Choose The Best Battery Operated Snow Blower – Full Guide & Top 5 Products

Snow blowers represent a must these days. Long gone are the days when you had to grab a shovel and break your back trying to clear your backyard or driveway. These days, you can get the job done within minutes. Plus, you can forget about sweating and working out. Snow blowers are convenient, easy to carry around and extremely efficient. There are more categories out there and the battery operated snow blower is by far the best selling model.

Generally speaking, a classic snow blower will rely on a rotary and an air compression structure in order to lift the snow and throw it out of the way. Gas powered options dominated the market before the ’50s, but the electric option took over. Such tools recharge pretty quickly and can give you a few good hours of continuous use. They usually rely on lithium ion batteries. Simply put, if you live in an area that gets snow every winter, a battery operated snowblower is a must.

It pays off knowing a bit about these tools before getting to the best rated options on the market. So, what are the benefits of a battery running snowblower and why would you invest in such a tool?

Benefits Of A Battery Operated Snow Blower

Here are some of the best reasons to purchase a battery operated snow blower.

Battery operated snow blower


The weight is one of the main reasons why more and more people turn to electric snowblowers – mainly the battery operated ones. Such things are relatively simple to move around. You do not need any experience at all, just like you do not have to be in the best physical condition. In fact, even your grandmother could run one of these tools or perhaps your kid.

Gas powered blowers used to be massive. They take lots of space and moving them around could be a nightmare, especially in the snow. Sure, they would get the job done, but with a price. They are not as difficult to use as a shovel, but they can still put some strain on your back. On the other hand, the battery powered snow blower could weigh anywhere between 20 and 40 pounds.


Gasoline powered models come with large motors and plenty of mess. Electric snow blowers do not require that much power. From this point of view, they tend to be more compact in size. It does not necessarily mean that they are less efficient, so performance is not sacrificed for size.

If storage is an issue, a battery operated snowblower will do the trick. Handles are ergonomic and often foldable – not a general rule though. They can go inside the shed without requiring plenty of space, so they make a good choice.


Most snow blowers require a bit of oil. While not always a rule, chances are the battery snow blowers you are considering will also require oil. However, they do not go through it like gas powered alternatives. At the same time, oil does not have to be changed so often.

With this idea in mind, a battery powered snow blower obviously requires less maintenance on a yearly basis. It is not that messy either, so you will not have to clean gas and oil on a regular basis. It is environmentally friendly and will not need annual servicing.

Cost efficiency

The gas operated blower involves purchasing oil or other fuels on a regular basis. The best part about them is that you can never run out of power – make sure you have some backup and you can go on for ages. But then, oil costs are high.

Battery snow blowers do not run for free either. They require electricity. Whenever you charge the battery, you use electricity. However, in terms of cost efficiency, electricity is cheaper for the same amount of work, so operating costs are much lower.


This rule applies to pretty much any tool out there with both gas and battery running options. Gas powered options come with large engines and lots of noise. Most of them require using some sort of ear protection, such as large headphones.

Electric snow blowers are not super quiet either. But chances are they do not require you to wear any protection – double check the noise levels though. By comparison, you will not necessarily wake the whole neighborhood up when blowing snow off your driveway.


At this point, both battery and gas operated snow blowers provide some flexibility. The corded electric version is not always the best if you have a large yard. You will be limited to the cord and you require proper protection against snow getting in.

But flexibility is a bit better when choosing the best battery snow blower because it is lighter and more compact. You can move around with no hassle at all, come up with some decent paths around your yard or clear out the driveway.


Now, think about going out on a cold winter morning to clear the driveway. A gas powered unit may face some hassle starting at super low temperatures, especially if it has not been used in ages. You may need to try a few different ideas – perhaps starting it inside the shed and letting it warm up before taking it outdoors.

The battery powered snow blower will give you an instant start. Assuming there is nothing wrong with it, there are no spark plugs that could go wrong. It does not work like an engine, but like an electronic device, so you should never face any issues. It is simply more convenient to use in low temperatures.


