Top 5 Best LETSCOM Smart Watches & What To Expect From Them

Innovation is the main key to technology these days – new solutions pop up on a yearly basis and keeping up with everything may seem difficult. People struggle to pay for last year’s editions at monthly rates, so they are not even checking new releases. Innovation costs, indeed, but it does not mean that it should be inaccessible to the world – after all, it is not meant to become a money making tool for the rich only.

This is when LETSCOM smart watches kick in. Developed to provide excellent value for money, these watches bring in the latest technologies in the fitness industry, as well as a stylish appearance to match any occasion. While not among the giants in this industry, LETSCOM has gained some notoriety over the past few years due to its excellent value for money. Now, what else should you know about the brand and what are its top rated products?

A Few Words About LETSCOM

LETSCOM has gained popularity due to its value for money. The company has set a primary goal to make technology available to everyone. Smart wearables and innovations are given at a price point that most masses cannot access. The company’s mission is to clear out these barriers and develop similar – or even better – technologies at more affordable prices, without making the actual profit its most important priority.

Experts at LETSCOM strongly agree that making technology available to everyone will ease people’s lives, while also raising the bar and causing some competition between brands. As a direct consequence, innovation occurs at a much quicker rate, while new technologies will aim to stay affordable and solve problems in a crystal clear manner. The whole society will benefit when technologies become available to the masses.

Whether it comes to a LETSCOM smart watch, a different fitness device or a smart wearable, LETSCOM customers have the opportunity to access a currently inaccessible market. The brand is behind numerous products, with smart watches being its most popular range. Customers can also choose between a wide variety of smart wearables, while smartphone accessories are extremely diversified and suitable for most devices out there. Now, what are the best rated LETSCOM smart watches out there and why?

Top 5 LETSCOM Smart Watches


The ID152 model comes in a few different colors, with light purple and pink being the best selling ones. There are no differences in the actual technologies though – just the color of the band. The smart watch weighs just under 0.85 ounces and can be paired with VeryFitPro – an application working on both iOS and Android mobile devices – for smart compatibility.

The smart watch is ideal for fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a modern 0.96 inch LCD display. It is colorful and has great impact resistance. It blocks UV light and can be read in all weather conditions. Both the dial and the patterned band are extremely lightweight. In terms of adjustability, there are five settings for the brightness and four display modes.

When it comes to its fitness features, the watch comes with 14 sports modes, as well as the option to track daily activities. It has its own accelerometer sensor and can track the distance, calories and so on. Since it is IP68 water-resistant, you can wear it in heavy rain and it can easily take a few splashes without showing any issues.

Finally, the smart watch will monitor your heart rate and sleeping patterns. You can analyze your sleeping patterns and adjust your lifestyle for better results. When connected to the phone, it alerts the user over calls and reminders with vibrations.


·         Great value for money

·         Beautiful and sleek design

·         Comfortable and natural to wear

·         Super lightweight design

·         Multiple health and fitness features


·         Setting the time and a few other settings might be a bit confusing

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This is one of LETSCOM’s best smart watches if you are after something more masculine – or at least a relatively large display. Measuring 1.3 inches, the display is large enough to see everything you need at a glance. Also, regarding the bands, the watch comes in a few different colors, including black, emerald and green.

The TFT LCD display features touchscreen controls and the user can choose between four different displays. Choose whatever suits you – it is not just a matter of style, but also about observing everything in one go. Message notifications can go on the screen, as well as various tracking results – steps, calories, day, time, date and so on.

The smart watch is a great addition to one’s fitness gear because it tracks the heart rate in real-time. You will know when to slow down, but you will also be encouraged to push harder. The sleep quality is also monitored, so you can have a better understanding of your health standards – ideal if you are after getting back in shape. Calories, steps, distances and statistics will also give you better control over your activities.

Other smart functions include incoming call notifications, the option to hang up, alarms, timers and so on. The unit comes with a 210mAh battery. In other words, it will recharge in less than three hours and it has a standby time of over six weeks. Realistically, it will work for about 10 days when used on a daily basis.


·         Compatible with most modern Android and iOS devices

·         Numerous fitness functions

·         Smart features provide great functionality

·         More display styles to choose from

·         Excellent battery life


·         No storage for music or other files on the internal memory

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The ID216 is one of the best LETSCOM smart watches for those who want a modern looking design, as well as a classic and traditional timepiece. It has a round dial, an analog appearance and a digital display – not to mention the four different styles for the dial, changeable with a few settings only. The black and green watch designs are the most popular ones.

