Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike Review

The Airdyne AD7 is the best air bike of Schwinn Fitness with a robust home-use warranty. This AD7 fitness machine is quite similar to the Airdyne AD Pro, which is often used in light commercial gyms.

Schwinn has three Airdyne exercise bikes for residential use, of which the AD7 possesses superior durability, ergonomics, and workout programming. From its wireless telemetry and powder-coated sturdy frame to a 27-inch full-fledged fan wheel, this advanced Airdyne machine will get you excited beyond expectations.

The AD7 Airdyne exercise bike aims at introducing challenges and versatility in your home workout regimen. The air resistance and unrivaled durability ensure powerful cardio training. The moving handlebars come with a multi-grip feature to support a full-body workout at home.

With an improved console, satisfactory seat adjustment, and upgraded handlebar grip, the Schwinn Airdyne AD7 is a premium home bike. It offers a maximum user weight capacity of 350 pounds and height adjustments for a maximum of 6 feet.

Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike Features

Please keep reading to know whether it’s worth buying the Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike. Our in-depth review includes details about the product features, specifications, programming, and parts.

Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike


Buying a bulky home exercise bike can be a nightmare for people with small living spaces. Well, the AD7 Airdyne is relatively compact with 53″ × 26.5″ × 53″ dimensions. It comes with a 4-way padded adjustable seat and LCD to facilitate an engaging home workout. Being portable, you can carry this exercise bike across your room without much hassle.

Other Specifications

Resistance Type: Infinite

Drive System: Belt Drive

Frame: Powder-coated Steel

Type: Upright

Resistance: Air

Assembled Weight: 113 lbs

Accessories Included: Bottle holder

Handlebars: Mobile

Pedals: Standard

Heart Rate: Wireless

Max. user weight: 350 lbs

Programs: 9


The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne Exercise Bike is loaded with a plethora of premium features. It is quite affordable and long-lasting. It offers the same quality as the Airdyne Pro yet is relatively cheaper than the latter.

Frame and Parts

The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne bike comes with a heavy-duty sturdy steel frame of commercial standard. The machine blends rectangular bars with the ovalized ones to provide maximum stability. The connection points are precision-welded to maintain stability while working out.

The double-coated corrosion-proof paint ensures improved longevity and performance. The exercise bike has a dark gray finish with a chrome finish on the slider and seat post. The center of gravity is pretty low to ensure unrivaled stability. The 113 lbs weight adds to the stability and facilitates a full-body workout.

As a premium-quality home exercise bike, the bases are provided with wide rubberized pads and adjustable stabilizers. The bike offers easy mobility as it is equipped with sturdy transport wheels.

This exercise bike is also ideal for people with small homes as it is not exceptionally large like other fitness bikes. It has a fully assembled length of 53 inches and a width of around 26.5 inches. However, the brand recommends having a usage area of a minimum of 74.5″ × 101″ for unhindered operation and safe access.

The bike also has a broad step-up pad above its crank system. Many upright bikes or air resistance exercise bikes don’t have this feature, making the AD7 Airdyne a top choice. It acts as stretching support as well as step-up or step-down support to ensure various cycling workouts.

The AD7 also comes with two footrests that are tied at the front fork. This feature allows you to use the moving arms of the bike while keeping your feet motionless. The machine enables users to alternate between various exercises.

Resistance and Drive

Well, as the name suggests, the AD7 Airdyne bike comes with air resistance. The flywheel fan is equipped with 26 blades to offer a smooth workout regime. The fan also combines metallic elements and ABS for unlimited resistance.

This bike doesn’t have a magnetic brake, and the flywheel fan serves as the sole resistance generator. You are not required to connect your bike to a power source for developing resistance. The fan generates a dynamic response every time you move the pedals or handlebars.

Being an air resistance bike, the resistance is directly proportional to how fast you move the bars or pedals.

However, you must note that the handlebars and pedals don’t have an independent operation. The handlebars will only move when the users pedal, while the pedals will repeatedly spin if you use the handlebars.

Like every other air resistance bike, the Schwinn Airdyne exercise bike produces a bit of noise. However, it is not extremely loud. The noise is generally made when you pedal the bike at high speed.

The bike also comes with a heavy-duty, robust crankset and rubber belt. It facilitates less vibration than other types of exercise bikes.

The crank pedals and arms are incredibly durable and support a user weight of around 350 lbs. The stable, metallic alloy pedals will promote longevity and value for your money.

The belt drive system and crank arms allow you to perform several stand-up workouts. The durable and steel crank arms can support all types of workouts without losing balance. You can also replace the pedals with adjustable straps that are compatible with your exercise bike.

Handlebars and Seat

Magnetic upright bars come with stationary handlebars that are not suited to upper body workouts. However, the Schwinn AD7 is equipped with moving arms and a multi-grip system to enable users to perform various workouts. The handlebars are made of rubber-foam to maintain a comfortable and secure grip throughout your workout session.

Schwinn Airdyne AD7

The Schwinn AD7 is preferred by most workout enthusiasts owing to its cushioned and large seat. It is aimed at offering optimum comfort to users. The durable vinyl covering promotes both longevity and comfort. The seat is approximately 10.5 inches long and 11 inches wide which provides an adequate surface to workout comfortably. The seat is also equipped with a generous amount of commercial-grade foam padding.

