versa.

Working conditions

What kind of environment do you work in? Is it a cold environment involving refrigerators and low temperatures? It is a hot place that makes your feet sweat like there is no tomorrow? If you work in a cold place, you will need some extra protection too, such as padding or perhaps some insulation.

The working conditions will also affect the weight. Try wearing your shoes around the house for a bit. Trying them on for a few seconds in a store will not give you a conclusive idea. Two hours later, they may feel different. When shopping online, rely on others’ reviews and opinions.


Extras are just as important when considering an Under Armour steel toe set. Small details can make your life easier. For example, some boots come with proper insoles to ensure less pressure and stress on your soles.

You should also consider the height – are there any risks to injure your ankles? Traction is just as important, so make sure the sole is made of a nonslip material, such as heavy-duty rubber. A bit of texture will also help.

Frequently asked questions

Still not sure about the best Under Armour steel toe boots?

Can steel toe boots go through airport security?

Whether you work in the airport, commute in your work clothes or travel to a hiking destination that requires using your steel toe boots, make sure you take them off while going through airport security. They will ring at every scanner – removing and putting them back on is the only inconvenience associated with them.

Can electricians use steel toe boots?

Generally speaking, electricians are not at risk when wearing Under Armour steel toe boots, but there are a few conditions to keep in mind. First, make sure the conductive part of your boots does not get in touch with your feet. Second, this part should not be exposed on the outside – in other words, the boots must be in good condition to prevent hazardous situations.

Should I size up in steel toe boots?

Not necessarily, but it might be a good idea. If you work a lot, your feet will swell. At the same time, you might need to wear them with thick socks, as they are sturdier and heavier. From this point of view, you might want to consider half a size when compared to your regular footwear. Again, it depends on the kind of work you do – as well as your shifts.


In the end, deciding on the best Under Armour steel toe boots or heavy-duty alternatives is not as difficult as it might seem. There are a few good options out there and they come with thousands of reviews and recommendations, so there must be something good about them. Other than that, you have to pay attention to the design, small features that you may need, job requirements and sizing standards.