Stamina X AMRAP Rowing Machine Review

Have you decided to leave behind your unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle? Or are you a professional gym enthusiast looking for new equipment? Either way, if you are thinking of getting a rowing machine. This can be quite an ordeal, given the endless options that surround the internet.

While gym equipment may look cool and spectacular, it can be tricky to handle sometimes. Today, gym freaks advertise and endorse the most complicated-looking equipment. However, not knowing its’ pros and cons isn’t advisable.

If you want to set off your workout journey on the right foot, then do some research. This will ensure you do not make any mistakes. Not only that, but you will be proud of what you bought. Read along to find out whether Stamina x AMRAP Rowing Machine is the best fit for you. Compare your preferences and likes to what this machine offers, and you’re good to go!

What Is A Rowing Machine?

Most people can picture a rowing machine but are unaware of the uses and benefits of it. Also called ergometers, rowing machines are usually used to stimulate your muscles. These make you indulge in movements and exercises that allow you to use 86% of your muscle.

Not only that, but it can also be a holistic meditative experience. Rowing machines are increasingly popular as alternatives to treadmills. They also do a great job of targeting and strengthening your heart and lungs. It is a great equipment to invest in, regardless of where you are currently standing.

These are great if you’re looking for a total body workout. They target your abs, pecs, obliques, calves, etc. 2015 also found that it’s great for people with all levels of fitness and strength. Therefore, do not worry if you are an amateur or novice. Everything in this machine is thoroughly explained and dictated.

About Stamina Products, Inc.

Stamina Products is a brand that specializes in all kinds of workout equipment. They are known for their high-quality exercise bikes, cord reformers, etc. They are especially famous for their exploratory variety of rowing machines too!

Stamina products come with great customer reviews and customized equipment for your personal goals. Since their inception in 1987, their products are increasingly found at Walmart, QVC, Amazon, etc. Stamina x AMRAP is their newest addition to rowing machines and comes with promising features.

What Sets Stamina x AMRAP Rowing Machine apart

This rowing machine comes with the motto “Row for Results.” This instantaneously promises results throughout the process of using the machine. Like everybody else, you, too, must have goals that you wish to achieve. Without results or intention, every product is essentially ineffective.

It includes a dashing black and red design that you will fall in love with. It weighs around 99lbs and comes with a steel frame. Stamina x AMRAP’s product dimensions are 94″L x 24.5″W x 42″H. All these features and the manual that it comes with makes it extremely easy to assemble.

Machines especially need to live up to consistency. Stamina x AMRAP promises just that, with AMRAP standing for As Many Reps As Possible. This enables you to belch out reps day after day and keep your progress steady and on track.

Why should you choose this machine?


Workouts can be extremely fun and satisfying. Especially when you get into the flow of it, it becomes impossible to stop. Therefore, one must also need a rowing machine that can withstand the pressure. This one does just that.

This machine’s dynamic air resistance technique alters and changes itself according to your speed of workout. If you pull the handles harder, they provide greater resistance and thus need more power. Similarly, if you go easy on the handles, they give back that much less intensity.

Furthermore, it comes with an adjustable tab called the damper. Depending on your style of rowing, it lets you change the amount of air allowed inside the fan. This feature enables you to further customize your workout. With this, you can personalize your workout with features that match your capabilities.


There is no point working out without measuring your progress. With Stamina x AMRAP, you can trace every single gain and achievement over time. The two most prominent features are the chest strap heart rate transmitter and workout monitor.

The monitor consists of varied workouts each session. This increases your impulse, inclination, and interest. You can navigate through intermediate intensity programs as you like. Furthermore, the monitor shows distance and interval, time, strokes per minute, energy, calorie, and heart-rate.

These convenient and efficient features make your job of tracking easier. You do not have to depend on external devices or apps for the same!

Endurance and durability

This rower consists of a seat that molds itself according to your seating and posture. Depending on your form, it adjusts itself accordingly. Furthermore, the flexible and movable footplates with straps provide a firm grip. This prevents any minor or major injuries or imbalances too.

Workout means immense sweat. Therefore, the rowing handles come with a synthesized grip that prevents and absorbs maximum sweat. Even after the end of your workout, the roller wheels make it easy to store the machine wherever you want.

The rowing chains— that are the core of this equipment— are made of solid steel. This construction promises an everlasting rowing experience. Stamina products lead the market when it comes to permanence. Therefore, these features are promising.

Built for you

Buying Stamina x AMRAP means investing in yourself too. This is because the company has the best customer service. Their employees will personally help you compare this model to previous ones in the market. After thoroughly understanding how it works, you are likely to get a clearer picture.

When it comes to guarantee/warranty, know that all your needs will be catered to.

Shortcomings according to consumers

Some of the customers, after use, had a few points of concern they thought could be worked upon. For example, most of us like exercising with music or answering our calls while working out. The lack of a blue tooth configuration and an app of the specific machine itself would really add to its perks.

Some other regular rowers have also expressed concerns about the resistance levels. While it promises high resistance and intensity, the end results do not fully reflect that. Hence, it is a good idea to read more reviews or interact with people who have first-hand use with this machine.

Another concern stems from the assembling and dismantling of the machine. While it is extremely easy to put together, the opposite isn’t true. Joining the parts is a smooth process, taking just over an hour. But breaking everything down, especially after you’re exhausted from a workout, isn’t so easy.

This is why several customers have expressed some unease when it comes to this. They believe that it could be a challenge to dismantle it without damaging the floor. Not only this but doing so would also hinder the durability and condition of the equipment itself.

While most customers are in awe and praise of this product, remember the above pointers. In case of any doubts, the company suggests speaking to one of their staff. These professionals would ensure that all your needs are looked after. They are also specialized in handling this equipment and respond to your questions promptly.


  • Durable with high endurance levels
  • High-intensity resistance
  • Workout tracker and statistics monitor
  • Commendable customer service
  • Good guarantee/warranty
  • Better reviews compared to other products
  • Extremely sleek and compact design


  • Complaints with the resistance feature
  • Difficult to disassemble
  • Parts sometimes arrive broken
  • Lack of Bluetooth and sync feature
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Final Note

Describing a product promptly, especially a rowing machine, isn’t easy. However, there are certain key pointers to keep in mind. This is so that you are aware and making a conscious choice. Since these products aren’t something you can keep changing every day, it’s best to be safe.

The Stamina x AMRAP Rowing Machine wins all points when it comes to tracking. Very few rowing machines manage this calibration so brilliantly, and this is one of them. What’s more, is that everything from heart rate to laps will be calculated.

Furthermore, leaving aside a few negative experiences, its intensity and durability have been applauded. It comes with features and equipment that is made with the best quality material, leaving no room for doubt.

Their company’s ethics believe in constant correction and betterment. When trying to buy a product, it’s always essential to enquire about its company. Stamina Products, Inc. has never failed to satisfy a consumer, also owing to their great brand image. 

Once you are done looking up other products online, come back to this one. Remember to compare it to what is currently trending in the market too.

This product promises a sleek design and customizable service. It is a choice you can trust!