Schwinn IC3 Indoor Cycling Bike Reviews

As a cycling enthusiast, the pandemic surely left you isolated in the safety of your house. You can no longer take your bicycle out for a spin around the town because of the safety restriction. However, you can always improvise and resort to indoor cycling.

Schwinn IC3 review

For that, Schwinn IC3 might be the right option for you. The company promises to provide a wholesome fitness experience within the safety of your house. The bike is conveniently mid-ranged in price and comes with outstanding specs and features.

Here is a nuanced review of the popular and sturdy Schwinn IC3.

Features of Schwinn IC3

IC3 has been brimmed with impeccable features that make your cycling experience a convenient one. You can easily carry out high-energy, low-impact workouts using it.

It comes with adjustable options and comfortable padding that helps you focus on your workout without any hindrance. The cycle’s dimensions are 45 x 23 x 49 inches. It can hold up to 300 lbs weight.


IC3 has been endowed with an outstanding design specifically for hardcore cyclists.

  • It comes with a water bottle holder that can fit small as well as large bottles. This way, you can remain hydrated even without halting your workout.
  • Music adds new vigor to an extensive workout. Schwinn has attached a media rack to the body. It allows you to place your phone, tablet without any fuss.
  • The handlebars are well padded to ensure an easy and comfortable grip during long workouts. In design, the handlebars have a urethane dip that makes them easy to hold.
  • The seat is ventilated for relief and can be adjusted to suit any height.
  • It also features dual SPD pedals that have standard clips and toes cages.
  • It has a 40 pounds heavy flywheel that features a smooth belt drive. It comes with various resistance levels.
  • You can begin from a lower level of resistance and build-up towards higher ones.
  • There is an emergency stop feature.

Computer features

Beyond the additional hardware features, computer functions are also useful.  The bike comes with an LCD console that allows you to monitor your burned calories, heart rate, and time.

The computer also gives you feedback about the distance you have travel while using the indoor cycle. Furthermore, you can observe your speed and RPM as well.

The data monitor feature allows you to maintain a record of your progress. Not only this, it has a wireless heart rate monitoring feature which saves you money from getting a chest strap.

The display area is large enough to clearly show the readings. The computer system works on battery. You will need two AA size batteries to make it work. The batteries should be able to last for almost a year.


Pedal design

The pedal design is considered to be the best by cycling enthusiasts. It has caged pedals and SPD clips that ensure comfort and a better footing grip.

Not only this, but it also supports the standard 9/11 threads. That enables the user to make modifications for an effective workout session.

Resistance system

As listed under its features, IC3 has a spectacular resistance system. Though Schwinn has not used a magnetic resistance system in IC3, the felt pad resistance system does an equally efficient job as a magnetic one.

The felt pad resistance system indeed makes more noise than a magnetic one. However, IC3 promises a quiet workout to some extent. If you lubricate the pads, the noise produced decreases drastically.

Below the handles, you receive the knob to control this resistance. The knob is easy to access even while cycling; the more you spin the knob clockwise, the greater the resistance level is reached.

The knob control allows you to easily change the resistance level without any hassle.

Not only this, Schwinn has added extra safeguards against damage due to sweat. The resistance pad comes with a special flywheel guard. The guard also protects the resistant pads from corrosion and friction.

Performance analysis

The major reason why Schwinn dominates the industry is its product’s outstanding performance and quality. The IC3’s performance is almost equivalent to other more expensive models in comparison.

The features that make ICR capable enough to do so are its strategically designed pedals, flywheel, and excellent drive system.

The flywheel weighs around 40 pounds and is well centered. The centralization of weight allows pedals to rotate smoothly even with high inertia. This technology makes IC3 distinctive from other models.

Another performance-improving factor is the drive system (as mentioned above). The belt drive system, contrary to other similar indoor cycles, is smooth. It has been designed to aid you in your workouts effectively.

Adjustability feature

To make IC3 accessible for all individuals with varied heights, Schwinn made sure to add a multitude of adjustable facilities to it. It can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the individual whose height ranges between 5 ft 1 inch and 6 ft 4 inches.

The seat, as well as the handlebar, can be adjusted in four different directions. You can adjust them forward/backward and up/down to your convenience.

Schwinn IC3 indoor cycling bike reviews

The up and down adjustability changes can be made by simply removing the knob and screwing them back in a different hole. It’s the same in almost all indoor cycles. The forward and backward adjustability is also done similarly.

Horizontal adjustments are possible up to two inches for the seat and 4 inches for the handlebars. On purchase, you will receive a manual to help you with the assembly and adjustability.

