Make use of New Balance Diabetic Shoes

In the West alone, there is a whopping 9.3 percent of the population, which is suffering from diabetes. An additional 3 percent of the population has diabetes but is under the category of undiagnosed. While the disease is dreadful, it doesn’t mean a diabetic cannot have fashion sense.

Shoes for Diabetic

If you are a person who is suffering from diabetes and your workplace is not a smooth air-conditioned one, then you are in need of diabetic work shoes in order to balance your workplace atmosphere so as to not to damage your foot. Diabetic work shoes are designed specifically to meet the needs of diabetic people and hence the materials, as well as the aesthetics, are put in place accordingly. There is also the need to maintain body weight and not injure the foot with pressure.

In the case of any occasion, one can purchase the diabetic dress shoes which are available for both men and women. They are not only fashionable but also give everlasting comfort. For the walking shoes, there are the specifically designed diabetic walking shoes which cannot be avoided at any cost. One thing that a diabetic should regularly do is to go for a walk. This will help in reducing the blood sugar level as well as improve overall health.

But wearing the wrong type of shoes will not only cause discomfort but will also injure the foot. This means that walking should be put to rest for a while. It will in turn increase the risk of raising blood sugar levels. Any kind of diabetic foot problems can be resolved by going for a right fit diabetic walking shoe. Wearing diabetic walking shoes will enhance diabetic foot care. It will lead to lowering cholesterol levels and also in avoiding any kind of cardiovascular disease. If you are a diabetic walker and you are prone to any calluses or blisters, immediately take notice and go for a diabetic walking shoe to avoid further issues.

The right kind of shoe

Most of the people who are suffering from diabetics tend to choose the new balance diabetic shoes to maintain their foot health. Your shoes can even be chosen with the help of doctor recommendations and with the specialists’ help can be sorted out to choose the right fit. In order to get optimum performance, both the function and the fit are essential.  

The features

In the case of the insoles, the right insole helps in getting the right fit. This will eliminate issues relating to extra pressure and enhance the alignment. Since the foot types vary, they are designed according to the widths and heights of the individuals to make sure the shoe fits properly. There are also multiple shoe widths available ranging from narrow to even double extra wide.  

What is your arch type?

Knowing your arch type is essential when choosing the right shoe.  This is because the arch of the foot will be able to determine which is the best shoe for you. In the case of the flat foot, one can go with the stability shoe which will help in motion control. If you have a normal arch like most people, then the foot alignment will be normal. In this case, supportive shoes will help in maintaining the form. There are people who have high arches in which case a cushioned shoe will suit best.

Why choose New Balance Shoes?

The majority of the crowd who suffer from diabetes choose new balance shoes and it has become a popular option among diabetes. Most of our day is spent by putting our weight on the foot. Working and exercising are just added pressures to it. These shoes here help in providing support and comfort throughout the day, especially for people who spend their standing most of the time.

Since new balance shoes provide protection from any kind of hazards, good stability, arch support, cushion, motion control, etc it has become the popular choice for diabetes. Years of diabetes can lead to foot damage and even nerve damage. In some cases, the feet will become insensitive after a while. In those cases, there are several chances where any kind of injury might happen to the feet. Hence it is important to go with these shoes which provide complete protection.

The added features of the new balance diabetic shoes make it the best fit for people with diabetes. Some of the features are

         Closed-toe option

         Padded insoles


         Insoles can be removed

         Feet will be dry because of the lighting option

         Spacious toe box

         Cushion to absorb

         Extra-wide size for both genders

         Orthotics can be inserted easily

         Material leather or mesh helps to create a soft and breathable space

Since the foot size can change over time it is important to check with the measurement specialists before purchasing the shoe to gain optimum usage.

The Hook and Loop

In case you are looking for a comfortable sneaker, then the New Balance 577 Hook and Look is the best option. Since there are the hook and loop available it will enable in giving the perfect fit. Over the toes, the material is made out of leather which also comes with extra stitches in order to maintain the aesthetic look. To improve the breathing capacity there are various perforated panels to help with it.  There are also reflective elements present in the shoe which will help in night time running.

There is the cushioned tongue which enables consistency and comfort. The material helps in keeping the feet dry throughout the day.  The deep heel cup enhances stability. Since the footbed can be removed it will help with the option for orthotic conditions. The sole of the shoe is designed in a way to give stable cushioning right from the toe to the heel. In order to help with great shock absorption, the absorbing element is placed in the heel of the shoe.

