Stamina X Water Rower Review – Is There A Better Option Out There?

Whether you do not feel like spending a fortune on subscription gyms, you want to exercise in the comfort of your own home or you like the idea of doing it whenever you want, investing in home equipment seems to be the way forward these days. It makes no difference if you want to work your core, arms or legs – or perhaps your overall fitness condition. There are plenty of options out there and the rowing machine seems to be one of the most balanced solutions on the market.

There are a few reasons behind the popularity of Stamina X Water Rower, but one of them stands out in the crowd. The machine is extremely compact and easy to fit anywhere. It is quite common in small gyms, but it is also suitable for home based gyms. It is part of a larger series consisting of more fitness equipment, but it represents the best-selling choice. Now, apart from the compact size, what other benefits does it come with?

More importantly, is this water rower suitable for your needs?

A Few Words About Stamina X

The brand was established in Springfield, Missouri, USA. Stamina Products has joined the fitness equipment industry about three decades ago. It has revolutionized the industry with a few interesting products that set new trends in this field, such as the AeroPilates reformers. At the same time, given its reputation, the manufacturer has designed individualized products for other brands and famous people, such as Suzanne Somers or Mia Finnegan, among others.

Stamina Products is not the traditional multimillion dollar company with mild beginnings. It was established as a joint business by five close friends. Perseverance, hard work and innovation brought the business where it is today. Unlike other similar companies, Stamina Products does not boost hundreds of employees and massive warehouses. Instead, there are less than 100 workers putting together quality parts in a single warehouse.

These days, you might be familiar with Stamina Products and its innovative releases. Whether you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you are just starting or you are already going to the gym, you might have seen these products in local fitness centers or over the Internet. They are extremely well rated and boost quality standards and durability. The water rower makes no exception – part of the Stamina X series, it is among the top selling rowing machines on the market.

Now, what else should you know about the water rowing machine in the Stamina X series?

Features of Stamina X Water Rower

Assembly and maintenance

The Stamina X Water Rower does not come assembled. Sure, most parts are pre-assembled, but it is your duty to put everything together. Luckily, the job is not that difficult and anyone can do it – no need for special tools or someone to help you. Simply unfold the main bar and the front base, then lock them into the right position. Add everything else – footrests, seat and console. Fill the water tank and get to work.

The whole job takes less than half an hour. While there are a few tools you will need to complete the task, the package comes with a basic toolkit, so you do not have to buy anything separately. A water filling kit is also included. The manual of instructions is crystal clear.

In terms of maintenance, you will need to add water purification tablets into the tank every now and then. You will have to buy them separately. Also, if you store the unit away for long periods of time, it pays off removing the water first.

How the water rowing machine works

You have a quiet and strong resistance – extremely smooth and convenient, regardless of your goals. You have a water tank too, as well as a seat rail. The resistance is based on the amount of water in the tank. Each tank comes with some paddles – as you pull the handle, those paddles move around the water. Moving the water creates resistance. Row faster and you will face a higher resistance and vice versa.

On a similar note, more water adds more force.

Design and construction

The water rower is built with durability in mind. In other words, the frame is based on steel tubes. The seat and rail are just as sturdy – altogether, the machine can take users of up to 300 pounds in weight. The unit is coated to resist chips and corrosion – a mix of black and red coating.

If you have used rowing machines in the gym before, you will notice a slightly different design. The tank goes under the rail and not in the front, hence the compact profile. The unit requires 63×20 inches of floor space. Since it is already compact, you do not have a quick folding profile. You can still fold it though, but you have to remove two screws. As for storage, you can keep it on its back base – vertically. This type of storage is not recommended by the manufacturer though.

Given the sizing standards – 40 inches for the rain and seat stoppers at 36 inches one from another, the machine can easily take both short and tall users. It promotes a full and correct extension of your legs. When fully set up, the machine weighs just under 75 pounds. You have rubberized pads to keep it in place, as well as two wheels to move it around.

Water tank and resistance

The water tank is made of polycarbonate. It is a common choice for water rowing machines. It can take about four gallons of water and features a few markings on the side. Make sure you do not exceed the sixth and maximum level for proper functionality.

There is one chamber in the tank, meaning it will affect the way you change the resistance.

The resistance is based on the water tank. Some rowing machines come with dials to ensure easy adjustability. This one is more difficult to work on. To reduce the resistance, you will need to remove some water. Trial and error will prevail until you get used to the machine – from that point on, you will only go up.

