Swimming Suits With Long Sleeves – Top 5 Best Options Reviewed

In a world where swimming suits seem to go smaller and smaller, you would be surprised to find out that many ladies choose the opposite. Practically, swimming suits with long sleeves kick in and gain popularity due to a plethora of benefits they bring in. Most importantly, you no longer have to worry about clasps and straps at the back or sunscreen on your arms. You have one piece that you can easily look after – more comfortable, simpler and more convenient. What else can you ask for?

At the same time, such swimming suits also make a statement. Basically, no matter how diversified classic swimsuits seem to be, an alternative with long sleeves will be a fashion statement. It is just as attractive and it looks much more elegant. All in all, choosing the right model can be a bit challenging. You want quality and you know the market is not too diversified. So, what are the top rated options in commerce and why?

Top 5 Swimming Suits With Long Sleeves

American Trends Women’s Swimsuit Bathing Suit

Available in five sizes and 13 styles to complement your fashion appearance, this swimming suit is based on polyester and elastane (18%). It features a super soft feeling and can stretch with no issues at all – hence the double sizes. It is elastic and dries up in no time.

The swimming suit features a zipper closure – it starts somewhere around your belly button and goes all the way up to the neckline. It is based on one piece, so you will never have to worry about losing one part or another. It has a soft and thin chest pad – no rims whatsoever for more support.

The zipper is easy to open or close, but also solid – you have a bit of extra freedom regarding how you want to wear the suit. You can keep it halfway or all the way up. Other than that, the high density fabric comes with superior UV protection. You can chill in the sun without having to worry about burns later on.

Last, but not least, it is worth noting that the imprints are likely to maintain their rich colors, even if you clean the swimming suit in a washing machine.


·         Multiple wearing styles

·         Zipper closure for convenience

·         Easy to look after

·         UV protection

·         Elastic and comfortable


·         Limited coverage at the bottom

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CtriLady Women Wetsuit

Featuring six different sizes and available in one black design with some imprints on the sides, this swimming suit is stretchy and comfortable regardless of where you want to wear it. It is great for swimming, snorkeling and surfing, but it also brings in a fashionable statement.

The unit is based on two layers. The outer layer is made of polyester, while the inner one is based on neoprene. Some would describe it as a wet suit, yet it has the tight appearance of a proper swimming suit. Given the materials, bleaching and ironing are contraindicated.

The swimming suit comes with a zipper closure – easy to put on or remove. The zipper runs from the belly button to the top. The neoprene composition is ideal if you want to swim in cold waters too, as it will keep your body warm – it may take a while to get used to the low temperature though.

Finally, the long sleeve design ensures good sun protection – no more sunburn, clasps or sunscreen on your back.


·         Fashionable design

·         More sizes available

·         Neoprene design for low temperatures

·         Elastic and comfortable

·         Zipper closure for convenience


·         Should not be tumble dried or ironed

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Daci Women Swimsuit

Designed as a classic one piece swimsuit, this is one of the most attractive swimming suits with long sleeves if you are after style and fashion. It comes in 20 different styles, as well as more sizes to fit perfectly regardless of the shape of your body.

The zipper closure is convenient and allows a few different options – you can wear the zipper halfway up or all the way up if you want more stability. Worried about your chest? The swimsuit comes with a built-in bra to ensure support – no matter what size you are.

The swimming suit is based on professional fabrics that will not lose the color richness over time – make sure you do not iron or tumble dry it though. Other than that, the fabric has UPF 50 protection against the sun, so there is no need to use sunscreen under it.

Finally, it is quite elastic for a good fit. It feels soft on the body and allows your skin to breathe. Moreover, it dries up in no time.


·         Comfy zipper closure

·         Multiple beautiful designs

·         Retains its bright colors overtime

·         Soft and comfortable on the skin

·         UPF 50 sun protection


·         Not enough room for very large chests

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Azokoe Womens Summer Swimsuit

Despite being available in five designs only, there is a decent chance you will find something suitable for your style. The swimsuit is available in more sizes and comes in one piece only – no more misplaced or missing parts. Sizes are quite general, so you might want to double check the size chart first.

The swimming suit has a nylon and spandex design – 82% nylon. It is breathable and ensures a soft feeling on the skin. It is durable and well built, while colors will maintain their appearance – no tumble drying or ironing though or you will ruin it.

The zipper closure is a pretty handy and modern innovation in one piece swimming suits. You can wear the suit closed all the way up or you can keep it halfway up for a modern appearance. This feature allows some extra room for the chests.

