​Nautilus E618 Elliptical Review – When Fitness Equipment Pushes You To Another Level

Different ellipticals come with different quality standards in order to meet the customers’ needs. Some of them stand out in the crowd for particular characteristics. You may want the elliptical with the most advanced control panel or perhaps you want high-end materials that will last forever. When it comes to the Nautilus E618 elliptical, you will get an incredibly long stride and a super heavy drive – way above average when compared to other similar units in this price range.

The E618 elliptical is part of a series bringing in more types of fitness equipment – as well as a few extra ellipticals too. This one dominates the series with its unique characteristics. But then, what do these features actually mean? Is there a secret to them? Can they match your needs? This review will give you everything you need to know about the E618 elliptical, as well as both its positive and negative parts to make a more informed decision.

A Few Words About Nautilus

Being around for a long time, Nautilus has designed fitness equipment in all kinds of shapes and sizes. It is one of the gold standard brands out there, as well as a well-established manufacturer – some fitness enthusiasts might describe the brand as the founder of modern gyms. It revolutionized both gyms and home workout stations and it brings in a wide range of products.

Apart from the world renowned ellipticals, Nautlis is also responsible for treadmills and various types of exercise bikes – such as recumbent or upright – to serve as many users as possible. This day, the brand has mostly specialized in home equipment, yet you may see its logo in many small and middle size gyms too.

There are more elements behind the success of Nautilus. One of them is the impressive amount of equipment. You can find something suitable regardless of your fitness level or goals. Moreover, pretty much any piece of equipment will come with advanced preset programs and cutting edge technologies – not to mention the idea of exercising in comfort.

Some workout equipment is built with high-end purposes – modern consoles, lots of adjustability and versatility as well. Some others are a bit lower in standards, but they can still outweigh the competition in terms of construction, build and durability. There are more options out there when it comes to ellipticals, but the E618 model is certainly one of a kind. Here is what you have to know about it.

Features of Nautilus E618 Elliptical

Build and design

The Nautilus E618 elliptical has some elements that make it dominate its series. In terms of sizing, it measures 73x27x67 inches. It is slightly oversized when compared to other similar units and it features a crossbar tubing frame. It is stable and well put together. The front drive unit has the flywheel on the front side, meaning it needs less space. While oversized, it is quite compact altogether.

The footplate can be adjusted – you can work on the angle up to 10 degrees, so you can also benefit from heel support. Dual side rails and the 22-inch stride length make it suitable for light commercial operations as well, so there is not much to worry about if you get it for your home – excellent balance and many years of use.

Assembly and installation

Just like other pieces of fitness equipment, the E618 elliptical is not put together. You will have to do it yourself. The process is quite intuitive and easy to go through. Generally speaking, it will take about an hour. When fully installed, it weighs about 210 pounds. If you struggle with heavy weights, you might need a friend to help.

Some parts are preassembled. For example, the magnetic brakes, motors, frame, pulleys and belts are already done. Other parts must be installed manually. The good news is you have all the required tools in the package. Moreover, you also get a detailed manual of instructions with illustrations, so the job is less likely to give you any headache.

Flywheel and resistance

The drive is highly optimized – if you have used a cheap elliptical before, you will notice the improvement straight away. The flywheel weighs 30 pounds – heavier than most other flywheels in this price range. The extra weight comes with more benefits though – you have higher speeds, as well as extra smoothness. Plus, the overall weight capacity of the machine goes up to 350 pounds.

In terms of resistance, the E618 elliptical covers 25 different levels. They are controlled in a magnetic manner. This type of resistance is comfortable and smooth – no funny movements. Plus, it is relatively quiet, so you can exercise late at night without waking your family up. The braking function is friction free too.

Handlebars and stride

The handlebars are larger than what you might be used to. You have multi-grip handlebars, so you can work on your upper body in a few different ways, based on how you hold them. They work together with the incline and resistance – you basically have some control buttons, so you do not have to stop your workouts for adjustments.

The stride is super long – longer than any other model in this series, as it measures 22 inches. You can take your leg workouts to another level. However, this aspect will make the Nautilus E618 elliptical more appropriate for tall people or those with very long legs. The long stride adds to your comfort, as well as your workout positions.

Incline and display

The incline feature is motorized. A few settings will change the angle within seconds only – you can forget about stopping your workout, getting off the flywheel and making manual adjustments. All in all, the inclination angle allows up to 10 degrees – you can raise or lower the angle by pressing a button. This feature allows some diversity in your workouts, plus the possibility to challenge yourself sometimes.

