The Best Running Shoes for Underpronation

Going for a run on a regular basis is one of the best ways to be fit. But in the process, one has to make sure that there are no injuries on the way. This is because wearing the wrong shoe makes the runner prone to injury at all times. Among the possible injuries, one type of injury which is most common is underpronation. This is also known as suppination. Underpronation is basically the condition when the major part of the impact caused by running affects the outside part of the foot.

This is seen commonly among runners who have high arches. The arch might be flex and might absorb some forces which are too rigid in this case. Because of this, the foot will roll to one side which will he major brunt caused by running. Underpronation running shoes are available to help with this condition. These shoes are specifically designed to avoid such injuries. Best shoes for underpronation can be found to avoid this issue and to run safely.

Best running shoes for underpronation will help in providing the required support and the expected amount of cushioning in order to take up most of the impact. The shoes will take the shape of the runner’s foot and will help with the cushioning impact on any kind of surface. Some of the best shoes in this category are as discussed below.

Saucony Ride ISO

This particular version is one of the best compared to the previous versions in this brand. There is the new ISOFIT lacing system present in this model which helps in adapting to the shape of the foot. The end result will be like a custom-fit shoe. The upper will feel comfortable and soft due to this customization.  When looking into the midsole there are three layers of EVERUN foam cushioning present. This helps in giving more comfort and also energy return for each stride.

There are also additionally carved out sections at the heel and at the ball of the foot region. This change will help in giving arch support and also a unique feel. They fall under the lightweight running shoe category which will help in providing a lot of support when it comes to underpronation. Overall, they are one of the best all-rounder shoes for running.  Whether it is for races or for long runs, these shoes will suit them all.


The ISOFIT system makes the shoe more comfortable and customized. There are also three layers of cushion in order to protect the foot right from the heel to the toe. For long runs, the EVERUN foam provides good comfort. It is not a good choice when it comes to trail road running. For people with wider feet, the ISOFIT system might end up being a narrow fit. While there are differences compared to the previous models, it can be taken both in the plus side and as a negative.


The whole shoe is designed in a way so as to support under-pronated runners. In the earlier version which is the 19 had some sizing issues which are eliminated in this model. This version has the expected cushion which gives the plush for the runners. Along with this, there is a secure fit and the gel foam which makes the Nimbus 20 one of the best shoes for underpronation.

There is the FlyteFoam present in the midsole which minimizes the vibration which occurs during running. It also reduces weight, which makes the shoe faster and highly responsive. The FluidRide which is seen in the midsole region gives good bounce back for each stride. What makes this shoe unique is the gel part. The gel which is present in the heel and in the toe box helps in reducing the pounding all throughout the gait cycle. It also adds in giving a soft feel for the shoe.

This shoe will lock into the heel which will give a good secure fit in the mid-foot region. While some people might find it a little too tight, this shoe will be a perfect fit for those who look for a fitting shoe.


The best part of this shoe is that it is supportive and the cushion makes it a luxury to wear. The shock absorption by the Gel cushioning system is a major advantage. But the gel is still less when compared with the previous models. Also, it might be a bit on the heavier side.

Brooks Glycerin 16

This is one of the ideal shoes for runners who have underpronation. It falls under the softest and cushioned shoe category. The midsole region is very flexible and soft due to the DNA LOFT foam which is seen in the midsole region. It helps in giving the plush feel which is the famous factor in Glycerin. Still maintains the responsive feel and the durability factor. For better airflow, there is the 3D Fit Print mesh. It also keeps the shoe cool and dry even during long runs.

While running, the support will gradually shift from the heel part to the toe which helps in giving a good comfortable ride. The upper region also gives a stylish sleek feel. Since there is the absence of stitching the shoe also helps in keeping it light and avoids irritation. Compared to the earlier Glycerin shoes, the additions such as the changes with the 16, upper and DNA loft foam has got the attention. This even helped in decreasing the weight of the shoe. This shoe is a good choice for soft and plush rides and a good fit for underpronators.


One of the advantages with the shoe is the two-way stretch bootie which will fit right into the foot’s shape. The 3D Fit Print makes the shoe breathable. Good support is provided by the DNA LOFT midsole. Since it is a prominent brand the customer support is trustworthy. It might fall a bit on the pricey side and the size might be a bit small compared to the rest.

