​Top 5 Healthiest Coffee Creamers On The Market – Buying Guide & Reviews

Whether it comes to natural, chemical, fat or non-dairy coffee creamers, the truth is you do have options out there when it comes to enriching your brew with more flavor and aroma. However, while coffee can be quite healthy and actually recommended, it is the sugar and other enrichments that make it unhealthy. From all the extras you can throw in, the creamer is probably the unhealthiest one. In a world where more and more people try to cut on the unhealthy foods in their diets, finding the healthiest coffee creamers could be a challenge.

Luckily, there are lots of brands adapting to this trend. From this point of view, you can now find coffee creamers with a reduced amount of trans fat. Some creamers have no fat at all. Sure, they may not thicken your coffee, but they will bring in the same aroma. Some of them are based on dairy, while others are plant-based. All in all, here is everything you need to know before deciding how to find a healthier coffee creamer. Moreover, go through the top rated options on the market to determine the right one for your brew.

Healthiest Coffee Creamers

Benefits Of A Healthier Coffee Creamer

There are a few reasons wherefore more and more people turn to healthier alternatives. Most of these benefits involve cutting out on some harsh ingredients used in classic creamers.

No more unusual thickeners

Believe it or not, most coffee creamers you can find in stores or supermarkets are not really made with cream. Surprised? Go through their ingredients and you will find a bunch of ingredients that you have never heard about. Take your time to google them and you will find a plethora of thickeners.

The rich feel is usually achieved through various thickening agents. Emulsifiers are just as common. For example, carrageenan is one of the most common ingredients in traditional coffee creamers and is thought to cause digestive issues in the long run.

Other funny ingredients include cellulose gum and gel, which usually come from cotton or wood. You may also find polysorbate 60, an emulsifier that prevents the water from separating from oil. It is more commonly used in cosmetics.

Little to no artificial flavors

These are some of the main reasons wherefore you rely on a coffee creamer. You like caramel or perhaps honey and hazelnut. The healthiest coffee creamers out there bring in natural flavors and sources, while a traditional one will rely on fake flavors to come up with that amazing smell.

Are you trying to be healthier and have a better diet? A classic creamer might be bad news then. Artificial flavors intensity the aroma and taste better than their unprocessed alternatives, but at the end of the day, they will harm your body.

No more bizarre preservatives

A real and natural creamer will stay fresh for about a week in your fridge. Unless you have coffee creamer like water, you would never be able to finish such a container within seven days. Therefore, such things are enriched with dozens of preservatives to stay fresh, such as mold inhibitors with difficult names.

You may also look through the ingredients and find a series of E ingredients. These options are usually known to cause cancer, so they must be avoided. While mold inhibitors may not be extremely harmful, there are no reasons to have them when you can find healthy alternatives.

Forget about trans fat

Thickeners alone may work in providing a creamy feeling, but they are not super-efficient. Therefore, manufacturers also rely on trans fats – or partially hydrogenated oils, to sound fancier. They represent the exact same things and will seriously ruin your diet.

Highly processed fats are not just bad for your diet, but they are also dangerous. They will work on your levels of bad cholesterol and clog your arteries, leading to various heart related affections. This is why they should be avoided, whether it comes to your French fries or coffee creamer.

Healthier lifestyle

The truth is pretty much everything today can be dangerous. Unless it is fully organic, a specific ingredient may still have some chemicals that can harm your body – even fruits and vegetables grown in an unnatural way.

Finding the healthiest coffee creamer out there will allow you to adopt a healthier lifestyle. There are no reasons to pump your body with chemicals that imitate real cream. There are no reasons to ingest a series of ingredients that can potentially cause cancer when you have healthier options out there.

Healthier coffee creamer

Better dieting

This is one of the most common issues when it comes to dieting. Lots of people avoid unhealthy foods, fries, pizza, instant and processed foods, but they fail to pay attention to what they drink. They load up with soda and coffee creamer, which are just as unhealthy.

While a healthy diet will still outweigh the drawback of such beverages, why would you reduce its efficiency? If there are better options out there, there are simply no reasons to focus on what you eat and ignore what you drink.

Now that you understand the necessity of finding better solutions, what are the healthiest coffee creamer out there? What are their ingredients and what kind of pros and cons do they come with?

