PowerXL Smokeless Grill Pro Review – All You Should Know

Those who have a habit of setting off smoke detectors when they cook will obviously want different options for their cooking sessions. One of them involves reducing the sensitivity in smoke detectors – not always the best idea for health and safety matters. The other one involves investing in the right tools to prevent smoke and heavy steam (also a common trigger for smoke detectors).

On the other hand, nothing beats a grill, but the heavy amounts of smoke associated with these things make them impossible for indoor use. Luckily, you can also find smokeless or indoor grills to provide the exact same experience – so what if you do not have an outdoor kitchen? This is when the PowerXL smokeless grill pro kicks in.

With a few different options in this range, the smokeless grill is suitable for indoor use. It is compact, well put together and features an excellent reputation. Most importantly, you can use it anywhere. It makes a great choice if you want to cook outdoors without smoking your neighbors, but it is also handy if you want grilled food in your small flat.

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Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

Measuring 21×15.4×8.1 inches, this grill is excellent for any indoor environment. It brings in the outdoor taste in your kitchen and only weighs 15.5 pounds. You can move it anywhere and even take it outdoors on a nice sunny day. The unit is large enough to take eight big burgers or a whole stack of ribs at once. You can even grill a whole chicken in one go.

Since it is electric, it has a few extra features when compared to a classic outdoor grill – the temperature control is one of them. Sure, many outdoor grills feature it these days, but not the traditional manual ones. You have custom heat control up to 450 degrees. The unit heats up in no time and even allows you grilling good from frozen – easy to adjust as well.

The grill surface is based on nonstick ceramic. You can forget about using oil or fat. You can skip the initial step – rubbing fat meat over the grill to prevent the food from sticking. Even breaded fish can be grilled in one piece, without having to scrape remains later on. The grill comes with an oil drip tray that goes under the actual grease – its main role is to catch all the fluids and grease.

The nonstick parts are often associated with good looking meals – your pizza or chicken will no longer stick to the grill. You can have everything in one piece while turning things around is fairly simple. But at the same time, most people appreciate the nonstick surface for the lack of maintenance. While you do have to clean the grill, there is no scraping required – no foods will stick to it and burn.

It is worth noting that the grill plate can be fully removed. You will have to clean after each use, even if nothing sticks to it. The so-called Cerami-Tech plate can be lifted without too much effort. Store it away when not in use and feel free to clean it manually or inside your dishwasher. If you love grilling, you can forget about cleaning for hours once you are done eating – simply toss the part in the dishwasher.

There are lots of Power smokeless grill reviews out there mentioning the smokeless capabilities of this grill. After all, this is what makes it so widely appreciated for indoor use. All the smoke is captured due to a turbo smoke extraction feature. Forget about smoke detectors and cough. You can cook inside a small kitchen without worrying about smoke – just open a window to avoid steaming up.

Bottom line, this PowerXL smokeless grill pro is suitable for single individuals, couples and small families. It is great for those who have friends over all the time due to its large size.


·         Removable grill plate can be cleaned in the dishwasher

·         Literally no smoke at all due to a turbo absorption feature

·         Nonstick ceramic for easy maintenance and delicate foods

·         Regulated temperature control for precision and consistency

·         Heavy duty die cast aluminum construction for durability


·         Handle might be a bit challenging to install

·         Many crannies and nooks to clean

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PowerXL Smokeless Grill

This grill is ideal for year round cooking – whether you are after barbecue, ribs, steaks or veggies. You can get similar flavors and textures to what you can normally get from an outdoor grill – no differences in recipes. Since it features an XL surface, it is recommended to families, large groups of friends and couples – no mess whatsoever due to the lack of smoke.

The unit measures 18.8×13.4×9.1 inches. While large enough to take 10 mid-sized burgers or a chicken, it has a compact design and can fit into small kitchens as well. Simply plug it in, preheat it and let it cook. Given its size and ease of use, it is highly portable and can be moved anywhere – you might as well take it outdoors for a sunny day.

The grill features a smart drip tray. Every grill features one of these trays to catch fats and oils, but this one is more efficient in preventing spills and splashes. The tray is removable and can be cleaned immediately after. It is dishwasher safe, so it is quite convenient – forget about soaking and scrubbing parts for easy cleaning.

The griddle features a nonstick surface that makes cooking a breeze. Even when you prepare delicate foods, you can forget about the bottom layer getting stuck on the grate. In terms of durability, the griddle can take restaurant grade cooking. It will work wonders with fish, steak, eggs, pancakes and so on – plus, cleaning is a piece of cake, as it is also dishwasher safe.

