Riding Toys For 5 Year Olds

Parents enjoy watching their children grow and gaining a sense of freedom and independence with time. From being able to stand to walk and to eventually able to ride, kids learn to balance themselves.

Riding toys for 5 year olds are crucial as they can help them to develop motor skills, learn to coordinate and refine their balance. Riding toys varies from a push car to a rocking horse to a battery-powered car; your kid will have something to play with all the time.

While you cannot overlook the benefits of riding toys, it is quite challenging to find the best riding toy for your kid among so many options. In this article, you will find the best and top-rated riding toys with amazing features that will keep your child engaged all the time.

10 Best Riding Toys For 5 Year Olds – Detailed Reviews

There is no other form of entertainment you can find for your children that will keep them occupied for most of the time. While your child is busy riding, you can do your work peacefully.

After extensive research, we bring you a variety of riding toys for your child, which are entertaining and safe for your child. Our detailed reviews will guide you to choose the riding toy, which is best suited for your child.

Fisher-Price Harley Davidson Tough Trike

There is not a dull moment with Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike. Kids love to ride bikes, and when your tricycle is as cool as this, there is no chance they are going to leave it. The amazing graphics and attractive colors are enough to bribe any child to get a hold of this tricycle.

In addition to the appealing look, the tricycle is equipped with a secret compartment that offers enough space to store other toys and snacks. With the pedals attached, the kids can comfortably stroll around the house, in the park, or in the neighborhood.

The tricycle is easy to ride as it comes with a stable and wide wheelbase and easy to grip handles. The comfortable seat and durable tires offer comfort and fun while riding. Additionally, the tricycle allows your child to stretch their leg muscle and also help to strengthen their motor skills.


  • Boasts large-foot pedals
  • Rugged and durable tires to ride on any surface
  • Storage Compartment under the seat
  • Easy-to-grip handlebars for a strong grip


  • Need to assemble
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KidOne Licensed Maserati Alfieri Ride

What is most appealing about this car is its original Maserati Alfieri Design. The car is perfect for five years old to drive as it can be either operated by remote control or by the steering wheel and foot pedal.

The best thing about electric cars is that they are battery-powered. You can easily charge them at night to enjoy an uninterrupted driving experience for more than two hours. Another thing is that it provides you with an RC paternal remote controller. If you are worried about your child’s safety, you can always control the car’s movements.

The electric car is made out of premium quality materials that offer long-lasting durability. Moreover, the electronic power steering offers advanced automation control and positioning sensor that help incorrect synchronization of wheels and steering wheel of the car.

You can easily convert your car into a stroller to carry and store anywhere you want. For that, remove the battery and take out the bar under the front and two rear wheels.


  • Licensed officially by Maserati
  • Comes with in-built USB/Mp3 port
  • In-built musical tunes and real horn
  • Equipped with leather seats along with seat belts for safety


  • Assembly required
  • Runs only for two hours on battery
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Peg Perego John Deere Ground Force Tractor

Take your outdoor adventure to a whole another level with John Deere Ground Force. This is a perfect riding toy for your five-year-old child. While riding, your kids will always remain entertained with FM radio attached inside.

The tractor comes with a detachable full-size trailer. The kids will love to load and deliver their things on the trailer. Moreover, there are two-speed control and reverse automatic brakes to make the driving smooth and safe.

Parents can also control the speed of the tractor with a second gear lockout feature. Apart from that, the seats are adjustable and also include flip-up armrests to provide ultimate comfort to your child.

If you are still not satisfied, the wheels of this farm tractor can offer extreme traction on gravel, pavement, grass, or dirt. Additionally, the tractor is battery operated and comes with a charger.


  • Speed lock
  • Padded and comfortable seats
  • Flip-up armrests
  • FM Radio


  • Assembly instructions are difficult to understand
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Ride On Toy Go Kart

Whether your child is a toddler or as young as five years old, the Ride on Toy Go Kart is safe and easy to ride on grass or any difficult surface. In some time, the Ride on Go Kart will become your child’s favorite riding toy and preferred vehicle for transportation.

