Top 5 Best Inground Basketball Hoops, Any Good Options Out There?

Ever since basketball became a sport in the 19th century, it has become one of the most exciting sports in the world. These days, you can find hoops and courts everywhere – residential yards, playgrounds, schools and so on.

Basketball is an excellent way to kill a bit of time and have some fun with friends, but it also has both psychological and physical benefits to children. It keeps them in a good physical condition and it helps them understand the concept of teamwork, among many others.

Browsing the best inground basketball hoops will give you the opportunity to set your own court at home. It can be in the backyard or perhaps by the driveway. As long as you have a hard surface to play, the inground hoop becomes a perfect option.

When it comes to choosing the right hoop, you have a wide variety of options. There are plenty of solutions – taller, shorter, wider, with or without extras and so on. Making this investment is not always a straightforward operation.

There is nothing to worry about though. This guide will take you through everything you need to know. You will understand the benefits of an inground hoop, as well as what to look for when making a decision. Plus, you will get to discover the best rated options on the market while you still stick to your budget.

Benefits Of Inground Basketball Hoops

Considering what are the best inground basketball hoops out there is not the only thing to pay attention to. You also need to understand how you will actually benefit from an inground hoop – it will help when not sure what features to look for.


Stability is essential when installing an inground basketball hoop. In fact, this rule applies to any other type of hoops as well. You do not want to throw with too much energy and have the hoop rock back and forth.

On the same note, imagine your kid trying a slam dunk – the last thing you want is your kid grabbing onto the hoop and falling back – with the whole system all over them. Considering the risks makes it pretty obvious – stability is critical.

Stability is a major issue with portable hoops. On the other hand, an inground one will stay fixed in the ground, meaning it will stay stable after a dunk or a more aggressive shot. You do not want it to move around or risk anything. It will not just put you at risk, but it will also detract from the actual experience.

Having an optimal level of stability – the hoop may still shake at times, but at least it will not fall over – is the main reason wherefore more and more people turn from portable and unstable hoops to the inground alternative.

Value for money

Portability is seen as a major advantage. After all, if you move, you can take the hoop with you. If you do not have enough space, you can throw the hoop out when there are no cars on the driveway, then put it back in. You can even take it to another house for a game with your friends.

However, portability is not really necessary and it adds a lot to the price. From this point of view, inground basketball hoops provide better value for the money. They are way cheaper than their portable alternatives, meaning you get more for your money.

Even if you get a more sophisticated inground hoop with a quality backboard and a professional breakaway rim, chances are you will pay less than for a portable unit with lower quality parts. Simply put, value for money is flawless.

Value to your home

An inground basketball hoop will bring excellent value to your house. No matter how cheap or expensive the inground basketball hoops are, your house will gain way more overall value because of it – you may spend hundreds of dollars, but getting the hoop will add thousands to the value of the home.

An inground unit is about quality. The base is well built around it and durability will not disappoint. Portable hoops do not look too good – in fact, they look kitschy and a potential buyer may ask you to take it away. Furthermore, it feels just like any other object in your house, so potential buyers are less likely to factor it.

On the other hand, inground hoops add value because they are stable and permanent. They last, so they feel like they are part of the house layout. They will be taken into consideration and pretty much everyone will appreciate them – who could say no to throwing balls on a sunny day?


This rule applies to pretty much everything out there and basketball hoops make no exception either – the fixed thing is better than the portable alternative. When you get an inground basketball hoop, well rated products come with excellent quality standards.

Such things go into the ground. Imagine if you actually build a base around them to keep them stable. If they break down, getting them out would be a disastrous nightmare. From this point of view, reputable manufacturers come with exquisite quality standards.

A professional hoop that goes in will last for ages – even forever. If durability is your primary goal, you need to get the inground alternative – no doubts about it.


To some people, a portable hoop is about versatility, but this is not always a good rule. Most of these hoops are poorly made and they feature little to no adjustability at all. Unless you buy this hoop for yourself only, you need to think about the future too.

You may not have kids today, but how about ten years from now? Your kids may not be into basketball, but how about some physical activity? Your children may have already left, but how about grandchildren popping up every now and then?

You get the point. You want your hoop to grow alongside the kids. As your kids grow, you need to increase the height. Even if kids are not involved whatsoever, the same rule applies to you. You will get better with time, so you need to challenge yourself – raise the height.

The bottom line, inground basketball hoops come with a plethora of benefits, especially over their portable alternatives. A fixed hoop brings in the closest basketball experience. Now, what are the best inground basketball hoops based on buyers’ reviews and recommendations? What are their pluses? How about their minuses?

