Don’t Just Work on Muscle; Keep Your Strength and Conditioning Up with These Workouts

You aim to get bid and lean, that is good. But you should not neglect your strength and conditioning workouts. I assume that you are currently at a fitness level that is higher than a beginner or novice. You should also know that this is an advanced level guide. If you cannot complete these then start with beginner level strength and conditioning workouts.

If you were just focusing on your workout on whatever goals you had, this should not be a problem. If it is that you might be doing something wrong. If so, I would recommend finding the solution to that problem and fixing it on priority. Even if you are an expert never start big. This is not a contest or challenge. Its time to get your gear ready to get started on an increasing and progressive journey towards physical fitness.


Warm-up is as important as the workout itself. Just stretching is not enough. Remember to do static stretches for the cool-down period and dynamic ones for warmups.

Walking Lunge

Walking Lunge will mobilize the hip flexors and knees for the workout.

High Knees

Go easy on this one and try not to hurt yourself with a knee to the face. Go easy and try to go as high as easily possible. You might have seen some martial artists do this before their sparring or mitts and pads training. This will get your cardiac system ready. The blood will be pumped good firing up the nerves for a workout.

Butt Kicks

This is kicking your own ass. Just as you walk to lift the foot and try to touch your rear. Start slow and speed up gradually. Remember it is just touching and not hitting your bottoms. Now do a fast version of this, while standing in one place.

Core Activation

Let’s start with the core.


This basic, safe, and effective workout will strengthen the core and back. You should be able to hold a plank on elbows for 2 minutes. Try to go as high as you can.


Begin in baby crawling position. Now extend right arm and left leg straight and hold as long as you can. Repeat with other arm and leg. You should be able to hold it for at least 15-seconds. Male you’re you wear purpose-built gear for it, for the right posture and angles

Glute Bridge

This always seems childish but is a great workout.

Strength Phase

Here comes the strength

Landmine punch

Landmine punches are great and ideal for strength training. The increase the speed in your arms and strengthens it. start with a weight you can do 3-4 sets of about 5 reps. Gloves make it easier for you to avoid hard skin in your hands.

Chest press

This helps to strengthen the upper body focusing on the pectorals, deltoids, and triceps. Just start with weights you are comfortable with and go for 6-8 reps and do a total of 4 or 5 sets.

Oh, you have already been doing it in regular exercise, nice! Add more weight and resistance to it and go again.


These are my favorite, I just don’t know why. They are a part of leg day workouts too. Anyways, with 4-5 sets having 3-4 reps each perform a deadlift. Use whatever you like, dumbbells or trap bar, etc. I would recommend going with higher weights than you usually do.

Power Phase

Now its time to add the power to it.

Jump Squat

Get a box or some other thing you can jump and land on. Just remember to avoid landing on stiff legs and jumping back too soon.

Push Press

These will really beat the hell out of you. If you are still up after all the workout. Either the weights were too easy or you are a beast.