Using a gas powered blower for hours will expose you to fumes for hours. You are right there behind it. You will inhale those fumes for hours – it feels like putting your face next to a car exhaust and inhaling. The electric alternative will not release any fumes, so it is much safer to use.

Now that you understand the benefits of battery running snow blowers, what are the best rated options on the market and why?

Top 5 Battery Operated Snow Blowers

PowerSmart DB5017

Weighing 35 pounds and bringing in a compact and convenient appearance, PowerSmart’s battery operated snow blower is extremely powerful and efficient. It features a solid 15AMP motor, as well as an instant electric start. The clearing power will not disappoint you, even if the snow is a bit wet and heavy.

The snow blower might be compact, but it has a good clearing width. Being wide, you can get the job done much faster. It goes 18 inches in width and nine inches in depth. A single pass will give you a decent path to walk around. As for the throwing power, snow will go up to 30 feet away.

Convenience will never be an issue with the 180 degree chute control. You have a rotating chute to ensure the snow goes in the right direction and away from you. The throwing distance can also be adjusted, so you do not end up accidentally throwing it in your neighbor’s yard.

Finally, given the size and power of this blower, it is mostly recommended for medium sizes areas. It will do a good job on driveways, walkways, sidewalks, patios and so on. It is relatively quiet and features a safety design to prevent accidents.


·         Lightweight and compact

·         Adjustable snow throwing distance

·         Rotating snow throwing chute

·         Suitable for small and medium areas

·         Safety features


·         May take a while to clear out large industrial areas

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Wen 5662

Wen is a leading name on the market when it comes to size and efficiency – excellent proportions. This battery operated snowblower weighs 32 pounds, but the compact appearance should not put you off. It can throw up to 490 pounds of snow every minute, so efficiency is incredible.

In terms of sizing, you can clear snow about 18 inches wide and 7.8 inches deep, which is quite good for this price range. You can get a walkway done in one go. The snow can be thrown up to 20 feet away, so it goes out of the way without having to move it around multiple times.

The 13.5AMP motor is efficient and will get the job done fairly fast. It starts up instantly, even in super cold weather. You can also direct the snow due to the 180 degree rotating chute, so you do not have to clear snow in awkward directions for maximum efficiency.

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Other than that, the snow blower is easy to move around. It comes with six inch wheels. The lightweight design helps as well, since you can push it around without too much pressure. It is great for elders too.


·         Good motor efficiency

·         Can direct the snow

·         Easy to move around

·         Durable design

·         Easy to put together


·         Instructions could be a bit ambiguous if you get any, but putting it together is pretty intuitive

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Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18

Snow Joe is one of the top snow blower manufacturers out there. Its best battery operated snow blower comes with a powerful 1200W brushless motor that can handle around 14 tons of snow on a single charge – way above average in this price range.

The unit is built to last and will most likely help you clear out snow for years. It has a four blade rubber tipped steel auger. A single pass will help you clear 18 inches in width and 10 inches in depth, so you can come up with a path in one go.

You can buy this snow blower in a few different packages. You can buy the tool only, but you can also buy the kit with two batteries. There are two batteries that provide around 40 minutes of continuous runtime when fully charged. You can work overnight as well due to the LED headlights.

Finally, you should know the blower is fully adjustable too. There is a chute on top of it and it can rotate to 180 degrees, so you can direct the snow in any direction you want. As for the throwing power, the snow can be sent up to 20 feet away.


·         Adjustable chute

·         Good throwing power

·         LED lights for night uses

·         Lots of power

·         Easy to move around


·         Heavier than other snow blowers in this range

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Earthwise SN74022

This snow blower is available in two different options. You can get the electric corded version, yet the cordless alternative is more convenient to use, as you do not depend on any wires and cables. Other than that, it comes in a compact green design that can be moved around with no hassle at all.

The unit come with a powerful motor – it can easily compete against larger and more powerful gas powered engines. The package is full and there is no need to purchase anything else separately. You get the charged as well, not to mention the required battery for optimal efficiency.