Top 5 Inground Basketball Hoops

Silverback NXT

Silverback is one of the leading names on the market. Its NXT model comes in a few different sizes, with the 54×33 backboard being the best-selling one. The backboard folds backward for extra rigidity and durability.

In terms of looks, the hoop looks like the classic ones you usually see in major arenas or on TV. You have an arena style appearance and a simple installation. The hoop is secured by concrete inside the actual pole for stability.

You can complete the full installation within 90 minutes only. The hoop must be assembled, but some parts are already done. Plus, the manual of instructions is quite detailed and straightforward – no experience required.

Other than that, the powder coated steel pole adjusts from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in height. Adjusting the hoop is fairly simple – again, you do not need any experience or hard work. Adjust it as you gain experience or your kid grows taller.


·         Highly adjustable

·         Pre-assembled parts

·         Concrete on the inside of the pole

·         Foldable backboard

·         Arena design


·         May wobble a little

Silverback NXT 54″ In-Ground Basketball Hoop with Adjustable-Height Backboard and QuickPlay Design

Spalding Basketball System

Spalding has designed some of the best quality inground basketball hoops and this system will not disappoint you. It looks professional and it feels sturdy, so you can tell immediately that it will take powerful dunks and aggressive shots.

The system comes in two sizes based on the size of the backboard. The most common option measures 54×32 inches. The board has a durable and rust proof steel frame, as well as an aluminum trim. It features tempered glass.

The hoop is made for outdoor residential play, but it brings in professional standards. The Pro Image breakaway rim is an appealing extra, while the U-turn lift adds to its convenience. The handle is also detachable for more convenience.

Installing the hoop is fairly simple. You get a detailed manual of instructions with all the steps you have to go through. Some parts are already done anyway. You do not need any experience, but just a bit of DIY common sense.


·         Good looking board

·         Durable materials

·         Easy to install

·         Detachable handle

·         Good value for money


·         Adjustment mechanism feels a bit difficult to use

Spalding NBA Aluminum Trim Glass Backboard In-Ground Basketball System

Lifetime 90020

Lifetime’s 90020 is one of the best inground basketball hoops if you are after durability and value for money. If properly looked after, this hoop may last for a lifetime – you can tell it is sturdy and can take a good beating as you put it together.

The unit comes with a solid 48×30 shatterproof fusion backboard. It is two inches in thickness and also features a frame pad. Graphics are attractive and will easily face the test of time – even if hit by the sun on a daily basis.

The pole is powder coated and will resist rust. The net is based on nylon – great for both indoors and outdoors. Other than that, you have a solid 18 inch rim made of solid steel. The same steel is used for the braces.

The pole is made of steel and the hoop comes with an adjustment mechanism too. You can make adjustments with one hand only – no experience required. You can adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in six different increments.


·         Easy to adjust

·         Solid materials

·         Rust resistance

·         Shatterproof backboard

·         Good looking


·         Installation might be a bit tricky

Lifetime 90020 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System, 48 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Lifetime 71281

Lifetime has a self-explanatory name and its 71281 hoop will exceed your expectations. Look after it, maintain it right and it will manage to retain its good looks over ages – not to mention its stability and quality materials.

The unit comes with a 52 inch backboard. It is shatterproof, so it makes no difference how aggressive you are when you dunk. It is based on polycarbonate for durability and strength, but it also comes with a steel frame.

Most of the steel in the hoop composition features powder coating – UV protection to retain its appearance in the long run. Weather resistance is part of the game too. Moreover, the pole is 3.5 inches in diameter and consists of three different pieces.

The pole comes with friction weld joints to prevent unwanted movements. Other than that, height adjustment is relatively easy – just pull a lever. You can adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, so there is plenty of adjustability for both short and tall people.


·         Lots of adjustability

·         No unnecessary movements

·         Easy to adjust

·         Durable materials

·         Shatterproof backboard


·         Does not come with an inground sleeve

Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power Lift Basketball System, 52 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Goalrilla GS54

The limited lifetime warranty associated with this hoop tells you how much the manufacturer trusts its products. Goalrilla is one of the most reputable names in this industry and the GS54 is among the best inground basketball hoops if you want durability and quality.

The unit must be assembled. It may seem challenging, but you should do it pretty fast if you are the DIY type. The package includes a detailed manual of instructions with illustrations as well, so the operation is pretty straightforward.

The backboard measures 54 inches. It is based on tempered glass for strength and durability. The steel pole is powder coated and rust resistant, while the overall design has an arena style look. Every part consists of quality materials to ensure great durability.

