Cannondale Catalyst 3 Review

Do you feel guilty after having a mud pie? Is that last slice of pizza always full of more guilt and less taste? If you answer those questions with a yes, you are amongst the thousands of people that reside in the same category.

There is no harm in consuming some extra carbohydrates sometimes. The only critical thing is to not repeat the same thing time and again. You must make it a point to burn more carbohydrates than you consume so that you can be on the right trajectory.

If you want to burn your carbohydrates regularly, nothing is better than cycling your way through some challenging terrains. Cycling is one of the best exercises to escalate your core strength and to provide you with stamina. You can choose any terrain to cycle if you have the right bicycle.

Cannondale Catalyst 3

There are many great products in the market, and one of them is Cannondale Catalyst 3. It should definitely make it to your top roster when you are deciding between options. Here is a head-to-toe analysis of Cannondale Catalyst 3 so that you can make an informed decision.


Cannondale used its smart form C3 alloy to create this product. It is a very lightweight bicycle and weighs around 12 kgs only. Here is a brief overview of the same.


The frame of the cycle decides the tone of its usage. If the structure is heavy and sturdy, the bike is rough and tough and can be used extensively. However, if the frame is light, there are chances that the tenacity might be less.

Cannondale combined elements from both these hypotheses and created a product that is light and sturdy. They used their 6061 butted alloys to create a featherweight product that will amplify your efforts in testing terrains. The structure of the entire bicycle is very well planned and executed.

From the seat placement to installing the suspension kit, everything has been measured. The suspension system comprises a 75mm coil spring, which removes the effect of bumps and craters that come along the way.

The bicycle comes in various sizes ranging from small to extra-large. These variants are created to offer complete independence to the customer irrespective of their body height. The colors are incredibly catchy and will make you the talk of the town when you are out riding this MTB.


The presence of an excellent braking system is a non-negotiable requirement. You can compromise with everything except this element. Especially when you are thinking of buying a mountain bike, the presence of an advanced braking system stands above everything else.

Cannondale Catalyst 3 uses the Tektro 160mm mechanical disc brakes feature. These brakes are present on both wheels and are sufficient enough for routine expeditions. However, the company could have optimized the braking system better as the brakes did not stop the bicycle instantly.

Shimano’s short brake levers have also been a worthy addition to the overall mix. They look perfect on the handle and are comfortable to hold with multiple fingers. The complete arrangement is very efficient and does not cause any hindrance to easy mobility.

Cannondale Catalyst 3 Brake

The company has also equipped the product with a flat handlebar. The sole purpose of this addition is to provide the riders with more grip and control. The flat handlebar fits perfectly in the alloy frame and enhances the overall experience of the user.


The gear system plays a very vital role when you are riding under challenging conditions. Easy shifting of gears is a convenient tool in such times. The Cannondale Catalyst 3 comes with Shimano EF51 EasyFire shifters.

These shifters are very well optimized and deliver an excellent smooth and glitch-free shifting experience. If you do not have a great experience with bicycles that have gears, this product is the right place to change that perception.

However, it might cause a few problems if you are continually shifting gears, but the 24 gear system is highly accommodating. You should only play with the gear system on plain terrains as it might ruin your hassle-free experience.


Cannondale has equipped the bike with two 27.5″ fork wheels, which is an ideal size. The wheels are big enough to give you a bump-free experience on normal roads with defects.

The WTB Beeline tires that are installed in the bicycle are resistant to gravel surfaces. The treading on them is done in abundance, and that reduces the risk to slip and fall. The only drawback with these tires is the deficiency of a mudguard.

Cannondale Catalyst 3 Rims

You can install a mudguard to complete the proposition and turn it into a full package.


The pricing of the Cannondale Catalyst 3 is fairly competitive. The product has been ranked four stars and above in the value for money category. Amateur users have been delighted with the performance of the bicycle because of its extended features.

The product is very durable and can be used for many years. This makes the whole purchase experience turn into an investment. The benefits of this investment can be reaped for many years if you look out for the bicycle and make sure that it is serviced on time.

Cannondale Catalyst 3 Best Features

Like every other new offering that a company does, Cannondale had some excellent perks that were introduced in this bicycle. Starting with the external appearance, you can be sure that all the eyes will be on you when you take it out for a spin.

This is solely because of the colors that are used to create this product. The neon green with black detailing is an excellent color choice. The frame of the bicycle is lightweight, which means that you can easily pick it up and move at places where you cannot paddle. For an entry-level enthusiast, this is extremely important.

The overall structure provides a good posture while you are riding the bicycle. This feature helps the customers to attain the right posture along with burning some calories. This is a good buying point for people who have a problem with their posture and extensions.

The last and final thing that attracts the customers towards this product is the ease of its modification. If there are any parts of the bicycle that you think can be better, you can simply upgrade them.

This also throws some light on the easy availability of spare parts in case you damage any specific element.

The Roadblocks

The Cannondale Catalyst 3 has passed with flying colors in almost all aspects. It is an excellent ride for entry-level riders who are looking forward to their initial career. However, there are some things that should be pointed out for a holistic review.

The absence of the mudguard is definitely an issue that requires your attention. If your bicycle is devoid of a mudguard, your experience might be hampered. You will have to spend a certain amount of time each day so that your bike retains its good looks. The colors that the bicycle currently comes in are prone to getting dirty very quickly, and thus you should be mindful of the puddles while riding.

Cannondale Catalyst 3 Mud Guard

The suspension of the product could have been better, considering that it is a mountain bike. It will never disappoint you in flat and undisturbed areas. However, it might cause an issue when you are on rough and uneven lands. The suspension and brakes should be better optimized for unpredictable situations. Being a mountain bike, this feature should be a dealbreaker.

The bicycle stands fairly tall as compared to the other players in a similar price range. If you are not satisfied with any particular feature, you should consider replacing it and taking your bicycle a notch higher.


  1. Attractive Design
  2. Sturdy Built
  3. Ideal Tires
  4. 24 gear shifting system
  5. Value for money


  1. Lack of Mudguards
  2. Suspension Drawbacks

Buying Advice

Now that you are well equipped with the intricacies of the product, you know that the offering is sound and secure. The company has tried to incorporate every element that can help you to have a better experience.

If you have a budget that can accommodate this bicycle, you can opt for it without any shreds of fear. You should also be sure about your expectations since the product is meant for beginners and intermediates. If you are a professional, you should definitely look out for options that are personalized as per your expectations.

Final Words

Cannondale has been consistently delivering quality when it comes to bicycles. The Catalyst 3 is created using the trail eight frame design that has gauged a good number of users. This product resembles their Trail MTB Series, which gives it a head start because of the goodwill.

Considering that you are determined and mindful about the purchase, it is time to burn some calories and get lost in the experience of riding a fantastic bicycle. To rockier terrains and unplanned expeditions!