Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike Review – A New Innovation In Fitness

The recumbent bike is an excellent choice for both lower body workouts and cardio exercises. When compared to upright bikes, they provide more comfort and convenience. Other than that, climbing on them is fairly simple, so they are suitable to elders or those recovering from injuries as well.

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is often among the top recommendations on the market when it comes to recumbent bikes. Based on the plethora of reviews on it, it sells well – therefore, there must be something good about it. Now, what should you know before spending your money on it?

A Few Words About Schwinn

The Schwinn Bicycle Company was brought to life in 1895, in Chicago. German engineer Ignaz Schwinn established it as a solid alternative to what the American market had in store. During the 20th century, it grew to become one of the leading manufacturers on the market – it was mostly focused on classic bikes, rather than gym equipment.

Schwinn’s popularity skyrocketed during the 1950s. Most bicycle manufacturers at that time used to sell their products in bulk – store brand models. Schwinn tried something different and introduced the brand to the market. Retailers were asked to sell Schwinn as their exclusive brand and the name quickly became a front runner on the American market.

One thing led to another and Schwinn also targeted the stationary market. This is when the first stationary bikes kicked in. People used to get them in order to practice and relax from the comfort of their homes. Today, Schwinn is one of the top rated names in this industry. You will find Schwinn products over pretty much any specialized store.

You can find bikes in all sizes and styles – cruiser, hybrid, mountain, road or electric. You can find bikes based on where you normally ride – rough terrains, quiet neighborhoods, busy cities and so on. You can find a bunch of electric bikes as well, not to mention smaller – yet just as qualitative – models for children only.

Stationary bikes are not new at all for Schwinn. However, they gained popularity over the past couple of decades. More and more people understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, so recumbent bikes are ideal for home workouts. They are just as handy for those who need some exercise after an injury, as well as elders who want to keep in good health condition.

Now what you have a clue about what makes Schwinn so popular, what should you know about the 230 recumbent bikes?

Features Of Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Assembly and size

Putting the Schwinn 230 recumbent bike together is not the most complicated task in the world, but not super simple either. The actual process is not too sophisticated. After all, you have a manual of instruction with detailed illustrations. You can see where most parts would go anyway, as the design is quite straightforward.

What makes the operation daunting is the fact that you have many parts to work with. In other words, you might end up with a few spare parts. The bike will work, but these parts will certainly cause some trouble later on. This is why it is imperative to follow every step by the book. You will probably need around 90 minutes to complete the process.

When fully put together, the bike measures 50x27x64 inches. It does not require too much floor space, so it can go into tight spaces too. It weighs less than 82 pounds. It has wheels on the front side. To move it, simply lift the backside and move it around. Given its weight, it is quite portable – not if you want to go up and down the stairs though.

Comfort and convenience

The 230 model does not differ much from other recumbent bikes in terms of design and functionality. Getting in and out is fairly simple. It makes no difference how small or large you are – your age and physical condition are irrelevant too. Getting in feels like sitting in a desk chair – there are no bars to jump over, which is one of the reasons wherefore recumbent bikes are so popular.

The seat is slightly oversized – you will feel comfy as you sit down. Plus, the backrest is relatively tall, meaning you will get proper lumbar support. If you are worried about sweating in a large seat, forget about it – the seat features a ventilation system, so the air will circulate. The seat features a natural contour, but there is no padding – it may feel a bit hard if you tend to exercise for more than a few hours.

Adjustability and resistance

In terms of adjustability, you can move the seat back and forth. Basically, it has a metallic rail. When fully back, it can take people taller than six feet with no issues at all – more freedom to fully expand your legs and enjoy a proper workout. There are a few other adjustments, but this is the one that makes the bike suitable for everyone out there.

When it comes to resistance, you have a 13.2 pound flywheel system. It is not the most powerful in the world. An energetic and experienced fitness enthusiast might want more than that. The average rider will find it more than enough, while beginners will love the possibility to adjust it. You have digital controls for most settings, including the possibility to alternate between 20 different settings.

You can also rely on one of the preset buttons to control the resistance. In other words, you do not have to work on any settings – simply choose the right program for your needs and keep going. The resistance will adjust by itself. At this point, you might want to become familiar with the programs first, since some of them could be too light or intense for your fitness level.

Fitness programs

Talking about fitness programs, these are some of the main benefits associated with this bike. The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike comes with a solid LCD screen. If you have used other Schwinn bikes before – whether at home or in your local gym, you will notice a decent improvement from the previous generations.