When it comes to adjustments, you have a crank actuator that will make them fairly simple. Adjustability is classic – you can go between 7.5 feet and 10 feet, which is standard for most inground basketball hoops. It is more than enough to challenge yourself.


·         Arena style appearance

·         Impressive durability

·         Quality materials

·         Tempered glass backboard

·         Wide backboard


·         Must be put together

Goalrilla GS54 In Ground Basketball Hoop with Adjustable Height Backboard and Pro-Style, Breakaway Rim

Buying Guide For The Best Inground Basketball Hoops

Just by browsing through all the highly reviewed inground basketball hoops is not everything if you have no clue what to look for. Apart from the obvious stability and materials, there are a few other aspects to keep in mind regarding the overall build.

Rim types

The rim is responsible for more things, such as the rebound rate or the actual stability. There are a few different categories in this group.

Standard rims are classic and do not have a compression spring technology, meaning they could bend or break if dunked on. They are affordable and make a good choice if you do not plan to dunk too much.

Exposed rims are a bit more professional. The exposed breakaway option has a spring-loaded mechanism that can take light dunking.

Finally, enclosed rims are fully professional. They can take heavy dunking and the spring mechanism is seriously fortified.


The backboard is not to be overlooked either. There are two things to pay attention to – the actual construction and the size.

When it comes to size, it depends on how good you are. Small boards are suitable for really good players, while large boards can help kids improve their skills. The smallest size you can usually find is 44 inches. A professional backboard measures 72 inches. You can find lots of middle options too.

A middle range backboard is suitable for those who want a proper experience without sacrificing space. It is compact, but it can also help those who are still new to basketball. A few inches will not make too much of a difference though.

Support pole style

The support pole is often overlooked. However, it plays a critical role in the process. It is responsible for the functionality of your hoop, as well as safety. Moreover, high-end designs will also add to the overall performance of the house.

One piece pole designs are stable and solid. It is sturdy and the design will prevent excessive shaking. The structure is usually super strong, so such options are more common in high-end basketball hoops.

Two piece poles are quite good too and they feature lots of stability – not all poles are the same though. Make sure the pole you get is stable and well put together. This option is super safe, especially if you have an adjustable hoop.

Three piece poles are super common, but they go in more directions. A three piece pole from a reputable manufacturer will feel solid and stable, but it will also allow more adjustability. Buy a cheap three piece pole from some unknown brand and you risk breaking it if you dunk.

Height adjustment

It might seem difficult to find a basketball hoop that everyone can enjoy – you and your friends, as well as your kids. Catering a 10 years old kid and a 17 years old teenager might be tricky, but it can be done. Adjustability is mandatory then.

Even if you live by yourself, you still want a bit of adjustability in order to challenge yourself every now and then. Luckily, most models are adjustable and can go between 7.5 feet and 10 feet.

There are more mechanisms that allow adjustments. The telescoping mechanism usually works in six inch increments. It is also affordable. The second mechanism is more expensive and may work through a hydraulic part, a pneumatic part or a jack screw. You have a bit more flexibility then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about one thing or another? Just by looking through all the top rated inground basketball hoops may seem irrelevant if you still have questions. Here are the most common concerns in potential buyers.

How much does it cost to install an inground basketball hoop?

Costs vary widely and depend on numerous factors. For example, the court size is extremely important, as well as potential customizations. The site location is just as important, not to mention the access. Obviously, the hoop you choose will also affect the price. Generally speaking, a professional installation will cost anywhere between $500 and $1,500.

How deep should a hole be for a basketball hoop?

Once the area is clear, you will need to get a post hole digger and get to work. Generally speaking, the edge of this hole should not be further than six inches from the playing area. The depth should be around 24 inches. All in all, a hole with 24 inches in depth and 24 inches in width should be enough to ensure a stable installation.

How long should concrete cure for a basketball hoop?

A basketball hoop will experience lots of pressure and strain, so you need to ensure the concrete is well cured for maximum stability and durability. The concrete should cure for at least 72 hours before installing the rest of the system onto the base. You might need to allow more time if the climate is wet or humid.

Can I put a basketball hoop together myself?

Putting a basketball hoop together makes a good DIY project. The installation may seem tricky though, but it is also suitable for DIY enthusiasts. You will need more days for it, but it is totally worth it and it will save some money.


The bottom line is, by going through the best inground basketball hoops will give you some good hints about what to expect from the market. Obviously, you need to know what you want upfront – your skills, who the hoop is for and how much space you have. Then, you need to know what to look for in a hoop and how the small details can affect the final result. Only then you can start browsing the best rated products in commerce.

Any of the above mentioned products benefit from a top notch reputation and can easily match most people’s necessities.