Brooks Ghost 11

This is one of the most popular shoes for running. It has good cushioning along with a great fit and the fact that the shoe is pretty responsive makes it a good choice for runners. The cushioning effect is by the EVA foam which is present along with the DNA loft foam. This foam is much lighter and also durable when compared with the standard foam. Good support and cushioning are provided for runners who underpronate.

Even when the shoe is used on a daily basis for long periods over hard surfaces, it proves to be highly durable. The outsole will provide good traction along with the durability factor. Since the shoe is stitch-free there is no irritation caused on the top side of the foot. To enhance the flexibility across the feet there is an engineered mesh provided with it.

If you are looking for a shoe which has good durability, this shoe will be the right choice. By choosing the worn shoe the underpronated runners will tend to wear out the outer side of the running shoe. This is because there is a lot of pressure put on the side of the feet. The durability factor is provided by the DNA loft foam and also the strong outsole.


There are good comfort and breathability provided by the flexible mesh. The construction is made in a way where it can be apt for long and short runs. It will also enhance the durability factor. Since the EVA foam and he DNA loft is present there is good cushioning for the foot. For serious trail running this shoe might not provide enough protection. Also, there are limited varieties in terms of colors.

HOKA One One Clifton 5

Coming from the latest line of the Clifton series is the Clifton 5. It is one of the best running shoes which provide good cushioning. It is also light in weight. While the comfort might match up to the previous versions the EVA foam which is upgraded in this version makes this series shoe a bit more flexible. To secure the midfoot region from extensive overlays and seams there is the #D print engineered upper layer.

This shoe is the perfect match for underpronation runners and for neutral runners. The max cushioning will help with the runners who roll outwards. To minimize the wear and tear over a period of time there is an update made to the outsole which changes the rubber placement. When compared with the earlier models the color, as well as the design, tends to be slightly different especially in the upper.

The pillow cushioning is still present in this version. Just like the previous model, it seems to be a bit firmer than the other models. This is made in order to increase the durability factor. It will support a great deal for all runners who wish to avoid the pain which is related to underpronation due to the support and cushioning given.  


Full foot support is given with the help of upgraded EVA foam. Many layers of super soft cushioning are given to provide enhanced comfort. There is also the 3D Print upper which supports the lightweight factor and gives a secure fit. While the extra cushioning might provide good comfort it does affect the speed. This shoe will be suitable for roads, but not for uneven trails.

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

This model is introduced after fixing all the issues related to the earlier models. The plush and the softness tends to remain the same. However, the Triumph ISO 5 addresses all the issues relating to sizing which makes it an even more comfortable shoe. Due to the given cushioning and support the shoe becomes a good match for those who underpronate. To enhance the energy return and to give cushioning there is the EVERUN foam lines seen in the midsole. 

There is the contoured footbed known as the FROMFIT which is placed to further improve to fit the shape of the foot. This feature makes shoe almost like a custom fit one. To keep up with the motion and the shape of the foot the ISOFIT lacing system comes into place. The shoe is always kept cool and dry, thanks to the engineered mesh. If you manage to get caught in a rainstorm it will get wet a little. To evenly distribute force there is a Triflex outsole which helps with the underpronated runners.

This shoe is a great fit for all kinds of runners. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced runner, this shoe proves to be durable. Though they might be a little heavy it is still a good choice for all-purpose running.  


Since it is designed particularly for underpronators, it is one of the best shoes in the category. There is also good support provided by the grid stability system. To return energy to the body for each step there is the EVERUN cushioning present. There is good comfort and fit given by the ISOFIT lacing system. The fact that it might be a little heavy is a drawback for some. The ISOFIT might not prove to be as secure as the traditional uppers.  

Few other shoes which suit underpronators are Adidas Ultraboost, Mizuno Wave Creation 19, Hoka One One Bondi 6 and Brooks Levitate 2. When you fall into the category of underpronators it is best to go with the shoes which have good cushioning in them. Since there is a possibility of a lot of shock based injuries and stress fractures which occur here, the shoes which have plenty of cushioning will avoid these issues.  Make sure the midsole cushion is focused with extra layers for shock absorption. Also look for the shoes which have to cushion in the heel. There should be cushioning along the outside of the shoe and to the outward roll of the foot. Shoes which are highly flexible will help in distributing the weight properly.