Top 5 Healthiest Coffee Creamers

Laird Superfood Creamer

Just like other creamers from Laird Superfood, this coffee creamer is based from natural whole food ingredients of the highest quality. Ingredients are sourced in a responsible manner and final results are tested to ensure healthy alternatives to classic coffee creamers.

The bag is based on coconut. You get a couple of pounds. There are no gluten, dairy, soy, cholesterol and GMO in its composition. It is also suitable for those on paleo or keto diets. In terms of sweetness, the creamer is enriched with coconut tree blossom nectar – it is not super sweet though.

When it comes to ingredients, you will get some coconut milk powder, aquamin, extra virgin coconut oil and dried coconut nectar – nothing else. All the ingredients are natural and healthy. A couple of teaspoons are more than enough to give you beverage a velvety feel.

It is worth noting that since there are no chemicals, it may clump. To prevent such issues, massage the bag before using it – it will break those clumps down. You can also grab a teaspoon of creamer, then break clumps down with a knife before putting it inside the coffee.


·         Great value for money

·         Based on natural ingredients only

·         Comes with a natural sweetener

·         No gluten, dairy or soy

·         Provides more energy than other creamers


·         May need more than a couple of teaspoons sometimes

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Primal Kitchen Peanut Butter Collagen Fuel Drink Mix

While not initially made to be a creamer, Primal Kitchen’s drink mix is one of the healthiest coffee creamers out there. It is practically a fuel drink mix, but it also works wonders as a creamer and smoothie booster. It can go in your tea or your coffee, as well as any other hot beverage.

If you want more than just a creamy brew, this mix will also provide collagen support. There are 10g of type 1 and 3 collagen peptides from bovines. Furthermore, you also have a mix of peanut butter. The final result will work wonders on your nails, hair and skin, so it could be used as a beauty treatment too.

Most people would ignore the health benefits if the taste was bad. While healthy things usually taste dull, this creamer goes in a different direction. It has a flavorful taste based on peanut butter and can bring in a cozy experience in both hot and cold drinks.

As for the actual ingredients, there is no dairy, soy, whey or sugar in its composition. It is not a low calorie product, but it is a healthy one. To use it properly, you can simply stir it into your favorite drink. It makes a good choice for smoothies as well.


·         Natural ingredients

·         Collagen booster

·         No sugar, dairy or soy

·         Easy to mix in

·         Good for smoothies too


·         Not suitable for vegans

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Laird Superfood Instafuel Sampler Pack

Ready to change your lifestyle and get rid of classic creamer? Not sure what to try instead? This pack from Laird Superfood is one of the healthiest coffee creamers out there. Instead of getting a massive bag of stuff that you may not like, you get three smaller bags with different flavors.

Each bag has eight ounces. Even if you are not 100% in love with one of them, you will finish it fairly fast. All in all, you have the original taste, the unsweetened one and the matcha flavor. The product works as a creamer too, but it is mostly designed to be an instant fuel mix drink.

Mixing the creamer in is fairly simple. It works with hot drinks, but you can also mix it into cold smoothies if you use a blender. You need four tablespoons for 12 ounces of liquid. If it clumps (the side effect of not having any preservatives), simply massage the bag a little.

When it comes to ingredients, the powder is 100% natural. There are no dairy, soy, GMO or chemicals in its composition. It is also suitable for vegans. It is mostly used for coffee and tea, but you can mix it into anything.


·         No harsh ingredients

·         Good for energy

·         Easy to mix in

·         Good value for money

·         Three different flavors


·         No specific or intense flavors

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Coffee Booster Keto Coffee Creamer

Coffee Booster has designed one of the healthiest coffee creamer out there if you want diversity. The creamer does not need to be refrigerated. It comes in multiple sizes, as well as lots of different flavors. Cinnamon is a top seller, but you can also get vanilla or peppermint and cocoa, among others.

Each creamer is handmade. Ingredients are simple and straightforward – no chemicals, ingredients that you cannot even read or preservatives. Simply put, you have ghee, coconut oil, nutmeg and cardamom. There are no soy of GMO included.

So, you have a healthier coffee creamer, but what does it taste like? There are no odd flavors, but just a natural warm aroma – slightly spicy due to the cinnamon. The taste is pretty rich, so you can tell the difference right away – plus, you get the velvety beverage.

The creamer is based on ingredients that will boost your energy and push your mental stamina. It will also keep you full, so it can prevent further sugary snacks – if you are on a diet. It is suitable for paleo and keto diets as well.


