PowerXL Air Grill Reviews – 5 Best Air Fryers From PowerXL

Many studies and sources claim the numerous benefits of air fryers and grills in terms of health. While everyone knows how harmful fried foods are, the taste is hard to beat. Finding a middle option has always been a challenge, but air fryers have managed to find it and their popularity has skyrocketed over the past decade.

Getting the taste and aroma of fried foods without exposing yourself to extra weight and negative ingredients have never been easier. But with so many options out there, choosing the right appliance could be a challenge – research, read reviews, seek opinions and so on. Based on a plethora of positive PowerXL air grill reviews for multiple products, this brand is definitely worth some attention.

But before digging deeper and exploring the top-rated products, why would you switch to air frying?

Benefits Of Switching To PowerXL Air Grills

Air fryers and grills promote weight loss – no doubt about it. Imagine those tasty French fries you deep fry in a ton of oil. They taste great, but all that oil will kill you at some point. It all starts with a few fat deposits here and there. Things escalate pretty fast – years later, you will face a high obesity risk and quitting all these goodies could make your life miserable. Not only do you get loads of calories, but you get plenty of fat too, which will clog your heart.

Based on multiple Power XL air fryer grill reviews, you can enjoy the same great taste without facing all the unhealthy oils. In other words, you will find it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

On another note, air fryers are also safer than deep fryers. You have probably been there before – you heat up the oil and you throw some potatoes or other foods in. Oil goes all over the place, not to mention burning your skin. Deep frying anything will require an incredible amount of scalding oil. This super hot oil poses a serious risk to your safety.

Air fryers do get hot too, so you can still burn yourself. But then, there will be no boiling oils. There are no risks to splash, spill or touch hot oil, which can cause serious burns. Of course, since air frying appliances get hot as well, you must use them with caution and follow the safety guidelines.

Now, think about other risks related to boiling oils. Frying food in oil will release a bunch of different compounds – some of them quite dangerous. Acrylamide is one of them. The compound is released when certain foods are fried – pretty popular foods.

Acrylamide is known to be cancerous. It can cause ovarian, breast and pancreatic cancer, among a few other options. Moreover, the same compound can affect the kidney. Sure, some of these studies are still ongoing, but current results are frightening to think about. In other words, it is just better to switch to air frying for your peace of mind.

Last, but not least, frying oils are known for a plethora of health-related risks. Traditional fried foods might be tasty, but sooner or later, the risks associated with them will force you to quit them. You do not want to do it when it is too late already. Many of these problems are related to cholesterol, heart function and circulation. They represent one of the main reasons wherefore so many people are medically forced to quit fried foods once they get in their 40s or their 50s.

Now that you understand the benefits of air grilling and frying, what are the best-rated products in commerce based on Power XL grill reviews and recommendations from previous buyers?

Top 5 Power XL Grills

PowerXL Smokeless Grill

Based on hundreds of PowerXL air grill reviews, this could be the ideal option if you are after efficiency. The grill can take pork, barbecue, ribs, steaks, burgers and so on. It is excellent for indoor use and leaves no smoke behind – simply put it on the countertop and get to work.

You have a dual cooking surface – nonstick grills and a griddle plate. The plate is great for pancakes and other flat foods, while the grill gives you those authentic marks. The grill is ideal for anything, including meats, fruits and vegetables. It makes no difference how sophisticated your recipes are.

The grill is highly portable and can be used anywhere – you need a plug though. You can use it in your backyard or at a picnic. It features a drip tray to gather all the juices and liquids coming out of your food, so there is no mess involved.

It brings in 1,200 watts of power and a superior airflow technology that guarantees even heat distribution. This way, your food will be evenly cooked – both on the inside and the outside.


·         Portable and lightweight

·         Even cooking

·         No smoke involved

·         Two cooking areas

·         Versatile


·         Sometimes, it feels like it is not as hot as a grill should be

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PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 In 1

There are lots of Power XL air fryer grill reviews about this unit as it comes with the versatility of a microwave and the capabilities of a proper fryer. It measures 12.5×10 inches and features eight different pieces. It brings in seven times more air than other similar units – great for efficiency.

You have a baking pan, a roasting rack, a rotisserie spit and a nonstick griddle pan, among others. Plus, the manufacturer has also included a recipe book to get you started. The temperature can go up to 450 degrees F and leaves no smoke behind.

Compared to ovens or grills, it can cook your food about 40% faster due to the cyclonic air moving around at impressive speeds. You do not require any oil at all, yet you can spray a bit of it if you want that greasy feeling.

Other than that, the size allows cooking a whole chicken or six burgers at once. You have eight presets as well, while most parts are removable and dishwasher safe.


