Best Tennis Shoes For Arch Support: Top 5 Choices And Buying Guide

Tennis shoes that are not meant for giving sufficient support to the arch have two major pitfalls. First, they result in pains and aches in the feet as well as in the adjacent areas. Secondly, they cause the shoes to wear and tear early. Flat feet, high arches, and fallen arches are the major causes of unbearable pain and discomfort unless you get a pair of the best tennis shoes for arch support as well as comfort for your feet.

Getting one such pair is indispensable, especially for athletes who not only have to work hard during training and participating in competitive games but also handle a few physical issues. They, thus, need extra support as well as physical care to walk, run, move, and play smoothly.

If you are court playing or practicing with problems such as unusual arch height, it is highly recommended to replace your regular shoes with the ones designed to provide good arch support. Regardless of what you have a low or high arch height, both the issues can make you feel pain and discomfort. Any of them can also result in a serious injury in case the shoes do not have good arch support.

As prevention is better than cure, it is worth investing in the best tennis shoes with arch support. This post helps you choose one such pair by revealing the top 5 pairs and factors that affect your selection as per your requirements.

Anatomy of Tennis Shoes

As this post is referring to the different parts of tennis shoes, let’s first go through them to clearly understand them:

  • Outsole: The outmost layer at the bottom for durability and traction
  • Midsole: The thickest area between the insole and outsole, which is responsible chiefly for comfort
  • Insole: The sole’s top layer above the midsole for offering cushion and is usually removable 
  • Shank: The stiff material toward the shoe’s middle for stability and no bending
  • Upper: The material wrapping the foot while been affixed to the sole
  • Tongue: The material beneath the laces responsible for extra comfort 
  • Heel Counter: An area at the rear of the shoes as a firm material fortifying the heel while adding stability (usually weaved into the upper, so invisible)
  • Collar: An area at the rear of the shoe for cushioning while flanking the ankle to ensure your foot in place and defend the heel from the heel counter
  • Toe Guard: An area of the outsole stretching the shoe’s front and covering a high-impact area to ensure protection and extra durability 
  • Toe Cap: An area above the toe guard and stretching until the sides at the shoe’s front to give extra stability and defense 
  • Toe Box: An area flanking the toes with its outside part known as the toe cap

Overview of Court Surfaces

It makes sense to choose the best arch support tennis shoes as per the tennis court surface. Yes, there are shoes available for different surfaces although most players perform on hard courts. Let’s check them out!

  • For Hard Courts: These shoes focus on longevity and comfort while facing abuse from a demanding surface. They come with all design aspects that are exclusively for hard court surfaces. There are non-marking soles to keep the risk of unpleasant scuff marks on the surface at bay. You can even use them on other tennis courts.
  • For Clay Courts: These shoes come with a couple of distinct features that ensure optimal performance on such a surface. One of the typical features is a herringbone pattern across the outsole, which ensures good grip on the slippery surface. It also effortlessly releases clay to sustain shoe traction. These shoes do not have additional or much cushioning or stability through the sole. Even a mesh design is rare. If it is there, it is a tighter mesh than the hardcourt models so that clay does not enter via the upper.
  • For Grass Courts: These shoes feature flatter soles with subtle studs for maximizing traction on this slick surface. Grass courts are the least used surfaces due to which these shoes with this studded design are not so quickly spotted. Even Wimbledon has stringent rules for this design.  

Note: If the description of tennis shoes does not mention a specific court type, it is safe to consider their pair of shoes reliable for hard courts.

Top 5 Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

The makers of tennis shoes always focus on decreasing the shoes’ weight by as much as possible. At times, the demand for additional stability is fulfilled by using leather, as it is the only option for the same. This is what the K-Swiss makers deliver through this pair of tennis shoes designed for men with high arches.

However, only the upper is leather. The outsole is of rubber and that the toe box is reinforced with additional material to prevent swift wear and tear while protecting your toes. The collar and tongue are plush to ensure you sufficient comfort while wearing these shoes. Even the K-EVA, which is proprietary EVA, in the midsole delivers comfort. This means that the interior is filled with sufficient padding.

You can expect remarkable arch support due to the midsole of top quality. The EVA midsole is designed to last while supporting your feet and arches such that the pressure on the feet, pain, and discomfort is alleviated.

Atop the K-EVA midsole, the insole of molded foam not only supports high arches but also cushions the shock while playing high-impact sports such as racquet and tennis.

The rubber outsole reflects some intricate tread patterns, which simply give you additional grip while keeping the risk of accidental slips at bay. Rubber is known for its high density due to which the outsole is durable. The material also contributes to good traction.

Although not of mesh, the leather upper is somewhat ventilated to maintain coolness while a horde of add-ons improves your play, ranging right from the heel with cushioning that absorbs impact and toe with extra durability.

