Sovnia Exercise Bike Review

Want to bring your gym training home? Having too many cloudy mornings to go out and exercise or just want the convenience of a home workout space? Either way, if you are looking for fitness equipment to level up your workout space at home, nothing can do it better than an exercise bike.

While convenient to place, use, and maintain, it doesn’t compromise on the rigor of your ideal fitness routine. They can be a great addition to your cardio workouts, helping you break a sweat in no time.

While there are dozens of exercise bikes on the market, we bring you a review of one well-liked and highly appreciated by users, with a proven record of combining effectiveness and convenience.

Read on to know all about the Sovnia Exercise Bike and what makes it a perfect option to bring home.

What is the Sovnia Exercise Bike?

Sovnia is a sports and exercise equipment brand that has been working on the design and manufacture of sports gear since 2013. In the eight years of operation, they have constantly upgraded and improved their products to ensure premium quality.

Some of the gear they manufacture includes rowing machines, exercise bikes, treadmills, and yoga mats and accessories. The Sovnia Exercise Bike is part of their series of indoor bikes.

It is a stationary indoor cycling bike that ensures an effective workout, bearing a close resemblance to the outdoor cycling experience in terms of intensity and impact.

It does so by keeping the body in the typical and traditional bicycling position, allowing you to derive the complete benefit of the workout. This allows you to fully engage your lower stomach and abdominal area, which is not the case with recumbent bikes in the sit-down design.

Besides, your entire upper body, especially the shoulders, biceps, and triceps, gets a proper workout because of the upright body posture the bike facilitates.  An exercise bike is an excellent option if you are looking to preserve the potency of your workout routine even while bringing it to the comfort of your home.


The Sovnia Exercise Bike comes with a host of useful, thoughtfully-designed features that are worth exploring.

The inseam height of the bike is about 25 inches and 38.6 inches. This, taken together with the outspread seat pedestal, works best for users between the heights of approximately 4 feet and 6.5 feet. Its durable build can support a maximum weight of 285 lb.

The thickened triangular steel frame of the bike accords its exceptional stability and sturdiness. Solid and well-balanced, the Sovnia Exercise Bike boasts a large 35 lb flywheel along with a belt drive.

The combination of remarkable features it offers includes an LCD display, bottle and tablet holder, and a suitably-sized, comfortable seat that would not be painful to sit on even after hours of daily use.

Let’s take a detailed look at each of the bike’s exceptional features.

35 LBS Effective Chrome Flywheel

The Sovnia Exercise Bike comes with a 35 lb bidirectional flywheel along with an easy-to-maintain belt drive system. This makes its operation remarkably smooth and silent, providing you with a stable, quiet exercise experience. This build of the bike can support a maximum weight of 285 lb.

This is especially suited to home settings, avoiding disturbance through excessive noise to self, family, and neighbors. Whether you are just starting out or have been training professionally, you will find the Sovnia Exercise Bike to be the perfect solution for indoor cycling.

Sturdy Tension Rod

The knob of the tension rod in the center allows you to apply instant brakes to halt the operation of the exercise bike. The medium-sized rod can be smoothly turned and used with convenience while using the bike.

It is made out of upgraded A3 M10 SPCC steel, which accords it much greater stability and sturdiness than A2 M8.

Pure Wool Brake Pad

The brake pad of the Sovnia Exercise Bike has been made out of pure, good-quality wool. It lets out a low whistling sound as you increase the resistance. 

The bike comes with an extra brake pad, which is free of cost to allow you to replace it if the need arises or after a certain period of regular use.

LCD Monitor / iPad Holder

The Bike features a mounted LCD monitor that displays useful information like the calorie count, distance, speed, time, scan, and ODO. This allows you to keep track of your exercise dates and progress in your fitness goals.

The freephone or iPad holder offers the convenience of multitasking while using the Sovnia Exercise Bike. You can use it to add music to your workout routine or just catch up with class by binging on your lecture videos, or follow video tutorials and plans to realize your training targets.

Easy To Move

Keeping in mind the need for easy portability, the Sovnia Exercise Bike comes with two transportation wheels. This is of vital importance for people who like to frequently shuffle the placement of the furniture in the house.

To move the bike around, all you need to do is tilt the bike and roll it around, saving you the hassle of excessive muscle strain or heavy lifting. The bike can thus easily be moved around by one person.

Horizontal Adjustment

For precise and convenient placement of the bike in tandem with the contours or tilt of the flooring, it comes with a small roller that allows horizontal adjustment of the body of the bike.

This enables the bike to function just as well on uneven flooring by adjusting to it. All you need to do is twist the roller, and the cycle will conveniently fall in line with the horizontal level.

Bottle Holder

An immensely useful feature for an indoor exercise bike, the Sovnia Exercise Bike comes with an attached bottle holder. This is fitted to be easily accessible at arm’s length while using the bike.

Comfortable Cushioned Seat

The seat of an exercise bike makes a huge impact on your workout experience. Sovnia recognizes this and has thus equipped the bike with a comfortable seat with generous cushioning and an ergonomic design.

The seat offers various options for adjustment to suit your needs and convenience. Besides the seat, the bike also boasts anti-slip, cage-shaped, steel pedals that come with flexible straps to firmly fit feet of different sizes, keep the feet from losing grip and ensure full protection.


  • Solid and durable build
  • Ergonomically-designed cushioned seat
  • Sturdy tension rod
  • Interactive LCD display
  • Tablet holder
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to move around


  • Maximum weight capacity of 285 lb
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Final Verdict

The Sovnia Exercise Bike offers a combination of remarkable innovations to synthesize utility worth with comfort. With various options for adjustment and personalization, you can adapt it to your needs and preferences with ease.

With the range of thoughtfully-designed features, from the LCD display and phone holder to the transportation wheels for easy movement, the Sovnia exercise bike is one of the best indoor cycling bikes available on the market right now.