How To Save A Video From Snapchat – For iOS & Android

Snapchat has gained a reputation for bringing something unique to the tech world – the possibility to delete videos and photos automatically once they are seen. Practically, you can send anything – you know it will disappear in no time. On the same note, the app will tell you if someone takes a screenshot of it – so people try to avoid grabbing your personal stuff because you will know.

Learning how to save a video from Snapchat is not impossible though. People have found ways to overcome Snapchat’s algorithms and get the videos they want on their smartphones without the other party knowing. Practically, someone could send you something, you could save it on your device and they would never know.

Available for both iOS and Android devices, Snapchat has always focused on short term posts. Practically, anything you send will have an expiration date. Whether you want to save your own videos or someone else’s videos, here is everything you need to know about doing it by the book without too much hassle.

Devices that allow saving Snapchat videos on

You do need the Snapchat application in order to learn how to save a video on Snapchat. This means you need a smartphone or a tablet. Snapchat has its own website too, but it cannot be used interactively. Instead, it introduces people to Snapchat, its features and uses, but it also includes a few links to download the app.

How to save a video from snapchat

You can never view snaps, follow people or adjust settings over the application – there is simply no way to login there. The good news is the app works on most smartphones. While there are a few rumors that a Snapchat version for desktops will pop up at some point, do not keep your fingers crossed. The app heavily relies on the camera, so it will most likely remain mobile-based.

Of course, there are ways to get the videos you want to save on your computer too, regardless of the operating system. But for that to happen, you will first have to learn how to save a video from Snapchat on your mobile device. Each operating system has its own specifications – here is everything you need to know.

Why learn how to save a video on Snapchat

There are more reasons wherefore you might want to know how to save a video on Snapchat and they vary widely from one individual to another.

You might be following your crush on Snapchat. You want to save their pictures and videos to watch them later. There is no way to do it without letting them know – screenshots. Therefore, you will have to find ways to go around this issue.

You might as well be into gossiping with your best friend about someone else – one of your colleagues’ latest adventures on a Saturday night or a new outfit.

Has someone just sent you something important and you want to save it for later? How about a picture from your partner? How about your favorite celebrity? What about a threat that you might need to show a police officer?

You get the idea. There are lots of reasons wherefore you might need to save stuff from Snapchat. Compared to other social networks, Snapchat updates will not hang around for too long. It is not like you can get back to them every now and then to re-watch them.

So, what do you need to do to save videos from Snapchat without getting caught?

How to save a video from Snapchat to your camera roll

This option involves saving your own videos – indeed, your own videos tend to expire as well. It works on most devices and the steps are pretty much the same, with a few small differences between the Android and the iOS versions. You can save your videos to your camera roll before you post them – double-check or save them for later.

Start the application. It will take you to your camera straight away. Take a video or a picture – you can save pictures in the exact same way. Once you are done, tap the symbol showing a down arrow. It is located on the left side of the screen, close to the bottom. This is it. You should see a confirmation message in the middle of the screen.

If you are an iOS user, the respective video will go straight to the camera roll. If you use Android, you will need to go through a few additional steps. First, get out of the video – simply close it by tapping the X button in the corner. Once closed, swipe up. A new menu will pop up with all your saved snaps. Find the video you want to save. If it is the most recent one, it should be at the top of the list.

Tap and hold the respective video for a few seconds and the app will save it to your camera roll. Finally, choose the export snap option and your video will be saved. Choose the camera roll option and you can view it whenever you want there.

How to save a video from Snapchat after posting it

So, you have just come up with a video on Snapchat and everyone appreciates it. It is a winner – probably your best video ever. How do you save it on your device then? You may want to repost it later or perhaps throw it on other social media networks too. Luckily, you can learn how to save a video on Snapchat even after posting it.

There are two different ways to do it and each of them depends on the operating system you use. Either way, you will have to open Snapchat and go to your profile. You will have a shortcut – just tap the profile icon located in the top corner of your screen, on the left side.

