Top 5 Loveseat Recliners For RV – How To Buy The Right Loveseat Recliner For Your RV

The RV is the epicenter of your holidays. It represents the vehicle you use to transport your family around, as well as the place where everyone gathers to eat and sleep. From this point of view, it is imperative to stick to furniture that can meet everyone’s necessities – after all, it is a compact home on wheels. Whether you are designing your own interior or you are upgrading the existing one, most furniture comes with the same requirements – comfortable, durable, compact and with great value for money.

This is when loveseat recliners for RV kick in. With enough room to take one or two people, these loveseats bring in a cozy atmosphere. They are ideal to kick back with your tablet, laptop or perhaps a good book. Since they are compact, they can also save lots of room in your RV. But before moving on to the best rated recliners on the market, you need to understand the necessity of this piece of furniture, as well as its advantages.

Benefits Associated With Loveseat Recliners For RV

Before digging deeper and deciding on a loveseat, you might want to know what makes it such a good option. You might be aware of its benefits inside a home or a living room, but you should understand what makes it so popular for RVs as well.

Excellent use of space

You know it already – recreational vehicles come with awkward spaces. You have to ensure enough room for your family – usually in a room or two. Everything is compact and unless you own a bus size RV, people barely have room to move. This is what made loveseat recliners so popular for homes in the first place – they were ideal for awkward and small rooms.

Loveseat recliners for RV are compact in size and can always fill an unusual space. It could be in a corner or perhaps a random place where you cannot fit anything else. For instance, one of the rooms could do with such a loveseat by the side of the bed. On the same note, the loveseat makes an excellent place to read or watch something if you do not have enough room for a sofa.

Useful anywhere, anytime

Loveseats go in the same category as sofas. Basically, they are referred to as living room furniture. It makes no difference how large or small your RV is. A sofa is large and cannot always fit in it. You do need some tasteful seating for those relaxing days on holiday. Open the windows, listen to the birds or the sea waves and enjoy a good book.

Given the compact appearance, these loveseats will go anywhere. Sure, they need a bit of fitting when it comes to an RV, but they are light and easy to move around. You might as well take the loveseat indoors once you get back home. Throw it in your enclosed porch or extension and you can enjoy both the indoors and outdoors on a nice day.

Great for new designs

You might be sick and tired of the same décor every holiday. You take long road trips with your family a few times a year and you feel like you need something new in your RV – this is when a loveseat recliner kicks in. Given the fact that it is new, it will become everyone’s favorite spot for all kinds of activities. But here comes the fun part.

A loveseat recliner is so compact that you can move it anywhere inside the RV. Keep it in a bedroom for the next road trip, then move it to another room for the next one. Find a nice place to camp and throw it in the middle of a room. Loveseats are easy to move around and they can always adjust in no time – they provide a new layout whenever you feel like refreshing your RV.

Quite easy to match for good designs

When it comes to living room furniture, many designers provide full sets – you can get the whole set or just parts of it. While the industry is still under development around recreational vehicles, you will be surprised to find out that lots of RV furniture sets also come in full sets. In other words, you do not necessarily have to struggle to find a matching design, a similar pattern or color.

However, unless you refresh the whole layout and install new furniture inside your RV, you might actually have to do some research. The good news is you will find lots of abstract and neutral colors and styles, so you should not face too much hassle finding a good match. All in all, take your time when researching – most models come in different styles anyway.

Some potential extra storage

This is not a general rule, but it is definitely worth some attention. Many loveseat recliners for RV come with extra storage under the actual seating. They have a couple of drawers that can hide other things. You can keep some hiking equipment in there or perhaps some books – it literally makes no difference. But when it comes to such a limited space, you can definitely take advantage of the extra storage.

Now that you understand what makes these loveseat recliners such good choices for RVs, it is time to browse the market for the top rated products. Some options tend to stand out in the crowd due to good value for money and high quality standards. So, what are the best reviewed products out there and why?

Top 5 Loveseat Recliners For RV

Christopher Knight Recliner

Measuring 37x46x39 inches, this loveseat recliner is compact and suitable for RVs of all sizes. A bit of imagination could also fit this recliner into a camper van – make sure you measure everything upfront though. It is available in a beautiful charcoal design that will most likely match any style out there. You can also find it in a few other colors.

The recliner is big enough to take two people – it is actually rated to be a double seater. There are no limitations for the seats, so it is also comfortable if you want to lay down with your feet up while reading a book – super cozy and comfy. Given its size, it is more appropriate for couples.

