Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine Review

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the whole world has come to a halt. The lockdown came with many other challenges, including restricted access to fitness facilities and closure of gyms; it may have been difficult to find the motivation to work out during the pandemic since many of our daily habitual activities have been restrained. For some, working out maybe less of a priority, but even a small amount of activity can positively affect your physical and mental health.

Not everyone has access to a home-gym; it’s always convenient to have a compact machine to help you get working. An elliptical can be the perfect fix for many; be it a beginner, older adult, or an athlete recovering from an injury, this low-impact workout machine offers you a great cardio workout and targets all your major muscle groups at once.

An elliptical allows a smooth, low-impact cardio workout that does not have any strenuous effect on your lower body. This training machine is one of the most desired machines at the gyms, and people are now making the leap and investing one for their homes. While there are numerous ellipticals available out there, Schwinn 411 is the most sought-after elliptical trainer because of its compact size and comfortable stride that it has to offer.


Schwinn 411 is a low-impact cardio trainer that offers a whole range of features without skimping on the equality; bonus; it only consumes very little space in your house. Down below are more much-elaborated qualities of this unit:

Anatomy and structure

This unit has a compact frame compared to other front-drive ellipticals; it is only 70.1 inches long, 28.1 inches wide, and 63.1 inches high.  The petite size makes this unit a better option for the users navigating a small area. Also, users with a limited mobility range will find it a better fit in their space since the machine is not very tall and does not require the user to step over it to get started.

This unit’s entire framework is constructed up out of steel tubing, covered with protective paint that protects the metal from corrosion. The sturdy structure allows users up to 136kg (300lbs) to use this machine, and the paint finish ensures the skeleton’s longevity.

This training machine weighs around 45.4kg (100lbs) which is fairly light for an elliptical, but it does guarantee stability.  The stability of a machine is essential. A wobbly elliptical should be the least of your concerns when working out. To ensure this, Schwinn has added both the front and back base bars with big adjustable stabilizers.

The unit is equipped with two pairs of handlebars, which play an important role in engaging your upper body. The moveable handles are long with grips on the top for a better hold. Also, they work your upper body muscle; arms, shoulders, chest, and back. The upright, stationary handles are attached to the machine’s front body; they curve up towards the users and have rubber grips for better handling and grip. Moreover, these handles are integrated with pulse sensors to monitor your heart rate while working out.

Lastly, this equipment is extremely portable; you can easily shift it from one room to another if you want some privacy or watch TV while working out, with the set of wheels attached to the base bars.


The occupancy of the motorized magnetic resistance system is a non-negotiable feature of this elliptical; the servo motor inside alters the pedaling’s difficulty level as you select the resistance level from the console.

This unit offers resistance levels up to 16; the beginner levels provide mild tension to the pedals; this is suitable for people who are starting with working out or have weak knees. Contrarily, higher levels up to 16 allow the user to challenge them incrementally; and get their heart rate up in a lesser period of time. Adding to the challenges, it also allows pedaling in reverse, which can help you target your glutes and hamstrings, too; therefore, you can switch up the direction and alter your workout routines.

Moreover, the intensity of pedaling is determined by resistance technology which is equipped with a magnetic brake and a servo motor. As the user selects a resistance mode, the servo motors adjust the brake’s placement according to the flywheel that is inside.

Lastly, the magnetic resistance feature with a sturdy poly groove belt does not require any lubrication like a chain drive. It ensures a quiet session and vibration-free motion, delivering natural, unobtrusive strides.


The Schwinn 411 features considerably big pedals that have non-slip rubber inserts in them. The large pedals allow ample surface area for the users with any foot size to fit their feet in the provided pedal space. The inserts add extra cushioning that helps the user move their feet comfortably without slipping.

The company has taken extra measures for the durability of the pedals. They are made of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), a stronger, recyclable, and more shock-resistant plastic. These pedals are attached to robust steel bars, which add to the durability of the pedals. For a smooth ride, these pedal bars are geared with resilient rollers that have protected ball bearings.


The Schwinn 411 elliptical is equipped with a sleek console, with a 5.5 inch LCD subdivided into other sections that show all the metrics together. It keeps track and displays time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate.  Also, it provides imperial and metric units for the display of the speed and distance option. The pulse gets tracked through the handlebars’ built-in sensors, but the console is also telemetric, which means it can track your heartbeat through a chest transmitter strap connected via Bluetooth.

Moreover, the console offers 13 different workout programs; if you prefer having a preprogrammed workout routine ready for you, you would absolutely enjoy this feature. There are four modes; manual, interval, challenge, and heart rate program.

The Manual mode allows you to work out on your own, customizing the exercises according to your own needs.

The interval mode has a pre-determined set of 30-90; that is, the interval for a sprint is for 30 seconds, and the interval for rest is for 90 seconds.