The snow blower can move up to 600 pounds of snow every minute, which is impressive for its size. It is relatively quiet and comes with a safety button and bail wire to prevent accidents. It has six inch wheels, so maneuverability should never be an issue.

When it comes to its actual efficiency, the tool features LED lights for night operations, as well as a 22 inch clearing width – 12 inches in depth too. The snow can be thrown up to 30 feet away, while the chute on top of it rotates to 180 degrees.


·         Good snow throwing capacity

·         Quiet and comfortable to use

·         Flexible in operations

·         Safety features

·         LED lights


·         Snow throwing distance is not always consistent

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Snow Joe iON15SB-LT

This is one of Snow Joe’s best rated battery operated snow blowers. It comes in two packages. You can purchase the single tool only – no battery or charger and suitable if you are upgrading from another Snow Joe tool. You can also get the full system with everything you need.

The unit is versatile and suitable for small and medium walkways, sidewalks and driveways. You will probably need more than a single charge to handle a large driveway or backyard. Other than that, it has a no power fading technology for a top notch performance.

The clearing width goes up to 15 inches, while the depth is set at eight inches. It is not the largest option on the market, but it comes with a lower price than its competition, so it provides excellent value for money.

In terms of performance, you have a throwing distance of 20 feet maximum, as well as a 500W brushless motor. There is a double blade plastic auger based on temperature resistant plastic. Direction control is also an option, as the chute rotates to 180 degrees.


·         Versatile applications

·         Great for small and medium areas

·         No fading power when in use

·         Powerful motor

·         Directional control


·         Battery too small for large areas

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What To Look For In A Battery Operated Snow Blower

Knowing how to buy a battery operated snow blower can help you make a better decision.


Consider the size of your driveway or yard when in need of a snow blower. Based on these measurements, you should consider the size and cut width of a blower. Bigger is usually better, but not always suitable for small areas.


The power is directly proportional with the efficiency and performance. Make sure you have an adequate motor with enough power to ensure a consistent use. At the same time, the power should also be picked with the size of your land in mind.


The more adjustability you have, the more flexible your battery powered snow blower is. For instance, a rotating chute is mandatory to throw snow in the right direction without having to move the blower in awkward positions. Then, you may want to adjust the throwing power and distance too, especially if you have a small yard – you risk throwing everything in your neighbor’s yard.


Extras are not mandatory for a job well done, but they can add to your comfort and convenience. For example, a foldable handle is worth the money if you lack storage space. Then, you might want to consider some LED lights too, especially if you need to clear the snow in the middle of the night or too early in the morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about the best battery operated snow blower?

What is the difference between a snow thrower and a snow blower?

From many points of view, there are no differences. Both tools do pretty much the same thing. Snow blowers come in more types – especially the gas powered one. Technically, a snow thrower is a single stage snow blower. If you are not too much into technical details, there is nothing to be concerned about. Both will clear out snow, which is what really matters.

How big of a snow blower should I buy?

Residential areas and driveways can do with a middle range snow blower – no need to spend a fortune on an industrial one. Anything between 18 and 24 inches in width is more than enough. When it comes to the height, make sure it is suitable for you – you do not want the handles too high or you may not be able to push the blower. If they are too low, you will end up with back pains.

How many inches of snow before I can use the snowblower?

Normally, you should not bother before the snow reaches a couple of inches. Obviously, it is up to your personal needs. If you have pavement on the driveway, you can always use the blower to keep it clean. If you have gravel, you should probably wait until the snow is at least three inches in height.

Use Battery operated snow blower to clear your front yard

Can I use a snow blower on wet snow?

Yes, you can, but wet snow will be heavier and more difficult to deal with. Power is essential if you need to deal with wet snow, so go for the best motor you can afford. It is best to check the climate in the area and make this decision with the type of snow you normally get in mind.


Bottom line, you have all the details you need to purchase the right battery powered snowblower. Any of the above mentioned tools will do a wonderful job in snow, yet small details will make one unit more suitable than another. Most importantly, make this decision with your needs and type of snow in mind.