Storage and placement convenience

IC3 is quite heavy as it weighs 100lbs. It also requires a considerable amount of space (21.2 inches by 45 inches).  Make sure to leave a lot of clear space around it. That way, there will be no hindrance in your workout.

Though heavy, you can effortlessly move it from one place to another. It comes with small transportation wheels at the front. These wheels aid you in moving the bike around. Though turning around the corners can be difficult.

Wooden floors can get scratches on them if you move the bike around too often. If you wish to store it, it will be better to disassemble it and stash it inside the carton boxes. Moving them in boxes that way becomes easier.


  • It comes with transport wheels for easy moveability
  • Wireless heart rating monitoring
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good warranty
  • Tablet holder
  • Water bottle holder
  • Pedals with toe cage as well as SPD
  • RPM measurement


  • It does not come with built-in workout programs.
  • The resistance level is not marked or visible on display.
  • No Bluetooth connectivity feature
  • The console has no backlights
  • Heavyweight that hinders portability

Warranty policy

Schwinn’s warranty policy is rather attractive. The bike is explicitly sturdy. You do not have to fear about its seat or handle loosening out. Even if by some accident something happens to it you can easily use the warranty scheme.

The bike’s frame has a five years warranty. On the other hand, the mechanical and electrical parts have a two years long warranty. Lastly, the worn parts come under warranty for a year.


The assembly is easy to carry out by yourself.  If you don’t want to do it by yourself, you can request a technician to do so for you.

The bike comes partially assembled. All you need to attach is the base, handlebars, seat, meter, and pedal units.

The resistance, flywheel, and crank come attached to the mainframe. Hence, you have no issue regarding it. It takes no longer than half an hour to assemble the entire unit. You will get the complete kit and tools necessary for the assembly.

Furthermore, the manual gives you a step by step procedure for assembling the bike.

Price analysis

Schwinn’s IC3 is cost-efficient and gives exceptional results. Its price is much cheaper than other products with similar features in the market.

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Though the bike does not come with other advanced features such as built-in workouts, it still does a good job at maintaining your fitness.

Schwinn promises durability and sturdiness in this product. Its long-lasting hardware makes it an optimum choice. If you purchase IC3 from Schwinn’s official website, you will not have to pay any delivery charges.

Also, you can select the in-house assembly option during purchase. Under this, Schwinn provides you with a qualified technician to skillfully set up the entire equipment. This additional service will cost you an extra $129.

All in all, IC3 is not that taxing on your bank savings. Its cost-efficiency is one of the major reasons why it is popular.

Schwinn IC2 vs. Schwinn IC3

Schwinn has revamped IC2 to shut down all competition with its new IC3. Of course, IC3 has newer features, but the main difference between the two is visible based on the size and weight. IC3 is a heavy-duty bike that can withstand heavier weight as well.

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IC3 allows you to adjust your seat vertically and horizontally. While IC2 does not have a horizontal adjustment feature. The LCD console is better than IC2 and comes with a heart rate monitor.

On the warranty aspect as well, IC3 is better than IC2. These extra features come at a higher price than IC2; however, it is fair to pay more for better comfort and experience than not use the bike at all.

Users with IC2 bikes find it to be just fine, but change is always better. For new users who wish to try Schwinn products, they must go for the latest IC3.

Competition analysis

The biggest competition that Schwinn IC3 faces is against Peloton. Both the bikes have the same body structure and layout. However, peloton’s design is considered to be more appealing.

Peloton also has a better console with a touch screen display. Though Peloton may have the upper hand, IC3’s design and performance easily overcome that perception.

IC3 includes a horizontal adjustment that makes it more comfortable to use. Also, it must be considered that a touch screen display will have no value if you cannot even adjust the bike conveniently.

Most importantly, Schwinn IC3’S price is a quarter of what you have to pay for Peloton. No doubt, some think that the magnetic resistance and better display make the higher price justifiable. However, IC3 ensures efficiency in your workout which is the very purpose of your purchase.

Final Verdict

Cycling has a beneficial impact on health. Notwithstanding the pandemic, if you are tired and wish to relieve your stress without taking a step outside your house, indoor cycling is the best solution for you.

No doubt, Schwinn IC3 is not that advanced in features as some other bikes, yet it is an ideal workout companion. Schwinn strategically focuses on the body and hardware since most users quit cycling because of the lack of comfort.

Even then, the features that have been introduced in IC3 are simply spectacular. You will not find any other bike that is cost-efficient and comes with so many features.

Overall, this bike is perfect for serious fitness enthusiasts who wish to acquire realistic uphill and downhill cycling experiences. Surely, you will observe an improvement in your progress because of this product.

Hence if you have any other doubts or reservations regarding the product, keep them away and enjoy a wholesome fitness regime involving your very own Schwinn IC3!