Shadow Boxes At Hobby Lobby – Time To Savor Your Memories And More

They say that the only thing that makes a house a home is the people living in it. Their memories, their tastes, their laughs – these are the strands that come together to birth a warm home!

There is an excellent way to make your home feel all the more homely with shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby!

Read on ahead to find out all there is to know about Hobby Lobby’s exciting shadow boxes.

Shadow Boxes: The perfect anchor for your memories and passions

Do you adore your annual family vacations? Are you super enthusiastic about watching all the latest movie releases? Maybe you love collecting vintage stamps or anything else!

Everyone has their passions. You, too, must have a soft spot for certain types of memories or collectibles. If yes, then why not flaunt them in your home with confidence and a dash of elegance?

Hobby Lobby makes it possible through its appealing collection of Shadow Boxes.

What is a Shadow Box at Hobby Lobby?

In case you aren’t already acquainted with the term, a shadow box is a case with a glass front. It may sound acutely similar to a generic photo frame, but it certainly isn’t. Shadow boxes hold more wonder and flexibility in them.

Shadow boxes are thicker than photo frames. You can display anything of personal significance in them. It could be a collection of plane tickets from your family vacations, movie theatre bills, or things like stamps.

Along with these things, you have the freedom to enhance the display by keeping 3D objects as well!

Shadow Boxes At Hobby Lobby

The shadow boxes which you can get at Hobby Lobby allow you to exercise all your creative muscles by displaying your best memories. You can also put in keepsakes, such as corks or your dogs’ collar tags. Your home will speak volumes, then, wouldn’t it?

A wide range

Hobby Lobby can offer you a whole range of shapes and sizes. You will be able to spot excellent shadow boxes in sizes such as 5 inches x 7 inches, 11 inches x 14 inches, 12 inches x 12 inches, and more. The different degrees of thickness are also immensely convenient and pleasing.

There are different types of frames available too! The selection of colors in which you can get is quite imaginative as well. There are black, gray ones, white boxes with a matte finish, or colored wooden boxes, and more.

You can find the right fit!

Hobby Lobby has a plethora of these fun and creative display cases. You will easily be able to find one which complements the aesthetic of your home.

Are you looking for a thin frame to go up on your wall? Would you prefer having a bold, boxy frame that can sit on your coffee table? Maybe you’re considering a medium Shadow Box that can perform both these roles impeccably. Whatever your preferences are, the Shadow Boxes at Hobby Lobby can cover them all!

It is time for you to dive right into touching up your home’s aesthetics with a quirky new addition of Shadow Boxes!

Acquire a rustic look with the Colored Wood Shadow Box at Hobby Lobby

Is the aesthetic of your house inclined towards a rustic touch? If so, Hobby Lobby’s Wood Shadow Box is perfect for you! You can create an interactive, virtually conversing piece of wall decor with it.

This Shadow Box features a lightly colored wooden finish. It emanates natural, authentic energy- great if you want to display old items like stamps or coins. 5 inches x 7 inches in size and different colors, you can easily incorporate it into your existing decor.

Admire your bonds with the White or Gray Wood Shadow Boxes at Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has an incredible collection of Wooden shadow boxes, that is for sure. The White or Gray Wood Shadow Boxes come in various dimensions, an excellent choice for displaying family memorabilia and collections. This one is at your service by Green Tree Gallery.

The frame is MDF, with the white one has a matte finish giving it a classy and subtle appearance. Both variations have a padded fabric base, which will keep your belongings perfectly safe and scratch-free. You need to take a look at them for a quick and easy sprinkle of personal significance in your sweet home. 

Give life to your pictures and printed keepsakes with Hobby Lobby’s Shallow Shadow Boxes

Are you looking for a way to uniquely display your photos, plane or movie tickets, or things like Polaroids and stamps? If yes, then you should have a look at the shallow types as they can be one of the best candidates for you. 

You can create striking, story-telling wall pieces with these boxes, which you can find in different colors and finishes. On average, the thickness of these shallow variation is 1 inch. The back is cushioned, so you can pin your paper, printed, or fabric belongings easily!

How to decorate your home with Hobby Lobby Shadow Boxes

You do not need an argumentative case to get a shadow box of your own. They are pretty convincing just by themselves, wouldn’t you agree?

Shadow boxes are versatile, which means that you do not have to feel limited to any specific type of use for them. You can have a whole wall dedicated to being a gallery with Shadow Boxes of different shapes and sizes coming together. How about a theme for a cohesive collection?

Here are some ideas for you to decorate your home with shadow boxes from Hobby Lobby.

Select a theme and build your decor

The most typical way to use shadow boxes is to settle upon a theme and build your gallery accordingly. If you already have a persisting essence in your home, you can incorporate similar shadow boxes in it.

