ProForm 750R Rower Review

ProForm is an esteemed brand in the world of fitness equipment. Its specialty is that it provides fitness devices ranging from bikes to rowers for use at home. The ProForm 750R rower is just one such device, which is newly added to the lineup that already has the popular 440R and Carbon R7.

The 750R model, unlike the former ones such as 440R, gives a more advanced functionality for enhanced training experience. With the integrated interactive training, different workout programs, space-saving foldable design, and several resistance levels, this rower is an ideal choice for home fitness space.

More Information about ProForm 440R Rower


The overall look is also sleek and smart to fit any modern home décor. In fact, 750R is among the sleekest looking cardio devices from ProForm, with red accents, modern functional design, and ample adjustability.

The 440R is also a great option for the price but it is a basic one to get home. On the other hand, 750R is an advanced device. It has much more capability and utility than 440R and is yet affordable with a price tag of below $1,000.

For beginners, the rower is a more durable option with boosted adjustability. Above all, just like other ProForm cardio devices, this one boasts iFit workouts, which is something that 440R does not offer. It is also possible to track and share using Google maps.

The iFit integration truly sets this rowing machine apart from other models, as does the sleek look and feel, maximum adjustability, and different workouts and resistance levels.


The ProForm 750R Rower comes with many features that are found only in upscale rowers but at a low price point. A few of them are technology-based, which appeal to technical junkies. Let’s check them out!

iFit Coach BLE Technology 

750R acts as an iFit coach through its Bluetooth smart connection with your smart device so that you can get access to rowing fully-body workouts from professional trainers around the globe.

You only need to subscribe to a service, which is a dynamic library of limit-pushing workouts and classes to cater to the needs of any subscriber of any level. The best part is that these virtual workouts guided by the globe’s professional trainers are tailored.

The rower offers distinct customized fitness training while playing the role of an interactive personal trainer. The whole tailored experience comes from the iFit smart cardio app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The app is made to work with iFit Bluetooth-compatible equipment.

Just connect your Bluetooth-enabled device to the rower through Bluetooth and start your workout with your personal trainer who also knows how to automatically adjust the rower’s resistance as you row.

The iFit Coach BLE technology allows you to enjoy daily exercises designed as per your goals and facilitates cross-training with your equipment so that you get better outcomes. Train with a blend of strength and cardio to boost muscle and burn calories without going out.

You can enjoy global training videos, energetic studio classes, select from an ever-growing database of 1500 workouts, work out on or off your equipment, track real-time statistics, and have a detailed summary once the workout is done.

All this is done right inside your home! This is something that only ProForm delivers via its 750R rower.

Note: The subscription or membership is sold separately.

5” High-Contrast Display

Through this easy and legible high-contrast display on the rower, you can track your workout stats and stay in full control of what is happening. You can view the class data and personal data such as distance, time, resistance measurements, strokes, and calories burned on the display apart from your smart device. This is truly convenient and appreciable.

Moreover, the console is adjustable vertically so that you get an ideal viewing angle regardless of your height. Users of all heights enjoy this benefit.

Built-in Tablet Holder

The rower also comes with a fitting where you can keep your smart device so that you can engage with your personal trainer via iFit. The holder clamps down on your device to hold it securely close to give you access to all training tools and entertainment media. This is how you make your workout time multi-tasking time.

Audio Auxiliary Port

Yes, you get an engaging sound system! The integrated auxiliary port for audio facilitates listening to audios or videos. The volume is high due to the dual 2-inch speakers that also minimize complications. To be specific, it is the pace that we can increase or decrease to match the tunes’ tempo. For many, music has been proven to minimize perceived exertion, which is truly commendable.

Digital Resistance

The rower is capable of delivering automatic, adjustable resistance. To be precise, the virtual personal trainers have the power to do so. While guiding towards a workout at just a button push, they change the rowing device’s resistance automatically so that you can focus on your exercise without any distractions.

You also enjoy adjustable Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) that allows controlling your training intensity. Through this resistance, you experience smooth and seamless transitions and quiet workouts such that even those around you do not get disturbed. After all, this device is designed to maintain peace in your home via peaceful paddling.

In all, there are 24 digital resistance levels that work for users weighing up to 250 lbs. Through them, you start with an easy workout and then proceed to an intense one. Each level is frictionless and smooth apart from being noiseless.

20 On-Board Workouts

After sitting on the rower, you enjoy immediate access to the integrated professional workouts that are fully loaded. There exists a total of 20 such preset workouts that you can start with without the iFit subscription. Even if the subscription is over after a period of three years, you still have a couple of professional programs for toning and training. Thus, you can try out a challenging workout as per your goals.

12 Muscles on Target

With this rower, you work the muscles that you may have forgotten. Apart from delivering an effective cardio workout, rowing in the precise form targets around 12 body areas with each full stroke. These are triceps, biceps, deltoids, forearms, shoulders, abdominal, lower, mid, and upper back, lats, calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Spacing-saving Design

The 750R rowing machine was engineered by keeping in mind your living space at home. Thus, it boasts a distinct SpaceSaver® design due to which you can fold it up for a smaller footprint. This design is certainly a hallmark of the ProForm and NordicTrack brands.

