Shadow Boxes For Jerseys – Everything You Need To Know and The Top 5 Products

If you are a sports fan, chances are you would do anything for your favorite player’s jersey, be it from football, basketball or any other sport. Even if you cannot necessarily get your top player’s shirt, any other piece of memorabilia will most likely make you proud. You do not want to keep it in a closet but proudly display it for everyone else to see and appreciate it. This is when you start looking for the right shadow boxes for jerseys to frame your piece.

Even if you are not necessarily a sports fan, but a memorabilia collector, you are probably aware of the importance of a high quality display. Years ago, a bespoke frame was the way to go. You knew that no matter what you had, you could have gotten the right box for it. These days, you can find frames and boxes in all sizes, shapes and designs, so finding something suitable for your jersey will be a piece of cake if you do your homework.

Shadow Boxes for Jerseys

But before digging in, why would you frame a jersey? Then, what are the top rated products in commerce and why? Finally, what do you need to look for when buying a shadow box for jerseys?

Benefits Of Using Shadow Boxes For Jerseys

There are several good reasons wherefore you might want to consider shadow boxes for jerseys and each individual has unique preferences.

Displaying for your friends and family

The main reason to invest in a shadow box is pretty obvious. You want to display that jersey. You want it somewhere on a wall, whether you want to do it in your office or your living room. You want your guests to come over, look at it, appreciate it and compliment you for it – even if you have nothing to do with that player or the team, fans can always appreciate a legend.

Once you get the display box, you can show off anywhere. If you work in the sports industry and you get a famous player’s jersey, chances are you want it displayed in your office. If you are just a big fan who loves a team or a certain player, having it at home will always give you something to think about – plus, it is a good conversation starter with other fans.

Keeping the jersey in good condition

On another note, you can look at your jersey as if it was a piece in a museum. There are more reasons wherefore things are boxed in museums. Boxes are transparent, so the displayed item is visible and appreciated. But at the same time, boxes have the primary role to protect such valuable things. Take a look at your TV or a piece of furniture. It takes a day to get dust on it after you clean it.

The same rule would apply to your jersey. Without shadow boxes for jerseys, these things will catch dust and go dirty. You do not really want to wash a jersey on a regular basis, especially if it is a collectible or it has your favorite player’s signature on it. Just like any other piece of apparel, it would ruin overtime. In a box, you can keep dust and other harmful elements away from it.

Preventing others from touching it

Now, think about it this way. You have Kobe’s jersey or perhaps Pele’s. You display it on a wall in your office or your home. Whenever someone comes over, chances are they will look at it very closely. Some will breathe on it, cough or even touch it. A big fan will find it almost impossible to look at such a collectible without touching it.

Even if their hands are clean, people are naturally oily and dirty. Touching the same jersey over and over again will leave natural oils and grease on it. Sooner or later, you will notice spots and dirt. Now, a jersey is not like your TV. You cannot just wipe it clean. On the same note, you do not want to wash it and ruin it, so keeping it inside a shadow box for jerseys is the way to go.

Preventing disintegration

A jersey is a piece of fabric. Sure, it is your favorite player’s jersey. It is a legend’s jersey. But apart from the emotional meaning, it is still a piece of fabric. It has not been treated for durability and it may not have been washed before. In other words, it is exposed to a series of elements that could ruin it – even if no one touches it.

Displaying a jersey without a shadow box could lead to disintegration overtime. Obviously, you want it to last forever – pass it away to the next generation or perhaps make millions out of it in a few decades. The exposure to air, dust, cooking odors, cleaning products and smells will most likely lead to an early disintegration, as well as a loss of color.

Adopting a more luxurious approach

Shadow boxes for jersey are considered luxurious. You do not see them everywhere. You can choose the easy way, grab a hanger or simply stick a jersey to the wall. But when you come up with a fancy shadow box, a quality piece of glass and an impressive collectible, chances are you will make an impression.

While shadowboxes are quite common these days, they are still not widely spread among collectors. Such a design is associated with a museum, a diamond shop or an auction house. Get one for yourself and you will definitely stand out in the crowd. Your friends or office guests will be impressed and will appreciate the art.

Now that it is pretty obvious why you need a shadow box, what are the top rated options on the market? What should you know about them and what are their pluses and minuses?

