Can You Put Vans In The Washer?

When it comes to the range of canvas to leather shoes, Vans exhibit a versatile combination of style and conformability. They have been a much-demanded fashion choice among American teens over the years now. Especially these comfortable slip-on shoes are made of high-quality material and are a perfect choice for athletes.

But they attract dirt easily, giving them a rough look after excessive use. So, it is very much needed to clean them to retain their original stylish look. With a few quirks and tips, it is easy to give your Vans shoes and give them just the box appearance.

Can you put vans in the washer

However, a general question comes regarding their cleaning process – Can you put vans in the washer? But you needn’t worry; we will take you through the entire process along with clearing your doubt. 

Can You Put Vans In The Washing Machine?

Right after buying to bringing them home after a rugged use, the questions hang on your head. Can you put vans in the washing machine? Yes, they can be washed by putting them in the washing machine.

Can you put vans in the washing machine

Before Washing Tip

Now that you know that you can wash your Vans in the washer, let’s get you acquainted with the process. There are certain factors to keep in mind before you start washing your pair of shoes. So once you have decided on cleaning them in the washing machine, keep an important check of the following-

  • The material of your Vans shoes determines the entire cleaning process. Going hard on the traditional light green color shoes can ruin them. Also, the Suede Vans are made of soft material that can be ruined when put in the washing machine. They instead require a gentle cleaning technique. You should know your Vans material before pushing them in the washer.
  • While pouring the detergent in the washer, check that it is bleach-free and not very hard. Using harsh chemicals is highly unadvised as they might wear out of their color. Also, using bleached powder detergent is fine while cleaning all-white shoes but not for black or colored canvas shoes.
  • Another point to consider while cleaning them is not to use solvent cleaners during their cleaning process. The reason being that solvent cleaners might cause sole removal because of the weakening of the glue used. The glue that is used to keep the sole intact with the shoe might loosen up as solvent cleaners come in contact. Thus, their avoidance is highly recommended.
  • The laces of your Vans shoes should be taken off before as there are chances of them being spoiled during the entire cleaning process.

The Washing Machine Method

Once you have decided on cleaning your vans in the washing machine, you can get started. Keeping the important mentions mentioned above in check, here comes the process for your main question – Can you put vans in the washer?

  • After pouring the detergent in the washer cycle, remove the laces of the sneakers first.
  • Next, the sneakers are put inside the pillowcase of a laundry bag. It should completely pack inside them. Their washing process should be followed as the washing of any delicate material or lingerie. 
  • Additional items like a towel or two can be put in for a soft wash to your Vans shoes. The towel will protect the sneakers from hitting around inside the machine.
  • The setting of the washing machine should be set in for a gentle cycle with warm water. Make sure not to spin it in hot water as it will spoil your shoes.
  • After a perfect cleaning session, put them out for an air-dry session. They shouldn’t be put in the dryer cycle to dry them out as the heat will damage its material. Air dry is preferred over sunlight drying as too much sunlight can fade the color of your favorite shoes.  
  • While drying them, a packing paper or newspaper can be used for them to retain their shape.

After Washing Tips

Here we discuss for you the after the washing tips of – Can you put vans in the washer? Once you have washed your Vans canvas shoes in the washing machine, there a few tips to follow for a better cleaning experience.

  • Vans shouldn’t be put straight into the sunlight for long hours, especially the checked and colorful vans. Here the reason is that too much direct sunlight causes them to lose their shiny brilliant color that dominated your buying decision. Also, they look worn out because of out much sun exposure.
  • Once you have washed and dried them and took them for a good run, don’t put them for cleaning in the washer again. Frequent cleaning of Vans can really spoil them and destroy your shoes.

Things To Decide On

We have equipped you with the entire list of do’s and don’ts for your question – Can you put vans in the washer? But the Vans Company doesn’t itself recommend washing machine cleaning. Even though they are a good method of sucking out entire dirt from the shoes, the washer does cause damage to it for the following reasons – 

  • The top-most reason is Vans shoes are made of very soft fabric that requires a gentle cleaning technique. Cleaning them in washing, especially suede ones, can completely destroy them.
  • While cleaning, if they come out of the packed bag and bang around the machine, there are high chances of them shrinking or coming out in bad shape. Because they are made of solid rubber shoes, it will not be possible to un-shrink them.
  • Having said above that the detergent used must be kept under check, sometimes it causes yellowing or changing of color of white shoes. This is because the detergent reacts with the glue that spreads around the rest of the shoe, spoiling its color.
  • Even though you can use bleach against white color canvas vans shoes, the usage of bleach might cause irritation to your skin when worn. So, this might be a typical issue, especially when they are highly recommended for athletic activities.

We suggest avoiding this type of cleaning as it not only runs the risk of spoiling them but also stopping to wear that pair forever. But if you’re ready to take the risk and living on the edge, you can give washing machine cleaning a quick go by keeping all our points mentioned above in consideration.

How Can I Wash Vans? 

If you are wondering how to wash your Vans without ruining them, there is another way out. We bring you an alternative washing technique for cleaning your leather, suede, or canvas Vans shoes recommended by the Vans brand.

Cleaning Of Suede Vans

  • You can use a soft brush too, first of all, wipe off the dirt on your shoes.
  • For a quick cleaning process, a dampened cloth can be used dipped in equal parts of vinegar and water to remove stains. However, for deep cleaning, a toothbrush can be used for scrubbing.
  • For further cleaning of the strips of vans, the magic eraser can be used for quick cleaning or a soft-bristled toothbrush for a deep cleansing session.
  • The last step would be keeping them for air dry.

Cleaning Of Leather Vans

  • In a similar way as cleaning suede vans, a shoe brush can be used to clean off the surface and tops and sides of the shoes for removing dire.
  • A cleaning gel by Nikwax Footwear can be used along with a synthetic brush for further cleaning.
  • After cleaning with the gel, you can use a waterproofing product for the deep cleaning of the stitching of the shoe and the leather.
  • Again, keep them for air drying for about 24 hours.

Cleaning Of Canvas Vans

Quick Clean 

For the quick cleaning of your canvas vans, the process is very similar to the cleaning of suede vans.

  • After removing the dirt from the shoes with a brush, with the use of a damp cloth soaked in warm water, the stains can be removed.
  • Further, keeping them for natural air dry is the last step.

Deep Clean

  • To deep clean your canvas vans, use a shoe brush to dust off all the dirt particles.
  • Next, to remove the stains caused due on a muddy tour, a stain remover can be used and left for about 15 minutes for soaking up stains.
  • Further, after the stain removal session, the laces and insoles must be removed. With the help of soap or mild detergent mixed in warm water, rub the shoe surface.
  • After hand washing them, you can keep them wrapped in a towel for squeezing out any extra water. 
  • Now, you can leave them for air dry.

Summing Up

We started with this question – Can you put vans in the washer? Having answered the question, we don’t recommend their cleaning in the washing machine because of their Vans fabric. They are no doubt made of high-quality material, but the soft fabric tends to worn out after a machine dry.

The alternative we have discussed above is the hand-washing method that is relatively better to keep your Vans in good shape and never go out of their style and shining brilliance. This way, they can be spick-and-span clean from the all dirty or grim dust particles or the oil stains.

However, still wondering – Can you put vans in the washing machine? We suggest that it totally depends on your decision now after we have assisted you with both the processes of cleaning.

Now that you know how to clean your Vans properly, make sure your lovely pair of shoes are always new and clean!