Best Walking Shoes for Supination 2019

Are you experiencing plantar fasciitis or shin splints? Does your foot put much pressure on the outer edges? If yes, then the good news is we have the solution to all these problems you are facing.  The problem you are facing is probably because you supinate.

Now you must be wondering…

What Is Supination

The other term used to describe supination is underpronation. To put it in simple terms, supination occurs when your foot leans towards outside during a Gait cycle. This leads the body of the weight to create more pressure on the outside of the foot which leads to a reduction in the natural shock-absorbing capability.

What causes Supination

Well, there are few reasons may add to the condition to get worse, but in most cases, feet causing supination is usually inherited. It may also be caused by the unattended damages left by previous foot injury or a tendon, muscles or ligaments that have been overlooked and as a result of the after-effects of a sprained ankle.

Then factors like incorrect footwear such as rigid or tight shoes can also lead to supination. Also wearing shoes that have no arch support or is worn out also adds to cause supination.

Keeping everything apart the good part is we have a solution for all the people suffering this foot condition.

In this article, we will discuss how purchasing the perfect walking shoes for supination will ease the annoying pain in your feet that gives you trouble in your day to day life.

First, we will start with what to look for in supination shoes before purchasing.

  • The shoe should have a good cushioning and shock absorption capabilities which will provide extra comfort to your foot.
  • A flexible midsole that is lightweight which in turn will reduce pressure on the feet gel-based single density midsole to help provide better stability.
  • A Good Arch support which will improve the foot structure and a good grip will provide more flexibility in walking or running.
  • Avoid trainers with hard midsoles, motion control and other stabilizing features which may affect other parts of your body when walking.

Down below we have listed 10 best walking shoes for supination which you can read through and get the details and then choose according to your needs.

1. New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7

Being a moderately priced supination shoe, New balance fresh foam 1080v7 is durable shoe built to last for new-arch feet. Made of no-sew mesh bootie upper it also features a molded foam collar that helps to enhance comfort.

These best walking shoes for supination helps to deliver optimal support and comfort through the midsole Fresh Foam cushioning. Using the shoes while running will provide a cushioned and reliable ride.

The blown rubber outsole of the shoe is durable and is designed to last really long. The deep treads of the company provide stability even on slippery surfaces. Designed with a breathable upper mesh New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v7 allows the foot to flex freely and helps to alleviate pressure points as well.

This shoe provides the perfect balance between quality and price. Available in standard, narrow, x-wide and wide and this shoe is available in a wide range of foot sizes. This shoe gets praised by its users for their overall lifespan.


·       The blown rubber outsole of this shoe provides a long lifespan making it an ideal choice for runners.

·       The breathable mesh on the upper part of the feet provides super ventilation when using it during runs thus keeping your foot dry and healthy.

·       The Ortholite sock lines add more comfort to this shoe.

·       The technology of fresh foam used makes it one of the best-cushioned shoes available in the market.

·       The shoe provides a snug fit with the help of the new-sew bootie thus reducing the worry about heel slippage.

·       The removable insert is easy to clean.


·       This neutral shoe is designed for feet with mid-arches and is not really recommended for high arches.

·       The treads seem to wear out quickly.

New Balance Men’s M1080v7 Running Shoe – More Details

New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080v7 Running Shoe, Ozone Blue Glow/Lime Glow, 5 B US

2. Vionic Midi Perf Slip-On

If you are looking for the pair of best walking shoes for supination that can be worn to casually formal occasions then Vionic brand has come up with the perfect set of shoes. Vionic has always been a brand that tries to help users who need better than average support.

Not being much-hyped about this shoe provides a mid-tech solution to better provide better support. It is really very hard to find supination walking shoes that are casual in style and not a sporty version. This shoe can be worn pretty much everywhere and with most dress styles as well.

This shoe has a great supportive insole and is good for supinators as it is lightweight and comes with a good cushioning as well.  Being one of the best shoes for supination women’s this shoe is ideal to be worn on any occasion. The breathable upper layers of the shoe help to keep the feet dry and healthy. This shoe is basically the ticket between both style and support.


  • This shoe offers a Stylish Perforated upper Leather cover.
  • This shoe is really flexible as well as light-weight.
  • This shoe provides plenty of support to the feet.
  • This shoe comes along with a lot of colors to choose from.


  • This shoe comes in a standard width fitting only which is not ideal if you have wider than average fit.
  • Could have a bit more cushioning.
Vionic Women’s Splendid Midi Perf Slip-on – Ladies Sneakers with Concealed Orthotic Arch Support

3. ASICS Gel Nimbus 20

According to many, ASICS is the best walking shoes for supination.  Specifically designed for people with high arches this shoe has a lot to offer for people who supinate. It comes with an external heel clutching system, flyte foam midsole technology, rearfoot & forefoot gel and a fluid fit upper as well.