Top 5 Shadow Boxes For Jerseys

Snap Shadow Box

Snap’s shadow boxes for jersey are extremely well rated out there and this model is one of the top sellers. It is only available in a black frame and measures 21.1×31.1 inches. It is large enough for jerseys, but you should still double-check and measure your collectible before spending your money.

It is a wall hanging design. You have acrylic glass in the front, while the actual box is made of acrylic. The material is durable and will last for ages. The black finish is smooth and attractive. Other than that, the box is shattered resistant for durability.

When it comes to the inside, the display case is 2.8 inches in depth. You could display a jersey or perhaps a sports jacket. You could also throw in a few other things, but given the depth, you will not be able to come up with any balls, baseball bats and so on.

The interior also features a foam board. The board allows attaching your memorabilia without too much hassle. You could also pin it, but make sure you will not ruin it. The foam board is removable, so you could gain a bit of extra depth.


  • Durable design
  • Classic appearance
  • Shatter resistant
  • Suitable for most jerseys
  • Removable foam board


  • Might need more pins to secure the jersey
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MCS Shadowbox

MCS does not mess around when it comes to shadow boxes for a jersey. There are a bunch of good options out there and each of them can be customized in small details. This unit is available in three different colors for the frame – black, gray and white.

In terms of sizing, this box comes in multiple options. The smallest size you could get is 8×10 inches – suitable for a hat or perhaps some signed photos. There are a few other sizes out there, but the biggest one for jerseys measures 16×20 inches.

The glass in the front is relatively thick and will easily face the test of time. As for the frame, it is based on a natural solid wood design. Wood is traditional and while it may require some treatments over time, it looks better than acrylic or other similar materials.

Other than that, the package includes some hangers as well. You can display this shadow box vertically if you have one jersey, but you can also display it horizontally if you want to squeeze in a couple of them. Either way, the installation will be a breeze.


  • Comes with more hangers
  • Can be hanged horizontally or vertically
  • Classic design
  • Solid wood construction
  • Available in more colors and sizes


  • The inside is only about an inch in depth
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Flybold Shadow Box

Flybold takes quality to another level. Value for money is exquisite. You get the type of shadow box for jerseys that you would normally see in a museum, but for an affordable price. The case measures 31.25×23.25×1.5 inches, so it is suitable for all kinds of jerseys and other similar memorabilia.

The panel is made of acrylic. It is not any type of acrylic, but the grade-A variety. It will never go yellow over time. It provides 92% transparency, as well as 98% UV protection, so the jersey will not fade or lose its colors over time.

The frame is not to be overlooked either. It is made of mahogany, which underlines luxury. It is solid and features a beautiful finish. The frame also has a couple of gold locks to prevent theft. As for the inside, you get a velvet lining to prevent damaging the jersey.

When it comes to mounting this shadow box, you have two different options. You get a bunch of saw tooth hangers, so you can display it horizontally or vertically. As for mounting the jersey, the pin board ensures a clean display with no wrinkles whatsoever. A detailed manual of instructions is included.


  • Quick and simple setup
  • Durable and beautiful mahogany frame
  • Good UV protection
  • Locks against theft
  • Manual of instructions


  • Not deep enough to take a jacket
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Basketball Jersey Display Case Cabinet Shadow Box

This could be one of the best shadow boxes for jerseys if you do not want any fancy materials or features, but just a basic frame with good protection for your jersey. At the end of the day, you are only trying to display a nice piece of memorabilia while keeping it in good condition.

The unit measures 31.5×23.5×2 inches. It is quite large for jersey and shirts, but it may not be thick enough to take a jacket. It is fully assembled, so there is no work from your side. It is only available in one color though – black. It is classic and works against walls with all kinds of patterns.

The door is based on acrylic. Unlike other similar cases, this one has 98% UV protection. You can display it in direct sunlight on the wall, without worrying that the UV light may damage the jersey or cause colors to fade. Other than that, the acrylic door also has latches that could be locked for security.

Finally, the frame is based on furniture grade beech. It is hardwood and can resist overtime. It has a beautiful finish and comes with a matching wood hanger. All the mounting is included in the package, so you just need to fix the jersey in and throw the case on your wall.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Durable design
  • UV protection
  • Lockable latches
  • Fully assembled


  • Heavier than other shadow boxes in this price range
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SfDisplay Shadow Box

Whether you want some extra depth for a better view of your jersey or you consider displaying an actual jacket, this could be one of the best shadow boxes for your jersey. It measures 38×29 inches, as well as 4.75 inches in depth – obviously, the depth is a bit lower on the inside, but still good enough for jackets.

