​LifeCORE R90 Rowing Machine Review – Is It Worth The Money?

The LifeCORE R90 rowing machine brings in excellent value for money and makes one of the best fitness products to use at home. It has a convenient LCD display with access to more features and it is easy to put together. Since it features wheels, it is quite portable and can be folded for easy storage if you live in a tight place. Now, what else makes it so popular?

Features of LifeCORE R90 Rowing Machine

Workout programs

Workout programs can be a bit hectic and confusing because there are plenty of them – try them all and experiment. You have, for example, a race program that forces you to compete against a computer. You also have manual programs, where you set goals based on your capabilities and experience – ideal for cross fit capabilities.

Goal tracking has never been easier either.

Display and settings

The color backlit LCD monitor gives you everything you need about your workout in real-time. See the total amount of strokes in a minute, total time on the machine, the total number of strokes, calories, speed and distance. It will also check your heart rate while you exercise, so you know precisely how far you can go without risking your health.

Heart rate monitoring requires an additional chest strap – you must purchase it individually.

Resistance and comfort

You have both air and magnetic resistance. There are six different levels of resistance. You got air resistance for the first level – everything else is magnetic. The operation is extremely quiet – easy to exercise even if your family is asleep.

In terms of comfort, the seat is wide and cushioned, while the pedals are oversized to support all sizes. Footrests are adjustable and specific heel support will reduce the stress, while nylon straps keep your feet in place and reduce the risks of accidents. The handlebar has an ergonomic design and ensures your arms are kept in a natural position.

Support and durability

The LifeCORE R90 rowing machine has a total capacity of 300 pounds, so it can take overweight individuals’ interest in shedding some pounds too. It is based on a modern belt drive mechanism, which keeps the noise low and adds to the smoothness – a significant upgrade from the chain used in older models of the rowing machine.

As for the track, you have heavy-duty extruded aluminum. It is built to last for a lifetime and requires little to no maintenance. Not only is it durable, but it also looks great.


·         Well put together

·         Can be rolled away and folded for storage

·         Heavy duty design for durability

·         Challenging workout programs

·         Comfortable to use for long hours


·         Heart rate monitor implies purchasing an additional chest strap

More Information on LifeCORE Fitness R90 Rowing Machine, Black Frame


As a short final conclusion, there are more reasons wherefore the LifeCORE R90 rowing machine is so popular across the world. While you may find it in small fitness studios too, it is mostly aimed at personal gyms and residential uses. It is easy to use, comfortable and durable, so there is no way to go wrong with it.​