Powered by 1,200 watts of power, the PowerXL smokeless grill pro reduces the smoke to a minimum. No matter what you are cooking, there will be no smoke at all. It has a superior fan to capture snow and reduce it while keeping the cooking efficiency high. Forget about the range hood or your smoke detectors – no need for them.

Another useful technology is the advanced airflow. It stimulates the reduction of smoke while ensuring the heat is evenly distributed. Your food will be cooked evenly – no more overcooked sides or top. The hinged lid traps flavors inside, while the stainless steel construction adds to the overall durability. It is worth knowing that the temperature is adjustable too, so you have full control over your recipes.

Finally, the PowerXL smokeless grill pro comes with a simplistic control panel on one side. It is straightforward and easy to use – stick to the manual of instructions if you are not sure though.


·         Removable and dishwasher safe parts for easy maintenance

·         Advanced airflow technology to reduce the smoke

·         Large cooking areas – suitable for large families

·         Regulated temperature and easy to use control panel

·         Durable materials and well put together


·         It takes a few good minutes to preheat at the desired temperature

·         The fan might feel a bit noisy until you get used to it

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What To Look For In The Powerxl Smokeless Grill Pro

There are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the right grill for your family. While there are plenty of positive Power smokeless grill reviews out there to guide you, your personal needs must match the capabilities of such grills.

Cooking area

This one might be pretty obvious, but lots of people overlook it – make sure your PowerXL smokeless grill pro is large enough for your family. Many indoor grills are compact and less likely to have a decently sized cooking area. Some others are bigger. The size is irrelevant if you live with your partner only. But if you have friends over all the time or you have a large family, the largest PowerXL grills can cook up to 10 burgers at once.

Maximum temperature

The maximum temperature is a critical consideration. You want the grilling surface to be super-hot for whatever you want to cook. Not only will a high temperature ensure more efficiency, but it will also reduce the cooking time. Generally speaking, you can go up to 450 degrees with PowerXL grills – slight variations from one model to another. You do not really need more than that – chances are you will not even require 450 degrees.


You want a simplistic control panel, rather than open the manual of instructions whenever you need to cook something. At the same time, there are a few controls you simply cannot overlook. For example, the temperature control is a must. Some people may like a preset temperature, but PowerXL grills allow a deeper customization. The control is more suitable for delicate meats and veggies, which require some extra attention.

Cleaning and maintenance

No one pays attention to the actual cleaning. The truth is all those oils, grease and juices will become a nightmare if maintenance is not easy. They will harden and burn, so cleaning parts will feel like a frustrating workout. Opt for something that can be disassembled – PowerXL grills come with removable parts. Also, the good news is these parts are dishwasher safe. Throw them inside the dishwasher and enjoy the rest of your meal.

Build and quality

The overall durability is affected by the quality standards and materials. Luckily, most Power smokeless grill reviews come with excellent ratings in terms of quality. Obviously, not each model is built the same. Ideally, you should opt for as many metallic parts as possible – more durable and better looking than plastic. However, while you can also find a PowerXL smokeless grill pro with lots of plastic, the hard plastic design ensures it will easily face the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

If this is the first time you use a smokeless indoor grill, chances are you will find it a bit challenging in the beginning. Trial and error are needed – start with a low temperature and work your way up to figure out what works for your recipes or simply follow the recipe numbers in the smallest details.

How do I know when my meat is done?

Pierce it with a fork or a toothpick and observe the juices. Juices should run clear. If they look foggy, your food needs more cooking. You can also cut it in half and ensure the middle and bottom parts are well hot and steaming. Different people use different methods to determine whether or not a steak is done, but cutting it through is the best way to tell.

What kind of temperature kills bacteria on a grill?

Ideally, you should preheat the grill for about 15 minutes to ensure the bacteria is gone. Modern grills – like the PowerXL smokeless grills – require less than that. Furthermore, preheating the grill ensures you reach the desired temperature recommended by the recipe.

Should I clean the grill after each use?

Ideally, yes, and for more reasons. First, wait until the grill is no longer hot – remove parts and clean them. The food is still not hard, so cleaning it should be relatively simple. The same rule applies if parts are dishwasher safe. Second, cleaning the grill after each use ensures there will be no bacteria development.


As a short final conclusion, the PowerXL smokeless grill pro is an excellent choice for those who like the experience and taste of a grill while indoors – whether the weather is bad or they simply do not have a backyard. PowerXL’s grills are smokeless due to modern technology, so you will not have to bother about smoking your home or triggering fire alarms. Given their compact sizes, they are suitable for small kitchens and apartments too.