Directv App On Firestick

Do you wish to have the DirecTV application on a Firestick? If you say yes, then, you’ve come to the right place for information.

Installation of DirecTV on your Firestick is not as difficult as it seems. With just a few simple steps, you can enjoy the advantages of unlimited content through the DirecTV application. In this article, a detailed description of the above has been provided. Read on to know more about DirecTV on Firestick.

DirecTV: What is it?

With DirecTV, you require no cable connections. All you need is a properly functioning internet. This is a service that you can have at reasonable rates to enjoy some of the best content being shown on television.

Directv App On Firestick

On DirecTV, a number of different packages are available to fulfill different needs and requirements. The most expensive package is the Premier and has up to 330 channels or more that you can enjoy watching.

Additionally, on DirecTV, a huge amount of space for downloading missed content is also provided.

DirecTV can be installed onto a Firestick too. The entire process of doing so has been discussed in the following paragraphs.

Firestick: What is it?

Firestick is an affordable movie and television show streaming device. It is sold by Amazon. It doesn’t require a monthly or yearly fee. However, you will be charged when you buy the premium package account.

With a Firestick, you’ll be able to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and much more. It’s easy to use and has a very elegant design. With a Firestick, you will also receive:

  1. AAA batteries 
  2. A USB cable 
  3. Guide with instructions to follow 
  4. Power adapter 
  5. Remote for controlling 
  6. HDMI extension chord
  7. 2 GB RAM

The Firestick is portable. This means that you can take it anywhere with you and watch your favorite content. If you’re on vacation, connect the Firestick to your hotel room television and its remote control.

Directv now firestick

You’ll then be able to access all your desired channels with no difficulty at all. If you use this tool for the first time, try logging into your account with the same credentials as your Amazon account that you used to buy it. If that isn’t possible, try creating a new account.

DirecTV on Firestick

You can install DirecTV on Firestick through the ‘sideload’ or normal process. This process will require you to have an application called ‘downloader.’ However, the normal process without the use of the downloader application is as follows:

  • Firstly, you must open Firestick on your respective device and go to the search button.
  • In the search bar, you must type DirecTV
  • You will then see a blue and white colored icon with the ‘AT&T TV icon. This is the new name of DirecTV.
  • You must click on this and download it.
  • Once you’re done downloading, you must log in to your DirecTV application and start binging on your favorite content through your Firestick device.

The Sideload Process

The above-mentioned process is a lot easier than this. However, it has been causing trouble to many of the customers. In this case, the sideload process can be used.

Step 1: For this process to work, device jailbreaking is the only option. To jailbreak the device, the following steps can be taken up:

  • Opening your device and connecting the Firestick to it
  • Going to the settings option appearing on the home page
  • Clicking on the MyFireTv option
  • Moving to the developer option
  • Selecting the option related to unknown applications from different sources
  • Turn that on
  • Click on the Preferences tab
  • Move to privacy settings
  • Click on ‘collect app usage data’
  • Turn it off
  • Click on the data monitoring option
  • Turn it off again
  • The FireStick has now been successfully jailbroken

Once you’ve jailbroken the device, the downloader application needs to be brought into the picture. This is a free app that is easy to operate.

Once you’re done downloading the app, click on the button that says allow. You will then receive a notification that should be ignored.

As you launch the keyboard, enter the URL: and press enter. It will then connect to the server and install the DirecTV application for your usage.

Through this process, DirecTV now FireStick will be at your service!

DirecTV on Firestick: Free or Still Paid?

Free access to DirecTV on a Firestick isn’t possible. DirecTV services are going to be paid with or without a Firestick. It isn’t free for any of its users.

Thus, if you wish to have only free streaming services, then DirecTV may not be the right option for you.

Benefits of DirecTV on Firestick

There are many benefits of DirecTV on Firestick. This includes:

  1. Highest Quality of Content

A Firestick guarantees a 4K capacity of content. You can thus watch all possible content in HD quality on a Firestick. This is likely to make your overall experience a lot better.

  1. Best-fitting Design

The Firestick has a compact size and design. It can fit in easily with your TV sets. Additionally, the cable given with it can be easily fit into a port regardless of it being a small or big one.

  1. Easy Operational Functions

Its operation is very easy. All you require is your Amazon account password, HDMI port, and a stable internet connection for it to function properly.

Disadvantages of DirecTV on Firestick

Some of the cons of using DirecTV on Firestick are as follows:

Lack of Privacy and Security 

Although the use of downloader applications is relatively safe, not much knowledge is available about its creators. This can prove to be a threat to your privacy and safety in the future. Your device can become prone to hackers, and your information may get leaked out.

To avoid this, the use of a VPN service to hide one’s IP address is recommended. This shall protect you from online hackers and spies.

No Free Content Available

As mentioned earlier, DirecTV remains a paid service even on Firestick. This is one of its primary disadvantages. This may not be the case with other such services.

How to Fix Issues in DirecTV Now Imaging or Video Quality?

If you’re able to hear sounds but the image isn’t showing up on your screen, an error could have occurred. This can be resolved through the following methods:

  1. Restarting your device
  2. Clearing the Cache
  3. Checking your cable connection
  4. Closing the application
  5. Checking for any new updates
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the application
  7. Checking on your internet connection

DirecTV Now Errors

DirecTV Now is likely to face certain errors from time to time. These could range from log-in issues to problems with cable or internet connectivity. Two such errors that most of its users experience have been listed below.

This includes Error 10 and Error 20. Both are different from one another and require different solutions to work out.

DirecTV Now Error 10

One of the most commonly occurring errors in DirecTV Now is Error 10. This error is related to low or poor connection. This can either be fixed by fixing your internet connection, investing in an improved router or connection, or connecting to other website services.

DirecTV Now Error 20

When an error 20 arises, one faces issues in logging into the DirecTV account. In this case, you should give this process a try, about 2-3 times. If it doesn’t work, try to reset the password or check your password again.

If nothing seems to work, there could be a general problem being faced by all users.

Summing Up

DirecTV is a good mechanism for you to stream your favorite movies and television channels without a cable connection. All it requires is proper internet that is smoothly running. Using DirecTV on a Firestick can make your task even easier.

Directv App Firestick

A Firestick can be bought off of Amazon at a reasonable rate. It’s easy to operate, portable, and has a minimalistic design suited for all television sets. However, its use with DirecTV may require a jailbreak. An easier way is available but may not be working for most people.

The use of DirecTV on Firestick comes with both pros and cons. A careful examination of both has been made above.

We advise you to go through all points carefully before making a decision!