All in all, there are 22 workout items on the menu. Most newbies should begin with the quick start program. It is a manual mode – you start pedaling and go until you are tired. Then, there are nine profile programs – each of them with its own recommendations and indications. Furthermore, many programs and settings are split into two categories – beginners and advanced riders.

There are two fitness tests to find out where you are and push yourself a little – beginners and advanced users. You also have eight heart rate control programs – also split in the same categories. These heart rate programs are most suitable for those who want full cardio workouts – whether they want to challenge their hearts or burn some calories.

The two user profiles are extremely convenient if there are more people in the house using the recumbent bike. Settings are saved in each program, as well as the actual preset programs. It is more than enough for a couple. However, if you want more programs, there are slightly more advanced Schwinn bikes that can provide four profiles and around 30 preset programs.

Superior console

The console will make the difference if you have used such fitness equipment before. All the workouts are easy to access. You can also download your progress and data, so you can track everything you do. In terms of workouts, some of them are quite intense, while others are more fun. Some of them go up the hill or simulate mountain rides.

The console is larger than average and relatively easy to use. It is intuitive and does not require any experience at all. When compared to previous models of recumbent bikes from Schwinn, you will notice the screen has shrunk a little. It makes you want to double check everything to ensure Schwinn has not removed any vital features.

Measurements and multimedia

The Schwinn 230 recumbent bike will measure your heart rate, whether you are interested in a cardio program or you simply want to keep safe while making some effort. The measurement is done over the handlebars. Simply hold the handlebars and make sure you cover the contact sensors. The machine will grab the measurement then.

In terms of multimedia, you are less likely to get bored while riding this bike. You will see a small ledge, which can hold magazines, smartphones or tablets. You can connect over the MP3 player jack, which is built-in. Practically, you can hook up any MP3 device, including your smartphone. Small dual speakers will keep the music going while you exercise.


Whether you are playing music or watching some shows, you want to make sure you will not run out of battery. The recumbent bike comes with a classic USB port, so you can charge your device with no issues at all. You can charge or connect anything that works with the classic USB connection – simply plug the device in.

When it comes to extras, you will love the fan – it is the type of feature you normally find in high-end equipment in the gym. The fan can be adjusted over three different settings, based on how intense you want it – you can also turn it off. You have an accessory tray and a bottle holder too – the bottle holder can be attached on either side of the bike.


·         Machine is compact and does not require too much floor space – relatively simple to move too due to its wheels

·         Lots of different resistance levels that can be adjusted over the control panel

·         Plenty of workout programs – some of them for beginners, while others for more advanced users, not to mention the cardio fitness programs

·         Cooling fan with three different settings (and an off setting) – more common in high-end gym equipment

·         Two user profiles, so different users can save their workouts, data and progress without overlapping each other


·         Flywheel might feel a bit light for those with years of experience on the recumbent bike, but new and intermediate users will find it perfect

·         No Bluetooth connectivity, which is slowly becoming a standard in this industry

More Information on Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

Who Should Buy The Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike

There are a few categories of people wherefore the Schwinn 230 recumbent bikes would be perfect. If you have just decided to improve yourself and work on your fitness, this piece of equipment will get the job done in no time. It is light duty, but it can get quite aggressive as you gain experience – suitable for both new and intermediate users.

Then, the bike is also great for those with mobility issues, age related problems or extra weight. It can take up to 300 pounds in weight and it is often used in rehabilitation programs after injuries or accidents. Finally, it is worth noting that the bike is most suitable for people 6’2” tall or shorter. If you are taller than that, it will lose its efficiency and become uncomfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about this bike?

Are recumbent bikes difficult to ride?

Most bikes you use outdoors are upright. In other words, you will find this bike a bit awkward and unusual – you should get used to it within a few days though. It is simple to ride and extremely comfortable.

Can I work on the upper body with a recumbent bike?

No, you cannot. However, some bikes out there come with more vertical handles instead of a simple bar for support. Their main role is to work on your arms too, but also to provide some support for the core.


Bottom line, Schwinn 230 recumbent bike is an excellent piece of equipment that you simply cannot go wrong with. It boasts some features that you are likely to find in bikes costing twice as much. It compares to more expensive alternatives and features a great console, programmed workouts, the possibility to download your progress and lots of extras. Most importantly, this bike will cost less, so it provides excellent value for money.