ACIS packs this shoe with a wide variety of technology that is basically meant to reduce supination pain. The technology of Impact guidance system or I.G.S tie-up the components of the shoe to correct and neutralize the gait. The Midsole FluidRide provides necessary cushioning and bounce back to help you stay comfortable and the cushioning is designed to absorb the pressure to reduce the effect of supination.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 comes with a system of guidance Trusstic that helps to improve the gait and at the same time helps to provide structural midfoot support as well. Being a brand well known for its running shoes around the world this ASICS Gel Nimbus 20 supination shoe is definitely a standout. This shoe is available for both men and women.


·       It provides high comfort and support for a comfortable, injury-free and smooth ride.

·       The system of impact guidance of the shoe helps to improve the foot gait.

·       The perfect balance of cushion back and is offered by the FluidRide Midsole.

·       Many users say that this shoe has helped them overcome their plantar fasciitis.

·       The flex vertical grove midsole help to enhance gait dexterity.


·       It is a bit tight-fitting and might need a size up as well.

·       Price is a bit high compared to other supination shoes.

ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoe

ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 20 Running Shoe

4. Hoka One One Bondi 6

Available for both men and women these best-walking shoes for supination with their thick foam midsoles comfort and cushioning focused design is one of the best walking shoes for supination.

Designed for comfort Hoka One One Bondi 6 is really lightweight. This shoe is not only light and cushioned but also stable and fast. Packed with an overload of midsoles foam this shoe has good shock absorption benefits which are of crucial importance for people who supinate. From the full-length EVA midsole with great but restrained styling, this shoe is well suited for a day casual wear.

The lacing system of this shoe is well padded all the way from the tongue of the shoe and there is ample amount of cushioning around the collar the protect the Achilles and the ankles from the chance of rubbing and blisters. The shoe receives a lot of praises for its improved upper mesh designs. Some even said that running a Hoka One One shoe feels like running on a cloud. 

The shoe has enough room for your custom orthotics and provides an excellent shock absorption facility.


  • The extra cushioning of the shoes makes it an ideal choice for heavier runners.
  • The upper mesh provides improved breathability which helps to keep the foot clean and dry.
  • The shoe is also available in wide width fitting.
  • The rocker system in the shoe feels just like a rocking chair-neutral yet guided gait cycle.
  • Its shock absorption capability and amazing comfort.


  • Because of its large size, this shoe takes some time to get used to.
  • It provides only moderate support but removable insoles.
HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Womens Bondi 6 Running Shoe

5. Brooks Glycerin 16

One of the best women’s shoes for supination this shoe, unlike others, provides a luxurious feeling underfoot. These shoes are not just flashy with a purple and mint green color combination but are indeed well-manufactured. The shoe comes with a crash pad that is designed to suck the shock. The foam material in the shoe is designed to enhance the support and comfort for long days.

Using the DNA Loft transition zone this shoe incorporates an ideal pressure zone which is basically the whole game changer. Considered to have to best comfortable midsole in the market people suffering from foot alignment issues will totally love rounded heels that the shoe has been designed with.

The ideal pressure zones in the shoe help to disperse the impacts away from the body. This, in turn, helps to provide 

A more smooth and balanced ride with less pain and spots.

The upper mesh of the shoe has excellent breathability thus providing excellent flexibility.

So if you are looking for a shoe that is unique then Brooks Glycerin 16 is an ideal choice.

Brooks Women’s Glycerin 17 Running Shoe


·       The Plush fit helps to provide a super snug ride but still contracts and expands when required for superior quality.

·       The Top Cushion level provides excellent shock absorption which is ideal for long-distance running.

·       This shoe is able to tackle various terrains.

·       It is made by one of the top running shoe companies in the world who specializes in long distances.


·       This is not a speed shoe.

·       It seems that it fits better with people having a narrow fit.

Brooks Mens Glycerin 17 Cushioned Road Running Shoe

6. Mizuno Wave Rider 22

These best walking shoes for supination are extremely soft and really comfortable to wear. Available for both men and women this shoe is really lightweight and is a consistent fit for neutral runners suffering from supination.

The Mizuno Cloudwave technology helps to provide the maximum comfort to the wearer.  Dispersing the energy the wave plate helps to reduce the impact to a broader area providing a smooth and stable front ride. Designed with a springy underfoot this shoe provides better quality guidance. The shoe also comes with a premium sock liner that helps to provide cushioned comfort to the feet.

The outer cover of the shoe is durable and breathable thus helping the foot to remain dry and healthy. The refined toe spring of the shoe ensures better support and improves the push of functioning. The excellent shock absorption and responsive cushion help to provide better support and less strain on your feet and lower limbs. It is available in different shades of pinks and grays as well as blues and blacks.


·       The shoe offers outstanding shock absorption through its wave technology and is an ideal choice for running long miles.

·       The snug fit and the breathable feature provided by the premium sock liner.

·        The excellent cushioning all over helps to stop shin splints and runner’s knee.

·       The superior guidance offered by this shoe helps to make running much easier.


·        This shoe has less room to offer in the toe box compared to other shoes.

·       They offer a limited color choice.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 22 Knit Running Shoe

Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 22 Running Shoe

7. Nike Air Zoom Vomero Shoes

These best walking shoes for supination are great options when looking for a perfect supination shoe. Nike uses the technology Zoom Air which ideal for support and responsiveness. The shoe also features a closure Flywire cables provides a fit this enhancing the security while using them.