Made with durable plastic, the riding toy offers a smooth and exciting ride every time. Additionally, the Go Kart can hold the weight of about 55 pounds easily. Therefore, it makes a great riding for both girls and boys of 5 years of age.

The Ride on Toy Go Kart is tested for safety and is free from banned phthalates. Moreover, it does not require any batteries or gear to drive. Simply start pedaling, and it will move smoothly.


  • Effortless operation without batteries and gears
  • Can use it on any surface
  • Durable and safe


  • Size can be the issue
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Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

When you buy this tricycle, there are more advantages than you can imagine. This tricycle grows as your child grows through different stages. You can buy this when your child is a toddler, and it can still be a perfect riding toy when your child is five years old.

The tricycle comes with detachable accessories that you can remove one-by-one as your child grows. The accessories are a wraparound tray, footrest, parent push handles, adjustable UV protection canopy, and seat belt. The UV protection canopy will protect your child from direct sun rays, and high-density foam tires will offer a smooth and peaceful ride.

There are four ways to ride the tricycle, first is infant trike, second is steering trike, third is a learn-to-ride trike, and last, classic trike. When your child reaches the classic trike, they can easily ride the tricycle without any accessories.

The push handle can be easily adjusted to the height so that parents can easily control the tricycle. Also, you can remove the push handle if your child can ride the tricycle confidently on its own.


  • Comes with a three-point harness for added safety
  • Paternal control push handle
  • Adjustable seat and sturdy steel frame
  • Detachable footrest


  • Construction is not durable.
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Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler

If your child is fascinated with Hot Wheels Cars and Toys, then this Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler is the perfect riding toy for your child. You might not find another ride as cool as this with its chrome wheels, reviving tunes, and motor sounds in the market.

Powered with a 12V battery, you can easily ride the Jeep Wrangler on grass or any hard surface smoothly. Moreover, the cockpit is redesigned to offer more legroom and stability for the rider. And, extra space means you can bring along your friend and enjoy the ride together.

The Power Wheels Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler offers a safe speed of 2 and a half miles in an hour in reverse and forward. Also, when you think that your child can control more speed, you can easily detach the high-speed lock. It will increase the speed in the forward direction by about five mph.

The Hot Wheels Jeep Wrangler is equipped with safety features such as an automatic electronic braking system that will immediately stop the Jeep Wrangler when the child’s foot is off the pedal. With such a sturdy build, the Jeep Wrangler can handle about 130 pounds of weight.


  • Electronic Braking System
  • Room to sit for two children
  • Rounded edges and smooth contours to prevent scratches and cuts
  • Wide-tread and rugged tires for safe travel


  • Requires Assembly
  • Expensive
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Strider- 12 Sport Balance Bike

A child can effectively learn to ride when they understand how steering and balancing work together. Bikes that come with attached training wheels do not help the child with the learning process. For that, your child requires a balance bike.

With a balance bike, your child can learn how to ride and balance a bike in the easiest way possible. Once your child is five years old, they can easily adjust themselves while riding the bike without any help.

Also, the bike has an adjustable handlebar and seat, which you can use to adjust as per the height of your child. Also, the bike weighs just 3 kgs, meaning it is easy for your child to handle and balance. 

The 12 Sport Balance bike is tested for long-lasting durability. The puncture-proof tires and durable steel frame prevents regular maintenance or any type of damage. Your child can enjoy many years of entertainment with 12 Sport Balance Bike.


  • Comes with mini-grips for safety
  • Highly durable construction
  • No tools required for adjusting the handle and seat


  • No written assembly instructions
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Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Rapid Ride & Hide Edition

Riding Toys makes an important part of the learning process of your child. One such riding toy is coaster toys, which teach the fundamentals of patience. This way, your child will learn how to give way to other riders while riding on the track.

The coaster ride comes with a 9-foot riding track. This up and down track increases the physical activity of the child as they reset the settings to ride again. Your child will become more energetic and remain occupied in the game for a long time.

