ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

Are you looking for an efficient indoor exercise bike for your workout? The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle may just be the one for you. This indoor cycle has been a popular pick for many fitness enthusiasts in recent times.

It will not only help you to meet your fitness goals but also motivate you to keep your spirits up! You do not have to toil alone in your room anymore. This equipment provides you an engaging workout activity that improves your endurance levels.

For an impactful cardio session right from the comfort of your home, this indoor cycle is a good choice. It is packed with many useful features.

This fitness cycle is effective in burning calories and reducing your body mass. With continuous pedaling, you can strengthen your cardiovascular system.

ProForm is renowned for its fitness equipment. The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle lives up to this reputation. Whether you are new to this or a higher-level fitness enthusiast, this machine will work well for you.

Is this indoor exercise bike efficient and worth your investment? We bring you this comprehensive review to let you make your choice. You will find a detailed review of its quality, performance, and features, along with its pros and cons.

Read on to find out more about this high quality indoor cycle equipment.

Review of ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle brings you the right combination of performance and comfort. It ensures that you make the most out of your vigorous cardio session. Read along to know if it fits the ideal indoor exercise bike that you are looking for.

Build Quality and Design


The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle is designed to ensure your maximum comfort. It weighs about 130 lbs. It is comparatively lighter than many indoor exercise bikes. It makes it easier for you to assemble and set it up.

This indoor cycle comes with an upgraded flywheel. It ensures a natural and smooth accelerating movement.

It is designed for optimal home-friendly usage. Its Silent Resistance System makes sure that this machine does not make any noise while in use.

You do not have to worry about disturbing your family members or neighbors. Moreover, you can focus on your cardio workout without any distractions.

Its compact design does not take up too much space in your room. It also makes storage easier for you. Despite its smaller size, it can handle much weight. This indoor machine can take on up to a maximum of 250 pounds with ease.

It also comes with very wide pedals. They also feature toe-cuts to cushion your feet. It ensures your stability as well as comfort.

Another user-friendly design is its water bottle holder. It is built within this indoor bike’s frame for better access. You can hydrate yourself without getting off the machine frequently.

ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle with Water Bottle Holder

Build Quality

This indoor exercise bike has an impressive build quality. It is made with sturdy and durable steel and metallic wielding. Moreover, it stands firmly on the floor while you are using it. This machine will not wobble or rock at all! It gives you a stable workout session.

It also comes with a paint that is resistant to erosion. This feature, along with its upright shape, prolongs the usability of this equipment. It makes it long-lasting.

This indoor cycle is built to give you the ultimate cardio workout experience. It comes with a chain-driven flywheel of 48.5 pounds. It ensures a much smoother operation.

It has an in-built resistance system. It makes it easier for you to adjust its intensity according to your need and preference.

This machine ensures to provide you with the maximum ergonomic support. It offers a pleasant seat with comfortable padding. It also features multi-position handlebars for your ease of use.

Its saddles are also adjustable. So, users of various heights will not have an issue while riding this machine. There are also built-in wheels. It makes it easier for you to maneuver and transport this indoor cycle.

Overall, the build quality of the Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle is durable to ensure high performance. At the same time, it is comfortable for the users.

Best Features of ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle is equipped with several great features. These make your workout much smoother while providing you with higher performance.

The following are the best features of this indoor exercise bike:

LCD Display

This indoor cycle comes with an intuitive LCD display. It gives you an insight into how your cardio workout is progressing. You can easily monitor and track your training data.

It shows readings of your time, speed, distance, and resistance. You can also check your heart rate and the indoor exercise cycle’s RPM (Revolutions/Rotations Per Minute).

This device also allows you to keep track of the number of calories you burn. It helps you to plan your workout routine accordingly.

All this essential information is displayed at once on the LCD screen. However, you do not have to worry about its visibility. The data that is shown is not crammed. You can easily view them at just a glance.

The LCD display lights up with a backlight. It comes with optimum brightness. You can see all the information that is displayed with ease. It is not too bright and will not distract you while working out.

The only drawback with its LCD display is that it is not interactive like many modern indoor exercise bikes.

Adjustable Tension

This machine comes with adjustable tension. You can modify it manually according to your preference. There is a flexible adjustment knob that allows you to easily adjust the tension.

You can choose from the multiple tension levels. Make sure to select the one that creates an intense cardio workout for you. It helps you to burn more calories. Its resistance system comes with a natural wool-felt effect. It makes it simpler to adjust the tension levels.

