Best Youth Jordan Football Cleats – Top 5 Products & Buyer’s Guide

Football cleats are essential for every player out there, regardless of the position. When you are interested in youth Jordan football cleats for your kids, chances are they all look the same at first. You know they are handy because they provide comfort and support, as well as traction on natural courses. But on the same note, nothing is more frustrating than cleats breaking down in the middle of the game – this is why you need to go for quality products.

Simply put, the football cleats you choose will make a massive difference in terms of performance and safety. There are many options out there and each manufacturer will promise you the world. Obviously, you do not have to invest in super expensive cleats carrying some player’s signature or design, yet a bit of research is still needed for a good final decision. So, what are the top-rated products in commerce and why?

Top 5 Jordan Football Cleats

Jordan Mens Football Cleat Cq2073-001

Available in most sizes – including half sizes, these football cleats are made with simplicity in mind. You have a classic black and white design and they are suitable for boys and men only. Just like other Jordan shoes, they stand out in the crowd when it comes to the fit – like a glove, without any pressure at all.

The football cleats come with webbing lace loops and ensure a super fit design, whether it comes to the length or the other. They are slightly flexible and the studs are strong and durable. They also feature well-planned positioning around the sides of the sole for even more stability.

There is a heel pull loop for comfort, as well as a middle cut collar to provide support for the ankle and prevent potential injuries. Other than that, cleats come with plush Lunarlon foam, which is known for being responsible and soft on the feet – ideal for long games.

Other than that, the studs are based on hard plastic. They are flexible and less likely to snap under too much pressure – great for intense games.


·         Built with quality materials

·         Excellent ankle support

·         Slightly flexible for comfort

·         Responsive Lunarlon foam

·         Well positioned studs


·         Only available in one style

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Jordan Mens Football Cleat Cq2072-100

These are the best youth Jordan football cleats if you want something low profile. Just like other cleats from Jordan, you have top notch materials, as well as all sizes you can think of – half sizes are also included. These cleats are only available in white and black.

Jordan has recently implemented the Lunarlon foam, which is proudly mentioned on the side. This type of foam guarantees for a super plushy ride. It makes no difference if your little one is training or playing the finals – these shoes ensure comfort no matter what.

Other than that, the heel pull loop adds to the convenience, while the webbing lace loops ensure the shoes are well fit. There is a bit of flexibility there, only to ensure laces will not cause any discomfort in the circulation. Comfort is not to be overlooked either – no more painful sensations in the upper after a game.

Furthermore, there are 12 different studs. The outsole has a proper alignment – four around the heel and eight around the front part of the sole. They are based on hard plastic, but they are flexible for durability.


·         Well positioned hard plastic studs

·         Excellent fit

·         Flexible for a good fit

·         Superior Lunarlon foam

·         Half sizes available too


·         White style can get dirty within minutes only

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Jordan Mens Football Cleat Cq2073-106

Jordan has gained some reputation for its unique products – most of them come with specific names and codes and they are only available in one style. This model makes no exception either. It is available in a white style with red accents around the soles and laces. It is suitable for men only.

On the same note, these cleats also share some of the technologies found in other Jordan products. For example, the Lunarlon foam is never to be overlooked – one of the most comfortable technologies in shoes. It is plushy, responsive and comfortable, regardless of the playing conditions.

Studs are solid and well positioned on the outsoles, but they are also a bit flexible – less likely to break when you need extreme traction. In terms of flexibility, you also have webbing lace loops and a soft material on the upper to ensure a good fit. Shoes are available in both full and half sizes.

When it comes to sizing, shoes are relatively tall. They are rated to be middle cut shoes and they can provide support for ankles to prevent injuries.


·         Good looking design

·         Based on quality materials

·         Lots of flexibility

·         Comfortable Lunarlon foam

·         Great fit


·         Not available in other styles or colors

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Jordan Men’s Football Cleat AR5604-106

These might be the ideal youth Jordan football cleats if you want to mix the everyday trends for teenagers today, flexibility and practicality. Available in a mix of white, black and red, these cleats are ideal for versatility and an appearance that stands out in the crowd.

The fit is perfect. You have both full and half sizes, but more importantly, there is a flexible inner sleeve for a snug fit. Since it is so flexible, small imperfections and issues can be easily corrected – it basically hugs your feet to ensure the shoes feel comfortable.

Apart from the main part of the shoes based on leather, you also have synthetic leather for the upper, as well as lightweight fabric. The design is breathable and flexible, so it will move according to your movements – no restrictions there.

Last, but not least, it is worth mentioning the cleats on the outsoles that provide traction regardless of the playing conditions. The shoes are quite tall too, so the ankle support is there.


