Choose The Best Purell Hand Sanitizer For Your Needs – Top 5 Choices

After a global crisis of hand sanitizer in 2020, the product has become one of the most common accessories in today’s society. People keep hand sanitizer bottles in their cars, coats and offices. You can find them in shops and even in busy shopping areas or supermarkets. However, when it comes to choosing hand sanitizer for your own needs, your options are a bit more diversified.

You obviously want something that kills as many germs as possible. You want good value for money too and you need a pleasant fragrance as well. This is when the Purell hand sanitizer comes in. Available in a series of different fragrances, this hand sanitizer has become a global brand associated with hygiene. Now, what else should you know about it and what are its best-rated products?

A few words about Purell

Purell is an American brand that made it to the market in 1997, almost a decade after being established. Most of its products are generally based on ethyl alcohol. It is used by rubbing hands together until the product spreads all over before drying out.

Purell has been through a few acquisitions throughout its history. Being initially released under GOJO, it was acquired by Johnson & Johnson, later on, only to end up under GOJO’s portfolio four years later. In 2010, its hand sanitizer became the only sanitizer in the world to meet EcoLogo’s top standards.

Purell went off the market for a few months in 2020, as the demand for hand sanitizer increased during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the brand restocked fairly fast and increased its production capabilities, making it back on the market in no time.

These days, Purell is known for a few different sanitizers, as well as various devices to use its sanitizers. Some of its products are suitable for residential places, while others are mostly recommended to commercial facilities. Now, what products seem to dominate the market?

Top 5 Purell Hand Sanitizers

Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer 9652-12

This is the ideal Purell hand sanitizer if you need slightly larger bottles around the office, company, store or even at home. The pack comes with 12 different bottles and each of them carries eight ounces of hand sanitizer. It is not the type you carry in your pocket, but the type you see in larger environments.

Just like you have probably guessed already, you can purchase the same product in other sizes – mostly 12 ounces. Due to its size, it is great for restrooms, common areas, desks or the entrance to your home for everyone to clean their hands before going in.

Bottles run with pumps. Therefore, a simple push on the top will release the hand sanitizer. There is no need to flip caps or turn the recipient upside down – minimum handling required. The fragrance is quite mild, not to mention the formula – free of parabens, phthalates, triclosan and preservatives.

Since there are no harmful chemicals, your hands will feel soft even regardless of how often you use the sanitizer – no more cracks, dry hands or white residue on them.


·         Great value for money

·         Feels soft and comfy

·         Ideal for homes and businesses

·         No harmful chemicals

·         No dry hands


·         Smell could be a little stingy

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Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Variety Pack 3900-09-ECSC

Bringing in eight bottles in two different flavors, this pack is ideal for travelers, holiday goers and even those who need a sanitizer round the clock. Each bottle is one ounce in size, so you can keep it in your pocket all the time or simply throw it in the glove compartment of your car.

To prevent accidental spills due to the pocket size, these bottles come with a flip cap design. In other words, there are no risks associated with the bottle – flip the cap, squeeze and put the cap back on. There will be no unhappy incidents.

Just like other products from the brand, this one does not include any preservatives, parabens, triclosan or phthalates. Since there are no harsh chemicals in the composition, it will never irritate the skin or cause a dry feeling – your hands will always be soft and tidy.

Whether you need to clean your hands regularly or you have to carry the sanitizer with you all the time, you can rely on the jelly wrap to attach the bottle to your key chain, gym bag, backpack and so on.


·         Easy to attach to bags

·         Leaves hands soft

·         No harsh chemicals

·         Good value for money

·         Two different flavors


·         Cam seems a little flimsy

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Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel 3901-36-BWL

Whether you need it for your employees or family, this is one of the most cost efficient options when interested in Purell hand sanitizer. Practically, you have 36 different bottles – each of them at one ounce. They are great for holidays, your pocket and the glove compartment in your car.

There is only one flavor in the case. As for the formula, it is quite mild – the same goes for the fragrance. The 36 units come in a large freestanding plastic case that can be kept by the door for all your family members to grab a bottle when they need it.

Purell is known for the 70% content of ethyl alcohol – the same formula in most of its products. There are no parabens, preservatives or other harsh chemicals either, so your hands will always feel soft when refreshed with the sanitizer.

Other than that, given the pocket size of this bottle, you should never have to worry about spilling accidents because it has a flip cap design.


·         Good looking and convenient display case

·         No unhappy accidents

·         Soft feeling

·         No white residue

·         Great for families and businesses


·         Caps could unscrew and become insecure if you are not careful

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Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Gel Design Series 9652-06-ECDECO

This pack is more efficient for small businesses or offices, as well as homes. You get four bottles in different mild flavors – not too stingy. Each bottle has eight ounces and features a pump – minimum contact with the bottle.

There are no harmful chemicals used in the Purell hand sanitizer formula, so there are no irritations or allergies to be concerned about. Your skin will feel soft and hydrated – no white film on the surface of your skin.

Just like other Purell products, this one comes with 70% ethyl alcohol in its composition. It is known to kill over 99% of the most common germs out there. Simply rub a drop on your hands for a few seconds until they are dry.

If you are used to Purell’s original hand sanitizer, this one is a bit different in fragrance – not too powerful though.


·         Good value for money

·         Ideal for small environments

·         Different fragrances

·         Soft feeling

·         No white film


·         Pumps seem a bit flimsy

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Purell Singles Advanced Hand Sanitizer Gel 9630-5C

While Purell is more commonly known for its bottles in various sizes, disposal mechanisms or fragrances, this set brings in a different type of hand sanitizer – single use packets. There are 500 of them in a package.

The design is mostly suitable for travel purposes, as you do not need to worry about the liquid restrictions associated with airlines. Plus, there are no pumps that might fail or caps that might accidentally unscrew in your pocket.

The so-called Purell in a pinch packet is easy to use and compact. Bend the packet and squirt in one hand, then rub against the other for a few seconds until the sanitizer is dry. It kills more than 99% of all germs.

No matter how often you use the sanitizer, your hands will always have a soft texture and there will be no white film on the skin.


·         Great for those who travel

·         No risks of spilling accidents

·         Easy to use

·         No skin damaging

·         No harsh ingredients


·         Might end up with lots of rubbish in your pocket or purse

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Frequently asked questions

Still not sure about Purell’s hand sanitizer?

Do you have to wash your hands after using the hand sanitizer?

No, otherwise it would make no sense to use it. It is great on the go when you cannot wash your hands – you should still wash your hands when you get home or before a meal.

Is the alcohol content risky?

You should worry if there was no alcohol content. The 70% ethyl alcohol is proven to kill almost all germs out there.

Will my hands go dry and crack?

No, unlike other sanitizers, Purell’s product will keep your hands soft. There will be no cracks, dry feelings or white residue on your hands.


Bottom line, there is a reason therefore the Purell hand sanitizer is one of the leading products in this industry. The brand name is associated with the hand sanitizer industry and represents the primary choice for a series of homes and businesses.