This feature enables you to work out according to your convenience. It also makes it ideal for both beginners as well as experienced users. Additionally, it ensures your safety.

If you are a beginner, however, it is recommended to begin with a slower and ease tension. It allows your body to adapt to the intensity of the workout. Moreover, it is a safer way to start your exercise routine on the indoor cycle.

This feature requires you to adjust the tension manually. It is not automatic or magnetic like some other cardio machines.

40 lbs Flywheel Weight

This indoor exercise bike features an upgraded flywheel of 40 lbs. Its inertia-enhanced flywheel ensures a faster percentage of rigging. It contributes to a much smoother accelerating motion.

Its flywheel weight makes sure your indoor cycle remains stable while you are riding it. You will soon gain a familiar striding.

Without this flywheel, the machine will become not only ineffective but also very uncomfortable. Moreover, it can also lead to serious injuries.

The Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle avoids this. Instead, it takes care of your safety with an effective flywheel. It also controls the resistance and inertia better with its 40 lbs flywheel. 

Your movements on the indoor cycle will be more controlled. They will not be jerky. Additionally, it makes your bike more durable while offering a smooth workout session.

Its weight is not too high either. This ideal weight does not require too much effort from you to keep spinning. It ensures that there is not much stress on your joints while pedaling. Additionally, it helps in toning your hamstrings and glutes.

Adjustable Seat

The seat of this indoor exercise bike is adjustable. You do not have to worry about stiff workout sessions anymore! It comes with a comfortable cushioned seat. Additionally, it has a bendy element arrangement to it.

You can adjust the seat according to your convenience. You can do so both vertically as well as forward and backward. Additionally, it allows you to work out in the right position.

You can also adjust it according to your height. It is suitable to fit various heights comfortably. So, even if you are a bit on the taller or shorter side, there will not be any issues. You can work out on this machine with ease.

This seat is made of high-quality synthetic leather. It almost replicates the feel of outdoor mountain bikes.

Make sure to adjust it to the level that is the most comfortable and accessible for you. Additionally, ensure to work out in the correct riding posture. The adjustable seat allows you to do so with ease. 

Quick Stop Braking System

This indoor cycle comes with an efficient quick-stop braking system. It has the ability to halt quickly by pushing the resistance downwards. This extremely useful feature allows this machine to stop right away.

No matter which intensity level you are at, it efficiently stops with this braking system.  It slows the rotation of the inertia-induced flywheel.

It makes sure that the machine instantly stops whenever you require it to halt. This feature adds to the safety precautions that the Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle takes seriously. 

It also comes with a sophisticated belt drive mechanism. It ensures that your machine is very quiet while riding. Moreover, its secure base is non-slip. Even if you are pedaling at a very high speed, the indoor cycle does not move around.

The brake system ensures that your workout goes on smoothly. Moreover, you do not have to worry about your safety at any point.

Adjustable and Non-Slip Handle Bars

The handlebars of this indoor exercise machine are set at the optimum height. It gives you better access. However, if you do not find it reachable or comfortable, you can always adjust them.

You can adjust these movable handlebars vertically according to your comfort. You do not have to worry about overstretching while using this indoor cycle. You can adjust it according to your height.

ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

It effectively fits users of different heights with ease. Moreover, these handlebars are not only adjustable but also made with high-quality material. It is coated with a commercial-grade and first-class grip.

These are also non-slip versions. Your hands will not slip even if they sweat because of the intense workout. Your grip on the handlebars becomes much firmer with this material. Moreover, it has a soft feel to it. It makes it more comfortable for you.

The non-slip handlebars prevent any slips and serious injuries.  This feature ensures a safe workout session for you. This, in turn, boosts your performance while riding the indoor exercise bike.

Comfortable Pedals

All the other features will not matter if an indoor cycle’s pedals are not good while working out. Luckily, this indoor cycle by ProForm does not have any issues with its pedals. In fact, they are very comfortable while riding.

It comes with pedals that are adequate in size. They are neither too small nor too big. Most users will not have a problem pedaling with them.

It’s pedals also come with toe – cuts. It cushions your feet while riding. You will not feel too much strain on your legs. They ensure your comfort as well as stability.

They are connected to its flexible braking system. The moment you stop pedaling, the machine instantly stops. They ensure your safety while working out with this indoor exercise machine.

In-Built Transportation Wheels

Do you want to shift your workout machine to another location for some reason?

It may be difficult for most indoor equipment as they do not come with wheels. However, you do not have to worry about lugging around this indoor cycle.