You only need to lift the handle and the device will fold into itself easily once you are done with the workout. This keeps your home free from clutter. In short, you do not have to give up your living space for remaining fit.

Easy Moving

One of the commendable aspects of having a 750R rower at your home is that you can move and put it anywhere. You can easily rearrange your small gymnasium at home by moving the rower easily at your intended place. The credit goes to the front-mounted transport wheels. You just have to lift the back end and place the rower at the desired spot.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

The flywheel of this rower is designed to add to the overall performance. It facilitates a smooth and steady stroke due to its swifter gear ratio than normal as well as an effectual arrangement of the weight. In short, you experience a more natural rowing motion.

Ergonomic Molded Seat with Jumbo Seat Rail of Steel

With this kind of seat that is designed to deliver a pleasant training feel, you sit comfortably regardless of the spell of your workout. The jumbo seat rail is made up of steel and is engineered to make the seat slide with each row.

The seat is padded for comfort, while the rail facilitates you to remain strong throughout the workout session. Thus, you can expect quality yields or results.

Jumbo, Pivoting Pedals with Adaptable Straps

These pedals are engineered to keep your feet firmly in place as well as in the right position consistently throughout the workout. The pedals are wide and feature a ledge around the edges as well as the base for supporting foot position.

They have wide and adjustable toe straps made up of nylon and with Velcro, overlay to boost stability and hold the shoe comfortably on the pedal. These pedals work effectively for almost any shoe size. A texture of checker pattern on the pedal facilitates little traction to keep the risk of shoe sliding at bay.

The pedals’ pivoting motion facilitates some flexion via the ankle to decrease tension on the ankles and knees. The footboard below the pedal overlay gives a solid feel and paves the way for a healthy push via the back as well as the legs.

Comfortable Handle

The handle of ProForm 750R is lightly cushioned to ensure a cozy hold. The handlebar pull strap is sufficiently long (90”) so that you can enjoy a full rowing drive.

As the console is above the flywheel, the latter and the catch are a bit lower than on the skin rowers. As a result, you need to lean a bit more forward at the catch, which may not be a perfect setup.


  • 22” W x 86.5” D x 45.5” H when fully assembled 
  • 250 lbs. user capacity
  • 116 lbs. rower weight
  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • 1-year warranty on parts
  • 1-year labor warranty
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Bluetooth support  
  • SpaceSaver® design
  • Tablet holder
  • Audio auxiliary port
  • Front-mounted transport wheels
  • Ergonomic molded seat with jumbo steel seat rail
  • Multi-position adjustable handlebars
  • Pivoting pedals
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel
  • 3-year iFit family membership
  • 5” display


  • Free rowing machine if you go for a 3-year iFit subscription
  • Sleek due to the modern design that can fit into any home gym
  • Easily foldable despite its relatively large footprint
  • Easily moveable around due to the supporting wheels
  • Quiet and smooth rowing due to a belt instead of a chain
  • Automatic magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet row as well as for increasing workout intensity gradually
  • Variety of iFit workouts 
  • Included workouts to start without iFit
  • Comfortable fit 


  • Large footprint although it is foldable 
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds not that great despite a strong steel rail
  • Need of a tablet for rowing with iFit
  • Sitting low on the ground that makes it difficult for some users to use
ProForm PFRW58118 750R Rower – Hybrid Training


Why Buy ProForm 750R Rower?

If you are a technical geek and entertainment fan who loves to listen to music while performing a workout and learn through a virtual personal trainer without spending a significant amount of money, ProForm 750R is for you. 

Those who want a rower with technical functionality and utilities found in highly-priced models will prefer this rower. The 750R model is an ideal rowing machine if you also love a simple console that is legible, a tablet holder with adjustable clip, soft-grip handle, wide ergonomic pedals, comfortable seat, smooth motion, iFit workouts, and foldable design.


Is there a touchscreen for iFit?

There is no touchscreen in this rowing machine; it is essential to dock your phone or tablet to view iFit programs.

How much weight does the ProForm 750R can hold?

The 750R rower can support up to 250 pounds.

How to get the iFit activation code?

A seller will send you a proof of purchase certificate as an attachment with the rower in the dispatch confirmation e-mail. Most sellers will do this. You then need to e-mail this document to the manufacturer as per the details on the box’s sticker and the manufacturer will reply with your activation code.

Is it necessary to get the iFit subscription to start a workout on ProForm 750R?

No, it is not necessary. However, buying a subscription will give you this machine for free. In case you do not want to buy the subscription, you can get started with the integrated 20 preset programs.


The ProForm 750R is an ideal rowing machine for all those who are looking for an in-home rower to train with varying intensities or even interactively with iFit. If you want the iFit workouts, you will end up paying for the subscription service for three years. So, anyway, having the rower for free while getting the iFit membership is a big bonus.

The preset library of workouts is another bonus once your iFit subscription is over. The rower comes with sufficient resistance levels to keep you engaged as well as challenged. The convenient foldable design and smooth wheels mean that this rower will be ideal for most gym spaces in homes even though it has a large footprint. However, the weight capacity restricts its use with those weighing below 250 pounds.