While solid and well put together, the loveseat recliner is actually soft and plushy. It comes with plush cushions to ensure a relaxing experience. Some parts are pre-assembled, yet they still have to be put together – you will need some basic tools for it. The operation is straightforward and should take less than half an hour. You may not be able to fit it through the door otherwise anyway.

Other than that, the recliner weighs just over 90 pounds when fully assembled. It is sturdy and solid. The legs are based on plastic, while the covers are textile. Armrests are also included, not to mention the reclining mechanism. To fully recline, you will obviously need a bit of clearance, but given the compact profile, you will need less than 20 inches.


·         Solid, sturdy and well put together

·         Easy to recline

·         Comfortable plush cushions

·         Compact and easy to move around

·         Does not require too much clearance to recline


·         The pullout part where you rest your feet might feel a bit hard

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RecPro Charles Collection 58″

RecPro has gained some notoriety with its loveseat recliners for RV and the Charles collection stands out with its quality standards and affordability. Value for money will never be an issue with these recliners. All in all, this unit measures 54.5x36x39 inches. It is compact and can fit anywhere – from a mid-size RV to an actual living room.

The recliner comes with a modular structure – in other words, parts go one into another. The assembly is light and intuitive – you also have a manual of instructions and you will not require any sophisticated tools. Make sure you put it together inside the RV, as you may not be able to fit it through the door. When fully installed, it weighs 166 pounds – it is sturdy and feels heavy, but you can still move it around.

The recliner comes in a few different colors and styles, with the mahogany design being the best-selling one. It is covered in polyurethane – faux leather, which is easy to keep clean and durable. It has two seats and lots of cushioning, so it feels comfy – whether you are there with your partner or you lay down by yourself.

Other than that, you have a few different reclining positions and an impressive clearance requirement of just three inches.


·         Solid and sturdy once installed

·         Easy to put together due to the modular design

·         Heavy amounts of cushioning

·         Two reclining positions

·         Low clearance required of just three inches


·         Heavier than other recliners for recreational vehicles

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Signature Design by Ashley

A bit larger than average and excellent for homes, this loveseat recliner is still compact enough to fit a mid-size or large recreational vehicle. When fully assembled, it measures 74x37x45 inches. It will also require a bit of clearance to recline – not a lot though, but just 8.5 inches. It has armrests on each side and lots of cushioning – the seat, backrest, armrests and footrests.

This is the type of loveseat recliner that takes comfort to another level. It is not fully assembled, yet some parts are pre-assembled. You will not require any sophisticated tools though, but just a screwdriver – it is not included in the package. All the info is detailedly explained in a manual of instructions, so you just cannot go wrong.

Based on 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane, the recliner has a luxurious appearance and feel, but it is also durable. It weighs just over 260 pounds, so it is sturdy and stable. Moving it around could be a bit challenging though – you will need some help.

Extras tend to make the difference and this unit has plenty of them. You have a classic USB charging port to keep your phone or tablet charged. You also have an adjustable headrest, a couple of cup holders and storage between the seats. The LED lighting is not to be overlooked either.


·         Stylish and luxurious appearance

·         Heavy, sturdy and stable

·         Comes with a charging port

·         Cup holders and storage between the seats

·         Does not require too much space to recline


·         Decent gap between the head and neck, so you might need a soft pillow

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RecPro Charles Collection 67″

Part of the Charles collection from RecPro, this could be the ultimate loveseat recliner for your recreational vehicle if you have enough space. The unit measures 67x39x37 inches. It comes in a few different colors, with toffee being a popular choice among buyers. The recliner has two seats and a separator between them.

The separator could be an issue if you like to lay down with your legs on top of an armrest sometimes, but it does have its role. You basically have flip-up storage in the middle, as well as two cup holders for the users. It is worth noting that just like other RecPro loveseat recliners for RV, this one also requires not more than three inches of clearance for a full reclining position.

There are two reclining positions and lots of cushioning. Pretty much everything is covered in plush for maximum comfort. As for the cover, it is based on faux leather – polyurethane. Not only is it durable, but it is also easy to keep clean without too much hassle.

As for assembling the recliner, it comes in a few different packages. It has a modular build, so pieces are easy to put together – you will need basic tools only, yet none of them is included in the package.