The seat ensures even dispersion of weight to maintain stability during long workout regimes. The longitudinal groove of the machine provides improved ventilation and preventing overheating issues.

The seat offers 4-way adjustability, including forward, backward, up, and down. What’s more? The horizontal slider provides some extra inches for front-to-back seat adjustments. The bike can accommodate all users falling in the range of 5’0″–6’7″. You will get a full leg extension with adjustments in the upright post of the bike. You can adjust the seat to find the best workout position that suits your workout requirements seamlessly.

The seat is far better than those provided by most home exercise bikes. However, you can also enhance comfort by adding a gel cover to the seat.

The seat post also has ten holes with visual markings. That enables users to find their seat setting easily, even if someone has modified it. Simply put, the bike allows for all family members to use the bike without losing their seat adjustments. You can also efficiently perform the horizontal setting as the holes will enable you to insert the knobs and adjust them quickly.

What else did we like about the seat? It doesn’t wobble even during intense workout sessions.

Assembly, Care, and Maintenance

The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne bike arrives, with most of the parts being pre-assembled. The belt, crankset, and flywheel come attached to the bike’s mainframe. So what else do you need to assemble?

You will need to assemble the seat, moving arms, console, pedals, and base bars of the bike. The assembly is relatively easy and may take around an hour. The user manual offers clear and simple assembly instructions to guide you through the setup process. The tools and equipment needed to assemble the bike are also included in the package.

Once you are done assembling the bike, it is relatively easy to use. Moreover, it doesn’t require much maintenance. It would help if you regularly clear the dust that accumulates on the bike’s frame. Also, periodically check whether the parts and bolts are in good shape or not.



The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne bike comes with an advanced dual-display console. The top display is a Tachometer one which is segmented into 60 parts. It shows the Watts, calories-per-minute, speed, and RPMs.

The lower display is a Program Data monitor showing heart rate metrics, volume indicators, and interval programs. It also displays your battery, recovery data, and sprint.

The console has four major interval programs –

  • The first two-interval programs are the standard 30/90 and  20/10 ones.
  • The third program allows customization in creating your interval workout.
  • The fourth program will display your heart rate.

The bike also has three HR intervals: preset at 85%, 65%, and 75%. The telemetry unit requires an uncoded HR strap to enable the bike to monitor users’ heart rates. However, the HR chest strap isn’t included in the package. You need to buy it separately.

You can also set your own workout target by selecting the required distance, time and calories. The display will provide a countdown depending on your targeted metrics to enable a robust workout regime. This feature allows users to challenge themselves by setting targets that are hard to achieve.

The console also has a built-in pressure and temperature sensor to ensure automatic calibration. It will calibrate the bike’s resistance output to meet the air pressure differences.

The battery-powered console comes with two D-type batteries. You can also power the console with an AC adapter. We liked the machine’s clear readability, which allows you to track and observe your workout progress.

Optimized Flywheel Fan

The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne comes with an upgraded fan system. Most users of old air resistance bikes complained about the loud noise.

The AD7 Airdyne is decently quieter even when you pick up at a high pace. You will get high resistance levels with a low noise owing to the upgraded flywheel fan.

Another bonus? Well, the nice breeze that generates from the bike when you pedal will keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Full Body Workout

The durable and sturdy armbars will ensure a full-body workout for the users. You can burn greater calories owing to the enhanced armbars. The AD7 Airdyne has commercial bike features and helps to provide the same outdoor gym benefits. A single full-body workout on this exercise bike is enough to keep you in good shape.

Affordability and Warranty

Who doesn’t want a low-cost wonder when it comes to home exercise bikes? The Schwinn AD7 is affordably priced despite its premium features and sturdy construction.

The bike also comes with a reasonable warranty. You will get a ten-year warranty on the frame and a 2-year warranty on the parts and electronics. However, the labor warranty is only six months.


  • Compact size
  • Unlimited resistance levels with a large 27″ fan wheel
  • Moving arm handlebars to support upper body exercise
  • Horizontal and vertical seat adjustment
  • It features nine programmable home workouts
  • Incredibly quiet during the workout
  • Impressive warranty
  • Dynamic and infinite air resistance
  • Stabilizer bars at the rear and front bases ensure a stable workout
  • The frame has an anti-corrosion coating
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The powder-coated frame is exceptionally sturdy
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
  • Universal pedal and seat
  • Handlebars with multi-grip functions to diversify your training
  • Footrests facilitating upper-body workout without pedaling


  • It doesn’t include an HR chest strap
  • The seat may seem small to some
  • The monitor is not extremely high-tech
  • The pedals lack straps and toe cages
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Summing Up

The Schwinn AD7 Airdyne exercise bike is worth your investment. Many users across the globe appreciate the unlimited air resistance system and incredibly sturdy construction. It is also capable of accommodating people with a maximum weight of up to 350 lbs.

This bike excels in micro-adjustability, performance, and comfort. The extremely accurate console helps to track your workout data to boost your performance. The console comes with HR intervals, target value settings, and interval programs to facilitate various workouts. The price-quality ratio is exceptional, which makes the bike a top pick for most users.