T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Review

Your hair adds a special glory and charm to your overall look. A good hair day is a rare occasion, but when it is, you cannot stop admiring yourself for hours together. But why should good hair day be an annual occasion?

The T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer is your perfect companion to keep your hair healthy and beautiful all day long. This dryer is simply a blessing for every woman who has to run off to errands immediately after washing their hair. This not only subjects them to catch a cold but also makes the hair frizzy and unset for the entire day.

Read on to know why your next haircare purchase should be the T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer.


A hairdryer might not seem like a commodity that offers a lot of features. But that not the case with the T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer. This hair dryer is packed with essential features required to maintain the beauty of your hair.

Fan function

An ordinary dryer has a low-grade drying fan that produces a rough airflow. Even though the airflow is quite strong, it has a whirlpool-like nature to it. This might help dry your hair strands quickly, but in the long run, you will suffer from a usual case of split ends, static hair, and annoying fizziness.

This is not the case with the T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer. This hair dryer comes with a specialized fan that generates an ion-enriched airflow. This airflow is pushed out of the dryer from a wide cone-shaped opening. The flow of the wind is just that right speed, which allows you to dry larger sections of your hair at a time. This enables a faster drying process as compared to other dryers.

The ion release feature of the hairdryer comes from tourmaline, also known as the electric stone. On heating, tourmaline releases negatively charged ions coupled with harmless infrared heat. The T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer also uses superior quality gemstones in its entire construction, which add to enhancing the beauty of your hair.

The ions released with the airflow carry a negative charge on them. This helps in reducing the static generated by the dry wind and seals the cuticle in place. As a result, your hair will retain its natural moisture content and essential oils required for a smooth and shiny look.

It reduces the episodes of frizzy hair and layoffs as well by maintaining the natural texture of the hair for the entire day.

T3 SoftAire function

This hair dryer is having a unique proprietary process of negative ion infusion. This has been coupled with the salon-grade construction of the hairdryer. As a result, with every blow, your hair receives dense volumes of ion-enriched air.

This not only ensures faster drying; it also ensures healthy drying. You do not have to worry about your scalp getting dry or your cuticles getting damaged because of high-intensity hot air. Rather, you will notice a considerable reduction in split ends and hair fall after switching to this magnificent dryer.

Technical features

The T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer not just have amazing ion rich airflow. It is loaded with other advanced technical features for a professional experience.

T3 Ion Generator

This hair dryer has a high-power ion generator installed inside. This particular model allows the dryer to generate a concentrated airflow that is rich in ions. This feature also provides for a high-grade performance output that lets your hair dry faster. It doesn’t matter what the texture of your hair is, this dryer will get the job done.

Speed settings

The T3 featherweight luxe 2i hair dryer comes with a two-speed dryer setting with three heat levels. This allows you to use the dryer in all weathers. For those who are uncomfortable with a lot of high heat directly hitting the scalp, you can keep the settings to a lower heat setting. The performance delivered will be exceptionally good in both modes.

Cool shot

The cool shot feature is yet another great addition to this hairdryer. You might get a beautiful hairstyle after a great session of blow-drying. But your hair loses its grace in a very short span of time. You are required to put hair spray to secure that look for the entire day. The use of hairspray can prove to be harmful to hair health. That is why not many people prefer to use this method.

With T3 featherweight luxe 2i hair dryer, you don’t have to trouble yourself with a hair spray. The cool shot technology bursts cool air on the scalp. This locks in style for a smooth and lustrous finish. You can walk around with confidence with glossy and shiny hair.


Many hair dryers fail after regular usage for five to six months. This is because the motor is not strong enough to bear the pressure, and it collapses after some time. This is not the case with the T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer.

The motor used is of a superior grade that has a long life. It is quite durable and will deliver the same power-packed performance for a long time. This hair dryer is an absolute investment for everyone.

Other essential features

Despite being designed for domestic use, this hair dryer comes with a barrel brush, which is a professional grade brush. This allows a perfect blowout of hair that acts on the fizziness. It also enhances the gloss and shine of the hair with every use.

The cord of this hairdryer is also a good nine feet. You don’t have to run around looking for extension cords or a perfect plug point. You can work around with this dryer at your convenience.

The handle design of this hairdryer is yet another arrow in the quiver. It has an ergonomic handle design that is a slant in style. It lets you get a comfortable grip that helps in alleviating the strain on the wrist. As a result, you can dry your hair effortlessly.

Apart from that, the overall structure and construct of the hairdryer are pretty lightweight. You won’t feel a lot of pressure while using it. The motor does not make a lot of noise when in function. You get a luxurious drying experience that won’t disturb the entire house.

The T3 featherweight luxe 2i hair dryer comes with a two-year warranty that provides comprehensive coverage of parts, support as well as repair.

What we liked

This hair dryer is everything that you need it to be. It is highly powerful with a durable motor. It can blow dense quality hot air that covers a larger portion of your hair at a time. It is much faster than any other mode available at this price range in the market.

One cannot stop talking about the advanced ion air technology. It eliminates the issue of the static hair problem by the release of negative ions. This hair dryer does not leave your hair looking dull and dry after use. It adds to the luxury and gloss of the same.

The concentrating nozzle design and the barrel brush technology provide you salon-style blowout with every use.

What we did not like

The company has done a great job in improving the performance of the hairdryer to exceptional degrees, but they lack some basic features.

The paint of the dryer body chips off quite easily after regular use. It loses its metallic finish and grace quite easily. The motor performance can also be made slightly better for the given price.

The nozzle also shows a problem with fitting. It drops down quite often while the dryer is in use. This can turn out to be pretty annoying when you are in a rush.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Salon style hair at home
  • Ion rich hot air
  • Cool shot for maintaining the hairstyle


  • Metallic color chips off easily
  • The nozzle is not stiff and secured
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Final thoughts

Hairdryers are always a blessing when you are in a rush and need to set your hair immediately. Investing in a superior quality hair dryer can never be just a waste of money.

With the T3 featherweight luxe 2i hairdryer, you will get all the required benefits of a good hairdryer in one place. Style your hair to salon-style perfection with this amazing hairdryer every day.

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