Talking about chest support the bra is removable. There are no rims, but just thin and soft pads. You can take them out for easier cleaning though.


·         Good protection against sun

·         Flexible and stretchy

·         Zipper closure

·         Soft and comfortable

·         Removable bra pads


·         Might get hot if you spend too much time in direct sunlight

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Baleaf Women’s Wetsuit

This swimsuit is a bit more classic than others. While it has a couple of patterns to try out, most styles are plain and simplistic. Pick a color to compliment you and you will certainly make a good impression. It is excellent for scuba diving, swimming, surfing and any other activity that involves water.

The swimsuit is based on 80% nylon and 20% spandex, meaning it is soft and comfortable to wear. Also, it stretches – great if you are between sizes. The lining is based on 90% polyester and 10% spandex. It has chlorine resistance, yet you should avoid bleaching or ironing it.

The zipper in the front is topped by a garage to protect the neck against chaffing. You can keep it all the way up, but you can also lower it a bit if you want a different look – or you want a bit of air. The neckline is pretty high for a chic appearance, but it is also adjustable.

Finally, you should know that this swimsuit works wonders against harmful sunlight. It features a SPF 50 protection, so there is no need for sunscreen before putting it on – apart from the exposed areas.


·         Good protection against sun

·         Adjustable neckline

·         Durable zipper

·         Stretchy materials

·         Retains its colors and elasticity


·         While chlorine resistant, you should avoid bleaching it

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What To Look For While Choosing The Best Swimming Suits For Long Sleeves

Swimming suits for long sleeves might feel a bit challenging to purchase because unlike two piece suits, you have to ensure it fits everywhere. You cannot match and buy two separate parts, but other than this aspect, the process is straightforward.


The actual fit is one of the most important considerations in the process. If you can wear a swimming suit first, it would be great. But normally, you are not allowed to try on underwear and swimming suits. This is why more and more ladies choose to shop online instead.

You want the suit to be snug, but not very tight. As it gets exposed to water, it might expand a little because it becomes soggy. It is not a visible difference, but it is worth being taken in consideration. On the same note, make sure it is not too loose or it will wear down much faster than normal.


There are more types of materials used in this industry and each of them has its own characteristics. Polyester and nylon are some of the most common options. They are soft and durable. They resist fading and sagging, but they can also withstand chlorine. You should still avoid bleaching them though.

Lycra, on the other hand, is often treated to resist the chlorine in the swimming pool, but it will never outweigh polyester in terms of durability. It is a bit softer than polyester though, meaning it will bring in a better fit – great if you have unusual proportions.

Which option is more suitable then? It depends on what you are hoping to achieve. You will not wear this swimsuit on a daily basis unless you live on the seaside. In this case, durability could be your primary concern.

Design and closure

It is worth noting that not all swimming suits with long sleeves come as one piece suit though – most of them do, but not all. Therefore, it pays off considering the style as well. If you have unusual body proportions, you may want to consider two parts – a bit of extra research, but worth it.

If you opt for a single piece, keep an eye on the closure and its quality standards. The zipper is quite common and allows some versatility – you do not necessarily have to close it all the way up, which is great if your chests are larger than average.

A few extras will be just as handy. How would you like a built-in bra? How about some soft pads? Are they removable for a quick wash? Are there any rims to hurt you? All these things will add to your comfort, so check them carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best swimming suits with long sleeves?

How do I know the right size?

Usually, each size will cover at least two different sizes because most swimming suits stretch anyway. You should still find the size chart and double check it upfront – different manufacturers have different standards for size.

Should I wear anything under a swimming suit?

While a bit unusual, some ladies choose to wear bikinis and a bra under their swimming suits. If they cover a wide area, they might get hot sometimes. Every now and then, you may feel like removing them to let some air inside.

What material lasts the longest?

Lycra has seen some major improvements lately, but polyester and nylon still dominate the market when it comes to durability.


As a short final conclusion, swimming suits are extremely diversified. While most women want something to feel confident in, the truth is there are more aspects to take into consideration. Sure, you want a proper fit that will make you feel good about yourself. But at the same time, you do not want the colors to wash off after a few swimming sessions in the ocean.

Swimming suits with long sleeves represent a fashion statement these days. More and more people turn to this old fashioned trend. Whether it comes to protection against the sun or a bit of extra elegance, they are comfortable, easy to wear and convenient. After all, there is usually one piece – you will never lose the bikini or the bra.

Last, but not least, long sleeves represent a popular choice these days to avoid unaesthetic tan lines all over the body. They protect against direct sunlight, so you only require sunscreen on the visible parts – such as your legs.