The Rock Earbuds – The Hype About Under Armour Project Rock Earbuds

Whether you are after a new set of earbuds for your gym sessions or you simply support The Rock in everything he does, his new earbuds took the market over. They sold out in many stores the same day they came out, but stocks are getting back up these days. Now, you probably ask yourself – what is it that makes The Rock earbuds so popular?

Is it because of the built quality? The audio quality which it produced? Or just the fact that a famous cinema star goes behind them? The truth is these earbuds are likely to impress from more points of view. Whether you count the overall design, their features or the quality standards, there are a few things out there that will simply impress you. Here is everything you need to know before making a decision.

The Rock Earbuds

The first impression of The Rock Earbuds

You can get a first impression of one product or another within a few seconds only. You can even look at some earbuds and determine if you like them or not. Sure, quality and audio performance are more important than the overall appearance, but at the end of the day, you also want to look good and draw some positive attention.

If you care about looks, these are possibly the coolest earbuds on the market. They come in a simplistic design and feature a bull tattoo The Rock used to have on his shoulder. He got that tattoo when he was a kid. Although he has recently updated that tattoo, it is still representative for the gym freak actor and represents his evolution as a person.

The earbuds also come with their own case. It is sleek and simplistic – some may say it looks like a square lipstick. It slides open and it holds the earbuds inside, but it also charges them. You can also get a smaller case for storage, but this one looks better and it allows charging the set without requiring an actual plug.

Audio performance Project Rock Earbuds

The sound is JBL charged – you see JBL, you know you can leave yourself in good hands. Moreover, you get an exclusive tuning sound curve introduced by The Rock himself. The result? These Under Armour Rock earbuds bring in a loud and powerful sound. Everything is bold, while the bass will literally shake through your chest.

Then, you have the so-called bionic hearing. The technology is unique and developed by JBL. It is a mix of sound and microphone capabilities that allow athletes to still be aware of their surroundings, regardless of the volume. While the earbuds come with a pretty good noise isolation feature, you have the Talk Thru and Ambient Aware technologies to ensure you know what is going on around you.

Modern technologies

The Talk Thru technology is one of the first things to draw your attention as you browse the functions of these Under Armour Rock earbuds. It puts the volume down a little, but without stopping your music. Meanwhile, it also turns on a speech optimized microphone that features noise cancellation. You can have a chat between two sets without having to remove the earbuds.

The Ambient Aware technology is just as attractive and less likely to disappoint you. Basically, you can keep playing your favorite music, but it allows certain sounds to penetrate the audio. You can play music and still hear what is going on around you – be it traffic if you jog or perhaps a fire alarm if you are in the gym.


The connectivity is wireless. The modern Project Rock earbuds will connect through Bluetooth. There are no wires, cables, distractions and frustration. You can concentrate on your workout without having to move the wire out of the way or pick it with the weights and pull it out. You can even listen to your favorite music while leaving the music device in the locker – the range goes up to 33 feet.

The earbuds can provide up to five hours of continuous playtime. It is more than enough for a full workout, long walks or commuting times. Worried about the battery? The case will charge the earbuds automatically. It can provide another 20 hours of playtime, so you are covered. The sleek charging case is based on rugged aluminum. It looks good and it feels qualitative.

Build and design

The ear tips are winged. They are secure and well fit – they will go inside the ears. They are less likely to fall out, regardless of how energetic and intense your workouts are. Despite the secure fit, they feel comfortable and soft inside your ears. You can have them for hours without feeling any discomfort or pressure.

Worried about a bit of rain during your jogging session? Do you sweat a lot? There is nothing to be concerned about. The new The Rock earbuds come with a waterproof design – IPX7 rating. They can take a splash, some sweat or rain, but they should not go underwater or you risk damaging their internal mechanisms.


You do not necessarily have to take your device out to change the volume or the tune. The earbuds come with a few controls on them. Practically, you can control the music, adjust the volume and take calls by pressing the central buttons on the earbuds.

Obviously, there are more options on your device, but the basics can be handled with nothing but the earbud buttons.


The Project Rock earbuds charging case is included in the package, so you do not have to buy it separately. Apart from the case and the earbuds, you also have three different sets of ear tips. They come in different sizes to ensure the perfect fit. They are also made with antibacterial purposes.

The package features three winged ear tip enhancers as well. It is worth noting that the charging case has a micro USB port. The cable is included in the package. Plus, you get a bull sticker – the design available on the earbuds too.


In terms of durability, everything is well put together. You grab the case of these The Rock earbuds and it feels sturdy and powerful. The package also features a smaller carry case. Since the good looking one is likely to scratch, it might be a good idea to keep it at home if you are not careful. It may not be wise to take it to the gym with you, especially if your earbuds are fully charged.

As for the actual Under Armour Rock earbuds, the set is solid and waterproof. Durability should not be an issue whatsoever.

Final words

As a short final conclusion, it is easy to tell what makes these new The Rock earbuds so popular. Some people rushed to buy them because they love The Rock. Judging by his physique, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to gym related stuff.

Some others bought these earbuds for their quality standards. Whichever your reason is, you will get good value for money in the long run. The earbuds look great and bring in some futuristic technologies in terms of audio performance and features. They are likely to face the test of time and they ensure a deep and crystal clear audio.​