The case is handcrafted in beech. It is a hardwood with a furniture grade, so it will easily face the test of time. The finish is elegant and traditional. The case is only available in black, so it can match pretty much any type of décor.

The door is based on acrylic. It is a common material in this industry because it can resist all kinds of stress. It also features 98% UV protection, so the sunlight will never cause colors to fade. The door also comes with latches. It is lockable for security.

The unit is fully assembled. There is nothing you have to do, but fit your memorabilia in. A matching wood hanger is also included in the package, while the background can be pinned. You can display the case both vertically and horizontally.


  • Extra depth for other items or even jackets
  • 98% UV protection
  • Solid furniture design
  • Fully assembled
  • Lockable door


  • Push pins are a bit too long
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Buying Guide For Shadow Boxes For Jerseys

You might have seen tutorials regarding shadow boxes for jersey and it may look like an easy DIY project. It might be if you only want to frame an autographed picture. Framing a sports jersey is more difficult though, but not impossible. When buying a shadow box, the good news is it is fully assembled. You just need to put the jersey in and hang it – you do not have to build anything yourself.

So, what should you look for when interested in a shadow box? What are the main considerations in the process?


The frame requires a long consideration. A shadow box frame could be similar to a flat box frame, so do your homework. Any of them will get the job done and can successfully display your jersey. However, the shadow box frame brings in some extra customization. it is also used with a bunch of other things, such as plaques, 3D items or pictures.


The size is one of the first things to pay attention to. While you could buy a frame that looks alright in pictures and even seems to match a jersey, it pays off measuring the jersey you have. You do not want any unexpected surprises. If you want to display it in its full splendor, a small frame will force you to fold it or simply change the frame.

Consider the depth as well. Perhaps you want to display some extras as well, such as boxing gloves, a jacket or a baseball bat.


Materials will tell you how durable a shadow box for the jersey is. Opt for high quality and never take a compromise. Consider the wood – ideally, it should be hardwood. Some cheaper cases are based on acrylic – not a bad idea if you are short on money. Regular glass is alright, but UV protection is better to preserve the jersey.

Consider the mattings and moldings too. The backings should be qualitative and acid free.

Jersey display

Now, how do you want to display the jersey? A massive case will allow you to display the jersey in its full size. There will be no compromises. You can iron it and display everything – including the sleeves. But this is not a general rule. Some cases are a bit smaller and mostly recommended for folding jerseys.

Practically, the jersey can be folded in a few different ways. There are a few things that truly matter – the player’s number and name, as well as logos. If you opt for a folding display, you will have to iron the folds to ensure the jersey stays in place.


When it comes to mounting, most shadow boxes for your jersey come with detailed instructions, so you can do everything yourself. Most commonly, the jersey is fitted over a foam core. The foam core is soft and less likely to damage it. You can also use pins to secure the jersey in place, yet pins may damage the jersey.

Hanging mechanisms

Make sure you have everything you need in the package. Most commonly, the vertical display will get the job done. But then, horizontal displays are just as common. For example, you could fit two or three folded jerseys if you opt for a horizontal display.

All in all, you should have some hangers to ensure a safe and secure installation.


Extras are nice to have, but not mandatory. The UV protection for the glass is the most common one and it will help preserve the colors of the jersey in the long run. Then, you may want to opt for locks too. Many doors can be locked. This way, your kids will have no access to your jersey. If you display it in a public place or your office, you ensure no one can open the door to touch it. It is a good option against theft.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best shadow boxes for a jersey?

How should I measure the jersey?

Stretch the jersey out and measure both its length and width. If it belongs to a large player and you cannot find a large shadow box, you may consider displaying it folded. Fold it and measure it again then.

Where do stitches or pins go?

You can use pins and stitches anywhere, but you do not want them to be visible. Also, you do not want them to ruin the jersey. Professionals tend to go under the neckline, at the start of each sleeve and at the bottom hem. These are the most common options.

Is mounting a shadow box a good DIY project?

You can reach to a professional for the job or you could do it yourself. Doing it yourself will save you money, but you will lose time. A bit of attention ensures you will not damage the jersey.


And so the bottom line, shadow boxes for jerseys are quite diversified. They come in all kinds of sizes and colors, while materials are pretty common. Most importantly, you need to purchase the shadow box based on the jersey you want to display and not the other way around.