With the solid rubber outsole, there will be durability as well as good traction when going for a walk. In order to give extra stability to the feet, there is the walking strike technology, which will also promote healthy feet. Since these are designed specifically for diabetics they are made in such a way to give extra comfort. To align with the fashion option there is the color variant available ranging from white to black and bone.

The all-purpose sneaker

One of the best shoes for people with diabetes is the New Balance 847v3. This can be used for walking, training, and as a sneaker for all-day purposes. The upper body of the shoe is a combination of two materials, one being mesh and the other is synthetic leather. This combination provides durability. The synthetic leather also helps in good strength and the mesh panels help in improving the breathability of the leg.

The shoe also comes with a lace-up closure. In order to give superior comfort and to give a great fit around the ankle, there is foam cushioning added to it. Features like the lighting dry help in moisture management and helps to keep the feet from going sweaty. The midsole is able to give good balance because of the combination of features such as compression and cushioning. In order to keep up the rear-foot movement in a good way, there is the rollbar technology. This also helps in giving a healthy foot life.

Underfoot cushioning is improved with the special polyurethane board. Since the sole is of 12mm differential it is able to provide good footstrike and a good grip. In the high-pressure areas and the places which are prone to more wear and tear there are extra layers of rubber material placed in order to help save the shoe from damage. The design is made in such a way so as to manage traction and provide good grip. The color combinations also help in settling the fashion agenda as there are White, Black, Grey, and even Pink for the ladies.

For the Flat Feet

Having a flat foot is a terrible thing to manage. Having diabetes on top of that is a gruesome combination. New Balance realizes this struggle and has hence come up with the New Balance 928v3 Hook and Loop Leather. This shoe is designed especially for the flat footer out there. It helps in motion control and in overpronation. This shoe is available for both men and women. This also comes with the hook and loop closure option.

The material here is leather and it comes with synthetic mesh elements. This is provided specifically around the collar. This option is given to enhance breathability. The main purpose of this shoe is to enhance the walking necessity. Hence the leather used here is soft but it is durable. Because of this feature, this shoe does not need the requirement to break-in. To enhance the comfort and to bring in the right fit there is the extra thick foam cushioning given which comes integrated into the collar and tongue. To maintain an odor-resistant and enhanced breathing environment, there is the Phantom Liner feature added to it.

This also minimizes the chance of irritation even in the case of eliminating socks. There is extra cushioning provided with the help of polyurethane material in the insole. In addition to this, there is a deep heel cup made for stability. All these features add up to make it an ortho-friendly one.

In order to provide comfort for the flat footers, the absorb technology is placed rightly in the middle of the shoe. This feature helps in absorbing all the shock when the feet are placed on the ground. It aids in giving a good combination of cushioning and weight dispersion during exercise. In the case of the back end of the shoe, there is the rollbar feature added to minimize the rear-foot movement. This helps in connecting the inner as well as outer edges of the sole. It helps in maintaining a fresh foot life.

The outer part has the rubber outsole which is made mainly for good traction for all kinds of surfaces even when it is uneven. The outsole comes with the walking strike technology which also promotes a good healthy foot life. This shoe helps the flat footers who suffer from diabetics to comfortably stand and walk all day. The top part is made of soft leather. In order to stabilize the flat feet and to help in motion control which also includes preventing rolling away, there is the rollbar feature. In case the insole needs to be removed, that can also be done as the footbed comes with custom-made inserts.

To avoid any sorts of blisters and chafing the shoe itself is made wide and deep especially in the toe region. The cushioning in the shoe helps in providing comfort all day long. Since they come in various sizes and widths one can choose the ideal fit according to their foot size.

By analyzing all this, you can get the idea that the right fit and the right shoe is essential to save your feet and to maintain a healthy life. This condition is vital for people suffering from diabetes. Finding the right shoe is the greatest difficulty. By taking help from the specialists who can help with measurement and picking the right shoe for you, that problem will be solved in a jiffy. For any person who is suffering from diabetes, the main concern when it comes to shoes should be to protect the toes from blisters and injury. Apart from that, the shock should also be limited to the minimum. This happens due to the vertical pressure as well as the horizontal movement of the feet. The ideal running shoes which are made for diabetic people usually cater to this and help in providing support and safety.