Juice Wrld Custom Air Force One Shoes

Juice Wrld sensationalized the music industry with his phenomenal vocal. His music, even today, dominates the billboard charts. Though his demise comes as a shock for his fans, yet they still pay tribute to their idol by holding onto his music and donning his customized merchandise.

Today customized merchandise has become a necessity for fans to connect with their idols. Multiple bands and singers have their lines of merchandise been produced and sold to their large fan base.

From hoodies, t-shirts, cosmetics, or shoes, fans’ demand for them is sky-high. Even if you do not wish to purchase customized merchandise, you can always make some on your own.

If you are a Juice Wrld fan and wish to get your very own custom Air Force One shoes, here is all you need to know.

Why must you choose the Nike Air Force One?

The market has a diverse range of shoes available to choose from for your Juice Wrld customized shoes. However, when it comes to shoe merchandise, Nike Air Force One is undoubtedly the best choice.

Juice Wrld Custom Shoes

Nike Air Force One shoes have become very popular because of their iconic low-cut all-white style. The all-white body makes customization easy. Customized Nike Air Force One shoes are not only spectacular to behold but also very comfortable to wear.

The reason behind their popularity is their retro street-ready design. AF-1 is highly popular among singers and influencers as well. They are often seen posing with them. Nike has collaborated with a lot of rappers and singers to provide large-scale variations and customization.

Furthermore, its features make it conveniently distinctive. Here is a sneak peek at Nike Air Force One’s features.


Air Force One’s air-cushioned sole is the most crucial design element of the shoes. Its earliest tagline was “A shoe so revolutionary, the game of basketball may never be the same.”  True to its words, even today it dominates the basketball courts with its revolutionary cushioning tech. Beyond sports, Air Force One is reliable for your day-to-day usage and provides you with utmost comfort.

Pivot point

Another Air Force One innovation that adds to its merit is the pivot point feature. Initially, sports shoes and sneakers had a herringbone outsole pattern. However, Nike’s circular outsole pattern with a pivot point provides a better stance and balance than the herringbone outsole pattern.

Slip last

In Air Force One, Nike introduced a slip last feature. In early Nike shoes, the upper part of the shoes was attached to the flexible board on the top of the midsole. However, in AF-1, the upper part of the shoe was pulled over to the last. It was then attached to the midsole. This improvement made AF-1 light and gave added flexibility.

Nike Air Force One High

Also, its sole was designed to provide high-quality durability to make it fit for both hardwood and concrete streets.


  • Premium quality leather
  • Breathable material
  • Versatile design and body
  • Available in a wide range of varieties
  • Comfortable and excellent padding
  • Additional ankle and heel support
  • Highly durable product


  • Somewhat expensive
  • The leather might crease easily

Air Force One’s production had been discontinued by Nike at one point. However, the uproar of demand had led to its much-awaited comeback.

Presently the popularity has forced Nike to step up the production. Another interesting fact is that AF-1 has ranked fourth when it comes to the most Instagrammed shoes.

Juice Wrld custom shoes

Juice Wrld Air Force 1

If you wish to get yourself a pair of Juice Wrld custom shoes, you can easily purchase them or make them.

When it comes to purchasing, it must be noted that Nike itself does not provide such customization options. However, you can get the customization done from a third party.

Through third-party customization websites, you can purchase Air Force One Shoes with multiple Juice Wrld custom designs. Of course, you will have to pay more than the shoe’s price for the customization.

Some might consider this option hefty. Hence, if you wish to save your money from the additional expenses, you can always do the customization part yourself.

The DIY process can be slightly complicated and time-consuming if you are not an artistic type. However, in the end, all the hard work will be worth it, since you are the one solely deciding on the final design.

Here is a guide to DIY air force one customization.

How to prepare Juice Wrld custom AF-1 shoes using paint?

You can easily customize Air Force One by using paints. Since they are completely white, they are almost like a blank canvas to paint and design. However, before you take up the brush and paint, you will have to make few preparations.

Preparing the leather

Leather preparation is crucial for ensuring good quality customization. You will require leather preparation and cotton pads. Both of these items can be easily purchased in any supermarket.

In case you do not wish to use a leather preparer or deglazer, you can use a strong nail polish remover.

Once you have procured these items, it is time for the next step. You will have to pour the preparer or acetone into the cotton pad and then rub it over the shoe.

You will have to carry out the process until the white from the leather appears on the cotton pad. This way, you will remove the factory layer of paint from the leather. This process ensures that the paint you will be using for the customization remains intact over the leather.