The sole’s dedicated shock spring mechanism ensures that the feet’s impact with the floor is absorbed well, which is essential for decreasing stress on the feet. On the upper, the lace-up design is responsible for tightening the shoes such that you enjoy a snug fit.


  • Sturdy
  • Snug fit
  • Stable for high arches
  • Sufficient support and cushioning
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Good performance on hard and clay courts
  • Available in two different colors
  • Affordable


  • Seems to be less breathable due to the leather upper
  • Not very thick
More Details of K-Swiss Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe,Black/Castle Gray,12 XW US

ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 6 Tennis Shoe

This pair of best arch support tennis shoes from ASICS is designed for female tennis players for whom traction and durability are priorities. In terms of arch support, this pair is amazingly flexible as it supports both low arches and flat feet by delivering as well as maintaining the right balance of cushioning and support.

Traction and durability come from the solid rubber outsole that is capable of enduring the hard court’s rough surface. Gel-rich cushioning exists at the forefoot for absorbing the pressure you inevitably put on your feet at the time of momentum.

As a result, you get the benefit of minimized stress on the foot’s inner part, which otherwise can trigger acute pain later. A unique feature of the Gel-Game 6 tennis shoes is the Trusstic system in the midfoot.

Well, this technology is responsible for offering stability at the forefoot, which is required for side-to-side shuffling. It is also the reason why the sole feels lightweight. This is ensured without affecting the physical integrity of the shoes, which is commendable.

Along with this midfoot support system, the external heel collar also aids in boosting the overall firmness so that the delivered resistance is just great during sudden stops and starts as well as while twisting and turning. You can expect consistent reliable support for a prolonged period.

Another commendable feature of these shoes is the series of mesh vents present across the upper surface. These vents keep your feet comfortable as well as cool throughout the game.


  • Perfect fit even for a long time
  • Stable
  • Breathable 
  • Ideal for hard courts
  • Highly comfortable
  • Extra room in the toe box
  • No toe pinching while bending
  • Great support and cushioning
  • Available in two colors


  • Narrow from the front for some
More Details of ASICS Women’s Gel-Game 6 Sneaker, White/Pink Glo, 5.5 Regular US

Adidas Men’s SoleCourt Boost Tennis Shoe

This pair is tennis shoes with the best arch support from Adidas is for those males who are looking for the right blend of traction, arch support, durability, and stability. Not meant to replace Barricade, SoleCourt Boost is designed to deliver an all-around performance due to which it is worn by WTA and ATP athletes. However, it also serves the beginners and intermediates.

The outsole made up of Adiwear rubber has a lasting herringbone pattern to ensure excellent traction on any court surface. The pattern is thicker toward the front on the inside for ensuring added durability in that critical area. It works great on hard surfaces and moves well to clay courts.

The outsole covers the front for a substantial toe guard and spreads via the inside front edge to give extra protection. This is commendable in terms of longevity.

The midsole, which is the white textured material at the side, features the Boost technology for offering great comfort without affecting excellent response. Boost is nothing but several small plastic TPU bits that result in closed cells flanking small air pockets by expanding under heat. These resilient pieces also absorb shock well.

The upper is made using top-grade synthetic material, which is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) that ensures both stability and comfort. It is covered with dots in the shoes’ front to ensure extra abrasion resistance. The tongue is standard with some stretching ability.


  • Snug fit
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Great traction and arch support
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Sufficient midsole cushioning 


  • Somewhat narrow
More Details of Adidas Men’s SoleCourt Boost Tennis Shoe, Active Red/White/Grey, 6.5 M US

Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

This pair of Barricade shoes from Adidas is for those males who are looking for tennis shoes for high arches, which can be reliable in their daily court tours. It is built to deliver performance that professionals expect. The brand is an esteemed one in the world of sports shoes. Thus, buying a pair of tennis shoes needs no research in terms of reliability.  

This Adidas pair is made to adapt to the pressure that is produced typically by high arches. Its upper is primarily made using mesh, which is specifically known as Seamless Forgedmesh. Due to this type of mesh, you can wear these shoes for a prolonged spell despite having the issue of sweaty feet.

The seamless upper is designed with proper spots of support and stretch so that a wearer enjoys a custom and comfortable fit to adjust with each movement by flexing with your foot. This fit comes from the included Geofit cushioning. This padding allows the shape of the shoes to change and adapt to your feet’s shape over time.

Even the Bootee build and soft, stretchable tongue contribute to a comfortable, snug fit. The build is such that it enables you to bear your weight without compromising on the arch support. A Barricade chassis is responsible for stability in the midfoot so that you get support for every swing and twist.

Both the tongue and collar are padded to make the shoes better adapt to the ankles’ shape. You can expect reliable shock absorption due to the foam inside the midsole and material under the toe box as well as the heel. The Adituff wraps flanking the toe as well as medial forefoot are resistant to abrasion and aid in defending from foot drag happening at the time of extreme lateral moves, volleys, and serves.