Take the example of a beach-themed room. You can use Hobby Lobby’s shallow shadow boxes to adorably display some dried seaweed or sea plants.

The White Wood Shallow Shadow Box at Hobby Lobby is the perfect candidate for this purpose!  With its thin white frame, it can bring out the deep colors of sea-related flora.

Similarly, you can also put up some attractive shells and pebbles or formations of sea glass for the beach theme. You can find a suitable shadowbox at Hobby Lobby for this role as well. The wood shadowbox that is 6 inches in width will be great for keeping some shells that you collected while enjoying a day at the beach!

You can choose to mold your case display as per any theme of your choice. Do you want to have a vintage themed corner? You can indeed style your shadowboxes with old possessions for a finish like that!

A Shadow Box with a colored wooden finish or a black colored version from Hobby Lobby will be able to carry this theme well.

Shadow boxes for children’s rooms

It is always fun to decorate children’s rooms. It allows you to take a road back into your own childhood!

Nurseries and children’s rooms are lively and full of color. Display cases are bound to be a spectacular addition to them.

You can use display cabinets from Hobby Lobby to display little things of significance from your children’s interests. For instance, if your child had a favorite pacifier as a baby, you could keep that in a shadow box to create a timeline of your young one’s growth! You can also display toys and action figures inside them as well.

Hobby Lobby also offers other types of display cases in a variety of shades and colors. You can most definitely find an apt finish for your child’s nursery. Do you want to go for a matte finish? Perhaps a glossy look would seem better. You can find all of these at their website now.

Shadow Boxes at Hobby Lobby to spice up your kitchen

Good food calls for a dose of love and affection as the secret ingredient. Your kitchen is where you do this, of course! It is why you must have a riveting, bright, and fun atmosphere.

Using shadowboxes can increase the appeal of your kitchen. Kitchens do not have to be bland spaces meant just for cooking, after all. You can use these display cases to showcase your collection of spices, quirky spoons or forks, or dried herbs.

You will also be able to enjoy admiring your collection of wine or beer bottles, or shot glasses, through these magnificent display cases. Some compelling ways to amplify your work environment in the kitchen is to put up shadow boxes with unique napkins, collections of coasters, and similar items.

Keeping the spark alive with Special Display Cases

One of the most popular ways people use a special display cabinet to keep memories of their wedding days alive. You can do this too! One of the best choices may be the Deep-colored shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby as it can bring out the pastel shades that wedding themes usually have.

You can put in some pressed flowers from your wedding bouquet, the invitation, maybe even your wedding tiara.

Photo Album Shadow Boxes from Hobby Lobby

Using shadow boxes as photo albums are perhaps the most traditional ways to harness their creative energy. You can use a photograph as a background and place some items of significance from that time in front. You could also create strings of Polaroid photos and add little decorations within.

The shallow shadowboxes are a great choice if you intend to display only photographs. If you are thinking of keeping other personal things along with those photos to amplify the memory, you can opt for thicker variants.

Usually, a thin frame is the most suitable type of shadow box frame if you want to display photos. A thick, bold frame can take away the focus from your fascinating memories in the glass case.

Display your artwork with Shadow Boxes

Are you an artist? Do you enjoy engaging yourself in DIY projects? If your answer is yes, then shadow boxes are incredible for you to flaunt your artistic skills!

Since you can find these glass cases in almost any size and shape, your choices are virtually endless. If you create art in the form of paintings or activities like button-art or candy wrapper art, you could use thin shadowboxes.

If you’re more inclined towards creating larger craft items, you can easily accommodate them in thick and large variants. Hobby Lobby has got your covered on all bases!

Why should you incorporate Shadow Boxes into your decor?

Shadow boxes are indeed some of the best elements of inventiveness and imagination. Everyone loves to personalize their living spaces, and shadow boxes make it possible on a significant scale. Your home will feel warmer- the homeliness will skyrocket when you add a shadow box or two in there!

The best characteristic of these types of display products is perhaps their versatility. You can do anything you want with these frames!

You must possess some personal belongings or trinkets that you have no use for yet do not feel like discarding. With Shadow Boxes, you will finally have a home for these items. Hobby Lobby has an excellent collection of these boxes- you can check them out on its website.

To sum it up

It is time for you to amplify the feeling of belonging in your home. Shadow boxes at Hobby Lobby are just the right objects to serve this purpose. They are thick glass display cases in which you can proudly flaunt any of your personal belongings.

They are multipurpose and will adapt to any setting. 

Does the concept of using shadow boxes pique your interest? If yes, then you must get your very own shadow box as soon as possible! You can do this through the official website of Hobby Lobby which their website address will be:

Whether it’s a rectangular box you are looking for or a square one; a thin one or a thick one- Hobby Lobby can offer all. Get your own shadow box now and let your home become a storyteller!