ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Whether you barely go to the gym or you are a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you might be familiar with ProForm. You have seen ProForm machines in pretty much every gym you have been to, but you also keep seeing the name pop up whenever you look for home workout equipment over the Internet – easy to tell, as it is one of the most reputable fitness manufacturers out there.

The ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike is one of its most popular products. It is excellent for any type of goal – weight loss, toning, injury recovery and even muscle training. However, a piece of fitness equipment is not a takeaway burger – you need more research and you want to make sure it can actually meet your expectations and needs.

So, what should you know about ProForm’s leading exercise bike?

A Few Words About ProForm

The fitness world is moving round the clock. Lazar Angelov no longer trains like Arnold Schwarzenegger and cardio training involves more than just running. Sure, you can never go wrong with old school methods that have always proven to be efficient, but the truth is deep customization will ensure faster and more efficient results in the long run.

ProForm has managed to keep up with the industry. A brief look over its products in the past few decades makes it obvious. The company has adapted to the latest discoveries and trends in the fitness world and chances are it will keep going in this direction. While some of its products have made it to gyms too, ProForm is mostly popular among home fitness enthusiasts – those who workout in their garages or living room.

No matter what your fitness goal is, there is always a reason to change. ProForm’s products are engineered to last and take a good beating, but they are also infused with the latest technologies, affordable and accessible to everyone.

Fitness transformation takes lots of work. It requires consistency too, as well as ambition. However, it is much easier to approach when you go the right way. ProForm has been around for more than three decades, providing solutions in more directions. It makes no difference if you are after strength training or cardio fitness – your goals can be achieved with time and dedication.

ProForm’s exercise bike has gained notoriety for a few reasons. Most importantly, it comes with impressive functionality. There are lots of adjustabilities, as well as options that you may not be able to find in other alternatives. It can easily compare to professional and more advanced exercise bikes, yet it is aimed at home users.

Find out more about it before making a decision though – so, what makes this bike so special?

Features Of ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike


ProForm 225 CSX does not come assembled. Instead, you have to put it together yourself. You also have the option to seek professional installation – it will be quicker and easier on you, as you do not have to work things out. On a side note, the professional installation will add to the final cost, so you may want to include this in your calculation.

If you are the DIY type, the installation is fairly simple and less likely to cause any issues. You have a detailed manual of instructions with all the steps for a safe and efficient final result. While intuitive, the process may involve seeking help from a friend. The exercise bike is a bit heavy, so you may need help to avoid injuries or damage.

Build and design

At a first glance, you will love the design. The bike is sleek and features many steel components, so it looks modern and elegant. It features an anti-corrosion finishing, which adds to its shelf life. The bike is strong enough to take people up to 286 pounds in weight. It measures 56x24x55 inches and has a very large seat – great for long workouts. It keeps the body in the right position and causes no pains at all.

Handlebars seem solid, as well as the pedals – they come with extra straps for a more stable workout. Levelers are large to ensure stability when your workouts become too intense. When it comes to high-end features, you have a LED screen, preset programs, Bluetooth connectivity and so on. You can even grab your heart rate in real-time.

The bike does not fold, but it can be moved on its wheels. You will have to lift one end and push or pull it in the optimal position, so it offers a bit of convenience. However, it may feel heavy, so you will probably need someone else to help you move it upstairs or downstairs.

Comfort and seating

The paradox is that you want a comfortable experience when you workout, but you know you have to get out of your comfort zone. The truth is you need to get out of the zone while feeling comfortable. When it comes to bikes, a comfy seat is a must – otherwise, it will feel like cutting through your body after an hour or two.

The ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike comes with an adjustable seat to ensure the right posture – both vertical and horizontal adjustments. The seat is oversized and boasts lots of cushioning, so you can focus your workout on muscles that really matter.

Console and monitoring

The LED console features all the data you need for your workout – it pays off writing everything down when you are done, only to follow your progress and have some records to beat all the time. You also have a highly customizable performance center, where you can individualize your workouts based on the results you desire.

In terms of tracking, you can monitor vital aspects of your workouts – such as the calories burned, overall distance and speed. The heart rate is also monitored and you do not have to invest in any third party gadgets. Instead, their grips feature built-in EKC pulse programs that will grab your heart rate throughout the whole workout – safety comes first.