As you pull the handle, a three blade impeller moves inside the tank. The response is quite dynamic – the faster you pull, the more resistance you have to face. It is a variable resistance that you can only experience in water and air rowing machines. Compared to hydraulic rowing machines, you do not have a constant level of resistance.

Seat and small parts

The Stamina X Water Rower comes with a comfortable seat. It is padded and features the natural contour of the body. It allows rowing for hours without facing any discomfort whatsoever – Moreover, it promotes a natural rowing position. Since it is adherent, you are less likely to slip on it, regardless of the resistance of what you wear.

The base is based on steel and comes with six wheels for portability. Other than that, you have about 14 inches in width. Since the tank goes under the seat, it is a bit higher than what you normally get in hydraulic rowers from gyms – about 18 inches above the floor. It is a convenient position that makes exercising easier for people with moving difficulties or disabilities.

Footrests are quite large and made of nylon. You have heel guards to prevent feet from slipping, not to mention the Velcro straps. Fit your feet in and you will never have to worry about their stability. They also move a little due to the pivoting construction, so you can tilt them a little for a more comfortable rowing experience.

The handle is straight and simplistic and brings rubber foam grips with a nonslip purpose and a comfy experience. The strap is based on nylon. This type of design eliminates the need for more complicated maintenance – such as lubrication. Plus, it will not vibrate too much if your exercises are more intense – great for your comfort, as well as noise pollution.

Fitness meter

You do not necessarily need a fitness meter to track your workouts. Just climb on top of the machine, go rowing and try your best for a particular period of time. However, tracking helps if you want to see your progress in the long run – plus, you are pushing for a goal, rather than go randomly forever.

The fitness meter in this rowing machine is relatively basic. There are no preset programs due to the adjustable resistance, not to mention the lack of online connectivity. Instead, you have a decently sized LCD display that shows you the pulse, calories burned, strokes, distance and time. You have a scan mode too, which rotates these metrics every six seconds.

The distance is measured in the metric system. As for the heart rate, there are no sensors in the handle. Instead, you have a wireless chest strap included in the package. Any 5 kHz transmitter for the heart rate will work at this rate due to the built-in receiver.

The meter is not getting energy from your rowing movements but from batteries. You will need to purchase two AA batteries. It starts by itself as you start rowing or push a button though. You only have three buttons – one to select the mode, another one to enter the settings and a third one to reset everything.


·         Full package – everything you need to start rowing, including a manual, a toolkit and a wireless heart rate monitor

·         Good capacity – it can take people up to 300 pounds in weight

·         Large, comfortable and padded seat for hours of rowing

·         Comes with a tablet holder to keep you busy while working out

·         Assembly is fairly simple and maintenance is basic and straightforward


·         There are no preset programs on the fitness meter

·         Batteries for the meter and tablets for maintenance must be purchased separately

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Who Should Buy The Stamina X Water Rower?

There are better alternatives when it comes to gyms, as most of them will rely on hydraulic resistance. Otherwise, most people would not be bothered filling them up with water and emptying tanks to adjust the resistance. Therefore, the Stamina X Water Rower is mostly aimed at those who like to exercise at home.

Given the compact design of the rowing machine, you can use it anywhere. You can install it, move it around (not so easy if you want to take it upstairs or downstairs) and store it. The slightly upright position requires little floor room, so it is suitable for small environments – such as apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure whether or not this water rower is suitable for you?

What are the main differences between water and air rowing machines?

The noise level pushes the balance towards water rowers, as air rowers make a whooshing sound with every stroke. At the same time, each model has a different feel. Air rowers seem to be a bit lighter, yet the resistance goes higher as you get close to the end of your movement. Both of them have a good stroke feel though. As for the price, water rowers tend to cost a bit more than air rowers.

Does the amount of water affect the resistance?

To a level, it does. But it could also be a misleading fact. Most of the resistance is given by how fast you pull the handle, so the water level becomes a secondary consideration when adjusting the resistance.

What kind of fitness experience do I need?

Water rowing machines are suitable for anyone – a complete beginner who wants to get in shape, as well as a professional fitness enthusiast who tries to maintain their condition.


Bottom line, the Stamina X Water Rower is an excellent choice in terms of design and space-saving appearance. There are no fancy bells and whistles, hence the great value for money. On the other hand, it has a basic meter that allows tracking of your workouts. You get a dynamic response and the exact same feeling you would get from an actual boat – what else can you ask for?