The dial features a durable and resistant touchscreen. It measures 1.3 inches and features a high resolution color screen. It is visible in all lighting conditions – both in the dark and direct sunlight. Whether you sweat a lot or run on a rainy day, the 5ATM waterproof profile ensures your watch will maintain its functionality, regardless of the weather.

Going to settings that really matter, the display will monitor your heart rate on a 24/7 basis, but you will also get detailed analyses of your sleeping patterns and quality. Weather forecasting is also displayed on the screen based on your location. You have smart notifications, alarms, timers, stopwatch functions and sedentary reminders, among others.

If you need this watch for sports, there are 12 different modes you can use it in. Know how well you perform by tracking your calories, distance and steps. The battery has 260mAh – a bit bigger than the average in this price range. You can charge the unit in two hours, then use it for about 10 days – up to a whole month in standby.


·         Lots of tracking features

·         12 different sports modes

·         Solid waterproof profile

·         Good battery life

·         Weather forecast functionality


·         Heavier than other smart watches in this range

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LETSCOM’s ID205G smart watch will not let you down. It has a full color 1.3 inch screen with touch capabilities and a super interactive experience. The dial is super durable and the band is based on TPU – comfy and less likely to cause any allergies or irritations. It will suit wrists between 5.5 and 8.7 inches. The dial can be customized with more styles, as well as a background through the VeryFitPro application – more settings available though.

Message and call notifications will let you see who is contacting you at a glance. The smart watch will work with most Android and iOS devices – not suitable for very old smartphones though. Notifications from social media networks and calendar updates will also pop up. You can even hang up calls over your smartphone if you want to reject them.

The battery is standard for this range – 210mAH, about 10 days of continuous use and over a month in standby. It can be charged in less than three hours. As for its durability, the smart watch has IP68 waterproof capabilities, so you can use it in rain as well. Furthermore, it will track numerous fitness activities – including your swimming data.

Other tracking functions include calories, distance, sleep quality, heart rate and steps. You have 14 different sports modes to choose from for more accurate results. There is a built-in GPS too, which will tell you the route in real-time without having to touch your smartphone. Weather forecasting, music control and other similar extras are also available.


·         Built in GPS for your workout routes

·         Numerous tracking functions in terms of health and fitness

·         Waterproof profile and durable design

·         Lots of settings can be controlled through an application

·         Compatible with most smartphones


·         Notifications disappear pretty quickly if you do not look straight away

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The ID115Plus HR is one of the top rated LETSCOM smart watches, mostly because of its impressive value for money. You simply cannot go wrong with it – it tracks everything, it notifies you about anything and it supports the VeryFitPro application on your smartphone for guidance, exercises and workouts. It is small and compact – mostly suitable for ladies, but also available in a bunch of different colors.

The so called health manager will track everything you need. Your heart will always be monitored if the watch is on. You will track your activities, keep track of your workouts and even monitor your sleep – it will give you a better understanding of how your sleep affects your lifestyle and what you can do to improve it. There are 14 sports programs – such as spinning or running, so you can get more accurate results.

The battery will keep you going for seven days – even more, if you are not always on the watch. You can charge it through a classic USB and it takes an hour or two to fully charge. As for smart notifications, your watch will tell you who calls or texts you. You also have alarms, not to mention the sedentary alert that will remind you to move a little after too much time in the same position.

The display is long and thin and gives you access to the time and date at a glance. It is glossy and quite durable, but it is also enhanced by the nicely patterned band. The watch comes with IP67 waterproof capabilities, so it makes no difference how much you sweat or if you jog or run in heavy rain.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Detailed health manager
  • Glossy appearance
  • Waterproof design
  • Sedentary alerts for a healthy lifestyle


  • Other watches in this range have a longer battery life
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about LETSCOM’s best smart watches?

How can I extend the battery life of my LETSCOM smart watch?

Turn the brightness down if you can see anyway – it will give you lots of extra battery. Stick to the watch for what you need only – you do not need to count steps when you drive or calories when you work in an office, so turn some of the settings off.

How can I pair the VeryFitPro app to my LETSCOM watch?

Scan the QR code from the user manual and the app will download. Install it, register and pair it to your watch – it is a straightforward and intuitive process that should take a minute or two.

Does the sports mode really matter?

Absolutely. Set the mode to running and the measurement for your yoga activity will be extremely inaccurate. It is all about accuracy and specific results to track your workouts.


Bottom line, LETSCOM does not have a very comprehensive range of watches. While there are less than a dozen LETSCOM smart watches and fitness trackers, both categories tend to share similar capabilities and will track pretty much everything you do. Not only are they suitable for fitness enthusiasts, but they will also help random people make more informed decisions regarding their health and fitness – think about the smart connectivity features as well.