Fitness and Sports Guest Post

Our blog is focusing on providing our readers with top quality content related to fitness and sports topics. If you are a blogger or site owner in the related niche, and looking for a fitness and/or sports blog to write a guest post on then you are at the right place. We are currently accepting guest posts as long as they fit our criteria/requirements. And also you can even leave a link back to your wonderful blog or site within the article. Here are the requirements or criteria, basically just some guidelines on what type of guest posts we are looking for.

The guest post / article must be original and not just some duplicated content which can be found somewhere else on the internet. Also heavily spun content which are unreadable, will not be allowed on our blog. The article needs to be at least 500 words of original content, for now there’s no limit to the maximum number of words. Please provide us with the title as well.

The topic must be related to fitness and/or sports, if is not related, we will need to review it to see if is still a possible fit for our blog, so no promises. Just let us know if is not related during your submission. No illegal topic of any kind, this will be an absolute no no for us.

We allow a link back to your website/blog and even to your social media accounts such as Facebook page/group, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Please ensure the linked site does not redirect to another different website, also we don’t allow URL shorteners to be used as links. Especially no affiliate links to websites that you do not own. If you want to include links to authority website such as Wikipedia, by all means sure, just as long as nothing bad but only that you want to direct readers to a site which gives a more detailed information of a certain subject.

Your guest post articles must not include any bad words or swearing, as we would like to keep it professional and neat, family friendly. Please refrain from any profanity.

As of now, we won’t be able to accept images to be included as it may slow down the loading time. Maybe in the future, once we have a more powerful server, we will update you all on this here when we can accept images.

Please note that we will still need to review the written guest post submitted by you, and our team will notify you once approved. If you do not hear from us after a week or so, most likely the guest post which you wrote for us is been rejected. Kindly improve and try again, we apologize in advance if there’s any inconvenience caused.

Please submit your request below and we will contact you shortly. Kindly give us some time to respond back to you. Thank you in advance for submitting your request.

Just a tip, you can use Grammarly to help with your content writing and this tool is free to use. Check out the video below and see how it works.