You do not have to worry about your child’s safety as the track is equipped with non-slip stairs. Moreover, the coaster cars come with a handrail, high back, and footrest for a safe ride. The whole track and car can be easily de-assembled and assembled again. Therefore, you can easily store them in any corner or storage in your home.

Coaster toys are great as they teach your child a number of skills. The skills include physical and motor skills, self-esteem, sensory exploration, and social skills.


  • Easy to store
  • In-built Safety features
  • Four-piece track
  • Builds Self-confidence


  • Can store water during the rainy season
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Voyage Sports X8 Fold Scooter

Great for children who are five years old or more, the scooter is equipped with features that offer a perfect balance while riding. The scooter has a three-wheel design, which offers your child a safe, secure, and active ride every time.

Made from high-quality stainless steel and polypropylene plastic, the scooter is highly durable and long-lasting for years. Additionally, the rear brake, double rear wheels, and adjustable handle heights offer a safe and secure riding experience for your child.

The wheels are equipped with LED lighting, which automatically lights up while riding. You do not require any battery for the lights. Additionally, the scooter can be easily folded to store and take with you anywhere you want.


  • Lean-to turn steer for balance
  • Folding design for storage
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds


  • Require to assemble
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12V Electric 4-Wheeler Ride-on

With this electric ride-on, let your five-year-old find and create paths themselves. The model is created, keeping in mind the safety of the child. The maximum speed of the bike is about two mph, which offers a fun and safe riding experience.

Equipped with a dual-speed motor and two-speed options, the ride-on can offer a powerful experience whenever you want. Also, it includes some other realistic features such as engine sounds, LED headlights, in-built horn to induce more excitement within the child.

The treaded tires can ride through the most difficult surfaces smoothly. It also offers you to change the directions with gear switches easily. Moreover, the brake system and steering provide your child with a chance to improve their motor skills.


  • Develops motor skills
  • 12V rechargeable battery
  • Dual Speed Motor
  • LED Headlights


  • Expensive riding toy
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Riding Toys For 5 Year Olds Buying Guide

Now that you have read the detailed reviews of the best riding toys, it is time for you to select the one that is ideal for your child. However, if you don’t have the right knowledge about riding toys, you might end up buying the wrong product.

Therefore, to save your time and money, we provide you with the complete buying guide for riding toys. Read along to understand everything you need to know before purchasing a riding toy.

Types Of Riding Toys

Riding Toys play a crucial role in your child’s learning process. While Riding Toys come in different forms such as:

  • Foot-to-Floor Riding toys: These riding toys require physical movement by the children. Your child will move the vehicle forward with their legs while learning how to balance in the process.
  • Push Riding Toys: They are generally for small children who cannot push certain riding toys and require parents or caregivers to help for pushing.
  • Motorized Riding Toys: They are assisted by electric power or battery. They are designed for older kids who can physically handle the functioning of such toys.
  • Pedal-powered Riding Toys: Bike or Tricycle are meant for children who know how to balance and are ready for the next step.

You can select the type of riding toy by contemplating which is best suited and handles by your child.

Why Should You Buy Riding Toys?

As we have already mentioned, riding toys are not just for your child’s entertainment, but they offer a lot more than that:

  • Riding toys with pedal and flip activity are beneficial for your child’s leg strength and muscles.
  • To learn how to gain control over joysticks and handlebars enhance motor skills.
  • Bikes, scooters, and tricycles allow them to learn how to balance. It makes an excellent foundation if your child wants to further enter into various sports activities.
  • They will gain confidence as they explore the areas while having control over the vehicle.

Features To Consider Before Purchasing The Best Riding Toys

When you have so many options in the market, it is normal to get perplexed while selecting the best product. Therefore, you should have knowledge about certain features before you make a purchase.

Safety Features

A parent must ensure that whatever toy they are purchasing should be safe for their child to use. Most toys can be dangerous and pose a threat to their child’s safety if you were not careful. Make sure that the riding toys meet all the safety standards.