Nike Air Zoom Vomero Shoes coming from a loyal shoe brand Nike is one of its kinds. Designed with an outsole that is pressure mapped this shoe provides a comfortable workout to its wearers. The upper part of this shoe is made up of breathable and lightweight mesh along with a textured mesh in the full inner sleeve that gives a more sock-like fit with an easy on and off.

The thick midsole sock liner and collar with a great fit makes the foot feel extremely comfortable. Nike offers a superior cushioning which helps in shock absorption and also helps to strengthen the feet improving the natural motion. The symmetrical lacing system reduces the pressure on the top ridge of the foot.

More Information on Nike Womens Air Zoom Vomero Mesh Lace-Up Running Shoes, Gunsmoke/Elemental Rose/Barely Rose/Habanero Red, 9.5


·      Made by a reputable shoe brand like Nike this shoe definitely has some unique features.

·      The Comfort-fit collar adds much support and comfort to the shoe.

·      The thick mid-sole sock liner inside is really useful to absorb the shocks.

·       Helps in alleviating foot pain the superior impact absorption really helps.

·      The zoom air Ultra-responsive system in the sole and in the heels is really useful.


·      This shoe is much more costly if compared to different shoes of the same category.

8. Saucony Triumph ISO 4

Designed with “EVERUN Technology” these best walking shoes for supination make your feet feel very alive.   The whole idea of this technology is to provide high energy returns and providing continuous cushioning. The shoe continues this process through the entire gait cycle.

Sometimes running on shoes makes one feel really slow, but with Saucony Triumph ISO 4 this problem is already being addressed. The energy drain which you feel after every step of walking can be totally prevented while using this shoe. Now you can run as much as you can without the energy-draining out after every walk.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 also features an ISOfit system for lacing. This feature helps the shoe to adjust to the motive and the shape of the feet while running.  This shoe has been praised by the users for its excellent grip and forefoot cushioning and.

Saucony Women’s Triumph ISO 4 Running Shoe


·       The unique lacing system of the shoe helps t enhance flexibility and helps to prevent hot spots as well.

·       The engineered mesh on the upper part provides excellent ventilation system which allows the toes to stay dry and healthy.

·       This shoe offers excellent traction which is perfect for wet conditions.

·       The shoe is available at quite an affordable price.


·       This shoe comes along with limited color options.

·       This shoe is not an ideal choice for above-average high arches.

Saucony Men’s Triumph Iso 4 Running Shoe

9. Adidas Ultra Boost

Considering a shoe that is both designed for running and cross-training?  If yes, then you should have a look at this shoe.  You can wear these shoes during the morning gym, weekend job, or even during your fitness classes.

Adidas Ultra Boost is a great shoe and is an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts suffering from supination.  Packed with an exceptional level of extra cushion the runners with supination really prefer this shoe.  The shoe comes along with other features as well. It is lightweight, offers superior flexibility and has reliable traction.

Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 19


·       The cross-training advantage of the shoe makes it an ideal choice for fitness fanatics.

·       The Stretchweb outsole is a marvelous combination providing superior traction and ultra-flexibility.

·       The shoes are roomy and lightweight the increased comfort.

·       The responsive cushioning of the shoes provides extra energized and comfort push-off with each stride.


·       Some may consider this shoe to be too much narrow

·       This shoe is very expensive and can prove to be really hard on the pocket.

Adidas Women’s Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe

10. 11 Shoes (Brook Ghost)

This is a comfortable road and treadmill running shoe. It comes on the list of the top choices of runners facing supination. This shoe offers everything that runner supinator would ever desire.

Having a neutral gait focus this shoe is perfect for tackling supination. This lightweight athletic shoe offers an outburst of cushion which is designed to immerse the shock without dropping the responsiveness.

Providing support to medium till high arch, Ghost shoes comes with a lot of cushioning which is specially designed to assist in the push-off phase of your gait while providing great shock absorbance and comfort.

The upper mesh of the supination shoe Brooks Ghost 11 is made of superior breathability that allows the feet to remain dry and healthy. Available for both men and women this responsive shoe is perfect for that extra pressure which is exerted on your foot due to fast walking, providing good support and cushioning you need along with the good shock absorbing.

Designed through Brooks signature DNA LOFT and BioMoGoDNA technology

Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe


  • The forefoot flexibility for better ankle movement and shock diffusion provides high relief for supinators.
  • The upper ventilated mesh offers breathability and helps the feet to remain dry and healthy.
  • The crash pad generates a soft smooth ride which in turn helps to prevent any shock-related injuries.
  • The superior cushioning quality that acts as a relief for those with heel strike and high arches.


  • Not really cheap.
  • Colors a Bit Restrained

Hope this article helps! Foot pain not only hurts our body physically but a continuous pain causes mental effect as well.  So, don’t neglect if you are experiencing severe foot pain in your day to day life. Pick up the best walking shoes for supination now and feel the joy of a pain-free life.