Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Review

There is a variety of equipment suitable to be used for home workouts. However, many factors have to be considered before choosing a specific fitness machine to cater to all your fitness goals. With that in mind, a majority of such fitness equipment is on the expensive side.

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine is one of the best options in terms of its features and affordability as well.

This elliptical trainer is well-known for low-impact exercises. The Schwinn 470 Elliptical machine is an excellent option if you are looking for a trainer that you can use at home. It not only provides you a leg workout but also for cardio and arm too.

Schwinn is one of America’s most trusted brands, this model is known to be one of their best and most sought-after fitness equipment. It performs exceptionally well and has many features that make it ideal for all ages and different fitness levels.

This Schwinn 470 elliptical review will guide you in terms of the product’s best features, design along with its pros and cons to help you make the right choice.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine Features


The Schwinn compact elliptical machine 470 is 164lbs, and its maximum user weight is 300 pounds. This machine is under $1000 with loads of features, which is very rare to find in low-impact machines.

It also comes with a variety of workout plans which are about 29 in total.

This machine can easily be assembled at home and provides various protection plans and funding options too.


As mentioned earlier, this product offers 29 programs that are ideal for various activities and purposes. The LCD in the machine also allows you to monitor the displays at the same time. Other than that, the distance and time can be tracked via several devices and systems.

You will know the distance covered and the calories burnt in one session with the help of applications like Apple Health, GoogleFit being synced with this machine. It can be set up for more than one user. The path foot motion technology brings out a natural running pace in the machine.


The footplates are relatively large, which makes it extremely comfortable for the user, and the ramp can be adjusted either for challenging or recovery-based workouts. The footpath itself is 20 inches which is commonly not seen in these kinds of machines.

The incline can be adjusted with the help of power, which will lead to a more intense workout with consistent results. This machine’s resistance is also quite phenomenal, and it has a variety of smooth functioning levels. It has a digital control that is entirely magnetic. 

Setting Up

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical comes with a manual that gives instructions on how to assemble all the tools and different parts. Moreover, while unpacking, you will have to keep in mind that the machine will come with some oil in it.

This is mainly to avoid any difficulty during the assembly of the machine’s parts. The oil will act as a lube, making it easier to install certain hardware in the machine and tighten it. The steps given in the instruction manual are very easy to understand, and each step is very detailed so that you wouldn’t face any issues.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that almost every part is cumbersome to carry, so you might need extra hands to carry them around or during the setting up process.

Storage and maintenance

One of the most significant drawbacks of this product is that it can’t be moved around easily in the house. Although it does have efficient wheels attached in the front of the machine, it is integral to note that you will not be able to move it around often in the house.

First off, the weight of this machine is exceptionally heavier than the other models. The frames are also comparatively bigger in size. Even though this machine is best suited for at-home workouts, the space you will need must be relatively large.

The flooring can also be damaged while trying to move it; hence keeping carpets underneath is a must. The wheels do work even on carpets.

The user weight should not be over the limits, if it exceeds the limit, it may damage Schwinn 470. The warranty for labor is only 90 days. Hence, it would be best if you understood which parts are more sensitive or susceptible to damage during the installation.

More Information on Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine


The design of this machine is quite sturdy and durable. The wheels are relatively small in the front so to make it easy to move the machine around. Since it is quite heavy, it can’t be physically lifted from the ground. Hence, those wheels are actually very useful, but they can damage the flooring while doing so.

In order to avoid the above, getting a mat to put under the machine is the ideal option. The Schwinn 470 measures 63 inches tall and 70 inches long. It has a crossbar that is oversized, along with center frame support as well. 

As mentioned above, the Path Foot Motion technology has made it very easy for people to do workouts on Schwinn 470, which makes the entire activity similar to actual running. The angle of the pedals is also ideal for training without feeling strained.

The machine’s computer has many features that help in changing or adjusting a lot of different settings. Along with the USB charging port, it also has a separate media player with a bottle holder as well. Although the speakers of the machine might be a bit inferior to others, they can always be connected to a different media player.


With more than 20 programs to choose from, this machine helps you to reach all your fitness goals. You will be able to set different profiles for various purposes and users too. Moreover, each user can have a different set of profiles suited for their fitness levels and goals.

Schwinn 470 elliptical machine

Even though the USB charger port and the unavailability of the chest straps for the heart rate may make it a bit inconvenient, the overall performance of the Schwinn 470 is worthwhile. The resistance can be drive up to 25 levels, along with various inclines.

Automatic incline and quality

Although the automated incline has already been discussed in the previous features section. This is one of the most unique and best options available in the Schwinn compact elliptical machine 470. It provides different keys for control, and the resistance can be adjusted too.

The main highlight of this feature is that users still recovering from an injury can still perform workouts with this machine. If they decrease the inclines to some extent, the training and speed will be at a slower pace which may be safer for them. But it is always wise to fully recover from your injuries first.

Along with the automated inclines, the computer of this machine is also great. The system has dual screens and is backlit as well. It becomes easier to use once the profiles for different users have been set.

In total, the workout programs are 12 in total and nine heart rate controls while working out so that the user does not over-exercise and get injured in any way. The machine can accommodate a user of up to 130 kgs, and since the frame support, front-wheel, and crossbar are oversized, the machine is a lot more durable and sturdy.


The distance, calories, and time are all tracked down and uploaded onto the application. However, it works with other various applications as well, like Apple Health, GoogleFit, and MyFitnessPal. You could sync your machine with these applications via Bluetooth.

However, the Schwinn Trainer application does not require the same, and the entire data can be automatically uploaded in it without having to connect it to a different device. The whole workout performance can be tracked, and you will get to know whether you achieved your fitness goal for the day or not.


  • The size is appropriate for at-home use.
  • It has around 25 settings for resistance.
  • The handlebars can be moved, and the striding is smooth.
  • Twenty-nine menu programs with a limitation of four users.
  • Compatible with numerous devices
  • Cooling fan
  • Bottle holder and USB charging port
  • Heart-rate control workout plans.


  • The heart rate receiver is not wireless
  • Delicate handlebars and pedals
  • No adjustable angles for the pedals
  • Only 90 days warranty for labor

Final Thoughts

There are many amazing features, although there are also a few disadvantages for this machine in terms of the durability of certain parts, it is still one of the best choices to get a great workout session.

The various controls and settings allow the users to customize the machine in relation to their fitness levels and heart rate. These specs are unique to this model, especially in this particular price range.

Hence, if you are looking for a great workout and fitness machine that can help you reach your fitness goals without having the risk of over-exercising, this will be the ideal option for you.