The forefoot is responsible for retaining efficiency as well as propulsion without affecting arch support. Designed as a specialized pair for players, the shoes come with the shaft gauging almost low-top from the arch.


  • Sturdy build
  • Soft and stretchable
  • Breathable 
  • Above-average arch support
  • Extra cushioning for comfort during foot aches
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Highly responsive midsole
  • Available in many colors
  • Durable


  • Too narrow for some
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New Balance WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

New Balance may sound like a new name to some in the world of sports shoes but it is one of the old and esteemed brands admired by the athletes. It is known to design products that fit well and are reliable for daily use. The WC1005 shoes for females are no exception. You will find them in a variety of narrow and wide widths. They come with a wide fit and are likely to be longer than the standard shoes’ size.

They are meant for high arches due to great lateral support and traction. They enable you to pivot, turn, and halt on a dime so that you can focus on the ball instead of feet. The outsole features a herringbone pattern, which is responsible for great traction, easy moves, and maximum agility on the court. 

At the same time, the rubber mix makes the outsole durable and non-slippery despite non-stop use. The midsole is non-cellular and makes up for a great shock absorption ability while retaining your feet free of stress as well as cozy.

The reinforced toe keeps the scuffs away from wearing out the toe. The contained lining prevents moisture from coming inside due to which the feet and shoes always remain dry and odorless. Even the mesh upper retains dry and cool feet throughout. It is also responsible for giving you a lighter pair than the average NB one. 

The tongue and the collar provide enough cushioning due to which you will not go through abrasion or tightness. The EVA midsole covers all critical areas for supporting them, which is what those with high arches expect.

Buy the New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

One more noteworthy feature of this pair is the S-Curve technology that ensures stability while absorbing a big portion of shock triggered while engaging in high-impact sports. Thus, these New Balance shoes are for those women who are looking for stability shoes that keep excessive sweating at bay while expecting them to be the tennis shoes with the best arch support. 


  • Classic NB look
  • Light and comfortable for spending long days on a court
  • Breathable
  • Support to high-impact areas
  • Good arch support
  • Snug fit
  • Excellent shock-absorbing ability


  • A bit stiffer outsole
More Information about New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider While Looking for the Best Tennis Shoes with Arch Support

If you are playing or training hard with less-supportive shoes, you are likely to invite a major health issue. For that, you just cannot buy any popular or recommended shoes. You need to find your pair by knowing what you want and how the promising pairs can deliver the same.

The most reliable best shoes with arch support follow your feet’s silhouette. Thus, you should look for support on offer, proper control, and stability. Following are the factors to consider while buying tennis shoes for arch support:


This is an obvious factor to consider. The best arch support tennis shoes will fit comfortably, without being too spacious or snug. They will fit true to size, giving you enough width and a spacious toe box. 

Your Style of Playing

The way to play has an impact on how you move around. The best pair will take this into account. There are usually two styles namely, serve and volley and baseline. The serve and volley style involves frequently approaching the net by being on your toes. These players need reinforced toecaps and soles, extra durability, and great arch support.

On the other hand, baseline players make lateral movement and are usually at the back of the court. Thus, they need shoes with additional lateral support, a durable sole, and extra cushioning.

Court Surface

Concrete courts can quickly result in wear and tear of your tennis shoes due to high friction occurring at the time of dragging shoes along the ground. On such surfaces, consider choosing a pair with a lasting outsole, a fortified upper, and a sturdy build for stability and lateral movement support.

For soft courts, the best tennis shoes offer good traction to keep sliding at bay and a non-marking outsole to prevent harming the court.

Type of Arch Support in Need

You should choose your tennis shoes as per how you pronate, which refers to the angle at which the feet turn inward upon striking the ground. Normally, this angle is 15°. However, many of us underpronate or overpronate, triggering aches and pains in feet and legs while playing.

Underpronators are those having high arches, which implies feet not rolling far enough inward. For them, the best tennis shoes with arch support are cushioned or neutral shoes. On the other hand, overpronators have flat feet or low arches, which implies feet rolling far inward.

For them, stability or motion control shoes are ideal, which come with a thick sole and plush cushioning to prevent overpronating and sliding around. These shoes provide better stability and security.

You need to know how your arch is formed for finding the best pair of tennis shoes with great arch support. There are three arch types for you to know namely, flat, neutral, and high. For each of them, you will find dedicated shoes. To ensure a comfortable move and prevent injuries, you should buy a pair that blends with your arch type.

To know your arch type at home, simply wet your feet and stand on a piece of heavy paper. Now, step off and see the footprint to know the arch type.


