Fitness Tracker Top 5 Most Expensive and Useful Ones

Over the past couple of years, fitness bracelets have gained real popularity. Sales have increased, the functionality has improved, and the price has become more affordable. 

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Thus, there is no surprise that more and more people are looking for new gadgets. Bracelets are very similar to smartwatches. Some models can receive notifications from a smartphone and support various sports activities. Moreover, they are equipped with GPS to track the user’s movements.

Choosing a functional and, at the same time, a stylish tracker can be quite tricky sometimes. To make the right choice, you should consider several important points.

First, decide whether you need it for running, swimming, or tracking sleep and activity during the day. To help you choose, here is the list of the top eight most popular fitness bracelets.

Xiaomi Amazfit GTS

Even though Xiaomi Amazfit GTS is a smartwatch, in terms of functionality, it is quite similar to a fitness tracker. The volumetric display of the device shows the following indicators.

One will see:

  • number of steps;
  • heart rate;
  • calories burned;
  • and other standard data a smartwatch shows. 

Xiaomi Amazfit GTS is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor BioTracker, a geomagnetic sensor, and a GPS module. The gadget can recognize and monitor activity in 12 modes, including running, walking, swimming, etc.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

The concise design of Garmin Vivosmart 4 is combined with its enhanced functionality. It includes a range of optional sensors.

There is Pulse Ox for blood oxygen analysis, sensors for intelligent, and complete sleep tracking. There are also stress sensors for calculating how your body reacts to different emotional situations.

Besides, you can organize workout monitoring through pre-started timers or automatic control of activity through the Move IQ function.

Although the battery life of Garmin Vivosmart 4 is only seven days, it is water-resistant, so you can even swim in the pool without taking it off.

Fitbit Inspire HR

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a common person who wants to keep fit, Fitbit Inspire HR is a great option.

Heart rate, sleep phases, calories burned – all these parameters are available to track with this gadget.

Fitbit Inspire HR can recognize different types of activities: cardio training, running, swimming, walking, and much more. This will allow you to track progress, detect weak points, and improve in different types of exercises.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro L

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro L is a device from the well-known Korean brand Samsung. This gadget is a harmonious combination of stylish design and extensive functionality.

Thus, the device has an innovative curved touch screen Super AMOLED, which is extremely convenient to use even in sunny weather or in the water.

You can also store music on the device and listen to it during the workout through wireless headphones.

TomTom Touch Cardio Body Composition

This device from the famous Dutch brand offers a recognizable design and a set of essential technical features.

The significant difference between the bracelet and all listed competitors is the ability to measure the percentage of muscles in a human body.

Medisana ViFit

The originality of the device is that it is not worn on your hand like a bracelet. It has a design of a kind of “brooch.”

Thus, you can wear it on a belt, put it in a pocket or on your clothes. Despite its relatively low price, the tracker has accurate indicators of steps taken, calories consumed, and the measurement of distance traveled.

It can be connected to and programmed with a smartphone.

Apple Watch Series 4

The final offer in our selection is a device from the famous California brand Apple. The fourth model of the smartwatch is made of matte aluminum of high quality.

The branded digital crown wheel has become even more functional: measuring the heart rate and calling an ambulance in case of pathology will help you keep loved ones in good health and maybe even save their lives.

Wrapping Up

We hope our rating will help you decide on the choice of fitness bracelet. If you want to move more, sleep better, and improve your overall health, sports tracker can be useful.

These best fitness bracelets will fit different lifestyles and preferences, so it all comes down to your personal choice. So pick up the one model that you deem the most fitting and let it make your life better!