How Much Are Stamp Books

A book of stamps is especially useful if you frequently send mails across. The cost of stamp books varies from place to place and its type. In any case, getting a stamp book is affordable than buying individual stamps. The number of stamps needed for a particular mail depends on several factors like the type of mail, its weight, dimension, and destination.

This guide covers everything you need to know about stamps, stamp books, from where to get them, types of stamps, their usage, to their costs. We have listed the cost of Stamp Books at different places, the postal office, USPS, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

What are Books of Stamps?

A typical stamp book contains 20 stamps. These are particularly handy for people who use the mailing services frequently. The cardboard-covered stamp book allows you to use the stamps you need while preserving others. The stamp sheets are separated with oiled paper.

Stamp books come with different types of stamps, such as Forever Stamps. Buying a stamp book will save you significant time and money. If you have several parcels or letters to send, getting a stamp book is far cheaper and convenient than buying individual stamps.

How much are stamp books

The postage stamp consists of the issuing country’s name and its value unit. The stamps are adorned with illustrations of people, events, or institutions that are important to a nation. They are usually rectangular and are usually placed on the top-right corner of the package.

Uses of Stamps

Why do you even need to put a postage stamp on mail? Believe it or not, a postal stamp is more than a vintage collection hobby. A postage stamp is key to ensure that your parcel is delivered to the correct location and recipient. These stamps act as a monetary compensation of the postage system. The postmark and the stamp represent that you have paid the fees for delivering your order. In case you forget to stamp your parcel, it’ll return to you only.

Plus, postage stamps guide the postmaster in understanding what type of delivery is to be done. The stamp also indicates the location and the mail type (government mail, media mail, military mail, or standard mail).

Hence, you must stamp your parcel or letter with a postage stamp to send it to its desired destination. Failing to do so will cause your parcel to return to your address.

Type of Stamps

There are several kinds of postage stamps. The stamps differ on the basis of design, shipping type, and postage value. The final postage cost for shipping packages and letters is determined by the height, weight, dimension, and time taken for delivering the package. You can choose your desired shipping method according to your time requirements and item type.

Books of stamps

Depending on their usage, stamps can be classified as airmail stamps, carriers, military, express mail, local post, official mail, seignior sheets, etc. Typically, first-class postal mail stamps are used to mail standard parcels or letters.

How Many Stamps do you need?

Not all of us will need each of these stamps. Different types and numbers of stamps are needed to ship different things.

Standard letter – To mail a standard letter within the US, you’d need one first-class or forever stamp. The number of stamps varies with the size of the letter.

Package – Packages weighing less than 12 ounces require one postage stamp. Weight, dimension, origin, and destination of the package together determine the number of stamps.

9” x 12” envelope – This size is the standard envelope type accepted by postal services. You will need two postage stamps to post a 9×12 letter that weighs up to an ounce. Larger envelopes cost $1.00 for the first ounce and $0.20 for subsequent ounces.

Legal-sized envelope or flat – You will need two forever stamps to mail a 9½” by 15” envelope, weighing up to one ounce.

Manila envelope – Manila envelopes, like a typical 9×12 envelope, require two forever stamps for envelopes weighing less than an ounce.

International mail – You can send one-ounce international mail for one Global Forever stamp. It is currently priced at $1.20. For letters weighing more than one ounce, more stamps will be needed, depending upon the weight, dimension, and ongoing price of the Global Forever Stamp.

Overall, the number of stamps that you’ll need depends on specific dimensions and the weight of the mail. Forever stamps are considered ideal to mail the standard-sized one-ounce letters domestically.

Where can you get stamps from?

You want to send an urgent mail, but do not have any stamps? Well, worry not. You can get stamp books from your local grocery stores like Walmart or office supply stores. Banks, gas stations, ATMs, and pharmacies all keep stamps.

Where can you get stamps from

One of the most obvious places to look for stamps is the post office itself. If all else fails, you can go online and carefully choose the type and design of the stamp book that you want to order.

On the contrary, you can make your own DIY-stamp book, but that will cost you more money.

Stamp Book Prices

A stamp book’s cost varies with the selling place, the stamps’ mail class, and the kind of mail you want to send. Typically, your local post office provides the most consistent prices for stamp books.

At present, a stamp book with 20 First Class Mail stamps costs from $9.80 to $11.00, depending upon the place of purchase. One stamp in the book of stamp costs $0.50 at present. Typically, an offline retailer will sell you a book of stamps at the standard rate. You may get stamp books at discounted prices in online stores like Amazon.

Forever stamps are among the most common and useful. A standard book of Forever Stamps costs $11. The price can vary with the type and number of stamps in the book of stamps. The best place to look for specific stamp books is the USPS official website. You can purchase stamps based on color, themes, and shape from the website.

You can estimate the total postal cost depending upon your post’s weight, size, destination, and dimensions.

Stamp Book cost in Amazon

You can get a variety of stamps at affordable prices on Amazon. The stamp books can cost anywhere between $8 to up to $100. Vintage postal stamps are valued towards the higher end.

Stamp Book cost in USPS

You can get all kinds of stamps, from vintage to personalized, at the USPS official website. The stamps are sold at the current price and do not offer any discount as such. The cost of Stamp Books in USPS is $0.50 for each first-class postage.

Stamp Book cost in Walmart

The cost of Book of Stamps cost in Walmart depends on the kind and number of stamps. Their 24×7 services allow you to get the stamps anytime you need. You can also get other postal necessities like postal cards, wrapping paper, envelopes, etc., at Walmart.

Stamp book cost in eBay

Like Amazon, you can get affordable stamp books at eBay. You can choose from among different varieties available. Just make sure to check the validity of these stamps before purchasing.

Stamp Book cost in Post office

Your local post office is your best bet to get authentic stamp books at the current price. You can get the stamp book while you are there to post your mail. Generally, a stamp book with 20 stamps will cost you $10-$11.

Stamp Book cost in Post office

Selling Vintage Stamps Online

Do you know how much does your old stamp costs? Vintage and rare stamps are rare and are usually treasured at high costs. You can find out the value of your rare and vintage collection stamps online. Some rare stamps can cost as much as $45,000.

You can visit websites like Find Your Stamp Value and enter the stamp description to estimate the value of your stamp. You can keep it in your collection book, gift it to a loved one, or sell it online to earn a fortune.

Wrapping Up

Stamp books are a smart buy for frequent or bulk mailers. You can save up to $0.06 on every stamp from the stamp book, in contrast to buying individual stamps. The stamp books are protected with cardboard covers and oil sheets. It is convenient and compact and contains 20 or more stamps for you to use.

Different type of stamps is used for different purposes like airmail stamp, military stamps, local stamps, and express mail. Forever stamps are the most popular and commonly used among all. The number of required stamps differs with the kind, weight, dimension, and destination of the mail.

You can get a book of stamps from almost anywhere, your local retailer, USPS postal services, local post office, or online stores like Amazon and eBay. Each stamp from the stamp book is generally priced at $0.50, valuing the complete stamp book at $10. And if you have a rare stamp to sell, you can check its value online.