For playing tennis, you need shoes with great stability to retain balance. If you overpronate while playing, consider looking for shoes with extra stability. Stability shoes are designed to reduce the pronation rate as you play. Those with arch support feature a thicker sole than normal and several overlays for safely strapping the feet.

Stability can come from the sole and width at the front. The sole will have sufficient rigidity to deal with swift start and stop moves. Some shoes will have a rigid insert known as a shank made up of plastic and existing toward the sole’s middle to keep twisting at bay. 

Even the shoe’s upper contributes to stability, especially at the ankle. Your foot will feel locked in place in this case.


One of the essential qualities of the best tennis shoes with arch support is traction, which is essential to prevent slips and falls on hard or soft court surfaces. It ensures this by alleviating stress on the feet. While beneath the shoes, traction also reduces the risk of injuries while ensuring a good ground grip balance.

In the case of tennis shoes, the outsole is responsible for giving traction. Its pattern, texture, and material work towards traction you will get while moving.

Shock Absorption Ability

Tennis shoes with best arch support should be able to absorb shocks and impact while you move, jump, or run on the court. As the shock affects the lower legs, the shoes should feature a cushioned midsole for reducing stress on arches while absorbing the shock.


It is obvious that the tennis shoes giving proper arch support should be durable enough to withstand the abuse they get due to the hard surface. The most durable part of these shoes should be the outsole at the bottom that is in constant touch with the surface.

Even the toe often comes in contact with the surface and that the forward upper area can rub the court during a slide. Further, different play styles can result in the wear of various shoe areas and that each player has unique moves, which also result in unwanted wear. For instance, one may drag the foot while serving due to which a more durable toe cap is essential.


Do I really need arch support?

You need arch support if you have some foot problems such as a chronic arch or heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and overpronation. The support helps in alleviating these common issues while enabling you to stand, play, or walk more comfortably by distributing pressure across the arches and delivering stability. It also helps in giving balance and stability.

This support is required regardless of the arch height. Unless your current pair of shoes are tailored, the chances are less for it to support your feet. Thus, it is essential to look for arch support insoles. 

Does arch support help in handling plantar fasciitis?

Yes, sufficient arch support is required for those with plantar fasciitis. Wearing worn-out tennis shoes at the time of starting with training, boosting the training mileage, or playing on hard surfaces can result in plantar fasciitis.

By attacking the heel bone, the disorder triggers inflammation and pain. It occurs due to stress, obesity, high arch, and standing for a long time. Best arch support tennis shoes relieve both pain and inflammation.

Can excessive arch support harm my feet?

Typically, arch support will not upset or hurt your feet and is usually more pleasant for your feet. However, you need to choose the right shoe size, width, and space. In case of a size issue, arch support can trigger pain. Moreover, never give too much force while playing, as it can push back to the arch to result in pain. A pair of tennis shoes with insufficient support is worse than the one with no arch support.

Can you use tennis shoes with arch support for running?

Most tennis shoes giving good arch support are suitable for running and jogging. However, the running track and regular running can reduce the lifespan of these shoes. Temperance is key. So, if you wish to pick a pair of shoes mainly for running, it is advisable to look for the best running shoes offering arch support, not tennis shoes.

Is arch support required for high arches?

The presence of high arches does not indicate the need of remedial shoes. It is not a disorder that calls for a remedy. However, it has been found that those with a very high arch are a bit more susceptible to injuries and balance loss. High arches put more pressure on the plantar fascia, while low arches apply the same to different bones of the lower limb. 

For those with a very high arch or having balance issues or injuries, custom foot orthotics may be more preferable than the over-the-counter arch support. This is because they can significantly reduce foot pain in these people and improve the overall quality of life.

Is arch support needed for flat feet?

You need not bother about flat feet if you are not into competitive games or sports including those long-distance ones and short sprints. Still, having arch support can ensure less consumption of oxygen and a better economy if you have flat feet. You do not have any rotating lower limb abnormalities. Thus, while a good fit is required, you need not look for a specific type of shoes for flat feet.

What is better: flat feet or high arches?

A high arch involves handling an inflexible and locked foot, which means more assembly work. A flat foot involves handling a more wobbly, unlocked foot, which implies more adjustment.

Are there any rules for choosing the best arch support tennis shoes?

There are three things to keep in mind for the same. First, the shoes should not bend in half; they should be firm. You can test this by trying to fold the shoe. Second, the arch should have proper thickness. Finally, there should be a bumpy heel for ensuring maximum support.

Am I overpronating? How to find it out?

A simple way to know whether you are overpronating or not is to look for the symptoms of wear and tear at the shoe’s bottom. You may be overpronating if you suffer from pain in the arch, heel, back, and hip, have flat feet, and/or have hammertoes.


The aforementioned tennis shoes with arch support along with the buying guide and FAQs can help you find the best pair for your feet, play style, and court surface. You only need to find out the pair that best suits your specific requirements.