SNODE Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Exercise bikes help serve the purpose of keeping fit and staying in shape, as well as losing weight. Working out on these bikes helps you burn calories, improve endurance while toning up the lower body.

Before getting an exercise bike for your gym or home, you need to consider a few things. The usage frequency for your workout routine is a primary concern. Whether if your bike has a flywheel weight for its pedaling action and the basic indicators to guide you.

The comfort of exercise bikes relies on their handlebars – is it high or adjustable. A fitness fan would always be meticulous about such details, plus the maintenance requirements.


SNODE is a gym equipment manufacturing company. “Health Driving Force” is the core brand concept of SNODE. They focus on the health and fitness of the users of their fitness products. “Less is more” is the basic principle served while designing their products.

The products designed by SNODE are all of premium quality. High standards backed by a high level of innovation sets them apart from the rest.

SNODE has gained the trust of its customers, delivering high-quality products and making an impact on their healthy lifestyle.

SNODE Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike was released in 2019 and is available in the market ever since.  It is an amazing recumbent exercise bike designed for home use.  It has a solid, two-piece steel frame with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The bike design provides a manual magnetic resistance and a performance monitor to track important workout metrics.

SNODE has also taken the user’s comfortability into account while designing this model. They have made it with a comfortable cushioned seat with a backrest to support the user.


Here is a list of features you’ll find on this exercise bike:

Frame Construction

The front frame of the bike holds the drive resistance elements while the rear supports the seat. Both frames connect in the middle providing an adjustable base, holding stability to suit your convenience of different ground levels.

The bike is structured with a steel frame for improved aesthetics. The flywheel and other elements are crafted with durable ABS plastic for enhanced performance.

Seat and Handlebars

The seat of this exercise bike is designed to experience optimal comfort. In fact, both the seat and the backrest pads are made of 2 inches thick layer of cushion. The vinyl material of their covers makes them sweat-resistant. Two steel bars at the seat base help support a capacity of users up to 300 lbs.

You’ll find two sets of non-adjustable handlebars attached to their corresponding frames with screws. One of the handlebars is attached to the seat assembly, while the other is at the front mask of the bike.

The handlebars attached to the seat come with metallic pulse sensors. Holding them allows the monitor to keep a record of your heart rate as you work out.

Resistance and Drive

The recumbent exercise bike comes with a customary manual magnetic resistance system. It doesn’t require any external power source. The system is mechanized with a magnetic brake which enables you to manipulate the pedaling difficulty by adjusting the knob.

Like any other magnetic recumbent bike, this bike too comes with eight levels of resistance. The first level is fairly light, while the eighth level, though not super difficult, simulates a hill climb.

The bike’s drivetrain utilizes a poly-v belt, generating less vibration. So, this bike doesn’t require any kind of extra lubrication for smooth operation.

More Information of SNODE Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Levels Resistance, Indoor Cardio Training Workout with 300Lbs Weight Capacity for Home fitness (Model:R16 2020 New)

Performance Monitor

This magnetic recumbent exercise bike’s performance monitor comes with an LCD screen. It tracks your distance, time, speed, calories burnt, and pulse. Holding the sensors on the handlebars while working out on it will only allow the monitor to track these data.

This battery-powered monitor unit comes with only a single button facilitating two functions. One, to select among the various workout metrics. Two, to reset the values recorded on it.

Another feature the monitor unit is equipped with will be a media holder. It is big enough for you to support your smartphone or tablet while you are on the exercise bike.

SNODE Electric Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike, Indoor Home Training Machine with 16 Levels Resistance(2019 New Model: R690i)


Not much is required for its maintenance. You just need to keep the bike spotless. The internal parts won’t need much maintenance for quite a long period of time. However, check for loose parts periodically.


  • It comes with a durable and adjustable frame
  • It is equipped with an adjustable stabilizer
  • It is supported by a smooth magnetic resistance system
  • It comes along with a performance monitor that tracks your heart rate, speed, calories burnt, etc.
  • A device holder to support your tablet or smartphone
  • It adds to your comfort with the cushioned seat and a large, firm backrest
  • It requires minimum maintenance


  • It comes with a basic performance monitor with no preset programs or online connectivity and no backlight
  • The performance monitor has no connection port for your smartphone or tablet
  • The bike has no bottle holder

Summing it up

The mechanics of the SNODE Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike are user-friendly while enabling multiple features to suit your workout needs. It has a performance monitor system to track your heart rate while you work out.

With a cushioned seat and firm backseat being integrated into this bike, you can perform your routine exercises without any discomfort.