Tiga Ping Pong Paddles – Choosing The Perfect Paddle For Your Game

To an amateur, there might be no difference between different brands and models of ping pong paddles. Beginners will not really have to bother about pips, their sizes, thickness levels, blades and so on – they just need a paddle to hit the ball. But if you are serious about the sport and you want to compete or become a professional, chances are you have to do your homework.

Tiga ping pong paddles are among the top rated products on the market – not only are they durable, but they also come with various designs and slight differences for particular playing styles. You can buy an individual paddle, as well as a full set. They are known to be durable and made with high quality standards. Now, what are the top rated paddles on the market and what features do they come with?

Before digging into smaller details, it is imperative to assess your personal needs. Ping pong paddles come in all kinds of quality standards. If you are just starting and you only play with your friends for fun, you do not necessarily need to invest in superior technologies to up your game too much. But if you want to get better and better and eventually compete too, you might want to start with a good paddle.

While most ping pong paddles look similar at a first glance, small details will make the difference. It could be the construction of the blade or perhaps the overall weight. Double check the rubbers as well – some styles are suitable for attacking players, while others are better for defenders. All in all, the more you know about certain paddles, the easier it is to make an informed decision.

Top Tiga Ping Pong Paddles

Tiga Triumph

Tiga Triumph is one of the ping pong paddles that gained popularity over years. It is a vintage model that can still compete against modern paddles with no issues at all. Featuring the classic dual design for each rubber – whether you are an attacker or a defender – and a comfortable handle, it will add to your experience. It is mostly suitable for beginners and intermediate users.

The paddle is well put together and comes with strong construction. It meets the international standards for sizing and thickness. It is recommended to both passive and aggressive players. The handle is wide and comfortable to hold, but it also ensures a good grip – pretty standard for Tiga ping pong paddles. It has a metallic green design, which makes it stand out.

In terms of performance, you will notice the rubber is designed for extra control. Your precision when hitting the ball will be easily improved, but on the same note, you will notice a significant improvement in the spin. When it comes to numbers and characteristics for performance, the paddle is above average, hence the recommendation for beginners and slightly experienced players.


·         Durable design

·         Good for beginners and intermediate players

·         Good value for money

·         Great grip

·         Improved control and spin


·         Slightly noisier than other paddles in this range

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More Reasons to Choose Tiga Ping Pong Paddle

Rated as one of the best ping pong paddles for intermediate users, this model is excellent for beginners who want to start big, as well as professionals who require a backup paddle for their training sessions or even competitions. Being useful for both training and competitions, the paddle features two different sides – black and red, based on your playing style.

The package includes everything you need to start playing. Apart from the paddle, you also have a set of six balls – all orange. Based on sizing and thickness, the paddle is USATT approved. However, it still pays off considering the requirements for any competitions you may consider – different organizations have different rules.

The rubber on each side is inverted. This type of design ensures you have more control when you hit the ball. On the same note, you get extra spin when attacking. All in all, the paddle weighs around 0.3 pounds. It feels lightweight and comfortable to hold, especially given the extra control. The glue is likely to last for ages too.

Some of it’s features

·         Durable design

·         Comes with six orange balls

·         Well put together

·         Extra control

·         Good spin

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Other Top Ping Pong Paddles

Stiga Performance Table Tennis Set T1365

This set brings in excellent value for money. It is not expensive and brings in a full package of four different paddles. If you play by yourself, you will have spared for a few good years. If you play with friends, you can come up with teams and enjoy a few good games in your garage. Apart from the actual paddles, the set features six 3-star balls – orange and white.

Training with these paddles is great if you want to become a pro or compete against others in official competitions. You can use the exact same paddles during your competitions. The standards, thickness and sizing meet the USA Table Tennis requirements, so you will not have to make any changes to your game. The same rule applies to the balls, so you can get a glimpse of what official balls feel like.

All paddles are identical. Each of them comes with a red side and a black side – as you may know already, each side has different characteristics based on your playing style. One of them is suitable for attackers, while the other one is better for defensive players. Other than that, you will notice the racket rubber is inverted, so the spin and ball control is superior.


·         Great value for money

·         Superior ball control

·         Increased spin capabilities

·         Six balls included

·         Everything meets the USATT standards


·         A bit noisier than other paddles when you hit the ball

More Information about STIGA Performance Table Tennis Set (4 Player Set), Red/Black, Model:T1365

Stiga Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

This paddle brings in the ultimate performance standards if you want to up your game. You have used random paddles for years and you are ready for official competitions now – you need a durable piece that can meet performance standards. This unit is designed to meet the requirements for professional games, so it will seriously add to your overall game.