·         Can cook a whole chicken

·         Superior air circulation for quick results

·         Eight presets

·         Removable parts

·         Easy maintenance


·         Feels a bit louder than other air fryers

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PowerXL Grill Air Fryer Combo

Most PowerXL air grill reviews recommend this unit for pretty much everything – it is the most versatile fryer you can have in your kitchen and will feature any mode you want – from slow cooking to grills. A recipe book is also included in the package.

The unit heats up to 500 degrees F, while the six quart capacity takes a bunch of fillets, half a chicken or four burgers. Crisping it super fast due to the unique technology relying on hot air instead of oil. It may sound sophisticated, but the quick start guide will make it feel easy.

The air fryer looks sleek and sophisticated. It has a LED display control panel and allows you to choose between 12 different presets. You can slow cook your food, steam, bake, roast or grill it, among others. You can even use the fryer to make rice.

It is worth noting that once the cooking mode is over, the unit will shut off automatically. In terms of maintenance, most parts are removable for easy cleaning.


·         Sleek appearance

·         LED display control panel

·         12 preset modes

·         Easy to look after

·         High heating capacity


·         Relatively large to take out on picnics

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PowerXL Air Fryer7 QT Maxx

Weighing three pounds and feeling pretty compact, this might be the ideal air grill and fryer for a small kitchen. It is also portable and allows easy moving to your backyard or kitchen. With a total capacity of seven quarts, you can also find the exact same model in a smaller version.

Given the possibility to cook without oil, the fryer and its nonstick parts will allow you to eat 70% lesser calories than normal. It is an investment in your health, yet it will also become a versatile option in the kitchen.

The fryer has 1,700 watts of power – more than average, so it will cook your food in no time. You have seven preset modes, so you can bake, roast or fry stuff, but you also have options for different types of food. It can take a three pound chicken or 23 chicken wings – just so you can get an idea about its size.

The unit has a crisper tray insert to catch all the juices and crumbs, so maintenance is relatively simple. Some parts are also removable for easy cleaning.


·         Good capacity for its size

·         Sleek and elegant design

·         Seven presets

·         LED control panel

·         Feels well put together


·         Getting the temperature right may take a bit of trial and error

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PowerXL Air Fryer Vortex

Available in more sizes – from two to seven quarts, the biggest option is the best selling one because it can cook a meal for a family in one go. The air fryer is also available in two different colors – red and black. No matter which option you choose, it comes with a cookbook.

Everything about this fryer involves crispiness – it feels like it has become PowerXL’s main priority. Your food is cooked at a turbo charged whirlwind of hot air, so there is no need to use any oil whatsoever – reduce the calorie intake by 70%.

You have ten different presets to try out – you can air bake, dehydrate, broil or roast your foot, among other choices. The maximum temperature you can get is 400 degrees F. Other than that, it is worth noting that the fryer brings in 1,700 watts of power.

The digital panel is easy to use and intuitive. Once you set the food to cook, you can leave it, as the fryer will shut down by itself once the cycle is over.


·         Compact and solid

·         Available in more sizes and colors

·         Multiple presets

·         Automatic shutoff function

·         Easy to use control panel


·         Might feel a bit too small for large families

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Frequently Asked Questions

While there are plenty of PowerXL air grill reviews out there to convince you, some aspects may still raise a few question marks.

How do PowerXL air fryers work?

PowerXL’s air fryers circulate hot air at impressive speeds to cook food, but also to ensure the same level of crispiness you might get from traditional fried foods. In other words, there is no need to use and oils in the process. You can reduce the fat and calorie intake, which will be a plus to your lifestyle.

What can I cook with an air fryer?

The diversity of foods you can cook with an air fryer obviously depends on its size and luckily, PowerXL air fryers come in all shapes and sizes. Most commonly, you can cook steak, fish, eggs, donuts, chicken, shrimps, vegetables, meatballs and even pizza, among many others. Most fryers will be large enough to take a whole chicken or at least half of it.

Do I have to preheat an air fryer?

Air fryers heat up almost instantly. It takes seconds – much faster than traditional ovens. Therefore, you do not necessarily need to preheat them. When you start cooking, you will realize that you can save those minutes which you normally spend to preheat your oven.


Bottom line, there are thousands of PowerXL air grill reviews out there and most of them are positive – it is easy to tell why. The brand has grown to become one of the leading manufacturers of air grills and fryers, mostly through its high quality standards and excellent value for money.

Whether you are after a portable unit for picnics or outdoor cooking or you simply want to grill things indoors without smoking your entire house, a professional air fryer will make your life easier.