This machine comes with in-built transportation wheels. You can easily move it around to relocate it from one spot to another. It also becomes easy to tuck it away for storage.

There is no need for you to strain your muscles with any heavy lifting. The wheels allow you to maneuver and transport this indoor exercise bike effortlessly.

Additional Features of Proform 505 SPX Indoor Cycle

Apart from the various high-end features that this bike provides its customers, there are some additional features that it comes with. These features give you extra comfort while you burn your carbs away. 

Read below to know more about these features.

Holder for Water bottle

When exercising at a long stretch, you should always keep a water bottle in reach. This makes sure your focus isn’t diverted, and you can give a hundred percent to your workout.

Due to this, the Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle comes with a bottle holder that lets you keep your bottle close to you. This makes it very convenient for you and saves a lot of time and energy.

Heart rate monitor

Unlike several exercise bikes available in the market, this machine provides all the essential knowledge about your body while you work out.

This bike comes with a special heart rate monitor that lets you know how much pressure your heart is taking and what impact your exercises make on your body.

This feature makes a very important addition to the machine as it makes you more aware of what is happening inside you all the while you are on the bike.

By occasionally learning about your pulse rate and your body reactions, you tend to get even more motivated towards your fitness regime and work even harder.

It also keeps your mind away from any mental distractions that may come up and hamper your session.

Self-Cooling features

Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle doesn’t have cooling exhausts as its competitors do. Despite this fact, this machine manages to keep the internal temperature low and safe for the users.

It has a separate system that doesn’t let the circuit inside the bike get too hot and cause any sort of disruption in its functions. Even without cooling fans, this bike manages heat well. 


Fitness enthusiasts should always make a safe choice while purchasing exercising tools from different sources. To stay on the safe side, always go for options that come with a guarantee of the future, as they would be much more reliable than the rest.

To make this bike an even safer purchase for the customers, the makers provide a very reliable warranty to them along with the bike. The warranty offers a guarantee of the hardware and other functions for a long time.

If you purchase this bike, you will get assurance on the paintings for ninety days. You will be eligible for a guarantee of five years on different parts of the bike.

Moreover, you will get a lifetime offer on the entire outline of this superbike. Due to these added benefits, the Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle makes up for a very reliable purchase this year.

To help you understand the functionality of this indoor bike better, below mentioned is a descriptive list of pros and cons. Please continue reading.


Exceptional manufacturing quality

The makers have given special preference to the design and building of the machine. The manufacturing details of the models showcase the high quality exercising days that it will bring to you.

Customizable settings

It makes usage even better with settings that can be changed by you anytime you want. This also gives you the freedom to exercise exactly as you would be comfortable.

Easy to transport

You no longer have to worry about moving your exercise machine from one room to another. With the wheels, the Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle can be easily moved, with no use of muscles required.


With features such as handlebars and other various tools, this exercising bike becomes very safe for you to use. As you also get leveling toes on this bike, forming a balance is no longer an issue.

You don’t have to worry about your balance or the speed of the bike, as everything would be under your control while you use the bike.

Exciting add-ons

Apart from the important features of a modern indoor bike, this machine also provides you interesting add-ons. For instance, the heart rate monitor and the water bottle holder make your exercising experience so much better.



Some might take the noise of Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle motivational. However, the other half considers it a pain. Not everyone falls in love with this cycle in an instant because of the noise it creates the moment you start using it.

As there are various indoor cycles available in the market that make no sound as such, this exercising bike falls by one position in this aspect.

Oil requirements

Although the functioning of the bike is pretty smooth, especially when compared to other bikes of the type, it still needs regular oiling to sustain the smoothness.

Regular oiling also ensures the parts stay as good as new. However, this becomes a bit of a drag when having to do it every day.

Absence of Bluetooth and speakers

You cannot connect your phone to the machine as it does not have Bluetooth as a feature in it. The machine also misses speakers that are a popular addition to exercising bikes of the present market.

Whom will this bike suit?

Individuals who seek to reduce the fat percentage of their body and enhance muscular tissues can give this bike a try. With so many beneficial features, you are sure to bring about a good change in your body within a few days only.

People who wish to improve their blood circulation, lung capacity and increase the usage of oxygen in their body can also go for the Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle.

ProForm 505 SPX Indoor Cycle review

Final Words

By having the right amount of information about a specific product in your basket, you are bound to make a suitable choice. Check out the review for the Proform 505 SPX indoor cycle mentioned above and learn the various aspects of purchasing an indoor bike.

Make sure to go by all the important points mentioned to bring home an exercising tool that helps you achieve your fitness goals.