Stamina 1333 Precision Rower Review

It is indisputable that exercise is intrinsic to a healthy mind and body. Even so, you may not have the time or resources to hit the gym- or it is simply not economical. Fortunately, the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower makes it possible to remain at the peak of fitness right at home.

The rowing machine can help enhance your overall cardiovascular fitness. It also catalyzes an effective, efficient, and impactful full-body workout. The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower targets all the major muscle groups. You will be able to feel the burn in your abs, shoulders, back, legs, arms, and hips. If you are looking for a better view of this machine, read on.

The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower: Overview

Stamina is an excellent brand for fitness equipment if you are balancing your purchases on a limited budget. It offers an extensive range of models with diverse features. The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower is a hydraulic rower with impressive performance.

It is a compact machine, featuring built-in wheels that allow you to move and store it with ease. Its shock resistance is adjustable up to 12 points. It contributes to the level of your comfort while you are working out. 

Additionally, it is one of the only rowing machine models that come with a deluxe rowing seat and integrated back support. The set-up further ensures comfort when paired up with the pivoting footplates. The latter gives you the freedom to regulate the stability of your feet, thanks to the adjustable straps.

With dual handles for rowing and handgrips with sufficient, comfortable padding, the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower guarantees convenience. The design of the rowing beam, made of aluminum, allows smoother movements and strokes.

If you prefer monitoring your progress, you will be glad to know that this particular Stamina Rower model features an LCD monitor. It displays the calories you have burned along with your stroke count and the number of strokes per minute. It also shows the time.


The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower comes partially assembled when you buy it, which may put some people off. However, it demands minimal effort from your side- and you will receive a comprehensive manual with diagrams for help. 

Design and Construction

The dimensions of the machine are 51 x 16 x 10 inches, and it functions with a piston resistance. The maximum weight it can support is 250 lbs. which is quite good for a machine of this size. The compact structure makes it an excellent option for use at home. You can also place it in a vertical position when not in use. It has a footprint of 48.5 x 34.25 inches and weighs around 55 lbs.

The frame of this specific model rower machine is made of high-quality steel. The center beam uses aluminum for its construction. These make sure the machine maintains structural integrity and has a durable nature, yet do not fall short regarding comfort.

The wheels of the rower are built-in, so they reduce the hassle of transportation. You do not have to worry about the condition of your floors while sweating- the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower has plastic endcaps.

Significant Features Of The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower

The rower boasts of a range of impressive features which have been highlighted below. Make sure you assess and evaluate these features so that you can make the best decision!


As you know, the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower offers 12 levels of resistance. This versatility allows you to challenge yourself with high-intensity movements or engage in a medium-intensity workout. The adjustable shock resistance adapts to your preferences. You can change the intensity of your workout by turning the pistons fixed to the long handles.


The rowing machine features dual rowing handles- each with plenty of padding. It improves grip and prevents slipping due to sweat. It also reduces the pressure of the workout on your hands. Note that if you have broad shoulders, you may find the handles to be slightly restricting.


The footplates of this Stamina 1333 Rower are adequate in size. They come with a pivot, allowing you to maintain the correct posture and placing while rowing. Your feet will remain secure with a flexible closure of the footplates.


The seat of the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower offers support for your pelvis. The positioning of the seat is such that it is placed on a low yet robust rail. While this enables a solid posture, it may be uncomfortable for people with back or knee issues.


The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower comes with a warranty of a year on the frame, and ninety days on separate fixtures and parts. If you notice any defects in your machine, you can contact customer service at or 1-800-375-7520.

Additional Features

Here is a reiteration of the additional features the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower offers:

  • Wheels
  • LCD Monitor
  • Plastic end caps
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The Pros And Cons Of The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower

Here is a glance at the pros and cons of the rower:


  • Robust and compact
  • Comfortable seat with support
  • 12 levels of resistance
  • Large LCD monitor
  • Easy to store and transport


  • Falls in the upper range of Stamina rowers
  • The warranty has a limited period
  • No monitor for heart rate
  • Lacks Bluetooth
  • Does not offer preset program options

Who Should Use The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower?

If you do not have the time to fit a visit to the gym into your schedule, the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower is perfect for you. It gives you all the resources you need to engage in a full-body workout session. It is particularly excellent for beginners since it works almost 86% of the muscles.

People with high cholesterol, low back strength, and trunk flexion should use the Stamina 1333 Precision Rower for positive developments. It is beneficial for individuals vulnerable to heart risks too.

If you are susceptible to joint pains, then using the machine with care is a good idea. It does not put supplementary stress on your joints. It is a recommendation for people suffering from early osteoarthritis.


The Stamina 1333 Precision Rower is an effective and convenient way to remain fit while working out at home. It has a high-grade construction with excellent structural integrity. Its design ensures optimum comfort, and the features enable a seamless exercise session. The machine is flexible in the sense that you can configure it to meet your workout requirements. 

This is a budget-friendly way of remaining at the peak of your health and spirits!