·         Proper ankle support

·         Breathable materials

·         Flexible and comfortable materials

·         Soft Lunarlon foam

·         Inner sleeve for a snug fit


·         Might feel a bit bulky if you have small feet

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Jordan Mens Football Cleat Cq2073-104

You cannot really go wrong with Jordan’s world renowned football cleats. Each model has its own particularities and this one stands out in the crowd through its clean style and professional ankle support – tall enough to cover your ankles for a proper alignment.

Then, you have a bunch of features that have proven efficient in other Jordan cleats too. You get the heel pull loop, as well as the webbing lace loops – great for a proper fit and a bit of flexibility. The upper part is also based on breathable fabric for even more comfort.

The Lunarlon foam could not be missed from these shoes either. Brought in by Jordan a few years ago, it is part of most of its shoes. It is extremely supportive and provides a soft profile. As for the studs, they are based on hard, yet rubbery plastic for durability.

These shoes come in a white and blue style. They are available in most sizes, including half sizes too.


·         Snug and comfortable fit

·         Half sizes available too

·         Breathable upper

·         Flexible parts

·         Good ankle support


·         White style might be a bit difficult to maintain

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What To Look For While Choosing The Youth Jordan Football Cleats

You know for a fact that you cannot go wrong with youth Jordan football cleat, but you still need to know what to look for when hunting a pair of football shoes.

Comfort comes first

Comfort is mandatory on the football field. If your little one does not feel comfortable, chances are they will soon start to hate the game. The fit must be perfect – a snug fit with comfy and soft soles. Comfort is more important than the actual design too. An official football game lasts 90 minutes, with slight variations. If your kid does not feel comfy for 90 minutes, the cleats are a waste of money.

Then, you need to remember that the lack of comfort can force the player to adjust leg and foot positions. Your kid could develop a strange position that will prove unhealthy in the long run. Moreover, uncomfortable cleats will easily cause injuries, so it is better to ditch other considerations and focus on comfort before anything else.

Know your options

There are more types of cleats out there – some of them are molded, while others are screwed in, not to mention the rubber bottom. Most Jordan football cleats are not flexible from this point of view, meaning they are suitable for grass. They work well on synthetic turf too, but they are not that good on plain surfaces – such as indoor football.

The actual cleats are great for traction, as they can dig into grass. Therefore, it might pay off considering the type of surface upfront. Molded cleats are made of a harder plastic than rubber cleats, yet rubber cleats cannot penetrate surfaces so easily.

Think about the position

Your kid’s position on the field can help when choosing the best football cleats. If your little one can do tricks and has exquisite skills with the ball, you want something lightweight that feels natural. The same rule applies to speedy players.

On the other hand, defensive players need sturdiness and support. In other words, a bit of extra weight will not really hurt. Linemen also require lots of support and comfort, as they will do plenty of drill work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still undecided about which is the best Jordan football cleats for your kid?

Should I get any extra accessories for football cleats?

An extra pair of shoelaces is great if unexpected situations arise. Broken laces could become tripping hazards. Replacement studs are recommended for detachable cleats, but since most Jordan cleats are molded, you will not need them.

Is ankle support important in football cleats?

Yes, it is. The sport puts a lot of pressure on ankles and injuries are pretty common. Ankle support is great, but it adds to the overall weight. There are alternatives though. You can get a low pair of football cleats, then use some tape around the ankles for extra support. It is referred to as spatting in the football industry.

What types of Jordan football cleats are out there?

High tops cover the ankle, which is great for lateral runs and moves. They are great for linemen. On the other hand, a middle cut can still provide support for ankles, but it also allows plenty of maneuverability. This style is great for skilled or defensive players. Finally, low cuts are smaller and super lightweight. There is obviously less support for ankles.

Are football cleats the same size as sneakers or other shoes?

Not necessarily. Such assumptions are wrong. While the difference will barely cover half a size, it is still worth considering it. If you are not sure, take your kid to a local store to determine the perfect size. You can then order the football cleats online.


As a short final conclusion, football cleats may look basic, but they actually come with multiple considerations. There are more factors to keep in mind and each of them will affect the final experience throughout the game. Keep in mind that different positions and skills come with different requirements.

Jordan is one of the leading names on the market in terms of sports. Whether you are after high or low shoes, with or without ankle support, you can easily find something to match your kid’s necessities and preferences in style and design. Quality and comfort come first though. Deciding on the best youth Jordan football cleats is simple if you follow all these rules. You know that you cannot go wrong with Jordan, but you could go wrong with choosing the wrong style. Make this decision along with your little one and remember they must feel supported and comfy for the cleats to be appreciated on the pitch.