The Challenge mode is quite fun and customized with Ride in dark, Easy Tour, Peak, Pyramids, Summit pass, etc. For anyone of them, you can further select time, calories, and distance.

The heart rate mode is created to keep your heart rate at a definite level; the unit adjusts the resistance itself to keep your heart rate at the desired rate at all times.

Lastly, the console has a tablet holder, so you may entertain yourself during the sweat-breaking workouts and a bottle holder when you need to get a sip while catching your breath.


The elliptical provides a more organic motion with its horizontal path. The machine does not incline to any angle. Thus the user gets a natural flow of motion with a feeling of striding up or down the hill.


Schwinn 411 provides an all heights inclusive range of stride, which is non-restrictive for tall people. This unit offers an impressive stride of 18 inches despite its petite construction. For a unit this compact, it provides quite a long stride considering other machines of around the same size do not offer a stride of more than 13-16 inches.


The stepping up height of Schwinn 411 to the pedal is around 9 inches. Even when the unit is at the maximum height, the pedals reach around 17 inches above the machine’s surface.

Additional App

Schwinn411 is compatible with various apps; it lets you access the apps like ‘Explore the World, ‘ ‘Run Social,’ etc. These applications offer you a virtual tour around the world on your elliptical; sites include real-looking 19 locations, making your experience a lot more enjoyable.

The Best Features

Schwin411 is surely an all-in-one compact equipment that will fit in any nook at your house. This durable unit is well-made and comes with many perks, the first being the spacious pedals that are well- cushioned with rubber inserts. The company catered well to people of all foot sizes.

Schwinn Elliptical Machine

Secondly, the equipment offers all the features of a normal-sized elliptical. It has petite size and lightweight, yet it offers a stride of 18 inches and is very stable. The stability is further taken care of by adding a pair of adjustable stabilizers at the bar’s base.

Moreover, this training unit allows progressive improvement with the resistance feature. The users can increase resistance up to 18 levels and challenge themselves for better stamina and muscle toning.

It can become slightly perplexing when starting with a piece of new equipment. Schwinn has pre-designed workout routines for the users to make their experience comfortable.

The Roadblocks

Schwinn411 fits the bill for the perfect at-home elliptical; it is a perfect option for breaking a sweat with safe and low-intensity strides, but to make this review as equitable as possible, some things need to be brought to your attention.

The console has no backlit, which means it would not be easy to interpret the numeric if you are working out in a dimly lit room.

This elliptical does not come with an incline system; therefore, users cannot alter the path’s angle. The incline feature alters your path’s slope; this helps engage your core and other muscle groups, also intensifying your workout.


  1. The compact framework helps save space.
  2. Round grips on top of the handles.
  3. Transport wheels make it portable.
  4. Spacious cushioned pedals.
  5. Heavy-duty construction ensures stability.
  6. Pulse sensors integrated on handlebars.
  7.  Offers up to 16 resistance levels.
  8. Pre-set workout programs.
  9. Compatible with various fitness apps.
  10. Tablet and bottle holder.


  1. The console is not backlit, hard to read in the dark.
  2. No fan to cool off.
  3. The lesser range for resistance levels.
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Benefits of an Elliptical Machine

An elliptical is versatile fitness training equipment that offers the benefit of a low-impact workout while engaging all the big muscle groups too.

  • Light impact – Running on an elliptical feels like a very smooth ride; it mimics walking on the moon. It exerts no pressure on your joints and knees, unlike running, where every step causes strenuous pressure on your joints.
  • Low Maintenance – Compared to other fitness equipment, the elliptical does not need much upkeeping due to low impact workouts.
  • Versatile – Elliptical trainers mostly offer a variety of preprogrammed modes and levels for the workout. You can alter the resistance, incline, and heartbeat. Also, the programs imitate various adventures for you, like striding in the hills or interval training.
  • Whole-body workout – The best feature about ellipticals is that it works your upper and lower body simultaneously. Also referred to as a cross trainer, this unit can tone your quads triceps, biceps, glutes, chest back, and hamstrings if used properly.

Buying Advice

With our in-depth review, we hope that you are well equipped with the minutiae about the product. The company has tried to incorporate every feature that can help you have a better, gym-like experience in home comfort. If you have a budget that can fit this elliptical, you should leap of faith and invest in an elliptical trainer that will make your investment worthwhile.

Final Words

Schwinn is a competitive company that has been consistently delivering top-notch quality when it comes to workout equipment. Schwinn 411 offers all the features of a full-sized elliptical training machine at a fraction of size.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in such times may sound like a big task, but buying the right equipment is a great step in that direction, but now that you’ve thoroughly thought it through, it is time to hop on that pedal, grip the handlebars and stride away in the virtual tracks and trails.