The base of the toy should be close to the ground and broad enough to provide stability while riding. Moreover, the seat should have a comfortable grip and not far from the front to prevent sliding.

While searching for the riding toys, you can check that the toys do not include any pinch points and sharp edges. However, nothing can beat the parent’s supervision while their child is riding to ensure safety.


You need to make sure that the toys are comfortable for your child to get on and off. Also, your child should be able to sit comfortably inside if it’s a car, or their feet should touch the ground if it’s a bike or tricycle.

Before purchasing, do keep a check on different specifications so that it will not create any problem for your child while riding.


You would not like to buy a riding toy that will last for only a few months. Or you have to pay extra money for repair and maintenance.

You should look for riding toys that are made from sturdy and durable materials that offer long-lasting durability for years.

Adjustable Parts

Your child’s height and weight will not remain the same as he grows; it will change eventually. You should buy a riding toy which includes adjustable handlebars and seats. With that, you can easily adjust the height and length as per your child’s growth.

Power Mechanism

Riding Toys comes with the pedal, push, and pull mechanisms. Each one of them allows a considerable amount of muscle pressure, which will boost your child’s strength.

If you opt for motorized toys, then they offer your child the most relaxed drive. However, they require replacement and charging of batteries.

Weight Capacity

Wheel Scooter and tricycle are lightweight and easy to handle and balance. And motorized vehicles and carts have more weight because they are equipped with batteries.

You should carefully look at weight, checking how much weight is comfortable for your child to carry and balance. Also, how much weight these riding toys can hold.

Additional Features

Many riding toys for children include many additional features to bring in more entertainment and fun experience while riding.

  • Some riding toys are equipped with trunk storage, control mode to go slower or faster, and self-driving.
  • LED lights, music, and horn. LED lights that light up while moving can instantly increase the interest of your child. Also, some riding toys have an in-built horn and music features.

Color And Design

Color is an essential part of the selection process. Your child must have their own color preferences. You should select the riding toy with the color that matches your child’s personality.

Most of the time, for boys, parents go for blue and for girls, they choose pink or purple. A neutral color like white, red, and yellow can work for both boys and girls.

In terms of design, the market for riding toys is full of diverse designs. You should select one such riding toy that matches your child’s gender, age, and interest.

Tips To Maintain Riding Toys

Whatever toy you own, it is your duty to always keep it in good condition. In the case of riding toys, most of them which are not battery operated do not require any maintenance. You can easily clean and wash them using just cloth and water. However, you need to take proper care of battery-powered electric riding toys.

Here is how you can safely maintain your electric or battery-powered riding toys to keep them in long-lasting working condition:


It is important to keep the battery in proper working condition. While you are charging the battery, make sure that you do not overcharge it. Overcharging can lead to damage and reduce the life-span of the battery.

Batteries are equipped with indicators that alert you when you need to charge it. Additionally, it is advised to use the batteries that are specifically designed for your electric car. Any other battery might not be able to perform the function effectively than the original one.


To keep the body in great working condition, always clean it with proper cleaning supplies or simply with a damp cloth after usage. Also, try to avoid pasting stickers so that it will not damage the paint.

You should always keep it covered when it is not in use.


Wheels are important for an electric or battery-powered car to run smoothly and effectively. Make sure that your child is driving the riding toy on the surface it is intended for. Otherwise, the wheels will wear out before its time.

You can also oil the wheels if necessary to preserve their efficiency. To remove any dirt or soil from the rims, you should wipe it with a clean cloth.

Regular check-up and maintenance can also help you to ensure that the wheels are perfectly aligned. If you find that the wheels are worn out, replace them as required. 

Final Thoughts

As a parent, it is your duty that your child becomes self-sufficient and can learn to handle a difficult situation from the beginning. Riding Toys are fun as well as educational. They teach them valuable skills that are needed in their daily lives.

Riding toys for 5 year olds

We hope that now you have everything from products to buying guide about riding toys to make the final decision. Take your time while reading and researching about the riding toys for 5 year olds before you make the purchase.

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