So You Want To Play Golf? 4 Golf Hacks For Beginners

Golf’s a major sport in America.

Indeed, the golfing industry itself is worth a staggering $84 billion. Even more impressive, though (according to the same source), is that 107 million people in the US play, watch, or read about it.

That’s over a third of the entire population who engage with golf each year.

Have you just bought yourself a set of clubs to begin your own golfing journey? Want some tips on how to improve? Let us help!

Keep reading for 4 top golf hacks for beginners.

1. Don’t Overspend on Gear

Start by getting the gear you need for the game. You’ll want:

Decent clubs, basic balls (be prepared to lose most of them!), the best golf tees possible, gloves, shoes, and some respectable golfing apparel too.

A quick note on the clubs though. Don’t worry about forking out for the most expensive set at this point. That kind of cash would be better spent on lessons!

Go for a good starter-set from a respectable brand instead. Only when your game has improved and you want to step it up a notch should you consider buying a better set.

2. Focus on Your Grip

Your grip is one of the most important aspects of the game to master. Why?

Because, if your grip’s bad, then your swing will suffer too.

A strong, solid grip that doesn’t slip will make an almighty difference to your overall game. Focus hard on getting the grip right from the outset. Watch video tutorials, speak to more experienced golfers, and consider getting some lessons to help you do it.

Want a related hack? Wear rain gloves whether it’s raining or not! They’ll stop the handle from slipping if your hands have a habit of getting sweaty.

3. Pay Attention to the Put

Most newbies focus on mastering their swing. After all, they want to be able to pummel the ball into oblivion, see it shoot skyward, and land it 300 yards down the fairway.

And we don’t blame them! There’s nothing as gratifying as a sweet strike on the golf course.

However, our advice is to pay as much (if not more) attention to your putting game. The green is where the game’s won or lost. You can hit the ball for miles, but you’ll never see the results you want if don’t learn to put properly.

4. Don’t Forget to Stretch

Warming up before a game of golf isn’t always high on peoples’ priorities!

However, doing some stretching, going for a stroll, and running some practice swings will make a big difference. You’ll be more limber, focused, and less likely to suffer an injury throughout the round. In other words, you’ll ready both your mind and body for the game ahead.

Don’t Forget These Golf Hacks

Golf’s an incredible sport with an enormous following in America. It’s social, satisfying, and great for your physical and mental wellbeing.

However, it can also be a challenge to learn when you’re just getting started! Know the struggle? Well, we hope the golf hacks in this post will help make a difference.

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