The paddle comes with Stiga’s proprietary technology to improve control. The so-called ACS Technology is unique and boosts the performance ratings. If you are familiar with rating numbers, you should know that control is rated at 80, the spin is rated at 52 and the speed goes up to 65. It is way above average in this price range.

In terms of design, you have the classic different rubbers – black and red – with different capabilities. The inverter rubber is ITFF approved. As for the blade, it is based on a 5-ply design. The sponge measures 2mm in thickness and the handle is based on concave Italian composite. The whole design ensures your paddle is very lightweight and easy to maneuver – around 0.3 pounds.


·         Super lightweight profile

·         Proprietary ACT Technology for control

·         ITTF approved rubbers

·         Good spin and speed

·         Glue holds up well overtime


·         No case or cover for the paddle

More Information about STIGA Apex Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with ACS Technology for Increased Control

Stiga Pro Table Tennis Racket

Look no further if you want something that will take you through your training sessions, sweat with you, push your game and take you through a few tournaments as well. This is one of Stiga’s top rated ping pong paddles because it can be used anytime, anywhere. It is a performance level racket that meets the ITTF requirements for tournaments in terms of rubber.

At a first glance, there are no differences between this paddle and the others. However, as you get to look closer and explore its capabilities, you will realize there are a few things that make it suitable for performance. The blade features a 7seven-ply construction, as well as a classic 2mm sponge and S5 rubbers. Despite this build, it is still super lightweight at 0.45 pounds.

Then, there are the small invisible details that will make the difference as you start playing. The paddle comes with a top notch carbon technology that boosts both the speed and power – suitable for both attacking and defending players. In terms of performance, the spin is rated at 100. The control goes up to 80 and the speed will go up to 99.


·         Impressive performance ratings

·         Rubber is ITTF approved

·         Lightweight for its professional construction

·         Quality carbon technology for speed and power

·         Durable and well put together


·         No shock dispersion tube

More Information about STIGA Pro Carbon Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket with Carbon Technology for Tournament Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Tiga ping pong paddle often seems similar in appearance, but slight differences in their design will affect the gameplay. Some of them are suitable for attackers, while others are better for those with a defensive style. Whether you are not sure how to get a paddle or you feel confused, here are some of the frequently asked questions.

How should I hold a Tiga ping pong paddle?

The truth is some paddles come with specific requirements for the grip. However, many handles are similar and feature the same overall design. Tiga ping pong paddle is part of this category. Lots of people will stick to the shake handgrip, which is common. On the other hand, many players – especially around Asia – will stick to the pen hold grip. Tiga’s paddles will allow any type of grip, so deciding on the right one is a matter of personal preferences.

Whether you play with both grips, you chose one in particular, you look after straight or flared handles, Tiga has managed to find a general middle solution to match most people’s needs. While some paddles are recommended for professionals, most of them are great for beginners and intermediate users who are still defining their styles.

Are Tiga ping pong paddles suitable for attackers or defenders?

The blade in a ping pong paddle will determine the overall rating of the actual paddle. For instance, you can find light and relatively rigid Tiga ping pong paddles designed for attacking players. Then, some paddles are a bit heavier and they are slightly softer, meaning they make good defensive rackets.

Pay attention to the weight and design when not sure what you need. If you are the energetic type who likes to run and jump around, you will need a blade with five layers – more layers are also accepted, but most Tiga ping pong paddle feature five layers only. Lighter is better if you like action.

If you are more into defending and you want to slow a fast player down, opt for a heavier blade. It could be made of fewer layers. The primary goal is to absorb some of the energy associated with the ball – this way, you can slow your opponent to match your playing style.

What do I need to look for in a beginner paddle?

You cannot have everything in a racket. However, some Tiga ping pong paddles have relatively high ratings and can get pretty close to perfection. Normally, you will have to compromise between speed, spin and control. You can have one or the other, but you cannot have all three of them.

For example, if you are after control, you will get less speed. The spin may also be reduced. If you are completely new to ping pong, you might want to go for control. Go for spin and speed as you gain experience.


Bottom line, Tiga ping pong paddles can be quite diversified and while they look alike, slight aspects make the difference in the long run. What is more important is to determine your current level, as well as your expectations. Are you playing for fun with your friends or family? Are you interested in competing at a more professional level? Whatever your goals are, the right paddle could become your best companion.