The display is not the most advanced one on the market, but it is better than what you can normally find in similarly priced equipment. You have two DualTrack LCD screens. They are backlit and allow you to keep an eye on your workout metrics. You can use one of the displays for the metric, while the other one can be used to read a book or perhaps keep an eye on your emails.

Console and extras

The console is a slight line design. It is adjustable to ensure a perfect view. It features a few technologies, but most importantly, it reduces the glare. Therefore, you can still watch it while direct sunlight hits it. The top of the console also has a little shelf – mostly suitable for media stuff. The media shelf can be used for magazines or gadgets.

In terms of extras, one of them stands out in the crowd – the heart rate monitoring feature. The elliptical is telemetry enabled. What does it mean? As you grab the handlebars, the grips feature contact pulse features. In other words, they monitor your pulse to display an accurate heart rate measurement. But then, the machine is also compatible with multiple chest traps for even more accuracy.

Apart from these, the elliptical features a few other extras, such as a classic USB charging port to keep your phone or tablet going. You also have Bluetooth connectivity to enable the music on your smartphone, as well as acoustic chambered speakers – mix the speakers with the Bluetooth connectivity and enjoy. Furthermore, you have a water bottle holder and a three speed cooling fan.

Workout programs

This is one of the main things to look for in fitness equipment. You can always come up with your own workouts based on the time or intensity. But then, it is so much easier to have a few preset programs designed by professionals – you choose what you want to do and the program will challenge you without you having to do anything.

The Nautilus Elliptical Trainer E618 follows its smaller brother E616 in terms of workout programs. Practically, you have 29 different workouts to choose from – a wide selection that can provide some good options, regardless of your goals. You also have four user defined programs, so you can save and store new workouts if you manage to find something spectacular.

As for the actual preset programs, you have options that can suit anyone. There are 12 different profile programs, nine heart rate programs, a couple of fitness program tests, a quick start option and a recovery program, which is great for those trying to get back on their feet after injuries. Choosing the right program is a matter of seconds only, as the control panel is intuitive and easy to use.


·         Designed with commercial quality standards in mind

·         Features Bluetooth connectivity and a classic USB charging port

·         Features 29 different programs – four of them customizable

·         Acoustic chambered speakers for quality audio while you workout

·         Smooth, quiet and comfortable experience


·         Long stride length is ideal for tall users, but short users may not find it extremely comfortable

·         Assembly feels a bit time consuming, but the job can be done without seeking professional help

More Information on Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series

Who Should Buy The Nautilus E618 Elliptical?

The Nautilus E618 elliptical is built for light commercial purposes, so you may find it in small gyms or personal training studios – an excellent choice if you run such a business. If it works in commercial gyms, chances are it will work wonders in your home gym too. It features a solid build and high-end quality standards, so it will not let you down.

Your fitness level is irrelevant. It makes no difference if you go to the gym on a regular basis anyway or you are just thinking to start in this industry. Your abilities make no difference – this elliptical will help you lose weight, shed fat and tone your body while working on your legs, arms and upper body. It is most appreciated for its cardio capabilities though.

In terms of arms and legs, it will help you tone these parts of your body. But if you want some muscle, strength training is more appropriate. Basically, the E618 elliptical is the ideal machine to improve your cardio condition, shed fat, and tone your legs, arms and upper body. It is suitable for both new and seasoned fitness enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the E618 elliptical trainer?

Are there any options to track my workouts?

Yes, you have the manual way and the automatic way. The manual way is old school and involves getting a journal – write down the workout time, duration, calories, speed and so on. Write down how you feel after the workout in order to identify the best times to train.

The automatic way involves using the Nautilus Trainer 2 mobile application for smartphones and tablets. The trainer has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can transfer and monitor your workouts over the Internet too.

Can I play music from my phone?

The integrated speakers will provide a crisp and qualitative audio experience. You can play music from any device that connects to the elliptical trainer. You can use your smartphone or tablet, for example, as well as any other device that can take this type of connectivity.

Is an elliptical trainer the same as a cross trainer?

From many points of view, yes, yet there are a few slight differences. The cross trainer has movable arms – most ellipticals have fixed arms. Cross trainers fail to bring in adjustable ramps, while ellipticals allow great adjustability here.

Generally speaking, a cross trainer could be described as a slightly advanced version of an elliptical machine.


In conclusion, the Nautilus E618 elliptical is a sturdy and quality piece of equipment with lots of workouts and plenty of capabilities. It promotes more types of training – from general cardio to fat loss. It is great for the entire family due to its construction and high level of adjustability, but it is just as handy for small gyms.