Are you an iOS user? Once on your profile, find your story. It is a thumbnail showing a small picture of what you have just uploaded to the story. There is a circle next to it – tap it. You should be able to see the latest video now. While on the screen, simply swipe up. A few extra options will pop up. One of them is a down arrow and it will be at the bottom of your screen – on the right side.

Tap the down arrow and your video will be saved to your smartphone. You can save both videos and pictures this way.

Again, each operating system has its own small particularities. Android users will have to follow a few different steps. Go to your profile, then find the section with your stories. Swipe up and you should see the pictures and videos in your stories.

Find the one that you want to save, then simply click on the download arrow in the bottom left corner. The button will download whatever you are looking at. You can download one or more videos, as well as pictures. Simply make sure the video you want is the one showing on the screen.

How to save a video from Snapchat over iOS

Saving your own videos and pictures to your camera roll or your gallery is quite intuitive. You tap around and you can easily spot the download buttons without too much hassle. The real challenge is learning how to save a video from Snapchat that does not belong to you. Whether someone else sends you something important or you want to save someone’s story, the challenge can be overwhelming.

You might be aware of it already – take a screenshot of someone else’s message or video and they will get a notification. The same rule applies if you record the screen over Snapchat. It makes no difference if it is a story or a direct message.

How to save a video on snapchat

There is a way to overcome this issue though. All you have to do is record your screen. The first step implies enabling screen recording on your iPhone. Go to the control center – swipe down from the top right corner on the main screen. You can also reach the settings to find it.

Start a recording session. Open the application and select the video you want to record. Go to your private messages to do it or reach to someone’s stories. Once the video is over, you can stop the screen recording sequence. There are more ways to stop recording. Tap the time on the top side of the screen and hit the stop button. You might as well swipe down from the top right corner, then hit the screen recording option to stop.

Learning how to save a video on Snapchat is not everything – you will have to follow the exact same steps when doing it for a picture.

How to save a video on Snapchat over Android

Android users will face the exact same issue over Snapchat – they will not be able to get a picture or a video directly without the other person to get a notification. A quick screen recording or a screenshot will notify that user, so your whole operation is compromised.

The situation is a bit more complicated for Android users because their options may seem a bit restricted. iPhone – and overall iOS – users can record their screens through their settings. Android users do not have such a feature, so they will need to rely on a third party. While it may sound more sophisticated, the good news is there are lots of options out there. Simply search for a screen recording app and you will find lots of options in the Play Store – choose one with a good rating and you are ready to go.

Final adjustments

When recording someone else’s video, you are less likely to get a clean cut. You will get more than just the actual video. Whether you use the settings from iOS or a third-party app over Android, you will end up with a few seconds that do not belong there. You probably know what these seconds show – technical stuff and your settings as you stop the recording, usually at the end of the video.

You will also record your screen as you open the application or as you go through the menu to stop the recording. You may not necessarily care about it, especially if you save that video for yourself only – or if you just want to show it to your friends. But whether you want to post it online or you like a clean gallery, you will need to go a bit further.

If you want a perfectly clean video, you will have to get rid of those seconds at the beginning and the end. In this case, simply use a video editing tool. Many smartphones come with built-in applications. If yours does not have one, simply look for a video editing app in the store – most of these apps are available for free.


As you can see, learning how to save a video from Snapchat is not the most difficult job in the world. You can do it over iOS and Android with no issues at all – of course, it depends on the source. Your stuff can be easily downloaded over Snapchat, but others’ work will require a bit of extra attention.

Recording others’ stuff is the only way to get their videos on your device. It makes no difference if you want to copy someone, you need a tutorial for further uses. Recording your screen is currently the only way to save a video from Snapchat and luckily, you can do it regardless of the operating system you use.

You can only record Snapchat videos over mobile phones and tablets, but you can easily transfer them to desktops and laptops should you need them there.