Flywheel and resistance

The flywheel weighs 17.6 pounds. It is a great standard to ensure a natural stride – it will feel like riding a real bike. The motion is smooth and consistent. Your workouts are normally low impact – unless you implement a circuit workout. Therefore, you can use this bike to lose weight, gain some leg muscle and even recover after an injury.

The bike runs on silent magnetic resistance. Apart from adding to the smoothness, the system also brings in a quiet workout. You can exercise without disturbing your family or neighbors. Plus, there are 20 different levels of resistance, so you can customize your exercises to ensure they match your needs.

Pedals and handlebars

The ProForm 225 CSX features ergonomic pedals – ideal for an upright bike. You can go as fast as you want – or focus on working your upper body while you cycle too. There are no risks for your feet to slip, as the pedals come with straps. You do not have to push against the pedals for stability but simply cycle naturally.

Handlebars are long and comfortable to hold. It makes no difference what kind of height you prefer for the bike. Adjust the seat and grab the handles from any point that seems comfortable. They provide great stability and support.

Holders and extras

The ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike comes with a tablet holder – read the news, browse the web or watch your favorite series. You might as well watch iFit workout videos and do whatever personal trainers do in their lessons. The holder is adjustable. You do not have a bottle holder though, but you can keep a bottle nearby.

When it comes to extras, you have two speakers for a bit of music – two inches wide. The bike has MP3 compatibility, so you can come up with your favorite workout music. Feeling hot? There is an air workout fan that will work on your upper body to cool you down.

Workout programs

The inbuilt programs provide a bit of variety – you can work on your legs, abs or just overall fitness while trying to shed fat. You might as well customize your workouts to ensure they match your needs. On a different note, the bike features iFit compatibility for this type of customization. It can sync to Google Maps for more versatility.

The iFit subscription is not included – if you truly want it, you will have to purchase it separately. It comes with a few benefits though, as you get personalized sessions, as well as access to iFit Coach Ready. It is worth noting that workouts are certified by personal trainers and the library keeps growing on a daily basis. The journey from a newbie to a regular enthusiast will be full of surprises.


·         Features a solid steel construction and a sturdy design

·         Two inch speakers, MP3 and Bluetooth compatibility

·         Provides access to more data, including the heart rate in real time

·         Comfortable seat and adjustable flywheel

·         Smooth and quiet magnetic resistance


·         No water bottle holder

·         iFit subscription must be purchased separately

More Information on ProForm 225 CSX Exercise Bike

Who Should Buy The Proform 225 CSX Exercise Bike?

The ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike features an incredible reputation and is often rated as the best upright stationary bike on the market by multiple guides. It comes with a series of different workouts and exercises, but it also provides access to numerous workouts and very deep customization.

Just like any other bike, it works wonders on the legs and cardio condition. On another note, it works on the abdominal muscles as well – a top priority for those who want to lose some weight. You sit in an upright position, hence the focus on the core.

The bike is highly recommended to elders too, as it provides low impact workouts – make sure to adjust it accordingly. It is great for knee and other joint problems. From this point of view, it is efficient while recovering after injuries too.

The bottom line, it makes no difference what your current fitness level is. You could be a season fitness enthusiast or a new starter – the bike is suitable for all ages and physical conditions and will ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about ProForm’s best exercise bike?

What are the pros and cons of upright exercise bikes?

Upright exercises bikes work on your core too. This is the main difference between upright bikes and other alternatives. You will inevitably get some work done on your legs and overall cardio condition as well. You can use it in more positions – upright or perhaps standing. It requires less floor space too. When it comes to negatives, the body will mostly be supported by your arms, so the upright exercise bike puts a bit of pressure on your wrists and hands.

What makes magnetic resistance so popular?

The magnetic resistance features a mechanism that adds to its popularity – hence its uses in both average priced and high-end exercise bikes. More importantly, it ensures a smooth and consistent operation – even better than a regular bike. Other than that, it is quiet and less likely to disturb your neighbors.

Can I use a manual mode or am I stuck with the preset programs only?

Apart from the 20 preset programs, ProForm’s 225 CSX exercise bike also provides a manual mode that you can customize in the smallest details – make sure it will match your goals and go pedaling.


In the end, the ProForm 225 CSX exercise bike is recommended to home based fitness enthusiasts, being one of the most portable and efficient stationary bikes. It has a sturdy build and provides access to high-end features. More importantly for some, it is budget friendly and provides excellent value for money. In terms of functionality, it is result oriented and allows customizing workouts in the smallest details.