Skechers X One Piece – The Skechers One Piece Collaboration

Sneakers have gained immense popularity amongst young adults, especially teenagers. They add a hint of funk and spice to your entire dress-up and sets you apart from the crowd. Kids are always on the lookout for the unique pair available in the market so that they can flaunt it amongst their peers.

Basic sneakers do not have a lot of variety to deliver. But with POP culture ruling every aspect of your life, you just couldn’t let your shoes be left out. A lot of POP culture sneaker collaboration is gaining popularity these days. For instance, the Adidas Star Wars Kicks and the Nike SpongeBob collection.

Custom Sneakers

Similarly, the popular sneaker company Skechers has come up with a jaw-dropping collab with One Piece. The Skechers X One Piece collab has been the talk of the town since it entered the market and has also gained immense popularity amongst sneaker fanatics.

Here is everything you need to know about the unique Skechers X One Piece sneakers. 

About Skechers USA, Inc.

Skechers USA, Inc. is a California-based company, which is popular for designing, developing, and marketing a highly diverse range of footwear. This includes products for men, women, children, as well as high-performance products for athletes.

Skechers are not just popular in the states, they have become very popular in around 170 other nations. They also cater to their customers with a well-laid-out e-commerce website.

About Toei Animation, Inc.

Toei Animation, Inc. is the film distributor manager for Toei’s popular properties. This includes the world-famous Dragon Ball series, Sailor Moon, Digimon Series, Saint Seiya, and, of course, One Piece.

Skecher and One Piece Manga Collab

The Skechers X One Piece Collab

The Skechers X One Piece Collab is yet another popular POP culture collab that has taken over the hearts of sneaker fans. This collaboration has revolutionized the company’s famous chunky sneaker.

Skechers D’Lites 3.0 has been selected for this collaboration. This collection offers a beautiful range of colors and styles for both men and women. There are seven colors in the women’s collection and six colors in the men’s collection.

The designs are based on the characters of the One Piece series. These new designs feature Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar Law. Apart from that, there are new characters who are joining the family. You can now find, Jimbei, Whitebeard, BlackBeard, Marco, and Boa Hancock on your beloved Skechers’ sneakers.

The new designs have been crafted on the new Skechers series. They have a modern touch to their classic retro look. Though it has been modernized, it does not compromise the retro aesthetics of the shoes.

What makes The Skechers X One Piece Collab so popular

One Piece by Eiichiro Oda is one of the best-selling manga in the history of anime. It is known to have sold over 430 million copies across the globe. The reason for its popularity is the unique storyline that leaves the imagination of the readers running.

Its leading character Monkey D. Luffy and his fearless straw hat pirates have provided the readers with excitement and anticipation through their adventures. This anime has a very multi-generational approach. That is precisely why it has been popular amongst young and older people.


This collaboration has materialized the most popular anime into the most adored accessory by many. To top it all, this collaboration took place on one of the most trending shoe designs; chunky sneakers.

The high demand for chunky sneakers and the popularity of One Piece have resulted in the production of the finest line of shoes. They are not just unique; they carry all the traits of an old school look with modern design.

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Why customers opt for these kicks?


When it comes to sneakers, looks are most definitely the topmost priority. But you cannot compromise on the comfort. At the end of the day, you have to walk around wearing those sneakers, and you cannot afford for them to be uncomfortable on the move.

The Skechers X One Piece sneakers do not just get you innumerable head turns it also provides you with comfort. With many aesthetically appealing sneakers, you might get a tsunami of compliments. But it is only you who knows how comfortable or uncomfortable you are wearing them, especially when it is a long day of standing and walking.

With Skechers X One Piece sneakers, you are given a combination of exemplary looks as well as extreme comfort. They provide an optimal level of comfort and support to your feet. Be it a relaxed day or a day that requires you to be on your feet throughout, these kicks will not disappoint you.

The Looks

As mentioned earlier, looks are most definitely the first thing that you see when buying sneakers. If your sneakers aren’t unique and funky in appearance, you might as well leave them hanging on the shelf with your other formals.

The anime touch in the looks is what makes them extremely pleasing and good-looking. It is a perfect purchase for the ones who are in love with the One Piece anime. They get to flaunt their swanky shoes as well as embrace the love for their favorite anime.

In fact, the majority of the demographics of this shoe are that of the loyal fans of One Piece.


These shoes also provide extreme support to your feet. They are known to provide pronation control and immense arch support. This helps maintain the balance of the feet and provides you a comfortable and relaxing walk.

A lot of customers have expressed how helpful these shoes have been in supporting their Plantar Fasciitis and overpronation. So, if you have such feet-related dilemmas, you can still opt for these cool kicks.

However, one must be aware that this is not something that is claimed by the manufacturer but based on user experience. It is therefore recommended to use the shoes and check for yourself if they suit your condition.

Other quality features

Since the Skechers X One Piece Collab kicks belong to a category of chunky sneakers, they are known to increase the wearer’s height as well. But you don’t have to worry about the discomfort with this one.

Unlike heels and pumps used by people for height enhancement, these kicks do not provide any sort of discomfort to your feet. They don’t exert any pressure on your heels or make your toes feel as if they are trapped in a steel cage. You get a similar impact of high heels with the comfort and support of sneakers.

Apart from that, these cool sneakers also come with an extra pair of laces. You don’t have to wash the one pair every time it gets dirty. You can simply switch the new pair and change the look entirely.

The fabric of the shoes is breathable. So, it ensures that your feet remain dry and hygienic even in the scorching blistering summer heat.

Reasons to avoid these kicks

Some of the customers, after use, have expressed a bit of stiffness in the entire feel of the shoe. This can cause a restriction in movement in the beginning. However, with repeated use, the stiffness wears down, and the shoe becomes more flexible. But if you are uncomfortable with how it feels in the beginning, it is advisable to reconsider.

The toe box might feel a bit too narrow for some wearers. Some people have a wider toe spread than others. As a result, they require extra space in the toe box. Even though the Skechers X One Piece sneakers have a standard toe box, they might appear a bit more narrow.

Another reason to avoid these kicks can be one of their advantage points, the chunky look. The chunky soles enhance height and give the shoe a bulky appearance. It also adds to the weight of the sneakers.

If you are not someone that enjoys the heavy and bulky look or is uncomfortable with the extra height they add, these sneakers might be a disappointment.

To sum it up

The anime makeover of Sketcher’s popular D’Lite sneakers is a real euphoria for anime lovers. The chunky silhouette of the kicks paired with the fun and funky colors of anime characters adds a unique look to these shoes.

The aesthetically pleasing appeal and the comfort of Skechers are what will win your heart while wearing these sneakers. It is still advised to break in the shoes once before finalizing your choice. Even though the looks can bring the fanboy/fangirl moment for you, ultimately, it is the comfort that matters.

Opt for a design that is aesthetically pleasing as well as comfortable on the go.