·         Easy to put together

·         Maintenance is fairly simple

·         Multiple reclining positions

·         Storage and cup holders

·         Low clearance requirements


·         Tall users over six feet might have their feet in the air in the fully reclined position

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NHI Express Aiden Motion

Based on leather and lots of plush materials for the armrests and backrest, this recliner takes comfort to another level. Not only is leather durable, but it is also breathable. As you sit down, the plush will adapt to the shape of your body for a relaxing experience. The seat features high density foam. The recliner is available in a dark peat color and can easily match both traditional and contemporary décors.

There are two seats and they are well separated. The middle has a bit of storage – simply flip the cover-up and you will have enough room for some small accessories. At the same time, the middle part has two cup holders – one for each user.

Seats will recline without too much hassle – the handle is easy to access on the side. Other than that, it weighs about 176 pounds, so you can move it around with a bit of extra help. When fully assembled, it measures 37x76x38 inches – compact and easy to fit into a recreational vehicle without too many problems.

Assembling the recliner requires a few tools – not included in the package. It has a manual of instructions with illustrations, so the whole job should take less than half an hour.


·         Lots of padding and high density foam

·         Storage compartment and two cup holders

·         Reclining handle is easy to access

·         Leather design for style and durability

·         Compact design


·         The mechanical fit can be a bit challenging when putting the recliner together

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What To Look For While Choosing The Best Loveseat Recliners For RV

Part of a constantly growing industry, loveseat recliner for RV can be a bit challenging due to the wide variety of options out there. So, what exactly should you pay attention to?

Type of loveseat recliners

Loveseat recliners usually come with enough space for two or three people. However, there are more options out there and they tend to imitate the available solutions in the home furniture industry. For example, rocker recliners seem to gain popularity too these days, yet they are smaller. Wall hugger recliners require less floor space, but maybe because they are small in size.

Massage recliners come with extra bells and whistles, such as different massaging modes – usually for the back and neck. They can make a difference when you chill in a beautiful environment, but their prices are also high. The glider is also common these days – it has more reclining angles and can be quite close to walls.


Loveseat recliners for RV come in a plethora of materials, but some of them are more common than others. Leather is classic. It is solid, good looking and durable. It will be excellent if you also have pets, since grabbing hair is fairly simple.

Leatherette – faux leather – is similar to leather, but it is cheaper. It is not as durable, but good maintenance will keep it going for many years. Plus, it is suitable for environmentally friendly individuals who avoid animal related products.

Finally, fabrics are just as common. They are cheaper and may look traditional, but they have a con – they can get dirty pretty fast. Cleaning them could also be a challenge. Fabrics must be avoided if you do not want too much maintenance.

Cushioning and padding

Opt for comfort – in other words, make sure you have plenty of padding and cushioning. If you can test drive the loveseat recliner in real life before shopping online, do it. Sit on it, feel it and see if you feel comfortable. The upholstery is important too, as it affects durability. Cushions should be resilient and firm, but also fluffy. They must fit perfectly – push the cushions and see if they recover their shape.

Apart from plush materials, some high-end recliners also implement high density foam. It is even more comfortable, while it maintains its firmness and adapts to the shape of the body. In other words, this is the better option if you can find something that matches your budget.


In terms of extras, you will usually find cup holders and storage compartments. These things usually go in the middle – some models feature cup holders on the sides and the storage compartment under the recliner.

While not mandatory, a classic USB charging port could also help at times. All in all, make sure you can access the reclining handle without too much hassle – more reclining positions and a bit of adjustability will also help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best loveseat recliners for RV?

Are loveseat recliners better than actual sofas?

Pretty much everything depends on the quality of the item. Loveseat recliners allow a comfy position, apart from the upright one. A sofa provides more space – perhaps more storage too. But then, a loveseat recliner is more suitable for a recreational vehicle due to its compact appearance. Your priorities make the difference and – again, make sure you choose a well-made product.

Can I find loveseat recliners for RV in larger sizes?

If you want a loveseat recliner for three or more people, it can be categorized as a sofa. You might be able to fit three kids on a loveseat recliner if there are no storage compartments in the middle though.

How should I measure the available space?

Measure the available space with a tape. When you buy a loveseat recliner, make sure it can match even in the fully reclined position – there will most likely be some clearance required behind it. Plus, you might want to leave some room for walking in front of it.


As a short final conclusion, a loveseat recliner for RV will most likely add a bit of style and comfort to your vehicle. They are compact and made to fit such tight places – plus, they will ensure the ultimate comfort when resting on your road trip or holiday.