Painting the leather

For this process, you will need high-quality acrylic leather paints. A high-quality paint will ensure that your design will withstand bad weather and scratches.

Next, you will need multiple-sized brushes. Make sure that your brush collection includes a very fine detail brush (for outlining and small detailing) and a basic brush (for covering a large area).

For your customization to last long, you will have to paint leather in multiple thin layers. After every layer, make sure to let the paint dry, or you can even use a heat gun.

This way, you will not have to worry about the thick layers that will be easily cracked or peel off. As these will ruin the very aesthetic of your customization. 

If drawing is difficult for you, you can print the design and trace it on the shoe. Most common Juice Wrld customization includes Juice Wrld’s logo, Song imprint, face, etc.

Sealing the paint

Sealing the paint is necessary to ensure that your painting remains intact. Sealing also increases the durability and life of the paint on the leather. For sealing, make sure to use a scratch-resistant sealer that protects your work from scratches as well as water.

Also, matte finish coats give a perfect matte finish to your Juice Wrld custom shoes.

Customization through paint is highly authentic and uniquely beautiful. Indeed It’s a mind-blowing way to show your love for Juice Wrld by making something so beautiful with your own hands.

How to prepare Juice Wrld custom AF-1 shoes using iron patches?

If painting and drawing are not your cups of tea, you can always get iron patches. Indeed you can customize your Air Force Ones by using iron patches. Juice Wrld Air Force One custom iron patches are easily available online.

They are also quite affordable. Some consider this method much more convenient than painting since it takes less time and effort.

The iron patches are three-layered. The first layer consists of vinyl, where you place the iron. The second layer is the printing design you wish to use. The third layer or the reverse side consists of adhesive particles that melt once you iron the patch.

On ironing, the first layer separates itself from the second layer, and the third layer sticks to the shoe surface.

How to go about it?

Iron patch customization, though, is easier, but you will have to take special care when going through the process. If it goes wrong, your patch will get ruined or burned. In the worst-case scenario, along with the patch, your expensive Air Force One shoe also gets a burn mark.

Make sure to go through all the directions carefully and execute your DIY customization by following them religiously.

Here is all you need to know and do to get a perfect iron patch customization.

Items required

  • Iron
  • Juice Wrld design patches
  • Tape

If you do not have a craft iron, a normal iron can also be used. For ironing, you will have to follow these steps.

  • You will have to tape your Juice Wrld patch on your Air Force One shoe. This way, the patch gets attached perfectly wherever you want it to on your AF1.
  • Next, set your iron’s temperature between 135 and 140 degrees Celsius.
  • Place the iron over the vinyl layer for one to two minutes.
  • Finally, when the patch is attached to the shoe, remove the vinyl layer.
  • Bingo! You have your own Juice Wrld custom air force one shoes.


If you are using a normal iron for the task, make sure to use the tip of the iron. You must turn off the steam feature. Normal irons can be heavy and difficult to hold and control. You will have to take extra care not to burn your fingers or the patch.

While using it, press it gently and cover the entire length of the patch. This way, the air in the middle does not cause any hindrance.

In the case of small air bubbles, it will be better if you use mini irons. They are easy to procure and highly affordable too.

Do not move around much while ironing the patch. This way, there will be no wrinkles.

Once you have ironed the patch, make sure to remove the vinyl whence hot. Use a glove to protect your fingers from getting burned.

Iron patch customization is flexible, easy to do, durable, and waterproof. It also never gets any scratches. You will not have to get any finishing coat to keep it protected. The patch only requires iron to attach it, and bingo, you have your favorite design on your Air Force One.

You can even remove them easily to attach a new design. It does not even leave behind any mark or color.

All in all, Iron patch customization gives outstanding results. Hence you can easily impress your friends!


Customizations have become a full-blown trend, primarily among Gen Zs. Apart from Juice Wrld customized shoes, you have tons of other options and customized goodies to choose from.

If you wish to buy it, they are just a click away. However, making them yourself is certainly, a more innovative and interesting option. You can easily get all the required items.

If you do not wish to do it yourself, maybe create a club for Juice Wrld fans and make it a group activity. Who knows, this club activity can even become a successful start-up.

Creativity has immense value. This creativity has made customization craft a full-blown industry. These customized goods have more value than the original products. You can also gift them to your friends and loved ones.

Juice Wrld has left behind a legacy of exceptional music and a large fanbase. Fans may not hear from him anymore, but it is rightly said that legends never die.

For some, getting Juice Wrld customized shoes can be a trend reflection. However, for most, it is a way to pay their respects and tribute to their favorite singer.