·         Intense and rich flavor

·         Good at creating a creamy beverage

·         Prevents later cravings

·         Multiple sizes and flavors

·         Diet friendly


·         Might be a bit difficult to stir in with a spoon

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Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel Protein Mix

Primal Kitchen has designed a bunch of healthy coffee creamers and this one is among the top rated ones. This one comes in a 13.9 ounce recipient – more than enough for 24 servings. It is designed as a fuel protein mix, but its thickness makes it excellent for hot drinks too.

Formulated with bovine collagen peptides, the mix is great to support your nails, hair and skin. That is the only animal ingredient in its composition, meaning it is not suitable for vegans. Other than that, it is great for paleo and keto diets.

When it comes to other ingredients, you have coconut milk powder, monk fruit extract, sea salt, konjac root and cocoa powder. Ingredients are natural – no preservatives, chemicals, whey, dairy, soy or sugar. It has a coconut flavor, but it is not too intense, so it is less likely to affect your beverage.

Mixing this powder is fairly simple. Stir it in or shake it in a smoothie or shake. It will give your beverage a velvety feel, but it will also taste great. If it crumbles before putting it in, simply massage the bag. It is a side effect of not having any preservatives.


·         Great for your skin, hair and nails

·         Natural ingredients

·         Good value for money

·         Excellent in more beverages

·         Good protein content


·         Contains animal related products – not suitable for vegans

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Buying Guide For The Healthiest Coffee Creamers

Knowing what to look for in the healthiest coffee creamers can help you make a good decision.

List of nutrients

Back in the day, a spoon was more than enough for a coffee. But at the same time, a coffee was only about six ounces. These days, you can get a brew in 12 ounces, while travel mugs are even larger. In other words, you may need two or three spoons of creamer.

Stick to a creamer with 20 calories per spoon only, little to no saturated fat and not more than two grams of sugar. Even better, you should find one with zero added sugars if you truly care about your diet.


It is hard to classify a flavored creamer as a healthy coffee creamer because these flavors take up to 30% of the composition and they are mostly sugar. A simple teaspoon may easily have five grams of it – up to 40 calories per tablespoon. Some of them can go up to 50 calories or even more.

This is not everything though. Even if the calorie content is low, some manufacturers rely on acesulfame potassium or perhaps sucralose – which should also be avoided.

Fat free myth

Turning a so called healthier coffee creamer around to check the label, you may find no fat and less than 10 calories per spoon. It sounds good, right? But have you checked the other ingredients too? You may see hydrogenated oil, which is just as harmful. Plus, numbers are given for a single teaspoon serving.

Then, you should know that labeling rules allow many brands to list lies. If the amount of something is less than half a gram they can list 0 grams. While you may see less than a gram of fat, it is saturated.

Frequently Asked Questions

While finding a healthier coffee creamer is not that hard, a bit of research is highly recommended. Besides, you may still have a few questions here and there.

Can I make my own coffee creamer?

Sure. There are lots of recipes online. Some of them may work for you, while others will be a waste of time – and coffee. It is all about trial and error, as well as finding whatever works for you. These are supposedly the most healthy coffee creamers, but it depends on what you put in there, of course. Instead of playing the chemist, you might as well just opt for a reliable brand with well rated products.

What can I add the coffee creamer into?

Apart from coffee, you can add a bit of coffee creamer into a plethora of other things. For example, you can add some creamer into hot chocolate, mix into hot cereals, splash over a waffle, add to mashed potatoes, pour over fresh fruit, use in tea and so on. As long as you want your food to be a bit thicker, a healthy coffee creamer will work wonders.

Can I cook with coffee creamer?

Absolutely. You can use coffee creamer in cakes or pies, not to mention pancakes or French toast. Whenever a recipe involves milk, you might as well use coffee creamer instead. Keep in mind that a recipe is likely to require more than just one tablespoon of coffee creamer, so opt for a healthy alternative.


Well, the thing is when browsing for the world’s healthiest coffee creamers out there from the internet, will certainly give you some handy options. There are plenty of harmless and healthy alternatives to the classic creamer, but finding the right ones takes a bit of effort. While going through ingredients and numbers may seem daunting, there is no other way to prevent throwing an unhealthy calorie bomb into your beverage. Any of the above mentioned products will get the job done the right way though.